Cape Town, South Africa
Part 46

Wingnut and Steve were both around yesterday so guess who got the dog crap [detail]? Hehehe. Yeah, I know I take advantage but he doesn’t actually mind, and it’s not such a bad job as long as they’re not squooshy. Then we just sat [in my room] listening to music and chatting. Wingnut’s pretty much treating me like a hero, and I hadta tell him to shuddup cos it makes me damn uncomfortable.

Mark phoned me after supper and asked if I wanted to go around to his place for a few [minutes], so I went around for about half an hour and we just sat chatting. He was asking about what I get up to and what music I like and what books I read and, and, and… He was sitting there wearing a paira blue jeans and a black t, and I was sitting there getting horny. He’s got helluva good pecs, so his t sorta hangs down and away from his gut cos that’s flat, and his furniture makes a nice bulge in his jeans. His muscular legs fill every little bit of the leg as well, so you can imagine what was going through my head – THE OTHER HEAD, GARY.

Anyway, I’m meeting him now [in the gym] and we’re gonna do some sparring. He’s training, so there’s probably gonna be another dude down there with him as well. :)

Oh, shit yeah – I forgot to tellya that my folks said it was OK for me to go razzling [clubbing]. Well, they didn’t say it quite like that. Steve’s not quite sure if he’s gonna get to [meet up with] us cos he already made arrangements to go out for dinner with his folks – some larny [upmarket] do.

So it looks like we’re going to the Corner House and then the Purple Turtle. It’s gonna be a late night.

Mark had boxers on this morning. He’s always wearing briefs, which look so fucking hot, but he’s switched to those tight boxer briefs.

“Since when have you been wearing boxers?”

“These are from my chick. She schemes that the pouch helps to show off my jewels when I’m wearing jeans or whatever. So what the fuck. They’re pretty snug. (YOU’RE TELLING ME!!!) And if she gets off on me showing off my tool to the whole world then that’s also cool.”

“She must digya quite a bit, huh.”

“Fuck, Cody, don’t get a steady girl. She gets so fucking jealous that she drives me crazy. I don’t dare look at another bird. But she gives me briefs to show off my stuff to the whole fucking world. Whoa! Fuck, if I ever break up with her, that’s it. No more perms. I’m gonna play the fucking field with a pocketful of condoms.”

Hehehe – I wasn’t complaining and it was cool hearing him talk like that … like I’m an old friend.

We had a good laugh about some really stupid things while we were showering. He knows hundreds of one-liner jokes. Prob is I can never remember the damn things. Well, I can’t help forgetting the one-liners when his damn cock is bouncing in fronta my face … can I?

You like rosebuds, huh, G? Well, you’d fucking freak at Mark’s. The only hair he’s got is around his dick. His crotch and ass are as smooth as a baby’s backside, and his rosebud is a perfect small brown hole. So – I’ve been looking. Still wouldn’t put my tongue up there, though. Y U C K !! Actually, he’s got hardly any hair ‘cept for his head, and he shaves under his arms cos of boxing. Hey, G, he’s got nice armpits, too – hehehe. Ifya look very closely – and I’ve seen that cos it’s easier when they’re wet – there’s a thin light layer of hair from his belly button to his pubes.

I just got home a little while ago. Wingnut’s phoned, Steve’s phoned, and Steph has phoned. Who’s Steph? Yeah, I can hearya – hehehe.

Last night – first off, I wore my white vest over my black jeans, with my black sneakers and my Billabong jersey over. Sprayed myself fulla Brut.

“Dammit, Cody, you’re stinking up the whole damn house!”

“Sorry, dad.”

“So where are you guys going?”

“Corner and Turtle.”

“What the hell is Corner and Turtle? A new club?”

“No, dad, it’s two clubs. Corner House and Purple Turtle.”

“Who are you going with?”

“Mark and a coupla girls.”

“Mark? From the swim team?”


“I always thought he was a moody little sod.”

“Hey, dad, he’s cool. You’ll like him a lot ifya get to know him.” Then he picked up the condom from my bedside table. “Hey, boyo, this isn’t a license to drill every hole you see. OK?”

“I know, dad. (I was blushing like crazy – and I took it from him). It’s just in case.”

“Hey, can I tell you something I’ve never told you before? – I don’t think I have, anyway.”

“Yeah, shoot.”

So he sits on my bed and I’m going like ‘Oh, fuck, this is gonna be a long, long speech about when I was a boy…’

“You’re a pretty good looking teen, Cody. And your bod’s not that bad, either. You probably get a lot of girls coming on to you. I just want you to be careful. I know that you’ve been screwing around. I did too at your age, and I’m not saying it’s normal, either. I just don’t want you to get caught by the wrong girl, and she ends up pregnant – maybe from another guy – but she’s got an excuse to blame you.”

“Hey, dad, chill. Ifya want, I’ll jack off before I go out.”

So he hits me around the chops, and says, “Yeah, well I wouldn’t be surprised if you did already.”

So I give my mom a huge hug and my dad says, “What about me?”

Shuddup, Gary – so I give him a huge hug too.

Mark was waiting for me when I got to his place, and he rocked. He was wearing Skater cargo pants with the side pockets and an open button-shirt over a vest.

“Brut, huh?”

“That bad?”

“No, but it must have been when you sprayed it on,” he laughed.

Then we chucked it to his girlfriend’s house. His girl’s name is Carol, and she’s the bomb. And then I met Steph. Steph is like Carol’s best friend.

Her folks were out, so we cooled off and had a few beers. Mark kept on talking to me to make me feel at home. Carol and Steph were both neat as well. They were both wearing tight jeans with tight tops, with their belly buttons showing.

We musta left at about 10 to go to Corners. Corners only starts raving at about 11:30 on a Friday.

The place was maxed out [packed] by about 1, so then we went to Turtles for a coupla beers. Well, Mark started getting into some shorts – he’s into Tequila.

Much later, Mark came to me and asked if it was OK if he chucked [split] for a little while, and he’d meet us back at the pub. It was pretty cool that he’d asked.

That’s when I got to know Steph a bit better. She’s helluva pretty, and quite shy. But I managed to get her onto the dance floor. She got me talking about swimming and surfing, and she was talking about her swimming, and she likes to ride horses. We ended up talking and laughing like buddies, which was pretty neat.

Mark and Carol eventually got back, and we started to chuck it home. Took ages to get a ride, and it was freezing cold.

We dropped the girls at Carol’s place, where Mark and she got into some tonsil hockey [tongue kissing]. I gave Steph a kiss and told her that I’d had a really rad night. She looked like she enjoyed it as well.

“Hey, Cody,” Mark asked as we walked towards his house, “do you want to just sleep over in my room? It’ll be cool.”

“Fuck, yeah!”

Then we got to a traffic crossing. “Hey, Mark, let’s catch a piss under the lights.”

“You’re fucking crazy! We’ll be caught!” he laughed.

“Yeah, well, OK … if you’re chicken.”

“Fuck off,” he laughed again, then stood under the traffic lights [alongside me] and we both had a piss for the world to see. I would never ever have seen myself doing that with Mark. I’m not sure if it was the cold or what, but we both got boners. [Daniel should be ashamed of himself for giving Cody ideas like that. MrB] :)

When we got to his house, he was giggling and telling me to be quiet while he unlocked the door.

He got undressed and then fell on his back on his bed, wearing only his briefs (normal briefs). OK, so where the fuck was I supposed to sleep?

“Hey, Cody, you can undress and sleep at the end of my bed. We can sleep head to toe. Just one thing, though, I can’t sleep in these.” So he slips off his briefs and I’m hornier than a fucking rhino. Then he added, “Hey, you can keep your boxers on – it’s cool – I promise not to touch you.”

So I did keep my boxers on when I climbed under the covers. We just passed out totally, though – shitfaced and tired.

I woke up with a helluva headache. Mark was up and dressed already. He was going to the shops for his mom.

“What are you doing later?”

“Probably going around to [see] Carol.”

“Well, we’ll be down at the beach, so if you guys wanna hit out [there] that’ll be cool.”

“We’ll see, Code. I’m not into the crowds.”

I got dressed and came home, and here I am.

We’re going surfing. Steph just phoned to say she had a really kiff evening, and she maybe wants to go out with me sometime again.

I’m looking forward to hanging with Steve and Wingnut today, though. It’s gonna rock. And I desperately need Steve to give me an oil change – hehehe.

The surf is rocking so I’m waiting for Wingnut and Steve to come around so we can get down there [to the beach]. I forgot to letya know that today is a public holiday over here – Women’s Day or something. I suppose they reckon every night is guy’s night, so … :)

Mark’s been in touch and I got another call from Steph, so she’s gonna meet us at the beach cos Carol and Mark are going out for the day.

Well, it’s back to school but that’s OK cos we’ve got the winter swim comp this week, and that’s gonna be pretty good.

Had an awesome surf day yesterday. Wingnut was raving, and Steve also had a pretty good day.

Steph? Well, I’ve gotta tellya, she came down to the beach yesterday and got a coupla heads turning. She’s one of those girls that is helluva pretty, and she’s got a good bod to go with it. I’m sure I even saw Wingnut pulling his fucking boardies further down before he came up to meet her.

“You Cody’s chick? (No fucking culture, that little dude)

“Just a friend, and you’re [real name]?”

“Yeah … the guys call me Wingnut.”

She giggled cos I’d [already] told her about that.

(Back in the surf): “Hey, Cody, she is way neat. You gonna fuck her?”

“You’ve got no fucking tact. I’m surprised you just didn’t ask her if I fucked her or something. And I sawya pull your boardies down. You’re lucky your cock didn’t jump out.”

“Yeah, well just watch out cos I saw her looking at my woody.”

He had me and Steve in fits of laughter, the way he was carrying on.

She stayed there, sitting on the beach the whole day watching us. She likes Steve and Wingnut, which is a plus as long as I can keep Steve’s claws away from her. Mindya, I should try and keep Wingnut’s claws away as well.

We all went to my house for a while, and she and my mom got chatting. My mom likes her.

“Hey, Cody, wanta blow me?” This is Steve putting his hand down my boardies [in my room].

“Yo! What if Steph fucking walks in here now and sees that?”

Fuck, just that touch gave me a hardon, and now my boardies were like pushing out.

We all walked Steph home, and then Steve drifted, and it was just me and Wingnut. He was talking about rugby and how shit the guys [from SA] had played, and what’s gonna happen this weekend against Oz.

I was watching his face. The more I look at him, the more I think about just how good looking he is; and that along with his nicely shaped bod and all … I better just keep an eye on him – hehehe. I’d love to be a fly on the wall the first time he lays a girl, or the first time he has a BJ.

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