Cape Town, South Africa
Part 61

Mark and I were put up against each other [in the pool] this morning doing butterfly; one on one. He’s been feeling so fucking down [lately], so I thought that if I just kicked a beat he could pass me. He fucking saw me; shoved his finger almost up my nose.

“Don’t … don’t you fucking ever do that again.”


“Kick out a beat while we’re racing.”

“I didn’t.”

“Don’t fuck with me, Cody. I don’t need you to fuck with me. I’ll beat you [in a race] fair and fucking square, but don’t treat me like a fucking cunt, or I’ll fucking cream you.”

Then he walked away and left me standing [there] looking like a real fucking dork. Then it was Ross’ turn to crap on me.

“If I was Mark I would’ve fucking smacked you – one time.”

“So? You wanta try? Huh?”

“Don’t push it, Cody. I can have you [taken] off the team.”

“Yep, but that would be a chickenshit move just cos you’re scared to try and smack me.”

“You know and I know that I’m not scared, but you also know that I want to be swim captain next year. You trying to fuck that up for me?”

“Enough already. Mark was [feeling] down and  I thought I was doing him a favor.”

“Yeah, well, you have. You’ve fucked up the confidence he’s been trying to build up all season.”

Anyway, I spoke to him [Mark] at recess.

“Sorry – you weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Yeah, and the whole fucking team, too. How the fuck was I supposed to feel, huh?”

“Hey, I was just trying…”

“I know what you were trying, Code. Stop. We’re friends but shit like that doesn’t help anyone. And I’m sorry for this morning. I’ve got few friends as it is without driving you away.”

“Me? Away? Never. I likeya bod too much.” That got him smiling at least.

“You’re totally fucking crazy. Cool … but way damn crazy.”

Anyway, I got him smiling; that’s all that matters cos he’s got the most wicked fucking smile.

There’s no swim training this morning cos school’s starting l8er cos of the rugby [World Cup on TV last night].

So I was watching the rugger while you were typing that mail [to me]. The game finished at 11.45pm our time. Wingnut was over [here], and I hadta carry him home cos after the game we were all chatting and he just couldn’t anymore and dozed off. Tried to wake him but he sorta opened his eyes and just nodded again. I wanted to get him into bed but his mom said it was cool; she would undress him and get him under the covers.

He was so damn excited with the game, I think the whole neighborhood heard him and my dad and Mark screaming. Mark came around l8 just to watch the game with us, and that was cool. He left almost right after, though, cos he was buggered. And it’s civvies [street clothes] day today, so no [school] uniforms. I’m just wearing my Billabong boardies and a t with some Biotribe sandals. Got a track top packed, though, cos the damn wind is picking up cold again.

I’m gonna go swim some laps just to clear the head. At least I can take it slow and just enjoy the water.

Yep, the Oz-France game is gonna be a cooker, I think. Love that Matt Burke, especially when he gets a wedgy [his shorts creep into his ass crack]. :)

Met Mark’s mom’s bf on Friday evening. He calls Mark a wanker, and I can see why Mark hates him.

“So, Cody, are you also a wanker like Mark?”

Mark asked him to fuck off outta his room.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“You, you prick. Now get out.”

I think if I wasn’t there he woulda fisted Mark cos he got so mad. And he looks strong, like he’s got veins popping up all over. Then Mark came over to my place for the rest of the evening.

“What was that about?”

“He’s a fuckwit.”

“So what’s the story about being a wanker?”

“OK, so you’re no brain surgeon but I don’t need to fucking elaborate. I hate that cunt.”

“He ever beat up on you?”

“Let’s drop it. I could’ve stayed home if I wanted to talk about him.”

Then he was pretty moody the rest of the night. I guess I needta learn when to stop [quizzing him] cos whenever I hit a sore spot he just goes moody and quiet.

Weather was pretty good. We all went for a surf on Sunday morning ‘til about lunch time. Even Steph was in the water with us. Mark wasn’t there; he went to Carol’s for the day.

Had a good swim workout this morning. Mark seems OK – normal Mark, I guess. I think the guys are all getting stressed cos of exams coming up.

Wingnut came around yesterday arvie and begged me to swim with him. So we ended up wrestling and playing in the water. He’s still light enough for me to pick up and throw around. He dumps his Speedos right away when he finds out that nobody’s home. Guess he’s more like me than I actually realized. For a little guy his bod is helluva defined. He’s got those neat arrows from his hips thatya like so much, and he’s got really powerful legs. The surfing has given his back muscles a lotta definition as well, from all the paddling.

Our rugby team arrives back [home] this morning. No ticker-tape parades but I think they redeemed themselves quite well after a really shitty start [to the game]. It’s not the best rugger they’ve played, though.

We have mock tests over the next few days so it’s hectic.


I hear what you’re saying about Mark, and I’ve never really said the sorta things to him like I would say to Steve. Well, I wouldn’t say the exact same things for sure. But I should try and compliment him and tell him how grateful I am that he’s my buddy [like you suggested]. I need a damn bodyguard sometimes. He came around to my house with his [school] books last night and studied. It’s amazing. We hardly said a word to each other ‘cept when we quizzed each other on the science text. He’s actually quite a brainbox. Nope – he actually just studies hard. It’s a different side to him; like serious without the mood ifya know what I mean.

Walked halfway with Mark [back to his house] last night and told him that it was cool; that his mom’s bf didn’t faze me. I’ve had worse things said to me. He didn’t really reply; just said thanks for the evening, and then we split.

Surf was up yesterday like you wouldn’t believe. Green rooms all over the damn place, and it was sizey – around 6 feet – NICE!!! Wingnut, Steve and Steph were down [there] – even my dad came down after work, which was cool cos it gave me extra time in the water. Mark was down [there] with Carol as well. Actually, a lotta people were down [there] just to check it out. It was unbelievable stuff; fast and great shapes. Wingnut didn’t have time to jack around [with us] cos he was paddling for every damn thing that came along. Mindya, we all were, and there was enough for everyone. My dad went straight to the back line; took him ages cos he’s damn unfit but he met a few of his own friends out there and they took the occasional wave. He reckons they leave the bravado stuff to us [teens] to get nailed in. Saw Wingnut get dumped the one time and his board went st8 up in the air. Really thought he was gonna catch it on his head but he ducked away from it. Steve got some awesome waves as well. Steph was totally amped cos it was about the best surf she’s had in ages. I was stuffed by the time we’d finished.

Going swimming now, and then surf. No major training session. They’re holding off cos of exams, but a few of us are gonna do some laps, anyway, just to cool off. Then I’m gonna do some studying ‘til late arvie, and then go for a surf with Wingnut and Steve. If the evening at the beach is anything like last night then it’s gonna be pretty special again.

The surf had turned to mush by the time school finished yesterday. That’s the prob with Spring in Cape Town – the weather is totally unpredictable and so is the wind. The main wind is the South-Easter, which stuffs up the surf at the local, but makes Long Beach rock. The prob with Long Beach, though, is that it’s like a rock concert on a Saturday night cos it’s packed when it’s working, and thenya get the damn dickheads screaming “MY WAVE, MY WAVE!” and it’s mainly the little grommets who think that it’s gonna be the last wave in the break.

Gave me a chance to study, though – ‘til Steve rocked in, wearing just his boardies and a tank top. Now how the fuck was I supposed to concentrate? He started to push me around, and then we ended up wrestling. We almost always start like that, and then end up naked together. BUT – we had just gotten into our birthday suits when Wingnut rocked up. It was funny as hell but coulda been shitty. I heard the knock on the door and Steve ducked through to the pool and dove in with me behind him. Then I wrapped a towel around me [to answer the door] and it was Wingnut.

“Cool. You’re in the pool already.”

“Hey, buddy.”

“You busy?”

“Nope. Just cooling off in the pool, and then I’ve got studying [to do].”

“Mom says I can swim for a while but I’ve also got studying to do. Is the dog crap still laying around?”

“Nope,” I giggled, “I’ve picked it up already.”

“Way cool. Hey, Steve.”

“Hey, Wingnut.”

“You’re leaking.”

Steve had a precum trail hanging out of his boner and you could see it in the water. He quickly grabbed it away with his hand. That kid misses nothing. I still had a raging damn boner and was also dripping like a damn faucet, so I went [into the kitchen] and got some juice, and hoped it [my boner] would disappear before I got into the pool. SHUDDUP! I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING, AND YOU’RE RIGHT. The damn thing obviously wouldn’t go down now cos both Steve and Wingnut were naked in my damn pool.


Mark came around after supper and my dad like punched him on the arm and asked him how the studying was going. He said that’s why he came around; so we could study together. We actually got into some good studying, though – quizzing each other and debating stuff like why and when.

You’ll never guess who was at school this morning. OK, Darren was there but he had Gareth with him. It was so fucking cool to see Gareth again, and he’s looking as hot as ever. They jacked around with us [in the pool] and it ended up with an Old Boys challenge. They’re gonna get the school old boys team together and challenge us to a swim comp next Friday arvie. I wanted to tell Gareth to race naked but then I’d end up being behind him. AND I WANTA WIN. :) It was such a good vibe. Well, the plus is that Gareth and Mark hit it off right away and the two of them were laughing like old friends. It kinda made my day to see Mark laughing like that.

Surf was up yesterday but I didn’t go down [there]. There were a coupla things I hadta sort out with my studying. Wingnut went down for a while, though, and told me all about what I’d missed – hehehe – he enjoyed doing that. Then he hung around listening to music [in my room]. He was listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not quite sure which song gave him a damn semi.” :)

On Saturday night we had a braai [at my house]. You guys call it a barbecue. Had a few guys around. Mark and Carol were there. Steph was there. Wingnut was there. AND HE BROUGHT THAT CUTE LITTLE BIRD WITH HIM – hehehe. You shoulda seen him. He was dressed in tight black jeans, white open-neck shirt, hanging loose, and sneakers. He even gelled up his hair all spiky. As soon as he walked in with her he gave us all that STUDDUP look. Everyone made them feel pretty much part of the crowd, though. Ross was there with his girlfriend. Jumbo came alone. Kevin was there with another friend from school. My folks were out for most of the time – they went to see a movie. It was a pretty neat evening. Everyone went through quite a few beers. Steve and his girlfriend arrived late but I was chuffed that he made it. He was gonna say something [cheeky] to Wingnut but I told him not to cos Wingnut and the cutie had sorta slipped into the gang and were getting on well with everyone.

This morning is really great. No wind and it’s warm but overcast. We’re writing second language paper this morning – Afrikaans.

Yesterday we all went for a swim after school cos it was so damn hot – a real cooker day. The math paper was OK, nothing too major. The stuff that Steve helped me with helped a stack.

One day Timmy is in his backyard digging a hole. His neighbor, seeing him there, decides to investigate.

“Whatcha doin’?” he asks.

Timmy replies, “My goldfish died and I’m burying him.”

“That’s an awful big hole for a goldfish, ain’t it?” asked the neighbor.

Timmy shouts back, “That’s because he’s inside your fucking cat!”

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