Cape Town, South Africa
Part 43

Wingnut got into a fight yesterday at school. GO WINGNUT! Apparently he and Brian were standing in the tuck shop [cafeteria] queue to buy some grub when a bully boy pushed Brian outta the way to bust into the line. No prob. Wingnut sorted him out so now he’s Brian’s hero. He’s got a beautiful bruise on his arm where the guy mousied him – hehehe. [Cody explained to me that ‘mousy’ is a term to describe the muscle going into a spasm under the skin after being punched – looking something like a mouse running around under the skin. MrB]

I hear what you’re saying about Mark. I’ve asked him to come around to my place sometime but he says that with all the sports at school it’s hard cos he does a lotta work at home. He’s so damn good with his hands. NO, NOT LIKE THAT. He fixes everything at home. He says when he’s got free time he likes to go clubbing cos it helps him to relax.

Talking about Mark, actually he’s quite a hero to me, and I told him that this morning:

“Hey, d’ya know something?”


“Like I think you’re pretty cool.”

“Like how?”

“Well, don’t get the wrong message but you’re pretty hot looking with a hot bod, so you’ve got all the chicks wetting their panties when you’re around. But it’s just like when I was at your house – how you can just go ahead and fix things, and you work hard, and it’s like you don’t need anybody around cos you’re so good at everything. You’re pretty strong, and you look after yourself pretty well.”

“Is that all?” (He actually grinned).

“Hehehe – You want me to go on?”

“Hey, Cody, I’ll let you into a secret. I’m not that great. I seem to piss people off more than anything, and there are a whole lotta things I can’t fix. But thanks.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t piss people off ifya smiled a bit more. Makes you look different.”

“Hehehe – If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were hitting on me.”

“Hmmm, now that’s a thought, ‘cept your dick is way too tiny.”

“You’re fucking jealous – that’s it.”

So I took a chance and pulled the elastic [waistband] of my boxing shorts down, and then moved the box away…

“Yeah, well when you’re this well furnished you don’t needta be jealous of anything.”

“Fuck off, Cody. Come stand here next to me.”

Then he did the same and we stood there with our cocks out and stared at each other. Then he smiled:

“Now, Cody, I want you to look hard. Now, THAT is a cock and it’s a pussy eater.”

He didn’t know that I’d already put his cock into my brain area under the ‘Cock Hall of Honor’ cos I’d sized him up in the showers for size and edibility.

Now, this is where I prove my theory about all guys, cos both of us were starting to get erections, and it’s got fuckall to do with the fresh air.

“OK, so you’re a little – just a little – bigger.”

“And getting bigger,” he said as he put it away. (And so did I).

“Hey, Mark, can I askya something really personal? You don’t haveta answer if you don’t wanta.”


“D’ya jack off?” [Not sure why Cody asked this question cos the subject had already been discussed in Mark’s room when Cody visited. MrB]

“Do you?”

“All the fucking time.”

“Yeah, I do as well – quite a lot. Why?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just like a study I’m doing. Guys are always going on about wankers, but I’m finding out that most of them jack off.”

“ALL of them, buddy. The whole wacky lot. Remember that swim tour we did?”

“Which one?”

“Last year to Oudtshoom.”


“Well, Ross, Dylan and I had a jacking competition.”

“That is fucking outasight! Cos I’ve had a few of those and they’re awesome.”

“Yeah, they’re awesome cos you get fucking crazy watching other guys milk their lizards.”


“No, fuck – everybody – me, Ross – you as well.”

“I guess.”

“Hey, are we going to shower or what?”

We had a shower and it was obvious that both of us were turned on by the talk of jacking and stuff cos we both had standup boners. He wasn’t fazed by it, though, and acted like there was nothing there.

The best part was at our first recess when I saw him. We ate lunch together and the one thing he said:

“Hey, that conflab we had – you know what about – that was pretty cool. I’ve never spoken to anybody about that stuff before without getting total redfaced.”

“Yeah, well, I reckon most guys think it’s to do with being macho or not.”

“I guess. And that other stuff [complimenting me] – thanks. I think you’re a pretty cool guy as well – not too much on the hunky and stuff, but hey I can’t be choosey.”

We both laughed like hell.

I was telling Steve about Mark, and he was saying that whenever Mark goes out with the guys he’s pretty much a loner and does his own thing. Gets on with everyone but always drifts off. Steve also reckons that for all Mark’s bullshit he’s a pretty lonely dude.

My brain is full of him at the moment – not in a ‘I wanta suck him way’, more in a way like I kinda feel sorry for him, and I can’t put my finger on it.

What I am helluva pleased about is that we both took a good long look at each other’s cocks this morning and it didn’t faze him. I’d loveta get his in my fist but I wouldn’t do that unless I could arrange that we jack each other. At the moment, though, it’s like he’s not happy about that … but who knows?

Yeah, I was pretty chuffed with Wingnut [about standing up to the bully] as well, and I’ll be honest … I’d hate to be at the end of Wingnut’s fist if he’s angry cos I know how strong and fit he is, and he’s built like a brick shithouse. I hope that he doesn’t become too much like me, though, when it comes to fighting. I always itch for a fight when someone pisses me off, and I know how hurt I get sometimes. But at least he can stand up for himself, and that’s cool.

Anyway, I’m meeting Steve and Wingnut this arvie, and we’re going for a wave when I get back [home] from swim training. Wingnut’s got rugger [practice] but he’ll be home before me.

We had a good surf session yesterday – surf was like storm surf – quite washy but we still raved. The air temp was pretty cold, though, so Wingnut was like purple when we came outta the water.

Steve hadta beetle off home after we finished cos he had an assignment to do. Wingnut came around [to my house] for a little while:

“Hey, Cody, there’s something I needta talk about. I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while now, but it’s quite hard.”

“Hey, you can talk to me about anything. You after a girl that you need help with?”

He smiled at that.

“Nope. Actually, it’s nothing. Forget it.”

He was going total redfaced and his ears were beaconing.

“Hey, whatsup?”

“Something happened at Brian’s house.”

Cool. So now I was gonna hear that he and Brian have gotten into blowing each other. He had ALL my attention.


“Coupla weeks ago, I was sleeping over at his house and I found a hand on my cock, and I got this woody. At first, I thought it was Brian, but when I looked in the dark I saw it was his brother Alan. He saw that I’d woken up but kept his hand there. Then he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, and started to move it up and down so I could jack him. I tried to make my woody go away but I couldn’t, and when I tried to take my hand away he put it back on his cock. I wanted Brian to wake up but he just kept on sleeping. After a while, I shot a load of cum in the bed, and kept moving my hand up and down on him until he came. Then he cleaned himself with a towel and gave it to me. I was scared and I waited for him to go back to his room, and then I went into the bathroom and locked the door and slept there.”

“Why didn’tya tell me before?”

“I was scared.”

“Haveya told anybody else? Brian?”


“Haveya slept over again?”


His eyes were glassy with tears but he wasn’t crying.

“Now what?”

“I just needed to tell someone about it, and you’re like the only person I can.”

We didn’t talk about it too much after that cos I didn’t know what to say to him. I know Alan – he’s a fat slob bully at school, and a senior. He and I have fisted it before and he fucked me up solid. I didn’t think he could do something like that [to Wingnut], though. I’m so fucking mad. I was laying awake almost all night thinking about it, and seeing Wingnut’s face when he was telling me [about it].

Mark musta known something was wrong this morning cos I was hitting the punch bag like I wanted to kill it.

“Whoa! What the fuck’s into you? You’re hitting that thing and me all over the place.”

“I’m mad.”

“About what?”

“Not sure.”

“OK, so then hit the fucking thing [bag] if it’ll get the prob out of your system.”

[I’m missing the details about what Cody said to Alan at school, but if I remember correctly he said something about Alan picking on little guys, and that he should try somebody his own size. In other words, Cody challenged Alan to a fight. MrB]

So the [boxing] coach looks me up and down and says, “Who is it this time, Cody?”

“Slobbo Alan.”

“You got hurt last time with Mark. This guy’s twice your size.”

“Nope – just twice as fat.”

So the coach arranged it [the fight] for recess – just me and Slobbo and our seconds. I ran for Mark [to tell him what was happening].

“You’re crazy, Cody, he’s huge! What the fuck is this about anyway? He call you a fag or something?”

“Nope, he wouldn’t pick on me. He only picks on little guys.”

“So you picked on him?”


“What the fuck for?”

“I haven’t had a hiding in ages – not since on the beach a while back.”

Anyway, Slobbo’s second is Jumbo. Remember the black swimmer I was telling you about? Him. I’m glad he didn’t climb into the ring cos I woulda run like hell.

The coach checks us out and reads the riot act, and makes us put on the headgear.

THEN MARK TELLS ME: “Cody, watch out for him. He used to box when he was a lighty, before he got so damn fat.”

OK, so I panic for a few seconds, and then the coach blows his whistle for us to start. This is where the morning sessions [with Mark] have helped me cos he [Slobbo] walked into my punch and was floored. Got mad as hell cos I put him down, and then walked into it [my fist] again. I was having a really good time cos I could see that Jumbo was just shaking his head [in disbelief]. As soon as Slobbo got up [from the canvas] he piled me before the coach had even told us to resume the fight, and I got it right on the damn cheek, which is now a nice bluey color. So we start again, and I put him down again. That’s when the coach called it off. Alan was as mad as fucking hell, and ready to hit my head off right there.

Mark was waiting for me after the shower:

“I want to know what that was about.”

“Hey, you’re a real friend – just believe me when I say I can’t tellya – not right now, anyway.”

I’ve got a little cut on my cheek and it’s bruised, but it’s not too bad. More like a scratch where his glove caught me.

I’m leaving now for swim training. Mark says that I must be careful cos Alan’s got quite a lotta friends in school that would stand up for him. Says I must do what Alan says and watch my back.

I think it’s gonna be a way cool weekend cos the weather’s turned out OK and the surf is UP. Pity I’m gonna miss the Placebo and Garbage concert but I can’t have everything.

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