Cape Town, South Africa
Part 1

The web was a whole new world for me; a 15-year-old teen from Cape Town, South Africa. It gave me a chance to meet dudes from other countries, especially gay dudes that I could chat to about my probs. Probs? I didn’t consider myself gay, straight, bi or what-fucking-ever, but the fact was that Paul, my best friend, and I were lovers. Nothing too dramatic. Just blow jobs. He gave me my first BJ when I was 12.

“Hey? What the fuck are you doing, Paul?” We’d been playing in his garden, when he started to do something really weird, like kneeling in front of me and fooling with my crotch.

“Just stand there and relax, Code,” he said as he took my dick outta my boxers.

“Yeah, right. What are you gonna do?”

“Give you a BJ.”

I’d heard about BJs from the guys at school, but that kinda thing happened between guys and chicks. Right? Not between guys and guys, unless… Jeez! “I don’t think you should be doing this, Paul. We’re buds, not… whatever.” I didn’t wanna use the word gay.

But my protest went unheeded. Maybe I wasn’t protesting strongly enough. There was a part of me that was curious about what it would be like. Whoa! I couldn’t believe the bolts of electricity that zapped through my stiffened, arched body, and the totally awesome thrills that centered around my crotch as his lips and tongue worked my sensitive cockhead. How could anything feel this good? Then he took his mouth away, and looked up at me.

“Have you ever cum before?”


“Not much point in doing this then.”

“Yes, there is! It feels totally damn wicked!”

“Five minutes ago you were freaking.”

“Five minutes ago I didn’t know how fucking awesome a BJ could be. You wanna keep going?”

“For how long?”

“I’ll tell you when to stop.” Yeah, right, hehehe.

So that’s the way it started; him and me giving each other BJs every time we slept over at each other’s houses. Or even sometimes in the garden. But it wasn’t ‘til I was 13 that I blew my first load of Cody juice into his mouth. We’d already discussed what we would do if one of us offloaded, and we’d promised each other that we would swallow. Shortly after that, he blew his first load. Tasted kinda cool, actually. Not like I thought it would. Mmmm! I could handle more of that.

Anyway, the difference between getting a BJ and not cumming, and getting a BJ and cumming, was like chalk and fucking cheese. No fucking comparison at all! The first time I blew, it felt like all my strength was leaving my bod in a huge rush and jetting down his throat. And the sensation of his tongue massaging my exploding cockhead was so fucking intense, it was bordering on pain. I could handle more of that, too. :)

Somehow I managed to rationalize the sex between Paul and me as something special between two buds who were closer than bros. It was our secret, and it didn’t matter if no one else would ever know. It hadn’t made any difference to us as guys. We surfed with the best of them, played cricket and football. We were both on the school swim team. We were regular guys just like any of the other guys at school. Maybe even a bit more macho than most. Neither of us had ever backed away from a fisty, not even with each other. Hey, we’d been bashing the crap outta each other since kindergarten, but that never stopped us from being best friends.

So I guessed it was Paul who taught me that there was nothing wrong with two buds being close; sharing affection and love in a physical way that involved intimacy. Even tongue kissing! Hey, it wasn’t like we were fucking or anything serious like that. The thought had crossed my mind from time to time, but I didn’t really wanna contemplate that possibility. I wasn’t ready to label myself as being anything drastic, especially gay. As far as my folks and other friends were concerned, I was completely normal.

But discovering the web at age 15, and other guys like me, eventually changed all that. Not completely, mind you. Life at home and school was the same as always. The only difference was that I had two worlds; one at home and one on the net. And I intended to keep them strictly separate. If word had ever gotten out at school about what I was up to, the guys would have made my life totally fucking hell.

At first, I figured the guys I met in chat would think I was totally lamo if they knew I was Safrican, so I pretended to be a teen from Tennessee. I wanted to make friends. Being an American would make me more interesting and desirable. I met Damian, a guy from California with a totally cool web site called Boy Godz, and another guy named TJ. He was really from Tennessee! Both were awesome hunks, and we soon became friends. We called ourselves The Earthboys.

Many of the really cool guys had a web site, so I had to have one, too! Woohoo! I called it Cody’s World. It was mainly about sports like swimming and surfing, which gave me the opportunity to post pics of hunks in Speedos hehehehe. But I didn’t wanna make the site look gay. In my bio, I talked about having a girlfriend and also friendship in general, and about now neat the web was cos you could make a stack of friends in chat. I was proud of all the friends I’d made, and wanted the whole world to know. At least the world wide web.

Access to the web and chat was pretty easy for me. My dad had a comp, but I didn’t use it to get on line very often. The phone bill would’ve blown him outta the fucking water. So I used my dad’s comp to copy text and pics to diskette, and upload them to my page next morning using the comps in the school lab. I’d arrive early in the mornings before swim prac or classes. That’s also when I spent time in chat. Mornings for me were evenings in the northern hemisphere.

Eventually, though, I got the guilts big time about pretending to be an American, so I wrote an email to Damien, explaining who I really was, and apologizing for lying. He posted my email and his response to it on his site, plus a pic of my face. When I saw it, I freaked. Totally. It was a private pic, for his personal use only. The whole fucking world now knew what I looked like. Word would get around Cape Town in a fucking millisecond and my life would be ruined. I’d be thrown outta school, and maybe even outta home!

I wrote to Damien, asking him to take my pic off his site. LIKE NOW! He did, but not before some old dude in Oz placed a note on my site’s guestbook to say that he’d seen my admission of guilt on Boy Godz and was impressed. “I’m also impressed with Damien’s response to your admission. He’s right. It’s the person you are that matters, not where you come from. I’ve also taken a look at your site, and I must congratulate you on that as well. I’m a fairly regular visitor to Damien’s site, and will be to yours in the future. Keep up the good work! Gary.”

I wrote a short note to Gary, thanking him for his words, while taking the opportunity to tell him a little something about myself. I figured he’d be interested in my bod. Hey, everybody on the net was interested in dicks and butts. Right? So I told him that I had a bit of a complex about my larger-than-average lips “but my friend Paul isn’t complaining”, and that my dick was six inches hard “but about the same length when it’s soft”.

I must’ve shocked the hell outta the old dude cos I could almost see the redness of his face in his words when he wrote back. Hehehehe. But he was friendly and kinda funny as well. It occurred to me that maybe I could tell this guy stuff that I couldn’t tell other guys on the web – let alone friends in real life – like some of the shit that was bugging me. He’d given me the impression that he was more interested in me as a person than he was in my dick, although that didn’t stop me from teasing the hell outta him as our email became more regular.

By the time Christmas 1997 had rolled around, Gary had gotten to know a fair bit about me, including my interests in surfing, hiking, and competitive swimming. He was beginning to treat me like some kinda fucking hero or something. But, hey, that was cool. I enjoyed having my ego massaged. J I also told him about Paul and me, and the blow jobs. The more I told him, the more amazed he became, saying stuff like, “I’ve never met anyone like you before! You’re incredible!” At the same time, Damien, TJ and I were getting along famously. Like I said, the web was a great place to meet and make friends and share the kinda stuff you couldn’t share with your school buddies or your folks.

Gary told me that he had a friend in Orlando, Florida whose name was Dave. He had a web site, too, with some pretty cool G rated boy pics. Dave had asked Gary to write a story for inclusion on his site, but Gary turned him down, saying that he wasn’t interested in writing stories, nor did he have the patience. But something changed Gary’s mind hehehehe. ME! I sent him a story written by John ‘Teentales’ called ‘Caring For Cody’, and that – as well as my mail – became his inspiration.

While Dave was en route by car to California to work as webmaster for a company there, Gary took the opportunity to write a bunch of stories about a character he called Daniel, and emailed them to me one at a time to ask my opinion. He was churning out a chapter a day. By the time Dave had reached San Diego, and gotten back in touch with Gary, Gary had written about 15 chapters.

“I’ve decided not to give them to Dave to use on his site. He’s pretty pissed off about that but, hey, I can write something else for him. I think I’m on to something here, Cody. I can’t believe how enthusiastic you are about the Daniel stories. You’re the best audience a writer could hope for! So I figure there’s a chance I can start my own site. A story site!”

Gary had been telling me about an idea he and Dave had been working on for almost a year. A site called Teen Idol. That kinda freaked Paul out cos he thought Gary was trying to convince me to take part. No fucking way, not if it meant publicity and exposing my true identity. Anyway, I trusted Gary not to be the kinda dude who would try to use me, or any other teen for that matter. In any case, Gary was having a lotta trouble trying to raise the money to finance the site, which would involve a lotta traveling around the world doing interviews with teens from various countries, and writing stories about them.

“Daniel is the miracle I’ve been looking for, Cody! I don’t need to travel to find him or his buds. He’s already right here in my head! I don’t need a financial backer. And from what you’ve told me, I’m a good enough story teller to make it work. Hopefully, Dave and his connections on the web will help me set up a site – Daniel Stories. Dave can do all the webmastering, and I can write the stories. He’s even gonna loan me the cash to get the thing started. Cool, huh?”

The only prob I had with the Daniel stories was knowing more about Daniel’s mom than I did about his buddy Paul. “Tell me more about Paul, for fuck sake!” I also had to correct some of the things Gary wrote about BJs – “Don’t you know ANYTHING about blow jobs, Gary?” – and had to advise him on certain aspects of Daniel’s character. At one stage, after Daniel and Paul had had their first fight, Daniel was getting a bit fucking wussy. “Daniel’s not that kinda dude, Gary. He wouldn’t just accept all that crap from Paul and Freddie. Well, I wouldn’t, anyway.”

Gary was a pretty good listener. He took my criticism on the chin, and went about making changes here and there according to my input. But it didn’t take the old dude long to catch up, and even surpass me. Pretty soon he was surprising the hell outta me, and giving me massive boners whenever I read a new chapter. “That was just soooo totally, totally, totally, fucking awesome!” He’d become a master story teller in just a month or two. And could describe sex between two or more guys like no other.

He and Damien had become good friends as well, but that relationship kinda nose-dived after a while when Damien realized that Gary was totally besotted by me hehehehe. Hey, what could I do? Besides, I was kinda getting attached to Gary as well, even though he was a self-proclaimed fossil. I found myself telling him a lot more about myself than I’d ever intended.

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