Cape Town, South Africa
Part 14

Hiya Gary,

It’s Sunday and it’s a really nice day here. It’s cold but it’s sunny and there’s no wind.

I’m not sure what’s happening with Damian. He hasn’t written to me in ages.

Steve is in the shower [while I’m writing this] so I thought I’d get this off to you quickly.

We’ve had an awesome, awesome weekend. Had our first fight yesterday but it was cool. It was about shit so it’s sorted out.

It is so cool just to have him in bed with me while we hug and play with each other. His stomach muscles ripple when you run your hand over them and it drives me crazy. His skin is always warm and smooth against me.

What’s really cool is when I first grab his boner, and I just hold it loose in my hand, and he makes it jump. :)

Steve did me with the grapefruit on Friday night. I was right. He can kick-start a Harley – hehehe. It felt damn awesome. He got it right, too. After my cockhead was through to the other side, he squeezed the grapefruit and it felt wild. As I was about to shoot my load, he pulled the grapefruit over my cockhead and squeezed tight to keep my juice inside the fruit. It felt a bit painful cos my head was so damn tender by then. Then we sucked the juice out.

Last night we climbed into bed and he got off by riding my ass crack. He asked me if I’d ever done a guy. I answered no, obviously. Anyway, it felt damn awesome just to have him cuddle up to me when we were sleeping. He stays hard almost the whole night.

[Cody wrote me once and told me about the grapefruit trick. He’d already done it with Paul, and I used his description in Daniel #11. MrB:

I wondered what Dick had in mind as he stood up, went to the grapefruit tree and picked a fruit. He used his thumb to force a hole through the center.

"What are you doing?"

"It's something Kyle told me about. I've been wanting to try it. Now's a pretty good time, I figure."

Dick slid the fruit over his seven inches of rock-hard meat until his swollen head was about half way through the hole he'd made.

"Kneel down, Daniel, and start sucking. And don't argue."

He pushed his meat down until it was level with my face. It was way awesome to look up at the perfection of his tanned, muscular body. The shadows on his sweating skin from the midday sun caused his muscles to stand out even more.

I put my mouth over the open end of the fruit and sucked like I was gonna suckstart a Harley. I could hear him groan as the grapefruit started sliding to the base of his boner and his head began to emerge. I sucked even harder until the grapefruit moved all the way down to the base of his thick shaft, and four inches of his boner slid out of the hole.

Dick's throbber must have been threatening to split from the pressure of being strangled by the grapefruit at the base. His thick velvety veins were showing as I squeezed the grapefruit with my hand and drove him crazy. The juice was running down his nuts and also into my mouth as I continued sucking.

"STOP! I'm gonna cum!"

He pushed the grapefruit forward so that his knob was well back inside it while jets of hot boy juice filled the center of the fruit. His groans caused Paul and Freddie to come to the door.

"Go back inside guys," I yelled. "We'll be in later."

Dick slowly took the grapefruit off his now tender semi and ordered me to place it over my throbber. It felt so fucking cool to slip it over my cock knowing that the fruit was full of his cum. HIS cum! Jeez! Then Dick did the same to me, squeezing the fruit and sucking until I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Shit, man!!! I'm ready! Ahhhhh!"

Dick pulled the fruit over the head of my cock a split second before it exploded with my bursts of cum and moans of ecstasy. There was now a helluva lot more juice in the middle of that grapefruit than nature had originally intended.

The boys came to the door again.

"Hey, you guys! Get back in-fucking-side!" Dick ordered.

He asked me to stand up and face him, then placed the grapefruit between our mouths so that we each had a hole to suck. We sucked that thing bone dry, cum and all. It tasted way fucking cool.

"Kyle really told you about that? Fuck, dude, that is the most rad thing I've ever tried!"

I told G I'd put the Adventures of Cody and TJ on a page and put the first story up [June 1988] and asked him to let me know what he thought. Yeah, right. I was hoping G would shower me with compliments – hehehe. But he didn’t.

G's email to me:

“Cee Oh Dee Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“K, so I’ve read your story. You certainly have a lively imagination! There are many, many things I could comment on, but that would only confuse you. I think the best thing for me to say this time is that you have to hone your proof-reading skills.

“When you write something, you are basically describing your own mental images. Your purpose is to communicate those mental images to your audience – the operative word being ‘communicate’. You need to be mindful of their ignorance. In order for them to ‘see’ what you ‘see’, you need to be painstakingly accurate in all your descriptions.

“What’s happening when you write is that you are being overwhelmed by mental images. That’s fine. But, when you go back and proof-read it, you have to look at the words coldly and calculatingly – just like the spellchecker does – without allowing your mind to visualize what you’re reading.

“If you do that, you’ll find many examples of you using the same word twice or more in a single sentence or paragraph – or making simple spelling mistakes.

“Basically, there are four steps that I use:

“1. Write the story using your own mental images.

“2. When it’s written, proof the story word by word, thinking only of the words themselves and not the images. Avoid repetition.

“3. Proof it again from the point of view of a first-time reader. Do I really understand what the writer is trying to communicate to me? Are the sentences short and precise? Can my eye glide over the text easily and absorb information quickly and without effort?

“4. Proof it again, preferably a day or two later when you can read it with fresh eyes.

“My skills come from years of writing radio scripts where I had to coax the listener to visualize something. Whenever I wrote the ‘perfect’ 30-second radio script, I’d discover that it was 10 or 15 seconds too long, so I’d have to go back and edit it. I learned how to extract maximum value from each word, and to be economical with words. Radio is probably the most demanding of all media from a writer’s perspective.

“Anyway, Cody, I’m a few months older than you :) so I guess I’ve had time to learn a little more. You have two things in your favor: you have a wild imagination and you like to read. The rest will fall into place as you get more practice at writing.

“I hope some of what I’ve said helps you – most of all how to proof-read your stories once they’re written.”

Well, I guessed I had to think about what G wrote. Prob was he made story writing seem like hard work! And I just wanted to have fun.

Meantime, things were kinda coming unstuck both in G’s world and mine. Winston wasn’t the webmaster G had hoped he would be, mainly cos of school commitments and whatever else. And G was getting more and more frustrated about not being in control of the Daniel site. A week or more would go by before the site was updated. I was also pissed off about Steve. He’d mysteriously disappeared outta my life. To make it worse, it was my 16th birthday.

Hiya, G,

Just finished reading Daniel 46. It is so damn good to have him back. Daniel rules. The fight with Nick was cool, and that scene with the [cooking] brush [with Paul and Daniel in the tent] was awesome. Damn, I wish I had somebody to try that with.

I had a pretty neat birthday. Gareth arranged a lift for us to Long Beach, and we spent most of the day there surfing. It was neat. A lotta the guys there knew it was my birthday, and they came up to me and stuff.

Now, the best part was afterwards. I went with Gareth to his house cos he asked me to – and we could get something to eat there.

He kept asking me if I wanted to shower before going home, but I said it was cool cos I would shower when I got back to my place.

We were in his room when he took off his shirt, and was wearing only shorts. That was kinda surprising cos it was pretty damn cold. But the sight of his bod was turning me on something serious.

Anyway, we sat in his room listening to music, and he was showing me his CDs. It was the first time I’d ever been to his house. His room was really neat. There was a whole stack of surfing and girlie pics up on his wall.

Anyway, I got this real hard boner cos he was like right there [beside me], and everytime he moved his damn muscles would contract. The best, though, was when he laid on his back on the bed, with his hands behind his head. His stomach stretched and went flat, and it drove me wild.


He asked me if I remembered the time he spoke to me about having a cum buddy, and I said yeah.

So he asked if he could jack me off cos he could see that I’d gotten totally hard from looking at the pics on his walls – hehehehehehe. Yeah, right.

I didn’t say anything right away, and I thought he musta been a bit embarrassed or something cos then he said that it was cool, and I mustn’t think he’s weird. He said that he and a friend used to do it with each other. Anyway, I told him it was cool, and that he could [jack me].


We got naked. We didn’t undress each other. We just undressed ourselves. His cock is one of the best I’ve seen – ever! It was thick and smooth and hairless. He was as nervous as anything. SO WAS I!

He slowly put his fist around my boner and started to stroke it, to get the precum rubbed all along its length. Then I rubbed the precum into his and it felt so damn good cos his boner was like really rocking in my hand. It felt like a piece of steel wrapped in skin. And his muscles would contract every time that happened, and his boner would bounce in my hand.

I wanted to put my mouth over the thing cos I really wanted to taste what his cum was like.

Anyway, it didn’t take too long before we both shot our loads all over ourselves. His juice was like really white and thick. It didn’t shoot very far but it came out in buckets in one long thick stream.

I wanted to taste it – like put my finger in it, but I didn’t even touch it. We just laid there for a while, fulla cum. Damn, it was awesome!

You know what’s really neat, G? I know that Gareth is str8, but it felt really good that he would do that with me. And he thinks I’m str8 too, which was cool.

Last night was pretty laid back. Ross came around to my house and we listened to some music in my room. He bought me a whole box of chocolates, which we ate before he left. RATFINK!

I got a nice email from TJ for my birthday, too. He turns 17 in October. I haven’t really told too many dudes on the net about my birthday [July 1]. But there was one note from a dude I don’t know saying happy birthday, which was cool.

I’m sorry to hear about Winso cos he was doing a really neat job on the Daniel stories page. But you’re a slave driver, Gary – hehehehe. Only kiddin. It’s gonna be hard to find someone who’s got that sorta time, but I hopeya do.

I’ve been trying to work on the redesign of my page, and it’s gonna look OK. But it’s taking like forever cos I’m hardly at home. And I can only work on it when the folks aren’t home. Also the stories I’m writing take forever.

I might not be on [the net] for a few days. Some of the guys are talking about pitching a tent at Long Beach, and just camping there from tonight to Sunday. You’re not supposed to [camp there] but we pitch the tents right in amongst the trees so the cops don’t see them.

I’m not sure how long Steve is gonna be away for. I found out that he did go to Jeffrey’s Bay. I hope he’s having a rave cos Jeffrey’s in winter has got the best ever surf. He doesn’t know it was my birthday.

Now if I was in America I coulda got my driving license!

Anyway, I gotta get shakin.

Cya Gary

Thanks for everything and I hopeya find someone to carry on the Daniel page. I think Wins did a really fantastic job. A lotta people write me and say how cool the stories are.

Your friend

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