Cape Town, South Africa
Part 44

Friday after school we had swim training and that went pretty cool. I kept my eye on Jumbo thinking that maybe he’s gonna give me grief but he was pretty OK. He didn’t go outta his way to chat to me but at least he didn’t pick me up by the neck and beat me up. Mark and I stopped at the shops and got a Coke and sat chatting for a while. He was going out with his girlfriend on Friday night to a club, and Saturday he was going to the Placebo and Garbage concert.

Steve came around on Friday night and we watched a coupla vids. He never slept over, though, cos he had to get up early in the morning and go up to his school to do some project or shit. Wingnut dashed in like a bolta lightning. He was going to Brian’s place and they were going to the movies to see the new Disney Tarzan movie. So he was pretty stoked.

Saturday I had a whole lotta chores to do so I spent the morning doing that. Hehehe – I phoned Wingnut and told him I needed some help. So when he got over I asked him to pick up my dog’s crap. That dog has got more crap in him than anything. I thought Wingnut would give me some uphill but he just went and did it, and then helped me with some of the other stuff as well.

The arvie was pretty cool cos the weather was nice, so we went down to the beach for a wave. Not big but just nice enough to have a bitta fun.

We left [the beach] early cos Steve was going to the Placebo concert with Ross and the guys. Wingnut asked if he could come over and watch some vids so the two of us went to [the video shop] to get a coupla movies. My folks had friends over for dinner so the two of us watched vids.

“Hey, Cody, my mom says I can sleep over if it’s OK with your folks.”

Well, my folks thought it was fine.

“So are you gonna let your mom and dad know?”

“Nope, I knew your folks would say it’s cool so I told mine that it was OK. My toothbrush is in my pocket.”

“And your jammies [PJs]?”

“Yeah, RIGHT!”

Anyway, we stayed up ‘til quite late watching late night MTV.

When we went to bed he jumped on the mattress all naked as usual, with me getting a fucking boner.

“You always do that?”


“Get a woody at night?”

“Yeah – so do you.”

He didn’t even notice that his own dick was bursting its skin – AND I’M SUPPOSED TO CONTROL MYSELF.

“Hey, can I giveya a hug?”

“Yeah, I guess. Why?”

I pulled the covers over my dick cos I would’ve raped him if his dick touched mine.

He gave me this huge hug.


“For what? Letting you pick up Sox’s crap in the yard?”

“Nope. On Friday, when I went to Brian’s house to go to the movies, I saw his bro. His face looked like it’d seen a bus or something. So when I asked Brian what had happened, he told me that one of Alan’s friends told him that you beat him up. So now I know why you’ve got a cut on your face too. You’re the best bro anybody could have, Cody. I loveya stax – not like that, but like a big bro, and I wish you were.”

“Yeah, well, he [Alan] messed with you, didn’t he.”

Then he hugged me again and said thanks. Then I felt his hand go under the covers and grab my boner.

“Hey, you don’t wanta do that.”

“I like doing it to you cos you’re like my bro.”

Then he pulled the covers back and I just closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head. I felt his small hand make a fist around my cock and start stroking. He was so gentle as well, and going slowly – like he wanted it to last forever. I know I did. I just wished he’d SHUDDUP while he was doing it, though.

“I want to have a cock like yours when I’m bigger.”

“Your cock is huge.”

“Bet the girls love doing this to you, huh? … You must rip their pussies with this thing … It’s smooth like hard silk.”

He knew I was gonna shoot when I lifted my hips up and he stroked like a piston on a Ferrari. I blew my gasket and he just kept on stroking.

“Hey, stop! My damn cockhead is tender as anything!”

Then he grabbed the toilet paper [that I kept in my bedside drawer] and wiped the cum off my chest and stomach.

“You didn’t need to do that. Anybody woulda done the same damn thing that I did to Alan if he touched their little bro.”

“Hey, you wanna do me? Please?”

He sat on my chest and leaned back on his elbows. His boner was pointing right up, and I stroked him. He also closed his eyes, and I watched his stomach contract as I worked with his boner. I just ended up getting hard again cos I had his fucking buns on my chest, and these muscular legs on either side of me, and his awesome little cock in my fist. His juice is getting thicker now and there’s more of it. I guess it’s cos he’s jacking more and more.

I wanted to lick him clean but grabbed the toilet paper and cleaned him up instead.

“Hey, Wingnut, can I tellya something?”


"There are a lotta guys like Alan around. And they take advantage of little guys like you cos they think you’re weak or they think you don’t know what’s right or wrong, or they just think that you’ll be too scared to tell anyone. I wantya to be careful. I’ll never do anything to you unless you want me to, and then it’s not always OK to do it. It just depends on a whole lotta stuff.”

“That’s cool. I’ll be careful. I feel kinda sorry for Brian, though, cos Alan’s got a real evil looking dick, and I’d hate to play with that thing. It’s not like yours; all smooth and stuff.”

Anyway, he fell asleep nexta me and I picked him up and put him on the [spare] mattress.

He woke up [in the morning] and had a shower. Later we’re going surfing. I haven’t heard from Steve yet, but I’ll phone him later.

After sending the note yesterday, we went surfing and Steve was looking like crap – hehehe. He said the concert was a blast and they only got home at about 5 in the morning cos they went partying after the show. Got himself pretty trashed and he was hung over.

The surf was real storm stuff and huge. The wind was blowing the tops off [the waves] so you hadta paddle like shit to get each wave. Wingnut got on one wave and the wind gusted and blew him right off his board. It looked so damn funny, and you shoulda heard him swearing. It was quite a bitta fun, though.


Mark phoned me last night at home – a plus!

“Hey, Cody, howzit going?”

“Hey, bud, it’s going cool. Whatsup?”

“Nothing much. Had a cool weekend. The concert was great. Just wanted to check if everything was OK.”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“See you early tomorrow [at the school gym]?”


“Neat. I’ll seeya then.”


That made me feel pretty fucking special. Wingnut also popped in for a few secs. Told him to go home cos I didn’t have any dog crap to pick up. He just laughed. We listened to some music while I was stuffing about with getting my school shit together.

The dates for the winter swim comp have been set and it’s happening weekend after next – around 14 August. There are three other schools in the comp; two from Cape Town and one from Port Elizabeth. We’ll be hosting guys from the other school, and I was called into the coach’s office. He said that he had a request from the other school to let Kim stay with me cos I stayed with his folks up in P.E. [on the last tour]. Coach asked me if I had any probs with it, so I just said no. [Kim was the teen who introduced Cody to the guy who raped him, and was there when it happened. MrB]

Otherwise, this morning was pretty cool. Mark and I were sparring and he was showing me a few things – like not to get my fucking head in the way. Then he hit me in the gut and I collapsed. So he was saying that I needta do like a million situps every day to get my gut hard. He lifted his t up and told me to hit him like I hit a punch bag. So I let him have it and he like stood there. He said it was painful but if he had no stomach muscles I woulda floored him each time. Hehehe – I felt like taking my gloves off and hitting him then – he’s got super abs.


I’ve been excused from swim training and I’m going home. I’m pissed off with myself for being a fucking idiot.

At second recess, I went into the change room for a piss. When I turned to go, there was Alan and two other guys. OK, so I was a little nervous but I put out my hand to him and told him no hard feelings. So he takes my hand and then pulls me towards him and put his knee into my nuts with all the fucking force he could put together. Well, the next thing I knew was a teacher standing over me with smelling salts. I’ve got this pain running from my nuts all the way up to my stomach. So I guess the fucking bully won again. But I swear, if he goes near Wingnut I’ll fucking beat him to shit and he won’t see me coming this time.

Well, there was no one home, and I soaked myself in a hot bath cos I was so damn cold. The first visit was from Wingnut and I hadta tell him to take his fucking rugger boots off cos he was stepping mud all through the damn house. Made him clean it before I even spoke to him.

“Hey, Cody.”


“Is it true?”


“Well, I went to Brian’s after practice and he was bragging about how Alan got you back and beat you up. He’s lying, though, cos I can see you’re OK – same old scratch.”

“Well, I walked into Alan’s knee at school, and it kinda got me in the nuts.”

“Ooooooo, ouch! Can I see?”

So I showed him. My nads were pretty bruised.

“I thought Brian was on your side?”

“He is, but I guess I made a big deal of you beating up his bro so he’s on his bro’s side and my side. Maybe he’s gonna cut his balls on the fence [as in sitting on the fence].”

Then he laughed at his own joke but he [also] cracked me up.

“Want me to come around and keepya company? There’s no surf. It’s just a storm out there.”

“After you’ve done your homework. Check with your mom.”

Well, he ran around a few minutes later looking pissed. His mom said that he could give me a break and get down to his homework and studying. So that was that.

Mark [phoned and] wanted to know what happened.

“I’m coming to your place after swim training and if you don’t tell me I’m gonna fuck you up some more even.”

Mark came around quite late after supper:



“How you feeling?”

“OK, ‘cept for the high-pitched voice.”


“So what?”

“So what happened?”

“I guess Alan hated losing on Friday [during the boxing match].”

“What happened?”

“He got me in the change room.”


“He had backup, but he took me alone.”

“He didn’t take you. I heard what happened. It wasn’t even a fight.”

“So if you heard what happened, why are you asking?”

“I wanted to hear from you what happened.”

“Hey, well now you know. Just don’t go looking for shit. Alan’s got a lotta backup at school and they’re all seniors.”

“We’ll see.”

“Don’t do anything. No good starting a war at school – some of those guys are packing [weapons].”

That’s the prob at school. You don’t know who’s packing and who’s not. And they’re fast. I saw a fight. OK, it wasn’t in the school but it was two guys from school, and the one pulled a knife out like lightning and stabbed the other dude in the arm. Nothing happened cos nobody would say anything.

It was cool having Mark around cos we chatted for ages. He was telling me about some of his girlfriends, and I told him that I just didn’t have time for them cos they got pissed off whenever I was with [male] friends or surfing, and that I didn’t need that sorta shit.

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