Cape Town, South Africa
Part 25

Hiya Gary,

We’ve just finished swimming for the day.


I’m hanging around for a while. I’ve organized a paira Speedos from Ross that Steve can borrow. He’s gonna swim a few laps with me. Actually, the only reason is that I wanta see him in Speedos. Also, he’s probably gonna use these Speedos for the strip [show] cos he can’t strip down to boxers.

The strip show. Well, I’m sure you’re not interested :) but it’s being organized for Saturday night. All of us are gonna stay over at this girl’s place. Her folks have this small farm near Kommetjie (where Long Beach is) and they’re gonna be away. So it’s gonna be a rave party. We’re gonna be using a barn-type building, and she’s setting up music and everything. They’re gonna have dancing as well.

The girls have also organized prizes for the guys, but they’re not saying what. So, it’s gonna be a total rave scene. Steve was saying he’s not too keen to do it if his girlfriend is back. She gets back on Saturday. :( FUCK!! She knew about the plans, though, and was keen for him to do it, but he’s not so sure now. I don’t know if I wanna go if he pulls out.

Gonna go surfing again this arvie, probably at the local beach cos there’s a nice small wave there, and we’ve got a grommet who’s going with us. He raved last night, all the damn way home – about standing up on the board.

Steve likes him a stack. Guess I’m gonna have to keep my eye on him. Anyway, I’ve already told Steve that if he touches him, we’re both gonna end up so deep in shit, we’re not gonna be able to breathe. Don’t worry. I won’t let anybody touch him – he’s like a little bro to me.

Paul is sounding pretty unhappy in his mail. He says that Mark [his younger bro] is totally into drugs now, taking ecstacy every damn day and going to techno raves. He says that Mark is as white as a sheet and skinny as anything. Not like the Mark I used to know. Paul’s girlfriend is also giving him a lotta crap so he’s gonna ditch her. She’s trying to rule his life, he says. He says he now puts on a condom without her even asking. He doesn’t wanta make the “bitch” pregnant.

After reading about your [home-made] pizza, I said to Steve that maybe tonight we can get a pizza to go, and go home and put on extra cheese toppings a la Daniel. He’s ready for it. And maybe some grapefruit for dessert. :) What can I say? I’m hungry.

I’ve gotta go. I wanta see Steve in those Speedos.

Oh, I wanted to tellya, I got this pic on the net of a dude named Adam Rickett or something. Now THAT guy has got Steve’s bod. Steve just looks a helluva lot younger.

I wrote G again a little later just to say that we were finished at the pool, and leaving for the weekend. Steve is outside talking with Ross and Mark. Hehehe – Mark and Ross are now big buddies. Amazing, huh?

The guys were all parading around the pool this morning, talking about how they’re gonna get the girls’ panties wet, and get free blowjobs on Saturday. It was quite a hoot watching the guys act like bodybuilders, and pulling their Speedos down. Yeah, right! I wanna see all of them do that with a bunch of screaming birds [girls] around. Maybe I should invite Wingnut. He can get his first blowjob. HEHEHE – I’M NOT CRAZY, GARY. ONLY JOKING!

Next day, Steve and I had been surfing, and decided to go back to my place for lunch. The little Wingnut from next door came around and joined us. My mom wasn’t home, and Steve wanted to swim naked so he was a little pissed with Wingnut. I told him to just go for it. “It’s not like the grommet is a girl or anything.” Well, no prob with Wingnut. He strips and dives in with Steve. Not fucking shy. So the three of us cooled off in the pool for a while. Well, Steve couldn’t do what he wanted [with me], but he just enjoyed being naked.

Then the three of us went to the beach. Steve took the grommet out on my stick, and showed him the right way to get up, and the right way to paddle. The little dude picked it all up so fast, he was surfing wave after wave after that. OK, he wasn’t styling or anything, but Steve was so fucking chuffed that the little guy got it all right so damn quickly.

I just kept seeing this naked little dude on my stick. OK, so I fucking perved at him in the pool. I didn’t know that a kid that little could have a body so good. His dick is almost always pointing straight forward, but he’s got no pubes. Not one little smudge. AND HE’S CUT! :) (SHUDDUP) But he wasn’t fazed about it at all. Anyway, back to the surf. Sorry for getting sidetracked, OK?

I managed to borrow a stick from a friend for Wingnut to use, and the three of us tripped out for hours in the sun and surf. I think the grommet is hooked – he’s gonna be a full-on surfer dude. Now, if I can let him do my chores [in return] for borrowing my stick. Hmmmmm. Tick, tick, tick – burn – smoulder. Now, there’s an idea!

Nah. Wouldn’t take advantage of him like that. Not much, anyway. :)

The grommet wanted to come over later, but I made an excuse. I felt a bit guilty cos I could hear [in his voice] that he was disappointed but, damn, both Steve and I were naked and I was dying to get Steve’s furniture into my mouth. There wasn’t any grapefruit. :(

Wingnut was becoming like a permanent fixture. He’s such a rad little guy, and he is totally cool about being naked with us – like there’s nothing wrong with it. But, judging by the way he talks, I think he runs around buck naked at home even when his folks are around. So now Steve and I are like his big bros. He makes us laugh like hell, too. Not cos he acts stupid, far from it, he’s pretty mature. He comes up with the funniest sayings: He told us that he was having a fight with a friend of his, and his friend said, “Your dad is a wuss!” So Wingnut said, “Yeah, that’s just cos your mom is more butch than my dad!” Hehehehe.

It was also cool to have the grommet around cos not everything was going well with Steve. His girlfriend was back in town, and I saw her at the beach. That pissed me off big time, so I came home.

My folks were out. That was a plus. Then Wingnut came around as soon as he spotted me. “Hey, Cody, can I swim in the pool?” Hehehe – he just sorta lit up the day for me. So I said yeah, and then he strips and dives in. I shouted, “Hey! What about some Speedos or something?” He blushed, and I was sorry I’d said anything.

“I thought your folks were out, so it was gonna be OK.”

“OK, buddy. It’s cool.”

He fucking beamed when I said that. :) Then I joined him in the water, but kept my Speedos on. Without Steve around it didn’t seem right to be swimming naked with him.

So then he tackles me in the water and we wrestled. He’s a strong little fuck with muscles everywhere. And, yes, I was getting fucking horny having this naked grommet all over me.

We played around for a while, and then I told him that I was going out, and that he would have to go home. He was pretty damn cool about it, though.

Anyway, there were a stacka people there [at the strip show]. There were about fifteen guys from the swim team and also some more guys that I didn’t know. The place was crawling with girls and there was [enough] fucking beer to start a brewery. And some other hard-tack stuff as well. Already, a lotta the people were out of it.

Ross came to me right away and asked if I wanted something to drink – the girls had pooled money to buy all the booze. So I had a beer and started to look around for Steve. I saw him and his girlfriend with another group of girls. He saw me and came over, and asked if I wanted a drag of his joint. I got fucking mad cos I could see that he was already out of his tree. So I said no, and went and stood with Ross and some friends. Ross’ girlfriend was a total bomb.

Mark was there with his girlfriend as well [which was probably Steph. Mark and Steph were an item before he hitched up with Carol. Steph was later to become Cody’s girl. MrB] He asked me if I brought my girlfriend along, but I just told him that we’d broken up. Anyway, we buggered around for about an hour. I musta had about three or four beers by then, and I was feeling just about ready for anything.

The music was blaring. The barn was pretty damn neat cos it’s like miles away from anywhere, and far enough from the main house so they wouldn’t hear anything even if her folks had been home.

Then the girl who was organizing the whole thing went to a microphone and told everyone to sit down. She went on and fucking on about how the thing was gonna be scored, and how lucky they all were to have all these hunky guys around. I felt like telling her to shut the fuck up, and let’s get on with it!

Then she asked who wanted to go first, and I heard fuckwit Steve shout, “Cody!” I just shook my head. There was no way I was gonna go first.

Now, here’s one for the books. Remember Kevin? He was the shy guy on the hike a coupla years ago. He volunteers to go first, and I just thought, “Well, get the fuck outta here! Kevin?” Of all the guys to volunteer [to go first], it had to be him.

Anyway, so they start this techno rave music, and Kevin gets up on this raised section of the barn which was used for the stage, and starts to dance. And already the girls are shouting, “Get it off! Get it off!” Actually, I thought he was fucking fantastic. He slowly lifted his t up above his head, and the girls were screaming and carrying on. Then he took off his shoes, and then started unbuttoning his jeans. It was hot as hell, and he was sweating. I started getting a boner, so I went for another beer. Well, I sorta swayed my way over to where the beer was. Don’t ever tell anyone you can’t get a boner when you’re smashed.

I watched from the back [of the barn] as Kevin threw his jeans off and danced there in his Speedos. Then he moved in amongst the girls and they were fucking touching everything – including his dick which was fighting for air in his Speedos.

The show went through about half the guys, and then had a break for some more drinks and eats and stuff. After the break it was my turn. I looked at Steve sitting with his girlfriend. I’m not sure how I did cos I was so smashed by then.

I got down to my Speedos, and then danced over to where Steve and his girlfriend were sitting. And I got the bitch. Her hand went up and stroked my dick while Steve was watching. So I asked her if she wanted some of it, and she fucking smiled at me. Anyway, that was my turn.

Steve went on [stage] after me, but he was so damn goofed from the joints he’d been smoking, that he almost forgot he had to leave something on. He had a paira Speedos that I’d lent him. He still looked fucking fantastic, though. He definitely had the best damn bod in the whole damn place, and being tanned and sweaty, with his blonde hair, he looked like a god.

The best was saved ‘til last. It was Ross. Who else? He had bought himself a shiny silver Speedo just for the show, and he was fucking fantastic. His whole bod was shiny from the sweat. He danced among the girls and ended up in front of his girlfriend. She looked around at everyone, and then pulled the front of his Speedos down. His boner was at full attention, and she kissed it right on the head before pulling his Speedos back up.

Everyone, even the guys, was going crazy. I felt like I was on another planet. I was piss drunk and didn’t know what was going on around me. Mindya, almost everyone was outta their tree. A lotta the guys were snorting and smoking at the same time. The whole damn barn was fulla smoke from the joints and cigarettes.

The main cheese [girl] then stood up and started to announce the winners. Well, Ross won hands down. Shit! I woulda voted for him. Steve was voted the next best. His girlfriend stood up and made an ass of herself. Mark was voted 4th. All the guys hadta do a little dance when their names were announced. [No, Cody never told me where he came in the judging. Your guess is as good as mine. MrB]

I started to look for a place to crash, so I went to the back of the barn and came across Steve fucking his girlfriend. One of the girls who was on her own asked if I wanted to share a place with her, and I just thought, “What the fuck?” I just wanted to pass out and sleep, and I was feeling sick.

This girl started to feel me up, and had her hands in my jeans. She was eventually blowing my lights out. I think I musta passed out cold about the time I shot my load. She wasn’t gonna swallow, so my juice went all over me.

Next morning, everyone looked like Dr. Death had been at them. When I woke up, a lotta them had gone [home] already, including the girl who blew me. Steve and his girlfriend were gone.

Ross asked if I wanted a ride home. I said yeah, but that I had to clean up first. There was a small shower [with no enclosure] outside the barn. I got naked and showered. Everyone was staring at me, but I just couldn’t give a fuck. All I could think about was Steve and his girlfriend. I got dressed and then Ross and I went home with a friend of his in his little Beetle.

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