Cape Town, South Africa
Part 23

I wrote G about the reference I sent him, and told him not to worry about not using it for his presentation to the board. Hey, it’s cool about the letter. I actually thought about the age thingy as well, and wondered what they would think. The fact is, though, that it’s teens who are helped by Daniel, not OLD twenties somethings. :)

Anyway, Steve and I were on the phone for ages again last night. It’s like we’re getting to know each other for the first time. When I hear him laughing, I can imagine his stomach muscles going all tight, and then my boner starts dripping. He’s not making a commitment about when we’re gonna see each other. He’s scared of upsetting his girlfriend. Fuck! Anyway, I didn’t get upset about it. I just told him to fucking phone again tonight. We’re taking turns.

I think my folks are getting a bit narked about the long calls, though. My dad says that’s why he didn’t have a daughter – to save on telephone bills – hehehe.

There’s this kid in our class at school. He’s on the swim team but I’ve never really looked at him much cos of all the hunky guys on the team. Since reading the [B Meets The Captain] story, though, I’ve been checking him out cos I think he could look like you musta looked [as a teen]. He’s got blonde hair, though, not red, and his pubes are blonde. He’s got a string dick that looks like a thick pencil when it starts getting hard, and he’s uncut. The skin is always pulled back so his pisshole isn’t covered. (OK, SO I’VE BEEN GIVING HIM THE ONCE OVER SINCE READING YOUR STORY). I’ve never thought of him having a great bod but when I look at him now, and I think of the story, I think it could be you at that age. He’s skinny, but his muscles are pretty well defined. He’s got a flat sixpack stomach. No pecs really. He’s got good lats, though – like steel guitar strings down his sides. Skinny legs and arms, but again they’ve got well-defined muscles. Am I making any fucking sense here? His skin is pretty pale but it’s like silk. He hasn’t got a mark on it. He’s always wearing a tracksuit, though. BUT – I’ve now noticed that he’s got a majorly cute ass, and in Speedos he looks pretty damn awesome. He’s got a wicked smile, and is not bad looking – ordinary, but not bad at all.

SO – now I put red hair on his head, and give him red pubes and WHAMMO.

I’ve never really spoken to him – not like a chat. We say hi and cheers, but that’s it. BET HE’S GOT AN OZ ACCENT – hehehe. Nope. He’s actually got a bit of a pom [English] accent but he’s Safrican.

So now I can picture a little Gary with Speedos on.

Hey, I must tellya that I like reading about the ladies over there [in Oz]. They sound pretty damn fine. You’re surrounded by broads – hehehe. Nice ones, too.

Anyway, my neighbor came around and asked if he could ‘hang out’ with me – hehehe. He’s a great little guy and funny as hell. It actually made the chores go quite quickly having him around to help. He got the dog crap to pick up. So he goes back into his house and comes out wearing his diving mask and snorkel. I cracked laughing at him. OK, so I enjoyed staring at him a bit. He’s one of those real sporty kids as well, so he’s got a nice bod for a grommet [young surfer]. He’s nagging me to teach him how to surf, so I told him I would sometime during the [school] hols.

Hiya Gary,

Well, it’s Friday, and it’s break-up day for the hols, so everyone is pretty excited. Well, everyone who’s here so far, and that’s mainly the swimming guys. I’ve been waiting to get into the pool but they’ve got the water polo guys training at the moment.

I’m glad you liked the story [I sent you]. And I’ll try hard to remember the advice you’ve given me. Story writing is so damn hard, though.

It’s true what you say about skinny guys with good definition. A skinny guy with well-defined muscles in a skimpy Speedo is awesome. If this guy had a good chest and nice pecs then I woulda had him over to my place to explore more – hehehe.

I tellya, though, I fantasize a lot. And I mean a LOT. I think I’ve been through most of the guys on the swim team, and also the rugger team – specially the rugger guys my age, cos they are total hunks. The older rugger guys are a bit too much like Arnold.

You know the [Safrican] cricket team that’s in Kiwi land at the moment? Well, there’s a guy on the team – Herschel Gibbs – who is doing pretty well. Well, I remember when he was just starting provincial cricket and he was 18 years old. Fucking hell, HE WAS HOT. Now, he’s getting a bit weighty.

I love fantasizing about wrestling with dudes. I know when I wrestle with Steve I get so totally totally horny, and I used to with Paul as well. Wrestling in the water is the best. It’s one of the few times I can get off with Darren without him getting suspicious.

Spoke to my main man last night again but I hadta cut it short. My dad was getting a nappy [diaper] rash about the long phone calls. Steve wants to see me this weekend but he’s not sure when. Can’t wait!

Hey, you didn’t describe that English guy’s bod. You said he was handsome. So tell me – tell me – I wanna know! How old is he? Did he have a cute bulge? Could I get off licking his nipples? Hehehe. Don’t mind me. I’m just so damn horny cos I’m happy.

Before I left school that day, I was so excited about the prospect of seeing Steve on the weekend, I just had to send one more note to G. School’s broken up for the hols, and I’m just about to go home, but I hadta write before leaving.

I’ve got a few chores to do for my folks at home, and then I reckon I’m gonna lie on my bed and listen to music and milk my lizard – THE WHOLE ARVIE – hehehe.

I’m really hoping I’ll see Steve this weekend. Really, really hoping.

Hey, I hopeya have a really cool awesomely kewl totally rad kiff stylish amped weekend.

I’ve got swimming on Tuesday – Monday’s a holiday here – so I’ll writeya from school. Doesn’t mean you mustn’t write cos I’ll try and check the mail if my folks are out.

During the school hols, I kept G up to date with what was going on at swim prac: [Those emails are lost, except for what I copied and pasted to Word for the Mark & Wingnut stories. But it still amazes me that Cody would take the time during swim practice to duck into the comp lab to write me. MrB]

March 22. I’m sitting here in wet Speedos cos we’re busy with training. The juniors are in the pool so I thought I’d sendya a quickie to letya know that I’ll write later.

I’ve qualified for the 100 and 200 freestyle so far. It’s me and Ross in both. That Mark dude qualified for the 200. He’s better in the longer races. The three of us finished almost on top of each other. NO, NOT ON TOP LIKE THAT! JEEZ!

Oh, and I’m wearing the necklace all the time, so Steve is pretty stoked about that. Can’t wear it at school or at swim prac, though. Some of the guys have also gone skinhead for swimming. Screw that. I’ll just rather wear a swim cap.

March 23. Swimming went well this morning. I creamed the fly [butterfly] 100 and 200. Qualified for breastroke but woulda done better if it was pecstroke. L Hehehe – Hey, sorry, can’t help it. It’s your fault – making me look at other guys’ pecs, and their abs, and their lats, and their legs, and their biceps, and their furniture.

Anyway, now it’s down to hard squad training every day. We only need to be down [at the pool] at 9 in the morning but I’ll try to get here earlier to do some laps first. I like to do some slow laps just to get warmed up.

Some good/bad news. We’re going on a swim tour for a week and a bit during April [so I won’t be able to writeya]. I think we leave on the 12th or something, but I’ll letya know.

Mark? Well, he’s been pretty friendly. It’s a pity he did what he did. Ross has this business type attitude towards him – like he’ll speak to him about swimming but that’s it. Mark seems pretty friendly to me. I just have to concentrate, though, cos he’s got the sorta bod that your eyes keep going over, and I don’t want him to catch me ogling him.

March 24. Hey, swimming is going cool. It’s been hard, but I guess it’s nice just being around everyone and enjoying yourself. BIG TREAT! Darren was at the pool shouting the odds and calling me a piece of shark shit cos there’s nothing lower – hehehe. That started it off, and the guys have been dissing each other all morning. He challenged me and Ross and a coupla other guys to a race. I SHOUTED, “YEAH! LET’S GO!” But that’s just cos Darren is the most awesome fucking dude in a paira Speedos. And he’s got no hangups about guys gawking at him, either. And they do [gawk]. You know what’s totally cool? That the guys in the swim team actually talk about other guys’ bods, and if they look good or not. That is so damn rad. Ross rates a 10 amongst most of the guys. Darren’s off the scale. Me? Well, I’ll only tellya that Mark rated more than me in the bod stakes, and he was an 8. The guys were talking about us putting on a strip act for the girls, and daring [each other] as to how far we would go. Hehehehe. I think I need Daniel’s advice cos I know he didn’t give a fuck.

Oh! The strip act? It’s on. Ross told his girlfriend and she actually agreed. I asked him if she would get pissed off if he stripped naked, and she said she wanted to brag [boast] to her friends about his dick. Fucking hell! I asked him if he would do it, and he said, “Why not? I’ll even let them touch it if they want to.” And now he’s dared me to go for it as well. Shit! I would need to go [on stage] first cos I would get a massive boner if I saw him prancing his dick around. So now they’re trying to organize a place and a date. If our folks find out they’re gonna bust.

March 25. The guys here are all going on about this strip act. Mark asked if he could come along as well. Ross wasn’t gonna let him, but changed his mind. I’ve told Ross to cool his attitude with Mark cos he’s trying so hard to make up for what he did. He said it was supposed to be a joke, and didn’t think I would nail him for it. Anyway, that’s over. I wanna see him DANCE!

That Sunday, Steve and I went to a lifesaving comp at Fish Hoek beach. We had a totally awesome time checking out all the hunks, and fantasizing about what we would do with them if we had the chance. After the comp, Steve did something I’d read about in the Daniel Stories, but had never expected to ever happen to me. At least, not with Steve. But I had to wait ‘til the next day to tell G all about it, and blow his mind away. Hehehe. Besides, I owed him for all the times I’d had to put toilet paper down my briefs whenever I read his stories. :)

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