Cape Town, South Africa
Part 28

Despite letting the team down on the swim tour, Ross wanted me back on the team for the winter champs. I’ve got swim training this afternoon at the health club – nice indoor heated pool. Anyway, I can gawk at the guys working out in the gym, too. Hehehe.

The best part of swim training at the gym is that if there’s enough time afterwards, a few of us go into the sauna, where the guys just sit there on their towels all naked – all sweaty, with rivers of sweat running down and into their pubes. There’s another group of guys that train in the morning as well, and we’re always ragging each other.

Wingnut came surfing with Steve and me, and we had a rave. I borrowed a stick for him, and he’s really ripping now. Small surf but good shape and speed. The surf line was packed, though, so it was a real fight to be in the right place [at the right time]. I musta counted about six times that Wingnut dropped in on guys, and almost got his head knocked off. He can handle himself, though. If the guys give him shit he just glares at them – his fuck-off-and-die glare. Hehehe.

On the way home, Steve and I talked about getting a vid to watch. Wingnut was listening.

“Get Halloween H20.”

“Have you seen it, Wingnut?”

“Nope, but I want to.”

“So why haven’t you hired it already?”

“My folks won’t let me watch horror movies.”

“So why must we hire it?” Steve asked.

“Cody could ask my folks if I can sleep over as well, and then I could watch it.”

Steve and I glanced at each other. This was gonna screw up our plans a bit. :(

“Hey, guys,” the little grommet mumbled, “it’s cool. I can always see it some other time.”

I looked at him with his hair still wet and his boardshorts covering almost nothing and showing everything. He was looking down at the ground.

“Would it be OK?” Steve asked me. “I don’t mind, Code, if it’s OK with you.”

“Hey, I don’t mind. There’s always tomorrow night as well for us to be alone.”

“OK,” I said to the grommet. “I’ll ask my folks first before asking yours.”

He was like a fucking beacon. He just lit up!

My mom said it was OK if Wingnut’s folks said it was OK, but I hadta tell them we were getting vids, and what [type] we were getting. I didn’t know if Halloween H20 was gonna be in [stock] so I told his mom that I wasn’t sure. “It depends on what’s in.” She agreed to allow Wingnut sleep over.

My folks were going out to [visit] friends, so that left us home alone. The movie was damn good. Shat ourselves a few times. I don’t think Wingnut saw half of it cos he was covering his damn face the whole damn time. After that, we watched Armageddon with Bruce Willis. Long, long movie, but it was cool. Wingnut fell asleep during that one, but woke up when it finished.

“You gonna shower?” I asked him.

“Nope. I’m clean.”

Steve said that he was gonna take a shower.

I put out a spare mattress for Wingnut. My room was like wall-to-wall mattresses. He took his PJs out of the bag he’d brought over – bright colorful things.

“You guys sleep naked, right?”

“Hey, PJs are cool. I think your mom would prefer you wear at least your shorts."

“You guys gonna wear anything?”

Steve had walked back into my room and said, “No way! That’s for wussies!”

“Well, I’m no wussy.”

Then the little guy shoved his PJs back in his bag, and stripped down.

Oh, jeez! That kid is gonna be a lady-killer cos he’s already got a hot little bod, and he definitely ran to the front of the queue at the furniture sale.

Anyway, it was weird cos both Steve and I had never paid it much attention. I guess cos he was [always] just so natural about being naked.

Wingnut sat on his mattress while we climbed into ours.

“Want me to turn the light off?”

“I’m waiting,” he said, looking at me.


“I thought you guys jacked off every night.”

I felt like kicking Steve who burst out laughing into his pillow.

“Yeah, but not in front of a roomful of people.”

“We’re not a roomful. I thought we were all friends.”

“Hey, Cody, he’s right you know,” Steve said between his guffaws. I felt like cracking him in the teeth.


“So what?”

“You gonna do it?”

“Maybe when I hear you snoring,” I said. “What’s so special about seeing it?”

“Well, when I jack off at home almost nothing comes out. Rudy at school was saying that when his brother jacks he gets this huge stream of thick white stuff. I want to see it. I don’t have a brother.”

“Come on, Cody, show us!” Steve was in hysterics by now.

“I’m not a fucking kid,” Wingnut glared at Steve. “I’m being serious here, and you’re making a whole joke out of it.”

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, asking Wingnut to follow me.

“Hey,” I said to him in private, “remember the talk we had a while back about what you do depends on the situation and who’s around?”


“This is not the right time. If it was just you and me I would maybe showya but we’re not alone. OK? If you wanta jack off under the covers that’s cool cos Steve and I might do it later. But it’ll be like our own thing. Doya understand?”

“Yeah, it’s cool. I just thought that we were all like brothers and all.”

“Hey, it’ll happen – just not tonight. It’s your first night over here.”


Steve wanted to know what I’d said to Wingnut, so I told him.

Both Steve and I musta been awake when Wingnut started. We could hear him groaning when he shot his load, and we could see him go across to the bathroom. I thought that Steve might start giggling but he didn’t. I was glad for that.

It musta been about an hour later when I felt a warm hand on my stomach.

“You still awake?”


“You too, huh?” he commented as his hand moved down to my soaking boner.


“My sheets are totalled.”

I desperately wanted him to get into bed with me but if Wingnut woke up and saw it, it would be a prob. Steve was pretty good about it, though. He sat for a while with his hand on my boner, and I stroked him. Then we went to bed.

I woke up with a butt on my chest. Wingnut was trying to pin me down. “Time to get up and hit the surf!” He didn’t seem to care that he had a piss boner. It was almost in my face as I tried to ignore it.

“Huh? Fuck, it’s still dark.”

“It’ll be light in half an hour.”

It was 6:15am.

It was awesome watching Wingnut’s face as the sun peeked over the mountain. He was shivering like anything cos of the cold, but I think he musta been warm inside. We had a rad session. We were in the water for about two hours – well, Wingnut stayed longer once we [Steve and I] were out cos he wanted to use my stick.

Then we went home. Steve had things to do, and Wingnut had to go out with his folks.

I sat for ages thinking about the night before, and wondered if I should worry about it. But I decided that it was OK – as long as Wingnut didn’t seem to be conscious about his dick it was cool. I would worry if he tried to touch me or Steve.

Sunday, I had a whole lotta chores to do and I also had some gardening to do for a coupla neighbors. Actually made myself almost 100 bucks, which was cool.

Next day, I connected with the guy who had the surfboard for sale at school.

Hiya G,

It’s a total rad stick, and I’ve got it. And I’ve given him most of the money. I’m about ten bucks short, but with the 100 Steve’s giving me it’s paid for, plus a leash which I can get for about 70 – a good one – a Grizzly. Even have some money for some sex wax – hehehe. It’s really called Sex Wax by Dr. Grogg.

I’m glad you liked that pic. I came across him/her when I was going through the anime/manga sites, and another one called Fallen Angel, who said he will also draw a pic for me when he gets time.

And the dialogue idea [in my last email]? I got that from you – the way you write.

I downloaded the Fossil stories last night, and will read them tonight.

I must tellya, I was kinda worried about Wingnut on Friday night, but the way he was just sorta hanging naked without even thinking about it was cool. He’s got no hangups about it, and he even started to compare me and Steve. I told him to stop it cos he was telling Steve to tie the end [of his dick] to the doorhandle and shut the door to get it bigger – hehehe.

He can swim. I found out he swims for the junior school swim team, which means … he’ll be on our team when he comes to high school.

Hey, I don’t need a sixpack but you know how guys are. And it pisses me off that I don’t get it no matter how much I do situps. Hey, it’s there when I sit down and lean back – way fucking cool. But when I stand, there’s nothing. Shit!

Anyway, Steve’s given me an idea for a pics page [on my site]. :) Maybe I can get him to help me with the pics.

Yesterday I got home and phoned Steve, and told him to get his ass around [here] to go surfing. Then I went around to Wingnut’s place to find out if it was OK for him to go. Then I told his mom about the stick. At first, she freaked cos of how much it cost. I never told her – she just guessed that it cost a lot. Anyway, I had to tell her [about the stick]. My dad was another story. Tellya about that later.

Anyway, Steve arrived and we got hold of Wingnut. I shoved the stick at him and said, “Here, you have to carry that.”

“OK, cool. So who didya borrow that from?”

“Guy at school.”

“It’s a neato board – and the design is kiff.” (The design is a wave breaking into a perfect tube done in airbrush – and there is a skeleton surfer coming through it).

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

The board fitted perfectly under his arm. We ran down to the beach. We were always running down cos it saves us having to warm up down there.

“Hey, this dude’s got a brand new leash on his board.”


Steve kept on hitting me in the ribs [trying to get me] to tell Wingnut [that the board was for him]. We watched him hit the water and paddle out. I guess I couldn’t have got a better board for size. I watched his ass muscles tighten and his back arch as he paddled. So fucking what? I think he’s damn hot! I won’t touch him, though. It’s just that for his age he has got muscles that most dudes wish for when they’re much older.

We watched him take his first wave, and he thrashed. He came back to us on the back line.

“This is an awesome board. Are you gonna be able to borrow it again?”

“Don’t needta.”


“Hey, Wingnut, it’s for you. Steve and I put some bucks together and bought it forya.”

“You’re joking, right?”

Steve laughed – I wish you coulda seen Wingnut’s face, G.

“Nope, we reckon that you’re good enough for your own board now. Besides, how are you gonna come surfing with us all the time if we’re always gonna have to borrow a stick, and then maybe not get one? The leash is new but the stick is used.”

“I don’t believe it! What have I done for you guys to do this for me?”

“Keep us laughing.”

His surfing changed from that moment. He was more aggressive, and I know that he is gonna be a great surfer when he’s older. He was careful about dropping in on guys, though. Guess he didn’t wanta get his stick damaged.

He came around later when I was doing my homework [in my room].

“Hey, Code, can I come in?”

“Yeah, you know you can come in anytime.”

“I need to say something.”


“That board is the best thing that anyone has ever given me. My parents could never afford to get that for me. I know it sounds lamo, but I think that you and Steve are pretty damn great to do that for someone.”

“Not just someone. I reckon you’re part of us now. You’ve been surfing with us for a while and you needed a stick. Anyway, we both like having you around.”

“I thought I was being a pain a lotta the time.”

“No way.”

“Hey, I don’t want you getting ideas but I need to do something.”


Then he gave me a huge hug.

“Thanks, Cody.”

My dad went off when he found out about it. He wanted to know exactly how I got all that money. I hadta convince him that I had worked [for] and saved it to buy a wettie, but that Wingnut needed the stick more than I needed a wettie. At the end of what started out shitty, he said to me, “I wish I was still a teenager, and I wish I had a friend like you.”

“Yeah, dad – right!”

It was a good day.

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