Cape Town, South Africa
Part 21

Hiya Gary,

Today’s a totally beaver day. A teacher at school says that. We call him Beaver. It can be the middle of winter, pissing with rain and the wind howling, but if he organizes an outing or a sports thingy or anything outdoors, then you can betya that the sun will shine and it will be a great day. He says that it’s beaver weather. Well, today is a beaver day.

I had a really good night’s sleep and got up at 5:30, and it was pitch dark. It’s staying darker ‘til later now. L [March, 1999]. My dad was up and he made me a cuppa, and asked me if I was mad [crazy] or something cos I had my boardshorts on and my stick under my arm. Paul’s stick. Anyway, it was wicked cos he walked down to the beach with me and watched me [surf] for a while before he went back home to get ready for work.

I watched the fucking sun rise, and my dad was there, and the surf was there – small, but it was there. The sun was bright red cos of the morning mist over everything. There was another dude out [surfing] as well. The water was pretty cold, but it was neat just with boardshorts on. The water was like a red mirror.

Doya know that feeling? Like when you feel that nothing can go wrong and everything is perfect? Well, it was like that. I was watching the other guy take off on one wave and he was like a silhouette against the red glow, and the sun shone right through the crest of the wave, and his spray flew up. It looked so awesome.

When I got outta the water, I felt so damn fantastically tired and sore cos I’d paddled my ass off out there – just cos it was so smooth and glassy. I sat on the beach a while and watched the other guy surfing. When he came out, I went over to the showers with him, and we spoke for a while. He’s an older dude, probably about 19 or 20 or something, and at college. Damn, I didn’t even get his name. Yep, he’s pretty hot looking but I wasn’t perving at him at all. It was weird now that I think about it. He was damn hot. But it just felt good to be chatting – just the two of us. Anyway, he had his car there so he probably stays [lives] away from the beach.

Walking home, I could hear the seagulls going mad for the fish. A couple of old guys were walking with dogs by then. The air was warm so I didn’t feel cold from the water.

I’ve got swimming now, and Ross is so damn amped cos there’s a school interhouse comp coming up, and he holds the Victor Ludorum for the age group. Reckon the way I feel now, I’m gonna take the thing from him. I can’t remember when last I felt this damn good. Nah, actually I can. Paul and I used to often go surfing early before school. Those were always good sessions, beaver weather or not.

I reckon MrB is on the way to greatness, huh. And Nancy [your next door neighbor] sounds like a real hoot – like somebody outta the movies. I really hope things work out forya, Gary. Actually, I know they will cos nothing’s gonna go wrong today.

This is a fucking beaver day!!

After my signoff, I added YRG-BFT.

That day turned out to be more of a beaver day than I could ever have anticipated. I was about to leave school for home that arvie when something happened that I just HAD to tell G right away.

I’m gonna go home now and write about today in my diary, right from this morning ‘til now, and I’m even gonna mention the time machine [in B Meets The Captain] and the invisible Cody, although I won’t write about what he gets up to cos you never know who’s gonna see it.

I was on my way home like 20 minutes ago but something happened, and I hadta writeya before going home. When I went to my school locker there was a piece of paper stuck underneath that said, “At the back”.

At the back of my locker was this small packet, and there was a note inside written in really rough writing like a righthanded person writing with his left hand. I almost burst into tears.

“Hey, Buddy,

“It might look like I’ve been a real jerk, and maybe I have because I haven’t contacted you. This is something really small that I want you to have forever because for the short time that I knew you (and I hope that we will be friends forever) you were the best friend that I ever had in my whole life. You taught me a lesson about being normal and having no hangups. Right or wrong, the things that we did I will remember forever. I still jack off thinking of you (hey, eat this note after you read it, huh). I hope that we can get together soon. I love you Cody because you’ve been a very special friend to me, and I’ve treated you like shit.

“I’m sorry
A friend.”

Inside the packet was a bead necklace with a surfboard on it. I think I can guess who it’s from. I don’t know how he coulda got it into school and to my locker, though, cos like there’s a thousand lockers. Yeah, the names are on them but still – when?

A totally fucking beaver day

I hope your day has been as fucking cool


G was totally over the moon when he read my mail. I knew he would be. He cared about me as much as my folks did. Maybe even more in some ways.

Hiya Gary,

Doubt I’ll have another day like yesterday. You are damn wicked! :) It’s another awesome day here in Cape Town. No wind, and there’s surf. My dad woke me up early and asked if I wanted to go down [to the beach] again. I think he enjoys being on the beach in the morning as much as I enjoy being in the surf. The water was like glass again, and that dude that I met yesterday was there which was neat cos he paddled over and we spoke for a while. He’s studying advertising at college in the city. He reckons by the time he finishes surfing he’s got a clear head, and he can face the classes.

My dad asked me where I got the necklace from. I told him from a friend at school. He likes it a stack. Guess he probably wants one for himself. My dad’s pretty cool like that. I remember when we went to J-Bay, he bought a puca shell necklace for each of us, and he never took it off until it broke. He even wore it to work. He’s also got his ear pierced but he doesn’t wear an earring in it anymore. Says the guys at the office would freak if he did.

I was kinda hoping that Steve would call me last night. He didn’t. But it is cool knowing that he still thinks of me as a friend. To me that is important even if we never do anything sexual together anymore. I’m just gonna wait for a while, and if he doesn’t call by Saturday then I’m gonna call him and just say thanks for the necklace.

OK, so last night in the shower, I imagined little Gary [from B Meets The Captain] soaping me up. I lifted my leg and soaped my nuts and boner from behind by putting my arm around my leg. I just kinda closed my eyes and imagined this redhaired dude doing it. I made it last forever before my boner protested and spat out its innards – hehehe.

My school work is going well, and my swimming is definitely going well. I was with Ross all the damn way during training, and I’m looking to beat the crap outta him at the interhouse comp. He’s a good friend, though. When I was down, he was pretty concerned. OK, he was pissed about me messing up with the swim team, but he was still there for me. He wouldn’t have phoned Darren otherwise. Darren popped in last night just to say hi, and ask how’s it going. I told him about the early morning surf, and he just said “whoa!” and that he was sorry he missed it. He’s also an early morning person. I would rather be up at 5am and go to bed early than sleep late.

Anyway, I’ve got swim prac, so I needta get moving.

So you think my reaction to your story about B meeting the Captain was something, huh? Well, I must tellya that I surprised myself. I knew when I felt my boner bounce in my shorts that it was gonna be a wicked one. And the shit part is that once I started shooting [my load] there was no damn way to stop it. I think I must start wearing a condom when I read your stories. [I think Cody is referring to the time he shot his load while reading the story, and had to pretend to fall into the school pool so that he could clean himself, and have an excuse to wash his clothes. MrB].

It was about that time that a little kid and his folks had moved in next door. He’s about ten or eleven or something, and he hassles me all the time. He’s a great kid, and he likes to hang around me. So he was helping me in the garden, and with my chores. Prob was I had to redo everything after he’d finished. Actually, he’s not too bad. In about four years I reckon he’s gonna be a hunky little dude. For an eleven year old he’s built like a brick shithouse. He’s on the school swim team, and he plays rugger [rugby]. I’ve nicknamed the little dude Wingnut.

Hehehe. No I won’t try anything with him. Stop worrying. I’m not stupid.

Meantime, Steve says he bought two paira boardshorts – Billabongs – both the same color. And one of them is for me. He says we can parade along the beach like the Topsy Twins, with our ass cracks showing – hehehe.

He came around to my house to show me. “Hey! How doya like my new shorts?” I looked at them, and they were totally kewl! Like a floral design with velcro pockets on the sides and back, and a wide black waistband, and stripes down the sides. The front was moulded the way his dick was always pushing out. And it was like he liked his shorts. They hung low. And ifya looked carefully you could just see his crack. The front hung away from his stomach, so if you got up close and looked down you could see his pubes.

Yesterday arvie, I was playing with the little next-door kid. He’s into soccer so I kicked the ball around with him for a while. He wants me to teach him to surf. He’s a pretty good little swimmer, so I don’t haveta worry about him drowning. Anyway, there’s been no surf around so he’s gonna haveta wait. Although my dad says to take him into the mush cos that’s how I learnt when I was a little Cody. It’ll also build up his stamina cos he’s gonna haveta paddle for shit just to stay in the surf. Not that he needs the stamina. He runs around with the damn soccer ball and I’m the one outta breath! Actually, I must stop calling him a kid cos he’s helluva mature for his age, and he’s got a build that looks like it belongs to a 14-year-old at least. Fuck, I know what you’re thinking, Gary. Yes, he is a hot little kid but he’s just a tiny bit young.

Oh, don’t worry about the kid next door. I won’t try anything stupid. If I was his age, though, I woulda blown him away already. I remember wanting to blow Mark, Paul’s bro, when he was even younger. But Wingnut’s more like a kid bro, so I don’t even think about doing anything with him. In fact, I don’t even get hard. Hmmm. Scratch that. Gotta go before I start dribbling in my shorts again.

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