Cape Town, South Africa
Part 18

Hiya Gary,

The wind is howling big time over here. No damn surf yesterday. So Steve and I stayed home. We started showing off for each other, like doing bodybuilding posing – hehehe – his boner was like a leaking tap.

I’ve been thinking about it, and the first time I met Steve, and how he was. I’m thinking that maybe if he didn’t meet me he wouldn’ta gone the way he has. Maybe it’s just cos I wanted to suck his boner, and wrap my hands around his bod. Of course he liked it but maybe if it was a girl he woulda gone the other way. I’m saying this cos Steve has gone cock crazy. Every opportunity he gets he’s into my pants, and he’s jacking me, and yeah, of course, I do the same to him. But it’s like he thinks of nothing else anymore.

We used to talk about surfing and music all the time. Now he talks about what he feels when he’s sucking me, and he asks me what it’s like to suck him, and how does he taste.

I’m also worried cos although I really love him and I enjoy having sex with him, I used to like it before when we spoke about surfing, and we would do lotsa things like go up the mountain and swim. I’ll speak to him about it, though – but I don’t want to hurt him.

It’s so damn weird cos he’s like a total macho hunk but at the same time he hurts so damn easy. But I’ll chat to him cos if he and I can’t talk together about anything [other than sex] then we’ve got a prob. But I’m sure that he’ll understand what I’m saying. It’s just so damn hard cos I actually enjoy it, too. I love being naked with him. I guess I just miss the macho side of him so much.

I had a shitload of homework yesterday so I ended up getting to bed late. I just showered and crashed and burned. Woke up with a beauty, though. I just left it there, though, cos I love having a boner in the morning. It was still there after I broke its neck for a piss – persistent – hehehe. Musta been the [pink] fairy dust. [I was often sending my pink fairy over to Cape Town to check on Code and bring back a report. MrB]

I’m glad that you guys have settled in, and it sounds like the neighbor’s got the hots for you. Who knows? Gary married? Hmmm. Nope.

It was a coupla days before I wrote G again. The school net connection had been down. He’d mailed me, though, and went ballistic about me and Steve posing like bodybuilders. More ideas for Daniel’s Diary. :)

Hiya Gary,

Well, that’s two things running. This damn school net is back up. They’ve been having a lotta shit with it. And Steve is running. He’s started running in the mornings before school. His dad bought him these totally cool running shoes – Asics. They’re as light as a feather. Anyway, he gave me the sticker that came in the box and it says, “Kiss my Asics” – hehehe. So I did – on his right cheek. Anyway, I know he’s a good runner cos I’ve seen him when we run down to the beach with our boards, and the muscles in his legs bulge.

There’s no wind today, and the weather looks great. I’ve got swimming prac now for an hour. I miss a whole period. :)

Hey, I like to tellya about the [bodybuilding] posing stuff cos it drives me crazy and I don’t think I should be the only one – hehehe. The best is when Steve’s back is to me and his biceps bulge, and these two strong back muscles go right down to his Asics, and his broad shoulders, and tiny hips, and firm Asics – hehehe.

Tonight, I’m sleeping over at his house – the first time. I don’t know his folks that well. They seem to be OK but I think his dad is one of those big company dudes – spends more time with business stuff than he’s ever done with Steve, I bet. His mom seems pretty cool, though.

My folks have gotten to like Steve a lot, and he treats them almost like they were his folks. You must see him and my dad mess around.

So my plan for tonight is that he sits on my chest, and I’ll take my fingers and slide his foreskin down, and his perfect round cockhead is gonna be shining with precum, and his thick boner is gonna be screaming for tongue. Hey, doc, ignore Gary. He’s gone crazy.

I’ll try and writeya later – gotta get into the pool.

Seeya, Gary, my old fossil friend from Oz who’s done so much for me. Even stopped me from offing myself once. Never toldya about that, did I?

I signed off with a hugs, and wondered if I shoulda mentioned that business about offing myself. But my note was already in cyber space, so it was too late. Anyway, G was the kinda guy that never forced me to talk about anything I didn’t feel comfortable with. In his reply he was curious but reminded me that I didn’t have to tell him if I didn’t want to. It’s not so much that I wanted to tell him about offing myself, but the reason I changed my mind. I wanted G to know what he’d done for me.

It was around the time that Matt died [an internet friend with a terminal illness]. Around the same time, Paul was making plans to move to England. I was getting some notes from people [on the net] saying that they didn’t want me to write them about Matt, and that they didn’t give a fuck about my friend dying.

Both Paul and I thought about it [suicide]. We even made a plan. We were gonna sit in his dad’s car. We were gonna have the most wild sex ever. It started to become so intense that it was all we spoke about for a while. Never spoke to anyone else about it, or let anyone know.

It was Daniel. Where he was a million miles away from Kyle and they both felt so much pain, but they got over it and they still loved each other.

Then I started thinking about my folks and hurting them, and [the fact that] they would find out – and it wouldn’t be the way I wanted them to find out. Imagine them seeing me and Paul in a 69 position in the car, huh? Cocks still in our mouths, probably. Imagine what our folks woulda gone through. I thought about you, Damian and TJ. Paul also had thoughts – probably more about all the girls he wouldn’t be able to screw.

It ended with a night of probably the best sex Paul and me ever had. And a lotta crying. And thoughts about just how close we were to being the two most stupid dudes on the planet.

What is still scary is that it was so so so close and so damn easy.

James from UK wrote and said he would host my site, and asked for my name, home addy, and telephone number. I started to type everything and then thought – what the fuck am I doing? I deleted it all and told him I couldn’t do that – never – not in a hundred years. He said he wanted the info just in case there was a prob with the site page. Yeah, right. [In all the time I knew Cody, I was never aware of his last name or physical address, and still am not. He shared a helluva lot with me, but there was a limit. I was probably his most trusted friend on the net, but even I was never privy to certain information. It’s never worried me, cos it never affected our relationship. Actually, that degree of anonymity probably encouraged and enhanced it. MrB]

Had a most awesome swim this morning. My muscles were totally stuffed outasight, and my arms felt like they were falling off, and my legs felt like lead. It was such a good feeling.

Hey! This is the first time I’ve written about that [offing] stuff.

If you hadn’t written about Daniel meeting Kyle, Kyle wouldn’ta met Steve! (Thanks!)

So how did G feel about my confession? He was honored to have been instrumental in saving my life, and Paul’s. He didn’t lecture me at all, or say anything critical. He was just glad to still have me around. :)

G had his own probs about being honest. He’d been answering Daniel’s mail for a couplea months cos it was his way of making Daniel “real”. But, lately, he’d been getting the guilts big time about deceiving people. It wasn’t just a matter of answering mail, fans were actually falling in love with Daniel, and it was scaring the shit outta the old dude.

“G’day Captain,

“This hasn’t been a sudden decision, but today I decided to tell Daniel’s main fans the truth. There’s only about half a dozen of them. The others lost interest when the site went down. You may get some mail. :) Here’s what I wrote them:

“I’m sending this email to all Daniel’s fans. Please take the time to read it all.

“Yep, we all love Daniel. My name is Gary, and I live in Sydney, Australia. You know me as Daniel and MrB. We’re all the same person. I’m telling you this because I can’t go on any longer being the person I’m not. I don’t want to hurt you or anybody else. I never meant to. It just got out of hand and I found it difficult to turn back.

“Remember some months ago, I wrote to you as MrB using my comcen server and said that I was quitting the site? You cried and so did everybody else, including me. Then I got that awesome email from ‘Kyle’ that’s now up on Daniel’s Fav Emails. I’ve pasted it at the end of this email to remind you.

“Anyway, I felt so guilty that I decided to put the site back up. Shortly after that it crashed. It was then that I decided to learn webmasting myself.

“So, what about Daniel? Well, he’s based on the best friend I have in the whole world. His name is Cody. He’s 16, and I call him Kyle in the stories. About a year ago, I wrote the first Daniel story and emailed it to Cody. He loved it so much, I wrote another, then another. Cody lives in South Africa, and many of the plots in the stories are based on Cody’s own experiences. I’ve got a pretty fertile imagination but, believe me, I couldn’t have written the stories if it hadn’t been for Cody’s inspiration and emails.

“Today, I’m going to change some stuff on the website to say that Daniel is a fictional character based on “The Captain” [as I call Cody] and his emails.

“You are obviously wondering how I could have answered all your emails over such a long period. Well, I know Cody like the back of my hand, and I know how he would have answered your emails as Daniel. Oh, and Paul? Well, he’s loosely based on Cody’s friend Paul who now lives in England.

“Cody has taught me a great deal, as I have him, but we don’t have a sexual relationship – more like best buds, although I’m a couple of centuries older than he is. We’re very, very close, and I bless the day I met him.

“How do I feel about telling you all this? Well, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you, but I’m not sorry for creating Daniel. I know for a fact that his message has helped save at least two young lives and made a lot of people feel better about themselves.

“No doubt this is going to take a while for you to absorb and come to terms with. Try not to be mad at me, and don’t blame yourself for falling in love with Daniel. Also, don’t feel cheated. The world needs a Daniel because he has the qualities we all admire. He will live in our minds forever. He certainly lives in mine. YRD-BFT.

“Finally, let me say that I’m risking the popularity of Daniel’s Diary by admitting the truth. If the new site fails as a consequence, I’ll just have to deal with it. However, in all my life, Daniel has been my proudest achievement. This may sound odd, but he has taught me a great deal about myself and made me content to be who I am. He lives within me, and to that extent he really does exist.

“Probably the most extraordinary thing is that Cody has always known the origin of Daniel and yet believes in him with a passion. And, yes, Cody did write the Kyle emails in the stories.

“I would ask you to respect Cody’s privacy by not making this information public. On my site, I will say that Daniel is a fictional character based on The Captain, but I won’t be using Cody’s name, country or email addy. I am providing you with this information because you have been a Daniel friend and deserve to know the truth.

Daniel, MrB and Gary”

[Note: Here is the email Cody wrote me when I was going to give the whole thing away. It’s the most awesome email I’ve ever received and I’ll treasure it forever.]


Hey, so what now? You just gonna lay down and fucking die? Huh? Is that the fucking friend we’ve got? That cocky bastard who keeps telling us not to fucking give up? FUCK YOU – GET OUTTA FUCKING BED AND WAKE UP.

I know what Daniel would writeya right now – he would be so fucking mad as hell when he received the same note I just opened – fucking hell!

A friend asked my dad why he still goes out and surfs with me sometimes – Isn’t he too old? My dad asked him if a person must sorta lie down and wait to die when they get to a certain age?

YOU’RE GONNA WAKE UP YOU FUCK! You’re not getting off this fucking easily.




[Note: Cody’s anonymity became less of an issue as time went on. At first, he was known as Kyle and the Captain, but eventually everyone knew him as Cody. He was happily promoting MrB Stories on his own Cody’s World site, as well as talking about Steve, Mark and Wingnut].

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