Cape Town, South Africa
Part 47

Steph phoned last night and we were on the phone for ages. She was saying that she surfs as well, but her stick got busted.

“So why didn’tya say something? I coulda borrowed you a stick.”

“Hey, it’s cool. I just wanted to see how you guys surf before making a fool of myself. Anyway, I didn’t have a wettie with me.”

So that’s pretty neat. Now she needs to get her damn stick fixed so she can come out with us sometime.

It’s been such a nice day here – sun shining and it’s warm. And I had such a cool rap with Mark this morning. Did our normal thing with the punch bag and situps and pushups. I think he’s trying to see how far he can push me before I say ‘uncle’ [I’ve had enough].

“So where the fuck didya disappear to with Carol on Saturday?”

"There are rooms at the club. You pay ten bucks for a room, and it’s clean. They make sure of that. But you’ve got like a half hour to fuck and go. They all think that Carol and I are like in our twenties.”

“Why at the club? Why not at home at her house?”

“Cos I don’t need a fucking audience.”

“But, jeez, you guys don’t even have time to like – have any foreplay or anything.”

“Yeah, well we do try. She’ll blow me while I finger-fuck her first.”

“You don’t put your tongue in there?”

“Fuck, Cody,” he laughed. “Have you had a close-up look at a girl’s pussy? It’s like the ugliest mother ever. I’ll sooner blow a guy than lick that thing. And you can put that thing [of yours] away … I’m not doing you.”

I got a boner just listening to him talk, which was the reason he said what he said.

“Yeah, well ifya ever looking for a cock to practice on, I’m all yours.”

“Fuck off, Cody. So did you enjoy having Stephanie to go out with?”

“Yeah. I think she’s pretty neat.”

“Just don’t get too hung up on her. She’s not the kind to stay with one guy.”

“Does she screw around?”

“No – not that. She hates being attached. I went out with her before I met Carol, and she drove me crazy jealous before we decided to call it quits.”

“She says she surfs.”

“She’s pretty hot as well, and I think that’s her prob. Surfing comes before any steady guys.”

“How come I haven’t seen her around before?”

“She’s from Durban … came down [here] with her folks about four months ago.”

“You fuck her?”



“And what? Hey, find out for yourself. Enough already. Now I’ve got a fucking hardon as well.”

“Want me to blow you?”

“Come near me and I’ll break your nose – I swear.”

I laughed like hell. “So where didya go yesterday?”

“Carol and I went up Table Mountain – took the back trail and then down to the gardens.”

He was talking about Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which is at the bottom of the mountain.

“We surfed. It was pretty good.”

“Hey, Cody, who’s the lighty that surfs with you guys?”

“Wingnut. Why?”

“Steph mentioned him to Carol yesterday. I think he’s going to be your biggest problem. She thinks he’s cute and hunky for a little guy. And from what she could see, he’s got a huge cock.”

I cracked and thought to myself, ‘That is exactly what Wingnut [would have] wanted to happen. He wanted Steph to notice his cock’.

“He’s an OK little dude – tough fucker for his age – he’s only 11.”

“Oops! I think Steph thinks he’s like 14 or something.”

“Well, he turns 12 soon.”

And then we started talking about the winter [swim] comp. He’s got some dude that’s staying over at his house as well, also from Port Elizabeth. He hates it, though. He says it’s like sleeping with the enemy, and the last guy who stayed over didn’t do anything – not even clean up his own mess.

Anyway, G, I hopeya enjoyed the burger [you told me about]. Gave me a boner thinking about what I coulda done with it – hehehehe.

Yesterday arvie we went for a surf and it was a mess so Steve and I hung out on the beach while the ‘blue boy’ went in and got wet. Hehehe – the water was so cold he almost had nothing to hold up his boardies. He’s definitely getting surfing fit, though, cos he paddles around with no effort at all.

We’re not gonna do a helluva lotta swim training today cos the comp is on tomorrow. You’re probably not gonna get a note from me tomorrow morning cos the first day of comp is hectic with a million heats happening.

Yesterday, we had a really tough training session, and guess who came to watch from college? Darren’s getting to look like one of those super models. His bod is helluva buffed, and he seems to be getting better looking. Maybe it’s just cos I haven’t seen him in a while. He’s gonna come around to my house to see my folks, and he’s gonna be around at the swim comp. He’s pretty impressed with the way my swimming’s going.

I think Mark is pretty much str8, and he’s very much into Carol cos he goes there [to her house] after school most of the time after [swim] training. Mark’s one of those dudes who would freak if he thought I was gay, I think.

Steph phoned again last night and we chatted for ages. She was telling me about school and some girl scandal that was going on there, and she asked about how the swim training went. It was a cool convo.

Meeting Mark now. It’s like a highlight of the morning for me. I like sparring with him, though. Maybe I’m into sado masochism or something but I love it when my glove connects him, and I don’t mind him hitting me at all. Hehehe.

Getting ready to go home now. Mark was totally pissed off this morning again, and it was useless even to try and talk to him. I’m not sure if he’s nervous about the swim comp or about sharing his room [with the dude from PE] or what. Maybe Carol gave him a hard time. I dunno. Anyway, we went one round [in the ring] and he was beating the shit outta me.

“Hey, what the fuck’s gotten into ya?”

“Why? Am I being too rough on you or something?”

“Fuck, Mark, it’s like you’re seriously trying to hurt me here.”

“Yeah, well if you can’t handle it, say so and we’ll call it a day.”

“Yeah, well maybe I’m not handling it. I dunno what’s wrong with ya, but don’t take your mood out on me. OK?”

“Yeah, well if you want to be a wussy boy then cheers.” And he walked away.

We showered without saying a fucking word to each other, and I hated that. So I got him before we left [the gym].


“Hey what?”

“What’s going on?”


“Cos you’re pissed at something, and I became your target this morning.”

“Yeah, well maybe I am – maybe I’m not. I don’t know. OK?”

“Hey, we’re buddies, remember?”

“Yeah, cool. See you later, Cody.”

I wanted to fucking scream at him but thought it wouldn’t be a good idea – might get him really pissed.

He sat with me at recess but was helluva quiet … but I never asked him again if something was wrong.

The guys from PE [Port Elizabeth] arrived at second recess – there’s about 50 of them. I met up with Kim and he’s still the same – fucking good-looking blonde god. He was wearing his school uniform with a red blazer and tie. He’s about a foot taller than me, and quite a bit broader in the shoulders. I hope he loses every fucking race he’s in.

The swimming is going OK. The boys from PE are knocking us a bit, though. Mark was knocked outta the freestyle and was totally pissed cos he got a bad start off the blocks. I only came in 4th but at least I’m through to the next heats. I came first in my heat for butterfly, but only just. Ross won his freestyle and breast stroke races. Kim has won all his races so far, so he’s through to the next heats on butterfly and freestyle. Later he’s swimming backstroke and breast, and the way he’s swimming he’ll go through easy. He’s like a fucking powerhouse in the water. Mark’s gotten through in the breast and back in his heats. He’s still got butterfly to do. The comp is hard, though, and a lotta guys are disappointed with how they’ve done. Darren says he’s not too worried cos at least we’re going through [the heats]. He thinks we’ve been overtraining.

Wingnut’s gonna be here this arvie [at my school for the winter comp] cos he’s never seen me swim before.

Well, the good news is that I’m through all my rounds [in the comp]. Mark got through the second round of breast and backstroke. He fucking creamed the guys in backstroke so he’s looking forward to the semis. Ross has also been doing better. He knocked Kim down to second in the freestyle, and he’s swimming outta his age group as well.

Kim’s been doing pretty well in all the races. The only one he didn’t win is the one where Ross got him. He’s pretty fulla himself, though.

Mark and I came in first and third in the butterfly. AND THAT’S THE ONE THAT WINGNUT WAS THERE FOR. I was pretty chuffed, and Steph came after school as well. She looks totally diff in her school uniform.

It’s been a good day. Swimming isn’t going that great, though. I only came third in my fly but am into the final, which is cool. All the guys in finals score points even if they come last.

I was knocked out of the freestyle. Those fucks are way too fast for me. I’ve still got a chance to make the final of breast stroke as well, but my event is only a helluva lot later. Ross is being his usual self and creaming the opposition. He can cream me anytime. :)

Mark has done a turnaround and is through every damn race so far. I think he makes himself aggro on purpose to drive himself harder.

Kim is still flying through the water like he’s a fucking dolphin, and he’s making sure that everyone sees it as well. It’s just his ‘tude when he comes outta the water and towels himself. You can see he’s looking around to see if peeps are watching him. He can be such a prick. Such a beautiful fucking prick.

And his whole attitude is pissing Mark off. I think Mark is maybe pissed cos Kim is staying at my house, but I can see the two of them climbing into each other. Mark’s itching for him. Hmmmm, now hang on – there’s a fucking thought – maybe if I tell Kim that Mark is gay – hmmmm.

Wingnut thinks Kim is like a movie star and they got on pretty damn well. I haven’t said anything to Kim [about what happened when I was raped by his older friend Robert], and I hope he doesn’t try anything. I just don’t want him mouthing off to Wingnut. I’ve told him that Wingnut is str8. Steve doesn’t like Kim a helluva lot and neither does Mark. Mark doesn’t like the guy [who’s] staying at his house either, but then maybe that’s just Mark. Steve thinks Kim is too full of it [shit].

I’ve gotta jet. It’s gonna be a long arvie. Oh, Steph gave me such a huge hug yesterday after the race, and I forgot to tellya. Grief! She even gave me a boner!

Well, we’re swimming again tonight [in the heats] for the finals and it’s gonna be a blast.

Steve and Kim are both passed out in my room [as I write this]. We went out last night to a club. My folks weren’t that keen but I told my dad that I wanted to show Kim around [town] and he only had this weekend [before he had to return to PE], and we were swimming on Saturday evening, and, and, and…

“OK, SHUDDUP AND GO ALREADY," my dad said.

He was pretty cool, though. Just by the way, I don’t think he cares too much for Kim either.

There was a whole crowd of us at the club - Mark and Carol – I went with Steph – Steve had ANOTHER girl – Ross was there with his gf as well, and Kim and a few of his swim team buds.

It was a totally kewl time. There was only one time when Kim asked Carol for a dance and he tried his hand up her blouse. All of us thought that there would be fireworks but Mark just went up to him and told him to fuck off – and he did. I reckon he musta seen the fire in Mark’s eyes.

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