Cape Town, South Africa
Part 3

G reckoned the Daniel stories were getting harder to write. Maybe they were, but they were making me harder as well! I could hardly believe that chapter where Daniel’s bio teacher made him stand in front of the class to demonstrate the male sex organ - hehehehe. Jeez! I can imagine my biology teacher doing that with me! I would be soooo embarrassed! Paul wouldn’t, though. He’d probably enjoy showing off and getting us all hard - hehehe.

Gary: “It’ll be interesting to see what kinda reaction I get from MrB readers about the piss thing. I guess some will think it’s hot and some will think it’s gross. Personally, I thought Paul wanking in the shower while Daniel pissed on him was wild as hell!”

I wasn’t sure what to think about the piss thing. Before G wrote the chapters about Daniel visiting Cape Town, I told him that if Daniel pissed on me, I’d punch his fucking lights out. Daniel’s, not G’s. J Meantime, I was enjoying the build-up to Daniel’s birthday. I think that is gonna be so rad! His cock is gonna be raw at the end of the day. I also can’t wait for the part where I get to meet him again [in Tampa].

The main prob with reading and answering G’s email, and catching up with the latest Daniel adventures, was overstaying my time in the school comp lab and being late for classes. I was often late as hell, and ended up getting detention. Damn!

Meantime, G was kinda worried that my girlfriend would change me. Change me into what? I figured he was worried about nothing. I told him that I thought she wouldn’t change me too much cos she still wouldn’t let me get inside her panties. Hey, maybe I didn’t want to anyway – not yet. Besides, I wasn’t sure I’d live up to expectations – mine or hers. Actually, I wasn’t even sure what expectations I had of myself. One morning, after Paul had slept over, he’d gone home but left his briefs laying in the shower. So, that night, I just shoved them over my face and jacked off, enjoying the smell of him… just imagining him laying on top of me with his boner resting on my stomach, leaking all over the place like a leaky tap. Faucet? Anyway, what kinda dude was I? One that enjoyed his best bud’s smell and got off on it? What the fuck was I doing with a girlfriend?

Maybe Paul thought my prob was lack of experience, and that I’d be OK once I’d fucked a chick. His folks were making plans to move the whole family to England, and he promised to find me a lady friend who would teach me the ropes before he left so that he wouldn’t be leaving his buddy behind to make a fool of himself.

Whenever I jacked off, I thought of guys, ‘cept when I thought of Paul’s boner going in and out of his girlfriend’s seafood. So I doubted whether I was gonna change very much. And the sex between Paul and me wasn’t just restricted to blow jobs. We played little games where one of us would lay spreadeagled on his back so that the other could eat everything in sight. Woohoo! We really admired and enjoyed each other’s bods. So it wasn’t just about getting our rocks off.

Hiya Gary,

Having a short break from swim training and I’m wearing a towel around me. IT’S TUCKED UNDER!!! Just in case you were wondering.

Enjoying the swimming today even though it’s just lengths and lengths and lengths. And when we go shower later it’s gonna be more lengths and lengths and lengths. Jeez! The pressure I have to put up with!

I’ve got some real cool pics to put on my site tonight. It’s gonna be good.

Heard from Damien today. That is so cool. Did you know he’s not circumsized? I told him in chat one day that I wanna stand in front of him – both of us with boners – then I’ll pull his foreskin over the head of my boner, then just massage it around both our cockheads ‘til we shoot our wads, and watch it rush outa the sides – hehehe. Just the thought of that almost drove him wild.

Chat kinda sucks you in sometimes, though. Like once when I was in chat and I wanted to send a private message to tell someone I wanted to eat his c**k. They were all stud hunks between the ages of 14 and 16. YEAH RIGHT!!!! I found out the other day that one of the guys I cybered with in chat last year was a guy of 67… I felt like a little slut and dirty.

Gary: “Two of the things I really admire about you, Code hehehe. ROFL!”

But now that the truth is out, and he’s being honest, he’s accepted by all the guys.

BTW, G, thanks for your comments about my page. I like that ‘Be Tough’ dude as well. I always wonder what it would be like to get into a physical wrestle-type situation with a guy like that cos he looks strong, and I can just imagine his muscles while he’s wrestling – and I’ve got my legs around him in a scissor grip, and he’s arching back, trying to get outta my grip, and his boner is bouncing all over the place.

Yeah, I like those lines from the hips to the pubes as well. When Paul and I are together, I’m always tracing my finger down his, while he traces his down mine.

Hey, thanks for that pic you sent me. Now, I could put my teeth on the band of those Speedos and pull them right down while I’ve got his buns in my hands – hehehehe. I don’t think I could use that pic on my site, though, cos he’s got his pubes showing big time. Tripod would trash it.

Then I went on and on and fucking on about having been in detention yesterday with a 16-year-old dude. And he was HOT! But he also seemed like the kinda dude you wouldn’t wanna mess with. Damn! Broad shoulders, narrow waist, tight butt, well-developed biceps… you name it! So if he ever decided to rearrange my face, he could probably do it by just flicking his finger.

And G was worried about me having a girlfriend? Yeah, right!

PS: Sorry I went on and on about that dude but, damn, he got into my head yesterday.

Seeya G
Your friend

It turned out that the dude in detention had been spoken to already by Paul, who said he was a pretty hotshot swimmer from Durban. So I guessed I’d meet him eventually during swim prac. G’s advice was that I should be friendly and stop being paranoid about rejection. “Just play it cool and let him know that you’d like to be his friend," he wrote. "You could charm the legs off a table, Code.”

If he touches me in anger, I’m gonna be mad at ya, G.

“No way, Code. You underestimate your powers of pursuasion. You have a great personality. USE IT! Hehehe.”

I signed off that mail with, “Your friend (at the moment)” cos I was kinda freaking about what that hotshot swimmer would do if he thought I was gay or something.

I needn’t have worried, though, cos the dude, whose name was Gareth, fitted in amongst the swimming guys really well. NOT THAT KINDA FITTED! Seemed to me that he and Darren, a senior on the swim team, had become good buddies. I saw them spending time together during break, and I was saying under my breath, “suck him, suck him, suck him". Oh well, so much for mental telepathy.

Another dude I met on the web was an American teen named Matt. I chatted to him a couple of times and really enjoyed it. We became special friends. But when I heard that Matt was dying of leukemia, I was totally crushed. Young people dying was something I just couldn’t handle. It freaked me out totally. As I told G, “my folks would go crazy if they knew I was gonna die.”

I was an only child, but not spoiled at all. My folks weren’t rich, so I earned my pocket money by working odd jobs around the hood – washing cars, gardening, fixing things, stuff like that. I also had my share of chores at home.

I loved my folks a stack, and they loved me. My dad was the one who taught me how to surf when I was a little Cody. He’d been a keen surfer in his younger days, and was still pretty stylish on his stick, showing some of the younger guys a thing or two. My dad and I would often go surfing together early in the mornings, before work and school. We called them ‘Dawn Patrols’. It was totally awesome to be sitting on our boards out the back, watching the sun rise over Table Mountain shrouded in early morning mist.

One morning after a Dawn Patrol, I arrived at school and went straight to the comp lab. G had told me that he’d been working on a story about Kostik, one of my favs, and a hunk G had met through me. I was stoked when I saw chapter one loading, and couldn’t wait to read it.

I don’t believe it! I’m stroking myself, ready to go give myself such a good whack in the boys room, and then … the damn thing says ‘to be continued’. YOU ARE CRUEL, G – big time. But the story is fantastic. That scene with the chick and Daniel, and then when he meets Kostik, is fantastic. I know that if I actually met Kostik, I’d make such an asshole of myself… like I did the other day when I saw Gareth in his Speedos. He loves to show off, and I couldn’t help gawking hehehe. Anyway, G, that story is great!!! NOW I WANT TO SEE THE NUDIE [of Kostik] – AND KOSTIK HAD BETTER SAY YES !! Only kiddin (well, not really). Anyway, now I’ve gotta rush cos I’ve got a damn boner to sort out.

I guessed it was kinda crazy that I’d get excited about reading stories and checking out nudies on the net when I was surrounded by real-life hotties at school. But was I the only one who got excited? One day, Paul was hurt in gym class, and gave the teacher a bit of lip. The teacher got pissed at Paul, so we all walked out and went to the showers. Pretty soon, all the guys were fooling around, wrestling, giving each other friendly punches and whatever. After showering, I was checking out the guys and could see their towels getting tents in them. Were they turned on by the sight of naked hunks being physical too? That was a question I’d love to have asked. Yeah, right. And get my head bashed in.

Darren and the seniors had organized a welcome braai [barbecue] for Gareth one night. That was so cool cos Gareth had become one of the most popular guys on the team, and was friendly with everyone. So I figured it would be a good opportunity for me and Paul to do a Daniel and walk home from Darren’s place naked, and then Paul could blow me at the intersection.

“Yeah, right. Code. Are you fucking crazy or something? Remember what I told you about being aware of the difference between fantasy and reality?”

“Fantasy sounds like more fun.”

Well, Paul decided that blowing me at the intersection was a bit risky hehehehe, but we did walk home after the braai with our boners sticking outta our jeans, and bouncing all over the place. That was just sooo rad! Woohoo! Next morning, I wrote G about it and sent his fossil brain into a total spin.

Hiya Gary,

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m sending you this quick note from my dad’s comp cos I wanna tell you about last night.

On the way home from Darren’s I told Paul about the intersection thing and he said, “Yeah, right.” Anyway, we got to the traffic lights and we took our boners out there, and walked home with them sticking outta our jeans. It felt wicked! Then we got to his house but I wasn’t sleeping over. So we went to his back garden. We were both so damn horny – specially after fooling around with the guys in Darren’s pool – we blew each other right there among the flowers. I whacked it again before I went to sleep last night, and I woke up this morning with another boner!

Then I saw that pic you sent, and read the story about Daniel and Kostik and… damn! This is unreal cos I’m covered in my juice as I’m writing this, and I’ve still got this boner leaking all over the place! AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!

My cum is sorta looking like a giant snail has just crawled all over my chest and stomach. THIS IS SO DAMN HOT!

Oh, there’s something else… a friend of mine Denis wrote me and said he thought I was a major hottie hehehe… that is so damn awesome that someone can think I look that hot. I wish I was double jointed – I feel like sucking myself off right now. Damn, G, I have never felt this horny!


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