Cape Town, South Africa
Part 24

Hiya Gary,

OK, so I wanted to tellya about Sunday cos we went to watch the lifesaving comp at Fish Hoek beach. It was damn cool watching all those dudes. And all the teen guys were totally hunky and built, with some really good looking ones as well.

Steve and I were sitting there watching them do things like flag and ski, and there was this real hunky blonde dude with his hair in a buzz. We were checking him out and discussing what we could do with him. Well, Steve reckons he wanted to screw the dude, and I could have the head. So we would hold him down while Steve lifted his legs right up, and juiced his innards, while I got to slide my boner down his throat and watch it pulsing in his neck – hehehe. And this dude would be enjoying us giving his bod so much attention.

Then we tossed up to see who would blow him. OK, so Steve won that one. But he reckoned that I could blow him while he was doing this dude. Anyway, this guy became our hero for the day cos he was pretty damn good and pretty strong.

By the time we got home we were so damn horny but we didn’t do anything right away cos there was surf up and we went surfing for a few hours.

Picking Steve up [and throwing him into the pool] was no big deal. He can pick me up as well, and I’m heavier than he is. When we wrestle it becomes a whole damn thing cos we’re about as strong as each other. Sometimes when we get pinned down we get mad for a while, but it’s cool. Only prob is, Steve goes for the nuts when he’s mad so I’ve gotta watch it.

Yesterday we went canoeing in a K2 river racing canoe. It was pretty neat. We stopped at the bottom of this river in the wetland and got naked. That is always the best – being totally naked in the sun and just lying there, and lying on each other and roughing each other up – like Tarzan or the Blue Lagoon.


While we were down there, Steve gets his finger up my butt and pins me down with my arm behind me, and he’s like breaking it. Then I feel this hot wet tongue in my ass crack. I didn’t think he would ever do that. I’ve never been keen to do that to him. It felt so fucking awesome cos he was pushing it in deep. I’d hate to know what it tasted like, but he said it wasn’t too bad except at first. I don’t really wanna do it to him, though. It just seems fucking gross. But, damn, it felt awesome and I owe him one now. Maybe I’ll do it to him in the shower.

Anyway, he jacks me off while his tongue’s up my crack, and I musta shot a truckload cos I was so damn horny. We lay in the sun for ages.

I asked him if he’s read more Daniel stories and he says he hasn’t had a chance cos we’ve been together the whole time. [That reminds me. At first, Steve didn’t know that Kyle in the Daniel stories was actually Cody, but he figured it out eventually because of my descriptions of Kyle – hazel eyes, mop of spiky black hair, etc. Steve was pissed at not being told, and was upset about Cody not trusting him. He confronted Cody about it in his pool one day. I remember Cody telling me that he was totally embarrassed at having been busted. But the guys sorted it out. Steve might be able to shed a bit more light on that event for me. MrB]

His girlfriend is due back home in a few days and I asked him what he’s gonna do.

He says he doesn’t know cos he enjoys screwing her. I didn’t wanna say anything cos I was getting mad. The thought of him screwing her, and her touching him and blowing him…

I hate this feeling I get when he talks about her. Like I might lose him all over again. Well, I know I won’t but it just feels shitty.

Anyway, I’ve got swim prac. I’m not enjoying it cos I wanta spend the whole damn day with Steve. And then in a few weeks we’re going away for a week [on a swim tour].

Got a cool email from Jimothy. He thinks you rule. He reckons you could write an awesome story about camels in the desert picking up rocks and it would be great – hehehe. He’s right.

I signed off LYT cos I really appreciated having G there to talk to. He wrote back and explained a whole bunch of stuff about jealousy, and how it can be destructive to both parties. So I guess I had a lot to think about. Not being jealous wasn’t easy, though.

Hiya Gary,

Yep, I’m a wuss and I don’t take no shit from anybody – hehehe.

It’s a great day today, and it’s been great swimming. Steve has been here all morning [at the school pool]. He’s been sitting and chatting with Darren who’s been slave-driving us. I think Steve kinda likes him. Woohoo! Hehehe – but he won’t get Darren in a sleeping bag like I did [on a hike]. Shit, I get hard just thinking about that night.

Anyway, we’re gonna go surfing and I’ve promised to take the little dude [Wingnut] with us.

In the showers just now, Mark got a fucking great boner. Dammit to hell, I want that damn thing in my mouth. So I asked if he was happy to see me. Mindya, my boner was probably dripping with water by then. He just threw the soap at me and said, “Touche”. GOT HIM! He said he’s gonna go bury it in some cunt for the arvie.

I think this whole school is full of sex maniacs. Why is it that it’s only me who’s a saint? :) I never think of sex.

I’m off. Have a good night’s sleep, G.

Next day, I told G all about teaching Wingnut to surf. I don’t needta tellya that this week has been like a huge Christmas for me. I guess that after Paul left, I didn’t think it could ever be like this again. And I guess I’m madly in love with someone for the first time since Paul, and I think he loves me too. It’s a feeling like I can’t remember having. Like I just hate it when he’s not around. Even if it’s just chatting or sitting listening to music or something. And when he is there, I just wanna touch him and hold him.

Yesterday, we went to my house to get our sticks, and the little guy – hehehe – he was standing there in his boardshorts with his t around his waist cos it was as hot as anything. Then we hitched a ride to Long Beach. Steve was worried about us taking him to Long Beach for a first time out [in the surf] but he’s a natural. I’ve gotta tellya, he rode both my stick and Steve’s, and yeah – so he saw his ass and got nailed hundreds of times but, fucking hell, he’s not scared of anything.

One wave he took off on, he just went right over the falls – got nailed into the sand. Whammo! Comes up blubbering, then paddles out again. OK, he still paddles like a crab, and he battles through the break, but he’s a tough dude. Every time he got nailed, he had a smile on his face like it was his birthday. The surf was really good and we had a totally rad afternoon. Steve was practicing doing 360s and he kept falling on his ass. But he eventually got it, and I saw it, and we were all three of us totally stoked.

Late arvie we were about wrapping up, and decided to get the last set ride-in. It wasn’t a big wave, but big enough – I reckon about 4-5 feet. I was in the right spot, and Steve saw me take off [so it shoulda been my wave]. The lip was already peeling off where he was and [he] musta thought, “To hell with it”. I thought he was gonna go over the falls, but he dropped down clean about half way in fronta me. Now, if that hada been some other dude I woulda shot my board into his ass. I shouted to Steve to fuck off, and he shouted back, “Follow me, wussy boy!”

We were shouting so loud to be heard [above the roar of the wave] that I reckon everyone in the surf musta heard us. So I followed him. We took a straight, clean line cos the wave had already progressed so damn far, and I hadta move up quick to get as close to him as possible – or get nailed by the wave breaking up cos of his ride.

I reckon we both watched as the peak folded over us, and the wave closed in behind us, and the roar became a distant rumble. And there we were. Both in the green room. And there was a rushhhhhhhhhh of our boards slicing the wave. We screamed, we were so fucking stoked.

Steve looked over his shoulder to see if I’d made it into the green room, and he fucking beamed. The whole tube had this dark green glow to it cos the sun was going down already, and it was like the world had gone silent ‘cept for the sound of our boards and a distant rumble.

Steve went into a crouch, and pushed, and shot through the other side of the wave as the vacuum spat him out. I was right there but the wave closed and I ended up in the washing machine. I knew it would happen, though. There was no fucking way both of us would get outta there. I’ve never ever seen two guys in a tube before. Other guys in the surf who saw it all happen were screaming! And the little grommet was screaming like he was at a pop concert. And all that musta taken less than half a minute.

That was our last wave. We decided that we would sleep with that wave in our heads.

Then we hiked back, and it was dark already. It took ages for us to get a ride cos motorists don’t like stopping for hitchhikers over here. And with three of us and two boards it made it a bit worse. I reckon we’re gonna see a lot more of the little runt. I think he’s gonna be a killer in a few years time, though.

We ended the night by listening to music. Steve was laying on top of me with his boner on my stomach. I think he likes to feel the head of my boner at his rosebud.

The only shit part is that at sometime during the night, he has to move into his sleeping bag on the floor before my folks come into the room. He’s allowed to lock his room at his house. My folks don’t like that.

We should hear a bit later about when the strip show is gonna be on. The guys have gotta strip to their briefs or their Speedos. The girls are gonna make the eats, and be the judges as well.


Anyway, just imagine in slow motion a wave peeling. The sun is setting, and in the dark part of the wave two shadows disappear under the breaking peak – then – silence. “Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again”, from Simon and Garfunkel, I think. My dad has the music.

Just lastly, thanks to an invisible friend. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have been able to have this week. Thanks, Daniel. You too, B.


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