Cape Town, South Africa
Part 37

Hiya Gary,

Well, we’ve got a holiday here tomorrow and we’re getting a new President – Thabo Mbeki. I must tellya, I think a lotta folks are gonna miss Nelson Mandela. He was in jail for 27 years and came out without one hint of revenge or anything like that. Imagine if the whole world was fulla dudes like that.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: C O N G R A T S on getting the [MrB] site up and running [June 15, 1999] – A T  L A S T. I’m gonna try and get in there this evening and ‘poke’ around – hehehe.

I must try and work on a graphic from Kyle to Daniel to put on the page as a gift for opening. I’ll chat to Steve to see if he can come up with something special.

I uploaded the story I wrote for Damian a long time ago called Jungle Heat. It’s kinda just a poke in a hole but I enjoyed writing it for him. I’m trying to find a thing I wrote for him as well but my disks are so fucked up. Also uploaded The Hike [story] onto my CodyTJ page – that’s where the Damian story is too.

Wingnut popped in yesterday. He’s got no exams today so he was allowed to go surfing. I just had too much work to do [to join him]. Steve also came around for a little while – actually gave me a hand fixing a window hinge.


HE [Steve] came behind me and slipped his hands down my track pants.

“Oh? Thought you didn’t like that thing anymore.”

“I don’t like it – I love it.”

Then he wrestled me onto the bed [in my room] and pulled my track pants down. My damn boner was busting against my gut, and I felt his tongue on it.

“Hmmm, tastes like old piss.”

“Yeah, but you like it, huh.”

“Let me just check it out again.” Then he took me right down his throat. “Naaaah. You’ve been sweating – salty pee.”

Hehehe – then I threw him over onto the floor and we wrestled, and both ended up naked cos we were pulling each other’s clothes off. We both just lay there and laughed. We actually didn’t do anything – no cumming – no offloading or anything – but it was pretty damn cool.

SO –

Last night I phoned him when my folks hadta go out, and we cybered on the phone. We jacked off while we were making each other horny. That’s when I shot a damn load and a bit. Jeez.

Anyway, it was pretty cool. Had a good feeling when I went to bed. Know what I mean? When you have a good-feeling day – not like a beaver day – different.

I’ve gotta beetle – I’ll writeya later, G.

PS: How does that saying go? Today is the first day of Daniel’s life?

Heya Daniel,

Welcum back to the world. How long are we supposed to wait for you before we find some other teen blonde hunk, huh? You think you rule the fucking roost and we’re just gonna hang here forya? Hehehe.

It’s cool that you’re back. Now I can get my throbber working again. Remember that injection I gaveya whenya visited Cape Town? Well, I’ve got another one waitin’ – fully loaded with Cody Juice.

Anyway, I just wanted to say welcum back. It’s cool that the hunkiest, hottest, horniest blonde on the planet is back in cyberworld. Now, ifya had a guestbook I coulda embarrassed you in public. :)

Keep it wet and hard.

[Cody must’ve had his mind on something else cos he forgot to sign off as Kyle – hehe. MrB]

Well, we write our last paper today – science. Had a cool day yesterday with Steve. Wingnut and his folks were away for the day. As it turns out, there wasn’t a lotta surf but it was OK.

I sent you the correct addy for that new story quite late last night. I’m glad you liked that graphic [for Daniel]. You woulda liked it even more if you’d seen Steve doing it.

“Hey, Cody, I want to put a dick on this pic.”

“So do it.”

“Hmmm… OK, but I needta check for size and stuff.”

So he pulls my track pants down.

“Have to do something about you being so damn limp – this pic needs a hardon.”

So he tickles my nads and strokes me. I was cracking [up] cos he was going on like some serious artist.

“Now, that’s better. But I think I’ll make it bigger in the pic, though.”

So while he’s busy, I’m sticking my wet end in his ear.

“Fuck off, Code!”

And he’s laughing like shit.

I dunno how he concentrated at all cos I got my hand inside his boardshorts and started to jack him. Anyway, I gave him my boardshorts to go home in cos his were a mess – especially after I rubbed all his juice over his nads and his pubes.

Spent yesterday arvie doing some studying, but I hadta help my dad in the garden cos there’s a whole buncha golden moles that are fucking up the lawn on the curb big time. He’s tried everything to get rid of the damn things – even made a bomb with chlorine and brake fluid – burnt their asses but they’re back again.

That Chris guy on your page – aaaaaggggghhhhhh! Fucking hell, even Steve wet himself when he saw those pics. [Can’t remember who that was. MrB]

Anyway, I’ll writeya later. Ifya get a chance to have a look at the story [I wrote] let me know. I wrote that ages ago but never finished it. Now TJ’s telling me to move my ass and get it done.

Now THAT [science] paper was fucking hard – damn! I’m kinda worried about it. The whole damn class is. Y’know what fucks us up is when they ask the damn questions in an ambiguous way, so there could be a thousand damn answers to it – all of them wrong.

I’m sorry to hear about John. His pics woulda been awesome. [John? I must be getting Alzheimer’s. MrB] Oh, and I got the two emails [from you] this morning.

Also, let me know what you think about the stories [I wrote], OK? Those graphics really screwed me cos I kept on getting the table size screwed up. That’s the prob. A lotta the stuff I do is hit and miss, and then [I haveta] try again.

Overcast here, but I’m going home later to watch the cricket so it [the weather] doesn’t matter. I think it’s gonna be an awesome game. The press over here really climbed into [Safrican] Herschel Gibbs for dropping that catch from [Aussie] Steve Waugh, and that sucks cos Hansie Cronje and Paul Boje bowled up to shit as well but nobody said anything about that. Didya know that Herschel Gibbs is actually colored? Guess a lotta folks don’t know that. He’s a really hot player – hot bod, too – seen a pic of him once with his shirt off.

Well, I can tellya, if it’s just me and Steve watching the cricket today then it’s gonna be a juicy game. If Wingnut comes over as well – well, then it’s gonna be [wearing] boxers, I guess.

Just read Daniel #81. That scene with Daniel and Greg running around was totally damn awesome. I think the end of that ep [episode] is cool up to the point where Greg comes out and says it’s cool. After his outburst with Daniel, it’s hard to imagine him coming out and being like that, so I dunno if you’ve got something else up your sleeve.

But the story is totally damn cool – as usual.

Raining cats and dogs here. Winter’s definitely here.

Congrats on [Oz winning] the cricket. I’d liketa say the game was awesome but wasn’t – it was definitely one-sided. [Aussie] Shane Warne was like a demon out there again – the guy everyone loves to hate – hehehe.

While the cricket was on, I was fixing Wingnut’s stick. He went out on Saturday with some friends to a reef break not far from our normal surf spot. It was his first time on a reef break and I don’t think he realized just how quick that wave wedges and throws. His board ended up on the rocks and he had a major ding. Managed to get it fixed up for him, and it’s as good as new. He was really upset about it. Saturday arvie I was out to get something for my dad for Father’s Day – got him some of the aftershave he likes but, damn, that stuff is hectically expensive now.

Thanks for the crit on the story [I wrote] – appreciate it. You didn’t say what you thought about it, though – like the plot. I also don’t know where it’s headed cos I wrote it so damn long ago.

Here’s the buzz – my folks said it’s OK for me and Steve to go to Jeffrey’s Bay next week for the big Bulldog International Comp. They want us to take a bus but it’s helluva expensive, and we’re trying to get them [my folks] to let us [hitch] hike up. So, we’ll see.

Back to swim training at gym this week cos we’ve got winter interschools coming up soon. I’ve also been pestering Steve about doing that graphic for you but he’s been busy – don’t know what with.

How’s the [MrB] site doing? Hope it’s all happening forya.

Hehehe – I’m just about collapsing [laughing] here. I went into the guys [lavatory] to take a leak, and I heard this ‘aah aah aah’ sound but like it was being stifled. And then I listened carefully and there was a guy in one of the dumpers, jacking. He definitely was – and he was uncut, cos you could hear the sound of his foreskin like when it’s all fulla precum and it makes that wet welly [Wellington boot squishing in the rain] sound. Well, this was a wet willy for sure. I bet he didn’t even hear me come into the place cos he was so damn busy. Anyway, I just stood there quietly until I heard him finish. I could picture him with his Chinese eyes – it sounded like a dying cat – hehehe.

And then, I made a whole lotta noise while I was washing my hands so that he knew I was in there. Fuck, I’m wicked! I wonder how many times somebody’s listened to me in there when I was still a junior. Bet he won’t do that again – not here, anyway.

Oh, I’ve been thinking – yeah, it’s a newy for me. :) Why don’t you give the guys the option of sending money orders to pay for access to the [MrB] site? Teens don’t have credit cards so that’s always a bust [for them]. And it’s all the teens who wanta get into the damn site, I bet – especially Daniel’s Diary. Now if they could post you a money order or something it would be cool. And they could just lie about their age. That wouldn’t be your prob. Just an idea. [Thanks, Code, but the signatures on money orders and personal checks need verificaton from the source, which means they’ve gotta be sent back to their country of origin. Waaaay too hard! MrB]

Fisties [fist fights] and sex – yep – but I guess that’s the stuff I know [and write about in my stories] but I’m guessing when it comes to what it feels like getting it in the ass. Maybe I should let Steve do me so that I can write with some authority – and do him at the same time. Hmmmmm – he hasn’t really mentioned that for ages now.

OK, I’m off. Cya later.

I didn’t write G for a bit over a week after that cos of the school hols. But I wrote him a quick note just before I left school on the last day to wish him a good night’s sleep and a good day tomorrow. I also gave him a weather report: “pissing with rain here”.

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