Cape Town, South Africa
Part 10

I had an awesome wank last night. It was the best one I’d had since Paul left for England. I had this vid playing in my imagination of me standing behind this new frienda mine, and placing my hands on his defined pecs, then slowly moving my hands down and over his stomach, and tracing those lines from his hips down to his pubes. After that, I imagined sliding my one flat hand into his baggies and feeling his pubes.

While I was playing, I was sliding my own flat hands along my own bod, pretending it was his, and by the time I arrived at my boner there was already a pool of sticky stuff on my pubes. But it was the best boner I’d had in a long time. It felt like it was trying to break outta its skin.

I was trying to imagine what his boner looked like cos I hadn’t seen him naked. Hmmm. I was wondering if he would sleep over at my place. That would be neat! It would give me a chance to explore him while he was sleeping. :)

I’d also met another dude on the hike with Paul. A 13 year old, but nothing ever happened with him. Anyway, this 14 year old surfer guy was better. Hehehe – I didn’t even know his name yet, but I was gonna have to make a plan and go surfing again. That wouldn’t be so easy cos I was doing swim prac every afternoon after school. The prob now with swimming was that we would travel by school bus to the health club cos it was too far to roller blade.  And then I had chores to do at home before I was allowed to go out. And on top of all that, there was homework! Aaaaggggghhhhh!

Hiya Gary,

Swimming at the gym today went really cool. The facilities there are much better than those at school. There were a coupla young dudes there doing body building, and they looked really hot – not like fulla muscles but just well developed.

The second part of that Daniel Island story was the bomb. It was so damn cool! Had me having to hide my wet briefs and putting on some dry ones afterwards. Even my jeans had a huge wet spot on them. Damn it was good.

The canoe race went OK yesterday. Gareth was damn good. He came in the twenties. Darren was forty something. There were about 200 people racing. In the arvie, I went surfing. Ross, Kevin and some of the other guys were down there. It was great.

Last night I just watched videos at home and then read. This morning I got up early to do my chores. My folks have just gone up to the shops, so I thought I’d writeya quickly.

I’m going down to the beach in a little while to surf. My homework is all up to date, so it’s cool. I’ll probably spend the arvie surfing. It is so neat to have Paul’s stick.

I hope there’s nothing wrong with Eudoramail. I got that last note you sent me with your replies to all my notes in it. Was that the last one you sent? Hope so else I’m having a prob with this damn mail. I know it happened once before.

The next time I wrote G, I was so excited about the news I had to tell him I could hardly type fast enough. I’ve just got back from surfing. The surf was awesome, and my new friend was there. His name is Steve. We were both surfing in the same spot. He is damn good! He just about rips everything that he rides, and the surf was massive.

It was raining and quite cold. Anyway, we showered under the beach showers, and I got a quick look at his furniture – hehehe. Well, to be fair it was all shrivelled up cos it was stuck in his wetsuit and it was cold. But he’s cut. I could see that, and it’s pure white. [Cody was to discover later that Steve, in fact, was not cut, but did have a short foreskin that he sometimes rolled back].

Anyway, I asked him if he wanted to maybe sleep over at my place on Friday night so we could get an early start to surfing on Saturday. He said it was cool, and that he would check with his folks to see if it was OK. I hope they say it will be OK! He’s going down [to the beach] again tomorrow.

This is so damn cool!

I also got mail from Paul today. He hates it there. They are still in the hotel, and he says they are gonna be going to Manchester. He says the guys there all talk like they’ve got toffees up their backsides – hehehe. He can’t wait for him and his folks to get into their own house cos he says he feels like a prisoner in the hotel.

Anyway, I’ve got a stack of homework and I better do it all if I wanna go surfing again tomorrow. My mom says it’s cool if I get all my chores and homework and stuff done.

Well, my mom said it was cool for Steve to sleep over. I guessed she was feeling sorry for me or something cos I’d been depressed about Paul. She could also tell that I was pretty excited about my new friend. Excited? Woohoo!

I was a bit worried about him thinking I might be gay, though, so G suggested I tell Steve about the night Paul and I were with those girls. I think your idea is cool, G. That is a great idea. Maybe I can ask him if he’s been blown before by a girl, and then maybe he’s gonna say no but that it would be cool to feel what it’s like – hehehe. G also offered to lend me his pink fairy dress. Can I borrow your pink frock? Hehehehahahaha! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!

The other good news was that Winston had been working on the Daniel site, and getting it back together. I checked it out, and it was looking good.

At school, we were learning Life Skills. We were being taught CPR and Expire Air Resuscitation. Now’s my chance to get my tongue into Ross’ mouth, huh? Hehe. He’d have a nervous breakdown if I did that.

I gotta tellya something, G. I’m as horny as anything. I haven’t felt this horny since Paul left.

During biology class, I made an excuse to go to the pit, where I jacked off thinking about Steve. It was totally awesome.

One prob – I got some of my damn juice on my shirt, so I hadta put my blazer on when I got back to class – but I’m burning hard again [here in the comp lab]. I couldn’t have cleaned it up properly cos I’ve got a damn patch on my trousers. It’s OK, though, cos I’ll just button my blazer when I stand up.

G loved my telling him all about the stuff I did – hehehe. He would figure out a way to use it in the Daniel stories. A lotta the time, reading Daniel was like reading about me! G also mentioned the Beach Boys. Hey, I LOVE THE BEACH BOYS MUSIC. THEY ROCK BIG TIME!!!! The best is Good Vibrations. Paul had a whole stack of their CDs.

I guessed the most important thing about Daniel was that I was beginning to understand that I wasn’t the only dude on the planet like me. When I started my web page, I said that I was ‘recently from Mars’ cos that’s how I felt – like some kinda alien. But not now. I’d made a lotta net friends who were also into guys, like TJ and Damian. One of my friends was from Toowoomba in Queensland, Oz. But it wasn’t just my net friends who liked to fool around with their buds.

You’re definitely not gonna believe this, G. During recess, Gareth came to me and whispered in my ear. He asked me if I’d been jacking off.


“You’ve got a stain on your pants, Code, and everyone can see it under your blazer.”

I didn’t know what to say! My face instantly turned the color of a beet.

“Hey, it’s OK, Code. I just wanted to let you know so that you could clean yourself before the teachers see it.”

Yeah, right. He didn’t seem to be worried about the whole fucking school seeing it.


Then he asks me if I’ve got a cum buddy. I asked him what that was, and he said it’s just a buddy you can jack off with.

“Have you ever jacked off with a buddy?” I asked.


I couldn’t fucking believe what I was hearing. But I told Gareth that Paul and I used to jack off together. Then we started talking about Paul, and Gareth says that if I ever need a cum buddy to give him a shout. Then he just laughed.

Fuck! The hottest guy in school – along with Darren – and he wants to jack off with me?

Hadta tellya that, G. It feels cool now that someone [in my circle of friends] knows that Paul and I used to jack off together. At least Gareth doesn’t know that we used to jack each other off. Paul would kill me if he knew [what I’d just told Gareth]. Cool, then he can come back here [to Cape Town and beat me up].

Anyway, G, it’s not that I’m a messy cummer. But what happened was, I sorta thought that I’d finished and then whammo. This last little spurt decides he’s not hanging around in there and shoots out as well.

Friday couldn’t arrive quickly enough cos I couldn’t wait to have Steve sleep over. It’s Friday. :)

Yesterday, when I went down to the beach, Steve was at the lineup again at the back, and he says he’s looking forward to tonight, so that is really way cool.

I must tellya that Steve took a backseat to my jacking last night. I was thinking of Gareth. If he hadta be naked on my bed, jacking that monster of his, I would go nutty. Actually, I got off just looking at his bod. He’s got this really flat, well-defined sixpack, and a thin line of hair from his belly button to his pubes. I’d like to trace that with my tongue – hehehe.

Last night I was jacking off thinking of him sitting on me with his boner in my face and my tongue sorta running up its length while its hugging his gut – my hands tracing the lines between the muscles on his chest and his sixpack.

I’m dying to see Steve naked. He’s got a really good bod. Muscles in all the right places.  T O N I T E !!! If he sleeps with PJs on I’m gonna scream.

Pizza with extra cheese. :)

Thanks for the pics, G. They’re neat. And the note that dude wrote about Daniel was way damn cool. You should start a Daniel fan club later. Each member gets a nudie pic of Daniel signed with his juice – hehehe.

Hmmm. I hadta stop giving G ideas like that cos that’s exactly what he did. Meantime, there was more to tell G about Gareth and my girlfriend. Yep, I’m going with my girlfriend to the movies on Saturday – all arranged – popcorn and Coke – hehehe.

Gareth spoke to me again during recess and he was asking me if I ever went with a girl. He’s suddenly taking an interest in my sex life.

Anyway, I told him no. Then he starts telling me about his girlfriend, and the great blowjobs she gives him. And I’m standing there with my boner screaming for air!

 I could just imagine Paul’s mouth around my boner while Gareth’s talking, and it was driving me crazy. He was making himself hard as well. Not that I noticed – hehehe.

 So I asked him who his cum buddy was – hehehe. But he said he couldn’t tell me. Damn!! I wonder if it’s Darren. Fucking hell, canya imagine those two jacking off together? I would shoot my load before getting my boner out [of my pants] if I saw them [like that].

 There’s no swimming today, so I’m gonna do my homework as soon as I get home and get it done. Then I’ve got the weekend to myself, besides my chores.

Ross wanted me to go to the gym with him but I said no cos I want to get my homework done quickly and then go meet Steve at the beach.

PS: I’m probably not gonna be able to write tomorrow cos Steve is gonna be with me mosta the day, and then I’m gonna meet my girlfriend for the movies. I’ll try, though. Seeya later.

Your friend

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