Cape Town, South Africa
Part 39

Hehehehe - Gary’s got a girlfriend – Gary’s got a girlfriend.

>Yeah, right. She’s in her 70s and weighs more than a Mack truck.

So, you’re chatting up all the good lookin’ birds now, huh? Way damn cool. So what didya chat about? Hehehe.

I’m off now [from school] and there’s surf. So I’m hoping that Wingnut and Steve can join me this arvie. That’d be totally neat.

I like that Russian [Soul Club] dude Alik. On the open page he’s laying on his side with his top leg bent up. His skin looks so fucking neat, and I can sorta imagine laying behind him, stroking that gut right down to his … well, stroking his gut. At the same time, my boner would be buried in his … I mean, resting ... that’s it … resting in his [ass] crack.

There’s another pic of him on his back with his knees bent. Aaaaaggggghhhhhh! I could be laying on top of him, with his legs wrapped around me, and his boner pressing against my stomach, and my boner buried … I mean resting … in his crack.

Anyway, I’m goin’…

Well, it’s the last day of term here, and I’m looking forward to the hols. It seems like the term has been helluva long and busy, and I’m sure everyone here is looking forward to the break.

It looks like Steve and I are gonna be able to hike [up to J-Bay]. My mom’s not happy at all [about it], and I don’t think my dad is either, but I think my dad’s taken the view that it’s part of my growing up adventure. We’re gonna take it pretty cool going up [there] and coming back, anyway. So it’s gonna be a great trip.

[Cody wrote a diary of events during his and Steve’s trip to Jeffrey’s Bay but the disk became corrupted, and he didn’t get around to re-writing it. Steve has fond memories of that event, and may get around to writing about it one day. Hint, hint. :) MrB]

Saw Wingnut coming back from rugger practice yesterday, so he popped in before going home. He’s a fucking little hotty and I wonder if he knows that he turns me on.

His rugger shorts fit him like a glove and almost give him a wedgy up his crack, and his muscular legs fill them neat. His jersey [top] hangs over his shorts and, of course, he was a total damn mess with grass and dirt stains on his legs and arms.

He says that he’s chuffed cos his buddy Brian has also gotten [to go] on the tour and they’re gonna be bunking together. I also warned him about the initiation that he’s probably gonna be getting, and now I’ve made him all nervous – hehehe. He’s not worried about whether or not the guys have to run somewhere naked for a dare. That doesn’t faze him at all.

Steve also came around [to my house] for a while, and we just chatted about the trip, and what we’re gonna be doing, and where we’re gonna stay. There’s a campsite in J-Bay and that’s where we’re gonna pitch [the tent].

Surf’s up, so I’ll be surfing this arvie with Wingnut and Steve. Maybe tell Wingnut some more horror stories about initiations hehehe. Damn, I’m a shit. SCHOOL’S OUT!

Anyway, G, I’ll writeya a bit later. There’s a few things I need to do this morning so I’ve gotta beetle.

We’re going into assembly now, the last one for the term, and then we’re going home. I’ll probably write later, though, cos Mark has asked if I’ll do a coupla rounds with him [in the boxing ring]. He says he’s feeling tense and needs to beat up someone, and would it be OK if he beat up on me for a coupla rounds. HELL YEAH! Hehehe.

I wanted to tellya that I tried that jacking thing again last night and managed only about 20 minutes before my cock went crazy on me. What I did notice was that the cockhead starts getting bigger each time [you jack] and it even went a bit blue, and you cannot believe how tender it gets. But when it eventually explodes, the feeling is totally fucking wild. I’ve gotta do everything in my power to stop from screaming my head off [cos] it’s so wild.

I reckon that’s probably the sound I was making each time the glove [Mark was wearing] hit my gut. We had such a good session. Basically, we both decided that we would just go for it and hand it [the punishment] out to each other. All I can say is that I’m grateful that I was wearing headgear and a gumguard - so was he – or he woulda knocked me out cold. But he didn’t get everything his own way. I’m sure his ribs and stomach are as painful as mine – hehehe. Got a helluva scratch across my left side from the laces on his gloves, though. Damn! What was neat was that if I stuffed up he would stop and show me what I was doing wrong … this after beating the shit outta me [when we were enemies]. And then we’d go at it again. I actually wouldn’t mind doing a round in a real fight. Mark says it’s not so bad ifya know what you’re doing. He’s fighting a junior tournament during the [school] hols so I’m gonna try and see it.


Well, we went to see the new Star Wars movie last night at the Mall. The whole place was packed and it was such a cool holiday feeling. After the movie, we went for pizza. The movie was pretty good – the first Star Wars movie was still the best ever, though. Then I had a large Adriatic [pizza] with salami, greenpeppers, mushroom, olives and onion. I hate olives so Steve had them. Wingnut had a large Hawaiin and Steve had a Blaster with everything except seafood.

There was one letdown – Steve had a girl with him. She was quite pretty with a nice box, too – BUT – I did have some fun. Steve didn’t know about the popcorn box trick, so I did it [in the theater during Star Wars]. I opened the bottom [of the box] and unbuttoned my jeans and put the box over my dick.

“Got any more [popcorn] in there, Cody?”

“Yeah, go for it.”

In went the hand. Fuck! Instant boner as he touched me.

“What the fuck…?”


“What the fuck are you doing?”

(Wingnut) “What’s that?”

(Me, in between giggles) “Nothin’.”

(Steve whispering) “Fuck you, Cody – you’re crazy.”

(Me) “Ask your girl if she wants some popcorn.”

“Fuck off!” (He was laughing, though). “I can’t believe you, Cody. Fucking hell!”

I put the box away before anybody else wanted any [popcorn]. Steve asked if it was OK if he went home with the bird. I felt an almost instant downer cos I knew he would screw her.

Anyway, I had Wingnut [with me] and he was staying over. He’d asked his folks [if he could] and they said it was cool. He voted himself into the movie trip with us, but that was cool.

My folks were asleep by the time we got home so we just turned in. He sat on my bed with his naked ass. His cock was draped across the top of his leg.

“Hey, Cody, could I share the bed [with you] tonight?”

“Hey, buddy, I’m not so sure.”

“C’mon! It’s freezing!”

To cut it short, he jumped in next to me and laid on his back under the covers. We spoke for a while about the movie, and then…

“That’s a hot bird that Steve was with.”


“Bet he fucks her silly.”

“No bet.”

“She probably fucks like a rattlesnake.”

“What? Hey, is that what the guys at school talk about? Have any of your friends had a girl yet?”

“Well, there’s one guy who’s always going on about screwing girls – he says he screws every Friday and Saturday night. He was telling us about how it feels and how hard it is sometimes cos the girls are virgins and he’s gotta break the skin that covers their pussies when they’re virgins.”

I collapsed laughing cos of the way he was telling his story.

“Hey, he’s bullshitting you.”

“No, he’s not.”

“Yes, he is. There’s no fucking skin over a virgin’s pussy.”

“There isn’t?”

“No. He’s a big mouth and he’s trying to impress you with a loada bullshit.”

Then he smiled. “That’s cool to know for futures … cos I’ve seen his dick and it’s tiny, and his foreskin like covers the whole tip, and I wondered how he managed to get all those girls he was always boasting about.”

We eventually fell asleep. Well, I did, anyway.

I woke up when I felt his hand – on my dick – and then I felt my dick going rock hard. The first thought I got was how Paul musta felt that night I touched him for the first time. I could feel he [Wingnut] was nervous cos his fingers were really shaking while he was exploring my crotch.

“Hey, Wingnut.”

His hand shot away [as soon as he heard me].

“What?” he said, but I could actually hear in his voice how fucking scared he was.

“What are you doing, bud?”

“Hey, Cody, it’s not what you’re thinking. OK? It’s just that Brian’s always fucking going on about him and his brother jacking each other, and I wondered what it was like to feel someone else’s cock in your hand – like an older guy – while you’re being jacked. It was nothing really. Doesn’t look so good, though, huh?”

“What doesn’t?”

“Now you probably think I’m fucking gay.”

My heart sank when he said that.

“No I don’t. I toldya Steve and I jack each other off sometimes. I just wish you’d spoken about it. I got a helluva fright.”

“Hehehe. And a helluva woody. Your cock is huge.”

“Hey, you’re not so bad in that department.”

“Yeah, but not like yours.”

“So what now?”

“I’m not sure. I guess I’d like us to jack each other. I’d like to feel what it’s like.”

I deliberately left the light [turned] off. I moved my hand across to his stomach and then down to his boner. Rock hard. And I started to stroke him.

I could feel his fist close around mine, and we lay there stroking each other. He was moaning and groaning. I guess his dick was feeling sensitive, so I put some spit on my hand and started again. I knew when he was gonna cum cos his hand started to go at my cock like a two-stroke [motor]. I felt his juice run down my fingers as he offloaded with each little spasm and groan. I musta shot within seconds of him.

Afterwards, we just lay there after we’d cleaned up with some toilet paper, which I always keep in my bedside drawer. It was quite quiet for a while. I spoke first:



“How did it feel?”

“It was fucking awesome! I never knew anything could feel so fucking awesome and painful at the same time. And I couldn’t believe that a person could have so much juice inside of them.”


“Not like sore, but more like I wanted you to stop – but not stop – at the same time.”

“Hmmm – I think I know that feeling.”

“Jeez, Cody, the girls must love playing with you. Do you think mine will be like yours one day? So when do you reckon I’m gonna have thick spunk like yours?”

“Hey, hold all the fucking questions and don’t sweat it. It’ll just happen. And you’ll probably be bigger than me cos you’re already like a damn horse for your age.”

He laughed. Fuck, that felt so good.

“You better not tell Brian or anybody.”

“Don’t be crazy. I could never tell anybody. Anyway, it was just a one-off cos I hadta know what it was like. It must feel so awesome when a girl does that, huh?”

“Yeah, it does.”

Convo eventually died and we went to sleep. Well, it took ages to go to sleep [for me] cos I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. And I guess I worry about it cos I let him do it. I coulda easily said no.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Would it happen again? Not by my doing. I’ve definitely got this thing that I won’t start anything with him. I guess he is too much like a little bro to me.

I sometimes wonder seriously about what Wingnut thinks. If he thinks of me like an older bro then it’s not such a great prob, but if he thinks of me as a friend then it’s a bit more complicated. He doesn’t really speak about what he feels inside, and I guess he’s still too young to maybe understand. I don’t want the situation [to arise] that one day he might regret what he did. I know what I did with Paul, but that was totally different. I wanted to do it cos – well, I guess I loved him and wanted to be a bit more physical about it. I’m terrified of doing anything that will change the way Wingnut thinks of me.

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