Cape Town, South Africa
Part 50

Watched some vids at home last night. My folks were out so Mark and Carol and Steph and Steve and [his girl] Kim and Wingnut were there. Wingnut felt a bit left out cos we all had girls and he was there on his ownsome. But the girls made a huge fucking fuss about him so he can’t complain. And I think he knew it cos he had this damn bulge in his jeans. We watched a vid called The Faculty, about aliens taking over a school. Pretty neat.

Wingnut walked with me to take Steph home, and slept over last night AGAIN.

I read your [Wingnut] stories and I wonder if his folks don’t get pissed off with him spending so much time over here. I don’t mind him cos he’s quite a mature lighty but I don’t want his folks getting any weird ideas. They would fucking freak if they knew he slept in my bed.

Anyway, he’s got homework to do so he’s busy with that, and if he’s not finished he can’t go surf later, so I bet he’s working his butt off.

HEHEHEHE – he’s just run in here [to the den, where I’m on the comp] now to say he’s finished. It must be mental telepathy or something.

Mark asked me this morning if I’d shagged [had sex with] Steph yet. Told him no cos I think we’re both still trying to find out about each other. Didn’t wanna tell him I was nervous as fuck about it all cos I’ve done it like once with that slut bitch [arranged as a going away present by Paul the previous year]. Anyway, I was trying to change the damn subject cos he’s like in the shower pretending he’s grabbing a girl and shagging the shit outta her, and his boner is pointing skyward cos he’s working himself up as well.

“Hey, do those things kinda light up when someone touches them?”

“What things?”

“Your nads. Can I find out?”

“Hey, go for it … and while you’re down there, you can pick up your teeth as well.”

I cracked.

Anyway, I wish I could just tell him to lay off [asking me about having sex with Steph]. We’ll get to it in our own time. This is unfamiliar territory for me, and it’s the one thing that can make me look like a fucking wuss boy. All the guys at school are fucking shagging. When I started high school, I met Darren the first year and he was 15, and he was already going out with his girlfriend and shagging the hell outta her.

Steve’s got a DVD player and the quality of the vids is totally unreal. It’s like being in a movie house. We watched Event Horizon and Twister and Airforce One. I’ve seen Twister and Airforce One before, but seeing them on DVD is really different. It was just Steve and me and his girlfriend. Steph couldn’t come around cos she had stuff to do, and Wingnut hadta go out with his folks when we got back from the beach. The surf sucked, as ya probably guessed.

But he came around [to my place] when his folks got back and I’d returned home. My folks had a fire going, and we sat chatting about all sortsa stuff. My dad was telling us surfari stories about how he and a coupla friends hiked all the way up the coast from Cape Town to J-Bay during one holiday. They hadta walk for miles cos it was right off the main road, but they wanted to catch all the [surf] breaks.

Anyway, it was quite a relax, and I managed to catch up with a helluva lotta homework as well cos I was working while they were talking. Well … a lotta the time I was watching Wingnut’s face while my dad was talking, and he was soaking up every damn word. I hope he doesn’t get any ideas to run away [from home] with his stick or something. Hehehehe.

Had a cool [gym] session with Mark this morning. What the hell, we’re always having a good session. This morning, the first time he asked me to help him tape his hands. He normally does it himself. Anyway, he talked me through how to do it. He said that I should start taping [my hands] as well, but it’s such a damn hassle.

He’s got a [boxing] tourny on Thursday evening so I’m gonna go watch. It’s a club comp and should be good. Little guys from 9 years up to 19 years old are competing. They fight three rounds of 2 minutes each. He’s got training after school ‘til then [the day of the comp] so depending, I might go watch.

Steph phoned last night and we had a long convo. She asked if I wanted to go out serious with her. I told her that I thought it was totally awesome that she asked that question, but then I said that we’d only like been together for like two weeks, and maybe just give it a little more time. I also told her that I didn’t have another girl, which made her feel a bit better I guess. I’m starting to like her quite a lot cos she’s not like a fucking anchor, and asking me what I do all the time, and where I’m going … and she surfs, which makes it cool.

Wingnut hadta go home, so Steve and I worked on that [Happy B’day MrB] graphic.

Wingnut’s got rugger training this arvie but Steve will be around, I’m sure.

Surf was totally crappo yesterday. I saw it on my way home from school, so Steve and Wingnut didn’t even bother going down [to the beach]. Wingnut was so fulla shit yesterday you won’t believe it. I’m sure he deliberately gets on Steve’s back just to get into a wrestling fight to see how strong he is. Yeah, well he’s not gonna get Steve that easily cos Steve’s got fucking muscles where Wingnut’s still gonna get acne. At least Steve handles it OK. I think if Wingnut hadta try something like that with Mark, he might just – just get a little hurt cos Mark’s fuse is so short.

Anyway, got the dog crap picked up – I didn’t do it. :) Steve worked on the comp in the den. Had a helluva time trying to get Wingnut outta there, so I chucked some headphones on him and put on the Just Jinger CD and told him to listen to the words. Hehehe – you shoulda seen him concentrate. I’m sure if I asked him he woulda recited the whole damn thing. I got into school work – I woulda liked to be with Steve in the den but I hadta keep the little dude occupied.

After dinner last night, I got a call from Mark asking if he could come over [here] for a few [minutes]. WOOOHOOOOOOOO.

He came around and we chatted about the boxing tourny. My dad was asking him about boxing and stuff. They get on helluva well and I think Mark likes my folks a lot. Even my mom got in on the convo.

“He’s going to turn a lot of heads, that one.”


“Your friend Mark.”

“Why doya say that?”

“Well, he’s pretty good looking, but rough at the same time. A bit like someone else I know.”


“Yeah, dad as well, but [also] a bit like you.”

“You think I’m good looking?”

“Have no girls ever told you that?”

“Not like that.”

“OK then, I’m not going to give you a swollen head, but you’re not going to carry on looking like that if you keep fighting. You’re older now, and you kids are punching harder, and you will get badly hurt if you carry on. Time to grow up and – hmmm, what’s the word? – chill.”

I cracked when she said that. She’s never spoken to me like that before.

So it was a good day and a relaxing evening. Gonna meet Mark now [in the gym].

Mark was totally chatty this morning.

“Hey, do you mind me coming around to your place?”

“Well, fact is you don’t come around enough. I really like having you at home. I wantya bod real bad.”

OK, OK … maybe I shouldn’ta said that cos he connected me in the breadbox – a friendly smack but damn it hit just the right [sweet] spot.

“I’m just joking.”

“I know that – so was I.”

“Serious – you can come over [to my place] anytime. You don’t needta ask.”

“That’s cool – there’s a vibe in your house. It’s different.”

“Yeah, well take your beeper outta your pants and the vibe will go – hehehe.”

“Fuck, Cody, is that all you can think about?”

“No, it’s just that I know it gets you mad, and you’re pretty cute when you’re mad.”

“Fuck off.”

“See what I mean?”

Well, the friendly chat didn’t stop him from hammering me during the sparring [session]. He’s pretty psyched for tomorrow night [and the boxing comp]. I looked at him the way my mom musta. He is pretty rough looking, but good looking as well. And my mom hasn’t seen his bod yet. :)

I was watching him while he was showering, and following the rivers of water running down his bod, and like a waterfall off the end of his dick, and thought about how lucky Carol was to be able to get that bod close to her. He knew I was looking as well cos he started getting a boner. I already had one but I guess me having a boner in the shower most days is just damn normal anyway. Even when I’m alone, the feeling of the water running down my dick is enough [to get a rise].

You won’t believe how tense Mark is this morning. The [boxing] team was training and I was pleased that I wasn’t sparring with him today cos he was hitting the crap outta the assistant coach. I could hardly talk to him. Tried to tell him to calm down and relax but he’s just as tight as a fucking guitar string. He said the guy that he’s fighting tonight from one of the larny [expensive, private] schools has beaten him twice before, and both times he got hurt. He was suspecting that he would be up against the same guy but he was hoping that he wouldn’t be.

Anyway, I’m just sorta huddling with him, and if he wants to chat then he can cos I’m there [for him].


Told Mark I’d meet him after school, and we can go for a cold drink or something. Then he says he’s gonna have a lay down this arvie, and maybe I’ll get some surf.

“So what’s the buzz? I’ve never seen you this nervous. You scared?”

“No fucking way. It’s just this dude [I’ll be fighting]. It’s more a psycho thing cos he’s beaten me twice already, and he goes all out to fucking hurt me cos he knows just where I hurt.”

“Oh? Tell me.”

“Why? So you can get me there too? [Pause] In the ribs, just under my armpits. I keep fucking lifting my arm to hit [him] and his timing is always fucking perfect. Folds me like a fucking piece of paper. Just there.” Then he poked his fingers hard into the top of my ribs – just under the armpit, and now I believe him. That is a soft spot for sure. Damn!

“Hey, Cody.”


“Hang a bit after school – we can go for a juice or something.”

“Cool, but are you gonna try and rest [before the fight]?”

“Yeah … I just needta hang [with you] for a while, though.”

So now I’m waiting for him [while I’m writing this in the comp lab]. They’re having a team talk. I hope he gets some rest cos his brain is frying him more than [the prospect of] this other dude is.

I can’t believe it. We’re having a damn surf drought here. The conditions are all the same and then – nothing. There’s just no groundswell. So we all went home. Steve and I had homework and studying to do, and Wingnut had dog crap to pick up, which he did later – hehehe. When he’s bigger he’s gonna beat me up for making him do that. Anyway, he laid on the bed and listened to music on the headphones. I wanted to know what he was thinking cos he got one helluva fucking boner.

“Nothing – I’m just listening to the music.”

“Don’t talk crap – you’re as hard as anything. I wanta know [why].”

“Really, Cody, I don’t know. The fucking thing’s just doing it’s own thing.”

So I jumped him and sat on his chest, and drilled his chest with my knuckles. “I wanta know!”

He was laughing and could hardly talk. “That’s sore! Shit, Cody! If you’re not happy with it you can jack it for me and take the pressure off.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Anyway, you’ve got one, too.”

It musta been when I started to wrestle him that I got a boner, too, and the little fucker couldn’t help noticing.

I went [to the kitchen] and made some sarmies and we had sarmies and juice, and spoke about rugger and surfing and the shitty surf. Then I asked if Wingnut wants to come to the boxing [tournament] tonight, and [he said] he was gonna ask his folks. Steve’s coming, and I know a lotta the guys from school will be there to support our boxing team. My dad wants to come but he’s gotta get permission from my mom cos he was supposed to take her out somewhere – hehehehe.

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