Cape Town, South Africa
Part 32

Anyway, after I finished my chores, I started studying – NAKED! Hehehe – I HATE clothes and I love being nude when I can. At Paul’s house we used to walk around nude even when his folks were home.

Knock on the door – Wingnut.

“Hey, Cody.”

“Hey, bro.”

“Can I come in?”

“For a while – I’m studying.”

“I wantya to read a comic and then I’ve got something forya. You going to shower?”

“Nope. I’ve got the towel [wrapped] around me cos I’ve been laying naked and I thought you might be a rapist so I covered up.”

He laughed.

“So where’s the comic?”

“Here.” So he drops his jeans and he’s wearing these bright – and I mean bright – Garfield boxers. “My mom bought these for me – they’re boxers like Steve wears. It’s a whole comic. Read it.”

I felt my boner growing cos his furniture looked pretty impressive under the silky boxers. Anyway, I read the comics on his boxers and we both laughed about them.

“Here.” He gives me a package, and inside were exactly the same boxers.

“What’s that for?”

“I asked my mom to buy them for ya cos you gave me that stick, and I think you’d look neat wearing boxers.”

So I put them on.

“You got a woody?”

“Yeah, I’ve always got a fucking boner.”

“Way cool. Me too. Hey, those [boxers] look neat on you.”

Actually, they did look pretty cool. So I’m wearing them to school today. I’ve never been a great boxer fan, but Steve’s always been telling me how comfortable they are, and he’s right. They’re pretty damn comfortable and the satin cloth feels horny. :)

Anyway, he left a little bit after that. I gave him a hug for the boxers. I promised him I’d meet him after school to go surfing, and bring Steve with me.

I’m going home now. If nobody’s home I’m gonna try and do some work on the [Cody’s World] site pages. The real big hassle is that they’re all on diskettes but at least they’re all together.

I’ll tell Steve what you said about the graphic. I think it’s damn awesome. When I showed him the thingy I did with the buttons, he got the idea for doing this thing, but besides the fancy buttons, that pic he did of me is outasight. He gave me his original before he made it smaller. I’ll try and send it to ya. Hehehe – I love the Ray Bans.

Weather’s good – good enough to go home and study naked – ‘cept I’ll probably make my schoolbook pages stick together. What I need are some sheepskin gloves to jack off with. :)

[The next 10 days mail is missing except for these cut & pastes I used for the Wingnut story notes. MrB]

Hey! How the fuck do you concentrate on anything? I’ve just read Boys of Bahrain and Daniel 77. The new boxers are now as skiddy as anything cos you can’t keep toilet paper in the damn things. If I’m gonna wear boxers, I’m gonna need to bring a condom to school to read your stories.

Friday night, Steve stayed over. Wingnut wanted to but his folks wouldn’t let him cos he had to get up early to play rugger on Saturday morning – his first match – AND THEY WON! So he was pretty chuffed on Saturday. Now I know why he’s so strong for a little guy – it’s the damn rugger.

Saturday night [after clubbing again] I just went home and passed out on my bed and slept.

Bounce, bounce, bounce.


“Hey, Cody! Going surfing?”

It was Wingnut. My mom had told him to come in [to my room] and wake me up cos I was a drunkard. :)

I had a helluva boner and I could see that he couldn’t take his damn eyes off of it, which just made it even harder. I could easily have jacked off right there with him watching. Anyway, I told him to go make coffee for me while I had a shower.

I felt better after the shower, and then phoned Steve. He sounded like he was still suffering.

“Not gonna make it, Cody. Maybe I’ll see you down there [at the beach] later.”

So Wingnut and I went down for a surf, and I felt a thousand times better for that. The weather was icy and raining and he was still surfing in just his boardshorts. He was blue when we came outta the water but excited cos the surf was pretty neat and he’d had a rave.

And that’s about it. I hadta study the rest of Sunday. My mom was bitching about me being out the whole of Saturday and Sunday morning. This made my dad mad so he told me I wasn’t going anywhere when I got back from surfing, and no visitors. So when Steve came around I hadta tell him that he couldn’t stay. He was cool about it, though. Said he had stuff to do at home anyway.

Yesterday I was studying. I was dressed cos it was cold. My dad arrived home early and comes into my room and gives me a hug, and then asks how the studying’s going.

“Surf’s up.”

“It’s always up when I can’t go, dad – you know that.”

“I’m going.”


“What’s that?”

“I don’t suppose…?”

“Well, we haven’t got all damn day. Do you want to come along?”

I phoned Steve and asked him if he could come down, and my dad hadta speak to his mom, and then Wingnut as well.

We all strolled down to the beach, and my dad was right. It was 2 to 3 feet and perfect. Both Steve and Wingnut went on about how cool it was to have a dad that surfed, and I felt pretty damn good.

Actually, for an old dude [late 30s-ish] he’s pretty stylish on his board. Doesn’t do airs or floaters or stuff like that. You can see he still surfs old style but he handles it better than some of us out there and he enjoys it. He and Wingnut hit it off in the water. I think Wingnut was just talking the hind leg off, though, and I hoped that he didn’t start pissing my dad off cos I know when my dad surfs he wants to get the cobwebs out, and just think about things.

We had a totally rad time.

So we got home late – it was almost dark and my mom was doing supper.

“Oh! So when the cat’s away…”

“Hang on a tick, love,” my dad said. “I’ll bring you some milk in a sec.”


I checked email in the evening but Eudora was still down, and then I just studied and went to sleep.

I asked my dad what he thought about Wingnut surfing without a wettie, and he said that I used to do that in the middle of winter when I was a little Cody. I can’t even remember. To me, every damn day was summer when I started surfing. I guess that’s what Wingnut is like now.

Supper was cool – bangers [sausages] with mash and vegies. [Don’t forget the gravy, Code! Mmmm!]

Steve phoned my dad to say thanks. That was totally cool cos it knocked my dad out.

My dad? He had a totally rad day. I haven’t seen him surfing in a while, and it was so fucking neat being out in the water with him.

This is gonna sound so fucking lamo [G], but it just needs to be said, and I hope it doesn’t bother you.

If you hadn’t been like you are – and got married – and had kids – you woulda been a fucking way cool dad.

I saw him [Wingnut] yesterday – over the wall [between our houses]. He was cleaning up the front yard for his mom.

“Hey, Cody! When are we going surfing again?”

“Well, it won’t be during the week cos I’ve gotta study for the exams. What about you and your friends?”

“Nope. My mom says that I’ve gotta settle and do some schoolwork and chores. She says I’m getting too carried away with the surfing thing, and then she goes on about winter and me catching my death in the water, and she doesn’t want me getting sick and missing school.”

“She may be right.”

“Right? Shit! You’ve seen me! I can handle the cold water. I could probably go through the whole damn winter in my boardies.”

“Yeah, but I’ve seen how you shiver when you get outta the water. You could end up with hypothermia.”


“Hey, your mom’s just looking out for you. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll letya come with Steve and me on Saturday.”

“Can I sleep over on Friday night?”

“Hmmm… it’s possible. Let’s check closer to the time. OK?”

“Kiff! It’s on then!” he beamed.

We chatted for a while about fixing dings. He got a ding in his board which needs looking at before it starts to take water. So I told him I’d fix it – he must bring it around this arvie.

Steve phoned. A crazy convo. He’d obviously had a joint or something cos he couldn’t stop giggling about shit. But it’s cool to hear him.

Well, Wingnut looks a helluva lot like me when I was little. On that surfer page there’s one pic that I’ve labeled Wingnut. Well, I thought that looked like the little grommet when I saw it. He and I could probably be brothers ‘cept – and I’m being honest here – he’s gonna be pretty good looking – something I’ve never thought of myself. And the little fuck is already getting a sixpack from his surfing and rugger. Makes me wanna puke.

Something I’ve wondered – I’ve never seen any decent pics of black teens on the net. We’ve got a few black guys at the school and I must tellya they make me horny as anything. They all seem to have awesome bods and HUGE dicks like they musta had bricks tied to them when they were little. There’s this one dude who is so black that he’s almost blue, but he is so damn awesome. He’s a senior this year [1999]. He’s got great pecs and a narrow waist and a flat muscular stomach. The muscles on his legs are helluva well-defined but that’s cos he’s a runner, I guess. He’s got this long thick cut dick which is also black all the damn way ‘cept for his pisshole. He’s got a cut hard butt as well – so – I’ve been staring. His teeth would blindya at night they are so white, and the best thing – he is a super dude – way damn funny and friendly. Seen him wrestle in senior gym. He’s never been beat yet. Only prob, I reckon if he gets a boner he’s gonna suffer from loss of blood cos it’ll all go to his dick.

Black dude [as a friend]? I never mentioned it cos what happens here is that white kids and the black kids form clicks and they don’t really mix unless we’re playing sport together. I don’t think he’s Safrican, though. I think he’s from Nigeria. Never really spoke to him cos he’s a senior but I’ve ogled him enough. He’s like muscle covered in black silk. He’s helluva good looking as well. Guess he’s a lot like a black Steve ‘cept older.

Steve was around yesterday arvie for a little while. He brought around the latest surfer mag. Those damn things cost 37 bucks [rand = approx 1/8th USD] each now. It was quite neat cos we just sat around chatting and listening to music, and gawking at the awesome pics in the mag. I spent most of the time [later] studying. Managed to catch Wingnut getting home from rugger practice – hehehe – it looked like he’d been dragged through a mud swamp. One sock down, the other halfway up – his rugger jersey hanging out and right over his white – well, they were white at some time – shorts. He even had mud running down his chest. He was covered [in mud] and his hair was draped over his head all plastered with mud.

“Don’t you fucking shower at school?”

“Didn’t have time. I wanted to get home and watch cricket.”

“It’s pretty boring.”

“Surf’s up – come for a wave.”

“Can’t – got studying. Why don’t you phone one of your mates to go with you?”

“Don’t think my mom will let me go anyway cos I’ve got homework.”

“Yep – I know what it’s like.”

“So what’s happening Friday? Can I come over?”

“I’ll letya know.”

“Cool. Hey, Cody?”


“Things OK?”


“You seem off.”

“Nope – just hanging for a wave – like you, I guess. Nope, things are pretty cool.”

“OK,” he smiled. “Checkya.”

“Seeya, buddy – and, oh! You look pretty tough in those [rugger] togs.”

(Huge smile).

Last night I battled through my homework. I guess my mind was just wandering. I can’t even guess why, though, cos things all seem to be OK. Actually, I had this damn [mental] picture of Wingnut in his togs, and how neat he looked [all covered in mud].

I’m off now. Wouldya believe this? We’ve got fucking exams in just over a week and our bio teacher has given us a fucking assignment – A FUCKING ASSIGNMENT – a few days before the exams! That means going to the library and looking up the whole damn digestive system [where the bangers and mash went] – drawing diags and labeling them and then putting together a ten-page project. This sucks BFT! I am so pissed cos if my folks know about it that will be my whole fucking weekend screwed. I’m gonna haveta see if I can put together today as much as possible – but I’ve got other homework as well. STUFF THIS! Damn!

“Cody, hey.”

“Hey, Wingnut, howzit going, buddy?”

(Smile) “Got something to show you.”


“Not here – it’s private.”

So we went inside to my bedroom.


“Check this out.” (He pulls his shorts down and points at his dick – Aaaaaggggghhhhhh! Damn!)



“OK, so it’s a bit longer but that’s normal.”


I looked as close as possible and there it was…

“A pube? You’ve got a pube.”

“Neat, huh?”

“It’s gonna grow like a weed now. Let me see it again.” (Shorts down)


“Here – it’s yours.” (hehehe – I pulled it out and handed it to him – a tiny black pube)

“SHIT! THAT HURT! And now I’m going to have to wait ages for another one.”

“Nope – you’ll have a few next week, I reckon.”




Then we spoke about the surf, which has been awesome and [that also] we’ve been missing. And I gave him the center poster from a local surf mag called Zig Zag. He was pretty stoked. He’s collecting posters, and they’re going all over his [bedroom] wall now.

Steve came around for a while and said he’s getting pissed with missing the surf, so we’re definitely gonna try and go this arvie.

[I can’t remember Cody telling me the details about this fight at school, but I have a note here [probably from the same email] that says he was talking about being a fan of River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. MrB]

My mom freaked about [the damage] to my [school] blazer. She wasn’t hassled about the fight, though. She says that one day Kev is gonna beat me up so damn bad, and I mustn’t come crying to her. She reckons that by the sound of it, it was me that started the fight. Shit! Gave me a hug, though – hehehe.

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