Cape Town, South Africa
Part 34

Hiya Gary,

It is a beaver day here today. My folks went to vote early this morning. They’re not back yet. Steve and Wingnut have gone to fetch their sticks. We’re gonna go see if there’s a wave, and if there isn’t we can at least get wet.

I haven’t read the mail yet cos I’m writing this offline, and I’ll send it once I log on.

Steve slept over last night and we had a really great time. Wingnut wasn’t here cos he was sleeping over at Brian’s house. I’ll probably hear later if he had a good time or not – hehehe. I bet they were comparing again.

When we went to bed last night, Steve climbed in next to me, and then he took my hand and put it on his boner – as if I needed some encouragement to do that! I pulled his foreskin down and played with his head. It was soaking. Then he started to suck my nipples – it was fucking wicked. I could feel he was horny cos he started to fuck my hand something fierce. But I know he didn’t wanta shoot his load right away. His hand was playing with my nuts, and then I played with his. They’re like two perfect eggs.

Eveeeeeeeeentually, his mouth went down to my boner, which was skin-splitting hard, and I felt his tongue playing it like a mouth organ. We eventually got to do a 69 laying on our sides. I love running my hand behind and inside his thighs when he’s like that cos he’s got wicked leg muscles.

We played for ages with each other and didn’t shoot our loads. Then he laid on his back and I straddled him, sitting on his chest. It was such a wicked time cos all the time we were talking to each other. I laid on him and let my boner rest on his abs. I could feel his cockhead just drifting around my ass crack. I think he wanted me to slide down onto it, and I was thinking about it but couldn’t. We stared at each other’s faces and played with our hair, and he was kissing me in [the nape of] my neck. That was wicked.

Then he grabbed my buns and pulled my crotch closer to his face so I could get my boner in his mouth. Oh, jeez, that was fantastic! Before I offloaded, though, I pulled out, and we went into a 69 with me on top for a change. I could feel his hands playing with my abs while I was blowing him. I think we musta shot off about the same damn time.

Then we just laid next to each other and talked. He wants me to come clubbing with the guys on Friday night, but I’m not sure that I can with exams starting on Monday. I doubt my folks will let me. He said it’s cool if I can’t but it would be better if I could.

I’m not sure what time we went to sleep, but my folks were gone and the front doorbell rang. It was Wingnut. He saw Steve laying on my bed.

“You sleep there last night?”

“Yep… why?”

“You naked?”


I’d answered the door with a towel wrapped around my waist. Wingnut looked at me and asked if I was wearing anything under the towel.


“You guys sleep together last night naked?”

“Nope. Steve was on the [spare] mattress and then climbed into the bed this morning cos it was cold.”

“Oh,” the grommet said, looking almost disappointed.

“So how was your sleepover at Brian’s?”

“It was cool but I told him that I was going surfing with you guys this morning. We are going surfing, huh?”

“Yep – you bring your stick with you?”

“Nope – gonna go fetch it now.”

Then he lifted the covers off the bed, and Steve asked what he was doing.

“Just want to see if you’ve got a piss boner.”

Of course, Steve had a huge damn boner with its pink head peeping outta his foreskin. Anyway, the grommet left and hasn’t come back yet… probably having breakfast or something. Steve had a shower and then went to fetch his stick.

So we’re going surfing!

I’ll read the mail but will probably only be able to answer tomorrow.

Seeya G
I’m having a wicked time.

Had a real cool day yesterday – weather was fantastic and we went down to the beach. The surf wasn’t that good but we got wet. I asked Wingnut about him and Brian [sleeping over], and he said they watched some vids. Real fucking kids stuff, he says. Brian’s folks are like his – they won’t allow him to watch just anything. I told him to get a movie called Big Wednesday and Biggest Wednesday cos they are hot surf movies. Big Wednesday is like 60s and the music rocks.

Steve was chatting to some bird on the beach and I asked who she was, and he says he can’t believe it cos she’s the bird he screwed in the car the other night. So what’s the plan? No big plan – they’re planning to meet at the same club sometime. Bite your tongue, Cody – so I did. Anyway, it was too good a day to get spoilt. Even Wingnut got involved [with] chatting to her. I was still in the water. Wingnut says she’s got great knockers that he can bury himself in.

“How old were you when you first did it with a girl?”


“How was it?”

I just smiled at him.

“That good, huh?”

Hehehe – he knocked me out. He wanted to know what it was like knowing I was sticking my dick into her pisshole, and what it felt like. THEN –

“Ever had a blowjob?”


“How old were you then?”

“First time? About your age.”

“FUCK! How old was she?”

(Actually, it was Paul, and he was 11, too.) “She musta been about 14 or 15.”

“Way cool,” he laughed. “An older woman!”

Had a cool workout [in the school gym] but my shoulders are feeling like they’ve become pummeled and my legs felt like jelly afterwards. You wanna see pecs? You should check out both Mark and Ross. You can see Mark does regular gym, though.

It’s warm here – never [would you] think it’s winter. [Early June]. And the conditions are just right for the surf as well. But there’s no chance of that. My folks will hammer me if I duck this arvie [after school]. I actually don’t mind studying cos I put on my music and then go through my books. I always write stuff down that’s important. I’ve got a few books with just scribbled notes in them, and those are my study notes.

The one thing I do is eat. I make a pile of toast with peanut butter or cheese and munch. I also don’t just study right through cos then my brain gets fried, so I set my watch for about 45 minutes and then go and make some more toast, and maybe sit in the sitting room and stare out the window. And I’m not kidding when I tellya I study naked – dunno – it’s just me. Actually, I asked my mom to buy me a paira boxers, so now I’ve got two pair and I sit with those on. The ones from Wingnut can be distracting, though – I end up reading the cartoons. The boxers my mom bought me are neat cos they aren’t baggy – they’re Jockey cotton boxers with the button front. [As I retyped those words, I suddenly wondered if those Jockey boxers were the same ones Steve sent me. Yep, they are. Who would have thought back in 1999 that those very same Jockeys Cody talked about would end up in my dresser drawer? Dunno if you can read the label but the waist size is ‘small’. MrB]

I’ll try and read the Ron stories this arvie if I get a chance. We’re writing mock biology [exams] tomorrow to see how we’re gonna cope [with the real thing], but I’m sorta up to date with the studying. I love biology, especially the parts about dicks and how they work – hehehe. I reckon I should write a chapter for the book – could tell them a thing or two about dicks.

Hiya Gary,

Got the pic – thanks. I love that dude. I didn’t think his nads were so hairy when I looked at the pics of him jacking, though, but it’s definitely the same dude – Lawrence. He’s wicked. Ifya find any more pics of him let me know. The sorta pic I could use [on my home page] is if he’s standing naked facing the cam. I’ve got two gifs of pants or Speedos that I can chuck on to nudies to make them legal. :)

[It was then that Cody asked me to check out his very first Cody News page. MrB] Try and get into this [URL]. It may work – I dunno. If it asksya for something [like a password] let me know.

It was definitely hot enough yesterday arvie to just study in my boxers. AND –

Wingnut came around.

“Hey, Cody, can I come in for a bit?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said as I led him to my room.

“Can I read the comics?”


“Only kidding cos you’re not wearing your comic boxers that I gaveya. You always do your homework like that?”

“Most of the time if it’s warm enough.”


Then he put my headphones on and laid on my bed listening to music while I carried on studying. I made him and me a sarmie [sandwich] and then he had to go.

“No surf today?”

“There is, but I can’t go cos I’ve got homework as well.”

“So what are you doing here then?”

“My mom said it was cool if it wasn’t for too long.”


I was watching as he left. His jeans are quite tight around his legs but that’s cos he’s got really sturdy muscular legs, and they [the jeans] sit right on his hips. He was wearing this t which was like two sizes too big for him, but it looked neat cos it hung over his pecs and then away from his stomach, and it actually showed off his cool shape.

Read the Ron stories – they are totally hot. I even jacked off thinking about Wingnut doing that to me – sitting on my chest and fucking my face while my hands massaged his pecs and abs.

No gym or swimming today – we’ve got some mocks [mock exams at school].

Steve phoned last night to find out how it was going. He was pissed cos his folks won’t let him go out tonight. And he can’t come over [here] either. I said it was OK cos I’ve got a shitload of studying to do as well. But maybe we can get together for a wave tomorrow for a little while. I’m sure it will be cool with my folks as long as it’s not the whole day.

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta get going. I wanta squeeze in some studying before class.

I heard this on the radio and want to put it on my front page – “Everybody has the right to be respected for their differences and their similarities – everybody has the responsibility to respect others for the same reasons.” Whatdoyathink? Or maybe I should change the wording.

[Cody changed it to: “Everybody has the right to be respected for their differences, and the responsibility to respect others for theirs.” He used it as a tag at the end of all his emails. MrB]

We were playing a game of touch rugger at break. Now that’s a good game cos it’s so damn fast, and you only need a coupla guys to play. Some of the guys here that are lifesavers are pretty good at it cos they say that they play it every Sunday as part of their fitness training.

Hiya Gary,

YEP, he’s [Wingnut] got more – hehehe. Yesterday arvie I was studying and he charges into my room.

“Check this out, Code.”

I packed up [laughing] cos he just dropped his shorts and pointed [at his crotch]. He’s got maybe a half dozen tiny pubes. So I got up [from my desk].

“Hey! What are you doing?” he said. “I swear, Cody, if you pull them out I’m gonna crush your nuts.”

So I charged at him and dumped him on the bed. I tried to grab one [pube] – he started to get a boner. Then I felt this fist close around my nuts. Fucking hell, he was actually squeezing – and he was giggling like crazy.

“I swear, Cody, I’ll crush ‘em.”

I think my eyes were starting to water cos he was already squeezing damn hard. So I let go cos I know he was gonna bust the damn things if I even tried to pull out a single pube. When he pulled his shorts up, he jumped me.

“Come on! I wanna wrestle!”

His legs sent my school bag flying. I managed to pin him down and then he lifted his legs and got them around my waist and started squeezing. He must have the strongest legs I know.

“Hey, Code, it’s OK – you can give up anytime you want.”


I just ignored how sore it was, and lifted him and got him into a bear hug and started squeezing. I knew I had him when his legs relaxed.

“OK, uncle, aunty or whatever… ENOUGH, CODY! SHIT!”

We both laid on the bed laughing our tits off.

“Hey, Wingnut, you gotta learn, bro – you fight with the best and you die with the rest – you little bugger.”

“So when are we gonna go surfing?”

“Maybe Saturday or Sunday – I’ve got exams.”

“Me, too.”

Anyway, I made us some sarmies and then we just chatted. We were going through some old surf mags.

Steve phoned. Said he would see me over the weekend. He was going out fora bit on Friday night.

It wasn’t that boring [at home] cos I got into studying and got quite a bit done.

I hope you eventually get this thing of yours [the MrB site] sorted. I love those Lawrence pics. :)

Anyway, G, hopeya have a good weekend.

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