Cape Town, South Africa
Part 59

The wind has eased up a bit and it’s warmer, so swimming went well. I loved the two new chapters of Daniel with Jimothy [109-110] and I’ve written the email [to Daniel]. Hope it’s whatya wanted.
hiya Daniel

you lucky fuck - havin Jimothy there withya. bet youve been smellin his armpits the whole damn time. i needta askya somethin - didya jack off over me when i was sleepin at your place as well? its no damn wonder i was sticky the whole time.
hey dude - i cant believe that Jimothy is actually there withya - hes like a hero - and singin the daniel song as well - how lucky can a person get. not thatya dont deserve it. i hope that Jimothy brought his steel underwear with a padlock - cos if he knew what i know then youre gonna be into his furniture every damn nite.
so tell me tell me - how does he taste huh? aaaggghhh! damn i cannot believe how lucky you are. actually Jimothys quite lucky as well - how does he handle it? does he swallow - cmon daniel - give me all the fuckin details - I WANT ALL THE DETAILS. is he smooth all over? what do his pubes smell like? ALL THE DETAILS - does he really say FUCK all the time?
hey bud - i missya stacks - hope we can get together again soon - i know its probly impossible but i really missya.
anyway - ive gotta jet - give Jimothy a suck for me.
cya - KOTCH!
8====================> --

Yesterday arvie, Wingnut came around after his cricket practice and helped me do the chores. Guess what he hadta do? Hehehe. Anyway, it got done pretty quickly so we ended up in the pool. Wingnut is like me; he hates wearing clothes, so we were both naked when the doorbell rang. I put on my boardies [to answer the door] and it was Mark.


“Hey, Code. Is it OK to come in?”

“Yeah, sure. Uh … listen … the little dude from next door is in the pool.”


“Yep, he helped me with some chores and then we had a swim.”

“That sounds pretty cool.”

“You wanta swim?”

“Yeah, but I’ll need a paira shorts or something.”

I gave him a pair of my gym shorts and they looked fucking wicked on him, cos his muscular legs like fill them. I was hoping that Wingnut had put some fucking shorts on when I went to the door, but he was still starkers when we got to the back [of the house].

Well, I thought Mark would freak but he didn’t. And I’m sure I saw his fucking cock stirring when he saw Wingnut. The two of them hit it off pretty well together, and Wingnut really doesn’t give a shit about being nude. It’s like it’s totally natural. He also doesn’t have a permanent boner when he’s around guys – just this thick cock which looks too damn big for his body.

Mark stayed after Wingnut left, and he had supper with us. Now, my dad’s been having a hassle with his sound system. When he turns the volume up one of the speakers dies. Mark had a look at it and found that one of the components was faulty by swapping it around with something else, and fixed the fucking thing.

“You’re pretty good. Where’d ya learn about that stuff?”

“I fix up most things at home. No way we can afford to get people in to do that. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Depends on the prob.”

“That’s pretty impressive. Scored big points with my dad.”

“I like doing stuff for him. He helped me big time [at the boxing tourny] and I’ll never forget that. Listen – about staying over [at my place].”


“Maybe this weekend. Would it be OK with your folks?”

“I’ll haveta take my school stuff around and study.”

“It’ll be Saturday night cos Friday I’m staying at Carol’s. Saturday, my mom and dickhead are going away to Montagu Spa [hot springs].”

“Hey, that’s a cool place.”

“Would be if dickhead wasn’t going.”

“I’ll check with my folks and letya know.”

“Ask them now.”

“OK – [hang on a] sec.”

Well, my mom went ballistic at the idea cos I’d promised that I’d work hard this term. Dad kinda convinced her it would be OK.

“That’s fucking rad. Checkya in the morning.”

So he’s pretty amped about me staying over, and mindya so am I. After he left, I went onto the net to check out MrB and Ruso Club.


Mark was in such a cool mood this morning. I could tell by his swimming. He was styling through the damn water.

Oh, Jumbo is a black guy; tall with a fucking beautiful bod. He’s got toned fucking muscles where I don’t even have body. His skin is blacker than most guys here, and shiny. He usedta hang with Alan but dropped him when he saw what that group was into.

Talking about Alan, he and Mark had words during second recess. Basically, Mark has told him one more wolf whistle [at the swim team] and he gets his nose broken. Alan stood his ground, though, but he had his goons with him. Yeah, you’re right. Those guys are brainless.

Steph phoned and I went around to her place for a few last night. Mark wasn’t around yesterday cos he had a whole lotta shit to do for his mom.

Wingnut was around again yesterday. He’s picking up the dog crap now before I even ask him. Then we went for a swim. He took his shorts off and he had briefs on.


“Just for swimming – in case you get friends [coming] around again. I don’t want to embarrass you cos my dick’s bigger.”

“Oh, yeah?”

So we both dropped our rods and he started to compare. Hehehe – he’s a few inches short.

“OK, just hang on a sec.” So he puts his hands on his hips and closes his eyes, and starts to get a boner. His boner is about five inches long.

“You’re still a little short, bud.”

I had a rager by then and wished he’d offer to jack me but he didn’t. :( Then he wrestled me into the pool.

Steve came around a bit l8er and joined us. Steve’s cool, though, cos he’s got no probs being naked around people. After Wingnut left we stayed in the pool and had some really cool fun. [Cody probably went on to tell me what kinda ‘fun’ he and Steve had but I didn’t include it in my Wingnut or Mark notes. MrB]


Well, I toldya it was gonna be a good day didn’t I. This morning after the showers, Mark asked me to rub some Reparil gel into his shoulders cos he had a bit of tendonitis. Well, I wish I coulda given him a pulled muscle but he woulda beaten me up. :)

What the hell, it was cool just massaging the gel into his shoulders.

“Cody, you should become a sports masseur. That feels damn good.”

“Well, let me know if you’ve got any other stiff muscles you want rubbed.”

“Fucking hell, you’re impossible. Just imagine if someone heard that.”

“You did.”

“Yeah, but I can rub it myself, thanks.”

“Rub what?”

“My fucking boner. What are you on?”

“Hey, I wasn’t even thinking of your boner. How’s your mind? I’ve got enough trouble just rubbing my own.”

“OK, so what were you thinking about then?”

“You’re back or your legs.”

“Well, you can do my back and legs when you sleep over. That should put me to sleep.”

Now, if that wasn’t an invitation then nothing is. Anyway, my rubbing his shoulders gave him a semi. :)

Weather’s been weird – like half cloudy and sun, and everything is like a weird color. Wind has turned so maybe there’ll be some surf – hopefully.

There was actually a wave yesterday so all of us were down there [at the beach] – even Steph. It wasn’t like Hawaii or anything but it was so damn cool to get back into the water. Wingnut had a school buddy down there who also surfs, and the two of them were having like a mini competition together to see who could get the longest ride. Well, Wingnut did but that’s cos he doesn’t give a damn what wave he takes off on. They seem to be pretty good friends.

Steve, Steph and I sat on the backline watching them. Steph asked if I minded if she dumped me when Wingnut was 16 years old. She’ll probably have to compete with every damn girl on the beach by that time. He’s already got a following. There’s about three girls who sit on the beach and stare at him, and then chat him up when we’re finished [surfing].

Afterwards, we walked Steph home. Wingnut was pretty stoked about his session. After we dropped Steph [at her place], he wanted to know which of the three girls I would take if they were after me. Well, there’s a cute little blondie who had this bare stomach, and who looked really damn cute. Yep, he thought the same.

“Do you think I could get her to blow me?”

Well, Steve and I cracked when we heard that. I can just imagine him going up to her and saying something like: “Hey, can I put my cock in your mouth and you suck it?”

Hehehe – we couldn’t stop laughing. We were coming up with all sortsa ways for him to ask her [for a BJ].

Then she’d say: “I’m not going to put that thing you pee with in that hole that I eat with”, and then dump him like a hot potato.


This morning, after I sent that email to ya, I went down to the change rooms and found that I didn’t have my Speedos [with me], so Mark lent me a pair that he had. He carries like three Speedos in his bag. These were fucking cool – stretch lycra with narrow sides and BLACK. They were a little tight, though, so I’m glad I could get them off before I got a headache.

Either next week or the week after they’re having the new Grade 8s come and visit from the primary school, so Wingnut’s coming to have a look around [my school]. I wonder if he knows yet. Hehehehe. Hmmmm.

Mark’s going to the clubs with Carol tonight, but I can’t go. I already told Steph and she says it’s cool. I said that if she really wanted to, she could go with Mark and Carol, though. She said yeah, it’s the last thing she wants – to watch the two of them graunching while I’m jacking off all alone at home. She might come around for a while tonight, which will be cool. Maybe we can go for a pizza or something.

The rugby was pretty awesome. Yesterday, Wingnut was over and he brought his [surfer] buddy. Steve and Mark were there and all of us watched the rugger [on TV]. My mom was making stuff to eat and we were all going ballistic. It was so cool to have my friends around, and my dad joined in. Wingnut and my dad are always arguing about rugger but it’s like a friendly argument, and they needle each other. That’s Wingnut’s weak point and my dad gets him every time.

Friday night I didn’t do much. Steph and I went to the Mall with Steve and his gf. We met Wingnut and his buddy there and we all had pizza, and then talked about what might happen in the rugger on Sunday.

Well, Mark was pretty stoked when I went around [to his place] on Saturday evening.

Saturday morning I hadta get all my chores done and also finish all my school assignments. It all went pretty well and I even managed to get a paddle in on Saturday arvie. It was just Wingnut and me. The surf was pretty crap but we just stuffed about for a few hours. It was good to clear the cobwebs.

[Cody would often tease me by alluding to something, such as Mark being pretty stoked when Cody arrived at his house, and then going off on tangents such as his homework or the weather or surfing or whatever before telling me what he figured I was eager to know. Scallywag. MrB]

Oh … Saturday night. Well, Mark organized a coupla vids and some beer, and we had a helluva neat time. We spent a lotta time rapping about Carol and Steph, and what we can expect during the swim season, and what we’re gonna do during summer break. At about 1.30am, Mark said he was gonna catch a shower. We were both feeling pretty wobbly after all the damn beer. I had a shower after him and then we went through to his room. He was laying on the bed dressed in his boxers.

“OK, now you can give me that body rub you promised.”

Well, I thought he’d forgotten about it. He gave me some scenty oil, which was oily whenya put it on but it dried on the skin. I was also in my boxers cos I didn’t wanta freak him out.

I sat down next to him on the bed, where he was laying on his stomach, and he rested his head on his hands. I poured a little oil on my hands and slowly massaged it into his shoulders and neck. Well, I got an instant fucking boner at the feel of his skin. His muscles are helluva toned, and I could trace each one with my hands. I worked my way down to his hips and then I started on his legs. Spent a lotta time there, especially at the top.

He was really enjoying it, too. He reckons that I should become the school sports masseur.

When he rolled over on to his back, he had a helluva boner and a wet spot [on his boxers]. I took a chance and put my hand over it. He never flinched – not one inch. Maybe it was the beer. His boner lifted slightly when I touched it. Didn’t leave my hand there for too long, though.

Then I massaged the oil into his chest and stomach. His stomach like rippled while I was massaging him. Then I did his legs and moved my hand as high as I dared. His boner flinched a few times when I was busy.

“Fuck, Cody, that was awesome. For a mo, I thought you were gonna jack me off. I was getting ready to break your nose for you. Now I’m going to sleep like a fucking baby.”

I didn’t ask him to rub me down cos I could see his eyes were really glazing over. The two of us climbed into his bed, sleeping head to toe. I passed out. I guess I was totally tired, and also cos of the beer.

It was a pretty special evening, though – the first time that Mark and I had ever gotten that close, and I really took a chance putting my hand where I did. But the moment just seemed OK, and he never really said anything about it ‘cept for that one comment.

Then in the morning, he came [with me] to my house after we’d showered. My folks were pretty chuffed to see him.

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