Cape Town, South Africa
Part 56

They’ve asked some of us to come to the school today and clean the pool and tidy up a few things, so I thought I’d come in early and do a few things on the web page as well, like load up the latest news thingy [September, 1999].

Wingnut is here as well. He’s downstairs helping some of the guys clear the gym before they do the cleanup. Mark’s coming in l8er as well, which will be cool.

Nothing too serious has happened during the hols, but it’s been neat. The weather has been pretty great. Surf at the local has been a trash-out so we’ve gone to Long Beach twice already and had some cooker surf there. Wingnut’s raving on the faster waves, and he’s pretty damn stylish. I think he’s in love. Some of the girls got chatting to him at Long Beach. They’re about his age, and the one girl lives a suburb away [from us] so he’s thinking about phoning her to go to the moves and for pizza. He helped me with some scraping and painting I did for a neighbor so I gave him some cash for doing that.

Steph left this morning on holiday with her folks. She wanted me to go with them but – I dunno – I just wasn’t into being confined around her folks on holiday, I guess. They’d just end up watching me the whole damn time in case I screw their daughter. Her folks are pretty cool but her dad’s already given me the third degree about his ‘little girl’. Little does he know…


It’s been a great morning. We managed to get the pool sorted as well as the gym. The water is not that bad so we had a rave messing about in the pool and swimming as well.

Mark and Wingnut have hit it off quite well cos they’ve spent the whole morning dissing each other. Wingnut never learns to shut up but at least Mark never beat his head in, and just dissed him back. Then when we got into the water, Mark was trying to drown him but Wingnut is a lot stronger than guys think he is.

Anyway, he scrubbed out the change rooms as well and it’s all looking pretty good – waiting for my next juice explosion.

Well, school starts today for the final quarter of the year and it’s gonna be hectic. We also start our summer swim program, and training starts this morning. Looking forward to it, though. Mark’s back into swim training as well so he was saying that he’s probably gonna do his own training during one of the breaks [recesses].

Steph came back from her hols on Friday and we went out; the whole gang of us – Mark and Carol, Steve and a different girlfriend, and Steph and me. We met up with Ross and a coupla the guys from school as well.

The hols have been pretty laid back, and there was some good surf. Yesterday, went to surf at the local and then watched the rugger on TV. Wingnut’s folks took him for a treat to a theme park here called Ratanga Junction where they were showing big-screen rugger. He wanted me to come along with them but he also had a coupla friends going and I didn’t want him ignoring them while I was there. I think it’s pretty important for him to hang out with some of his own age friends when he can. He’s been hanging with me just about the whole hols and he slept over twice. I think he just sleeps over now so I can jack him off.

On Thursday night last week it musta been almost midnight when my dad woke me up. My mom was awake as well, and in the back garden.

“What’s up?”

“It’s your cactus.”

“What about it?” I thought the thing had died or something.

“It’s flowering. It will take about another hour or so and it should be totally open.”

Well, G, I gotta tellya, I went and woke up Wingnut cos I wanted him to see it. Your cactus had only one flower on it. It was the most perfect blue you’ve ever seen. My folks reckon it only flowers once a year, and always at night. And the chances of actually seeing it are like almost nil. My dad was just out enjoying a late night with some wine when he noticed it. When Wingnut saw it I don’t think he could understand what I was so amped about but he enjoyed seeing it. Awesome, huh? [You might remember reading about Cody asking his mom to buy the cactus for him. Cody told me that it reminded him of me. Hopefully, it’s still there, and flowering every spring. MrB]

I’ll try and get into the MrB site tonight and check out the new stories and stuff. I think I’ve got the prob at home sorted out – hopefully. Going home for something to eat and then for a wave. The guys say that the surf is up at the local.

Well, the first day of school has been totally rad. The swim session this morning was awesome. And guess who’s gonna be giving us some specialized training? Darren! That is a total damn plus. It just felt so good swimming again. I guess I missed it more than I thought. Ross has been elected team captain for the summer, which means he goes in as school swim captain at the start of next year, so he’s pretty chuffed. He deserves it, though, cos he works hard at getting the guys together and arranging special sessions for the juniors.

Talking about juniors, guess who comes into high school as a junior next year? Hehehehe – the school will never be the same again. I’ll get him on to the swim team for summer and he can play rugger during the winter.

Mark was in a pretty rad mood this morning as well so the hols have definitely done him some good.

Well, the homework is being piled on, especially studying for mid terms in a few weeks, so it’s gonna be hectic.

Yesterday arvie I had so much work to do that I never even bothered to go and check the surf. Wingnut did, though, and he said it was shitty, and he never bothered to go out [in it] cos he also had a lotta homework, which he ended up doing at my place. Steve went to Long Beach with some friends from [his] school. Says it wasn’t that great.


It’s been a cooker day. Turned out really hot. Swimming this morning went well. Water is warmer already. Mark was charging through the water doing laps. He couldn’t beat me in the butterfly, though, hehehe. At least I can beat him at something.

That pic you’re using of Mark is OK. Doesn’t look like him, though. I think Mark is like super good looking. I’d say his looks are similar to [Tom] Cruise but he looks more serious, and his hair is in a brush cut. I wish he’d let his hair grow, though, cos he looks fucking funky with his hair longer and hanging in his face, and just a little down the back of his neck and over his ears. Although he’s got a serious face he’s got eyes that kinda smile. They sparkle when he smiles. When he gets mad his eyes go from a brown to almost a gray color. Thenya run like hell.

Yesterday, Wingnut came around to my house and I gave him the crap detail again. I hadta get into the pool to scrub out the corners where the cleaner wasn’t getting to the black algae, so the little dude volunteered [to do it for me].

“Don’t you wanta get your wetsuit?”

“Nah, it’s not going to take long.”

So he strips down to his briefs and gets in. I couldn’t believe that he could hold his breath for so long. The pool is 7 feet deep at the deep end, and he went down and scrubbed out the corners. He came up for a breath now and again, and just went straight back down. The water in our pool at home is like ice, and he was purple when he [finally] came out. And he might as well not have had briefs on cos everything was showing through.

“You’re gonna need to start shaving soon.”

So he rubs his hand across his chin. “Crap. Even you don’t shave yet.”

"I do, but only like once a month to remove the fluff. I’m talking about that bush you’re growning above your cock.”

So he starts beaming at me. “Getting impressive, huh?”

“Yep, it is.”

Steve came around and wanted to know why Wingnut was almost naked. He felt the water and couldn’t believe that Wingnut had gone into that water without a suit.

“You’re a maniac. It’s like ice.”

“Nope, I’m just not a wussy boy like my friends. Anyway, it’s not that bad. Feel it for yourself.” And then he pushes Steve into the pool, clothes and all.

Steve was redfaced pissed. I really thought he was gonna clout Wingnut. But then he made a joke outta it, and stripped off. He grabbed Wingnut and the two of them ended up in the pool, wrestling. Steve pulled the grommet’s briefs off, and threw them over the neighbor’s fence. We dared him to jump the fence bare-assed but he wouldn’t.

“I’d just end up giving the old lady a wet pussy.”

Then we just listened to some music in my room. There was no surf anywhere cos the wind was blowing full on-shore. I gave Steve a tracksuit to wear, and Wingnut just put his shorts and t back on.


Good training session this morning again. There are a coupla new guys on the [swim] team and it’s good to see a new range of furniture. :) This year’s model looks good, especially with the increased capacity of some of the older models hehehe. I found out that Mark doesn’t like the other guys staring at him when he’s naked, and he waits until most guys have finished showering before he goes in [there]. Shy? Fuck, he’s got nothing to be shy about. He’s got a killer bod and a good dick with good hangers. Fact is, he looks better than most of the dudes cos he just looks strong. Then when he’s finished showering he puts the towel around his waist. Most dudes just hang it on their locker doors. I also noticed that when he’s wearing Speedos he tucks his dick under so you can’t make out the size of it or anything. There’s just this huge bulge, like he stuck a sock in there.

I beat Mark in the heats for the butterfly. He’s faster than me in the freestyle, though.

It’s gonna be a cooker day here today – 29 degrees C. The wind is still blowing up to shit and I’m getting the shakes from not getting into the surf. That’s cool, though, cos I just put my shaking hand in my pocket ‘til something comes up. :)

Steve came around yesterday arvie. He brought a coupla CDs around for me to tape, and then Wingnut came around and I hadta tape the new Chili Peppers for him. He didn’t stay, though – he had homework [to do] and his mom was threatening to ground him for the weekend if he didn’t get it done. Hehehe. Wingnut was mimicking her, saying: “Enough is enough, [real name]. If you don’t do your homework then you are not going anywhere this weekend.”

Mark came around [to my house] last night and it was a total surprise cos he never said anything [to me beforehand].

“Hey, bro, this is neat you coming around.”

“Fuck, I had to get outta my house. That cunt is driving me up the fucking wall.”

“Your mom’s boyfriend?”

“He’s a fucking prick. And my mom is always taking his side when we argue. That fucking sucks.”

So he listened to some of the tapes I recorded. He got chatting to my dad. They really hit it off well. My dad actually gets him to laugh and you should see him then. When he’s laughing he must be one of the most handsome dudes on the planet. He only left pretty late.

It’s gonna be another cooker day here today with the temp at 32 degrees C.

Sorry I never sent mail before leaving school yesterday but our net was down – AGAIN.

Yesterday arvie the surf wasn’t that good but we all went down anyway. It was so damn hot we just wanted to get wet, and we surfed with just boardies on. Wingnut’s boardies are starting to get too tight for him.

“You’re getting a big ass.”

“Nope – big dick. Look.”

So he pushes his hips forward to show his dick off. He’s gonna see if any of my old boardies fit him. They should fit him cool so long as his dick holds them in place.

Steph was surfing in girls’ boardies and a bikini top, and she had Wingnut ogling her damn tits all day.

“Hey, Cody, I needta jack badly.”

“Not here, OK. You’ll bring the fucking sharks.”

“Reckon Steph would come home with me?”

“Yeah, right … and do what?”

“Jack me. What d’ya think?”

He was laughing like hell and expecting me to clobber him. So when Steph came to the back line:

“Hey, Steph! Wingnut wants a blowjob.”


“Hey, Cody’s talking shit. I think he wants one.”


Wingnut was redfaced and we were cracking cos it was one of the first times he didn’t know what to say.

It was hot right through to the evening. After dinner Wingnut came around and the two of us had a swim in the pool. He tried on a paira my old boardies, and they fit him totally damn cool. They’re not that loose on him.

“Hey, Cody, the shape of your dick is moulded into these.”

“You can have them and pretend you’ve got a big dick.”

“Yeah, right. I’m gonna have to force my dick into that small space. But they’re really good, Code. Thanks.”

Then he gave me a hug, which was pretty cool.

Ross phoned and we had a conflab about swimming. He wants to organize a hike [up the mountain] in summer with Darren. They want me to give them a hand with the organizing. I told them that it’s cool.

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