Cape Town, South Africa
Part 63

Hiya Gary,

Finished writing [exams] for the day and [I’m] going home. The net was down so I couldn’t write early this morning. Mindya, I wouldn’t have had time anyway cos we wrote [exams] early.

Wingnut came down surfing with me yesterday arvie and we had a rave session. Wingnut kinda did his own thing, though, cos I am just feeling totally fucking down at the moment. I really think the pressure of school exams is getting to me. Anyway, I felt better after the surf. Wingnut asked me if something was wrong and I just told him it was exams, and that I’m stressing big time.

I managed to download the Daniel stories last night but haven’t read them yet. I’ve shoved the disk into my underwear drawer right at the back. I never realized that I’ve missed the last 8 stories. I’m a slackass.

I don’t know what’s happening with Mark cos it’s gotten down to a ‘hi’ in the morning, and right away he disappears after school. We used to walk together. Yesterday again he was at Steve’s place. I think it’s cool that they’re friends but I get this real fucking empty feeling inside. Maybe I’ve just become a pain in the ass to be around right now.

Anyway, Steph phoned and asked me if I’m gonna go see Alanis Morissette live next week. She knows I’m nutty about Alanis but it’s like 180 bucks and I’ll need to find someone else who’s going with transport and stuff, and I’m not even sure there are tickets left [for sale]. I‘ve got the bucks saved cos before exams I worked my ass off around the hood. But that would only be enough for me and I’d liketa sorta go with somebody. Steph can’t raise the bucks and I can’t pay for her. Anyway, the next morning is when we’re ‘supposed’ to be leaving on our [mountain] hike, and I need fucking cash for that, too. Did I tellya that Wingnut wants to come with us? Well, it looks like his folks might let him cos Darren chatted to them.

Weather’s come over cloudy. Not sure what the surf’s doing but I’ve got science tomorrow and biology on Monday so I’ve got a load of studying to do.

This Eudora is such a fuckup. A mail you sent yesterday morning I got this morning.

Oh, Paul also wrote. He’s been sick with flu. He never used to get sick over here. He says that [his bro] Mark is like totally skinny and thin cos of the drugs but he’s trying his best to stay away from them. Every now and then he goes back, though. Paul says he doesn’t know what the fuck to do about it cos he says that Mark looks like he escaped from a concentration camp cos his eyes are like sunken and he’s so fucking different. He says he wished his folks had stayed here [in Cape Town]. Anyway, I told him that the drugs had become a major hassle at school [here] now, too.

Oh, have a look at this site. [Cody was referring to the Mark Hanter site. I ended up writing Mark Hanter’s story for a while. Got a few chapters written, but then he disappeared. MrB]

Anyway, G, I’m gonna jet. I’ll writeya in the morning.

We’re going in [to class] to write [a paper] in a few [minutes]. It’s raining here but the surf is pretty cool. Went down [to the beach] yesterday arvie with Wingnut, and Steve was down [there] as well. It wasn’t big but it was OK for just taking it easy. Steve didn’t say a helluva lot. I asked him what he was getting up to and he said that he was also stressing with all the studying and stuff.

“Seen Mark?”

“Not since yesterday but he’ll probably come around [to my place] later this arvie. Well, he said he would. Want to come around?”

“What you guys gonna do?”

“Just chill out for a while.”

“I’ve got bio tomorrow, so I’ve gotta get my nose in there [the books]. Mark has as well.”

“Yep, so he said.”

Anyway, Steve left before Wingnut and me. Told him to say hi to Mark for me.

On the way home, Wingnut quizzed me.

“What’s up with you and Steve?”

“Nothing, why?”

“You guys are acting really weird with each other.”

“Yeah, well, we’re both hassling over exams and school.”

“Yeah, right. You guys are acting like strangers meeting for the first time. It’s weird.”

“Well, I guess maybe we’re too much in each other’s pockets sometimes, and we just need a break from each other.”

“Hey, Code, do you get pissed at me for coming around [to your house] so much?”

“Nah – you’re different. We don’t put each other under any pressure, ‘cept you need to pick up the dog crap. Sometimes really good friends can be total shits to each other.”

“Are you mad at Steve?”

“Nope. I toldya [that].”

“Yeah, well, I don’t believe you. Even now I can see you looked totally pissed off cos your eyes go so damn dark – almost black. Hey, you crying?”

“Nope. It’s the wind.”

“There’s no wind.”

“Cool it, Wingnut. I’m OK.”

I guess it was just that I was so close to Steve in the water and yet so far [away] that made me feel like that. It’s like I wanted him to be near me and I don’t wanna lose him as a friend – or Mark. Maybe I’m just overreacting about everything, and it is just the exams getting to me. I mean, Steve has been smoking joints ever since I first met him so it shouldn’t upset me. I’m surprised at Mark, though, cos he and Steve didn’t even like each other at one stage. Mark thought he was a big-headed blonde bimbo.

Anyway, when we got home Wingnut came right over and picked up the dog crap, and then sat in my room for a while listening to my tapes. He’s learning just to chill out when I’m busy working. But when he’s got questions, he asks, like:

“Hey, Cody, when didya learn how to kiss?”

“Fuck, I dunno. Why?”

“Well, before we [Candy and I] kiss she tells me to swallow my spit. Do you do that, too?”

I cracked totally. “You guys Frenching?”

“Yeah, of course!” He looked surprised at the question.

“Is that all?”

“Yep, ‘cept I get a huge boner when we do that and I don’t know why. Then she rubs up against me and makes it worse.”

“Hey, seriously, have you been thinking about sex?”

“No fucking way! Stick my dick into her pisshole? Not a chance.”

“What if she wants to blow you?”

“She’ll never put my dick in her mouth. Can’t see it [happening].”

“Yeah, that’s cos it’s so damn tiny.”

“Yeah, right.”

So he tackles me and we ended up wrestling. That kinda put me in a cool mood.

When I saw Mark this morning he looked like he’d been up all night. He said he was up studying for the [exam] paper.

I’m going [home] now. The paper was OK. Well, it seemed OK. You never really know until you get the results.

Mark spoke to me afterwards and asked me how it went. He said it seemed to go OK for him but he was just tired cos he was up all night studying.

“So howzit going with you?”

“So, so. Can’t wait for Monday for the final paper.”

“What you doing tonight?”

“Not sure. Depends. Maybe Corners. You?”

“Not sure either. Guess I’ll check with Steph.”

“She’s going to Corners. At least, she told Carol that you guys were going.”

“Oh. Guess it’s Corners then. Hehehe. Fuck, I need to check with my folks.”

“Well, maybe I’ll see you there.”

“Hey, Mark.”


“Can I askya something?”


“What’s going on? What’s happening? I thought we were pretty good friends, even close.”

“I guess I just need a break from it for a while. Guess I’ve never had a friendship like this one [before].”

“What’s with the grass?”

He laughed and shook his head at me. “Fuck, Cody, sometimes you are so fucking naïve. You’re probably the only dude in school who doesn’t smoke grass. Anyway, I don’t do it a helluva lot, and Steve’s got some contacts. I don’t see it as such a big deal, though.”

“I’ve smoked before.”

“I know. Steve told me. That’s why I didn’t understand your high and mighty attitude.”

“It’s not like that.”

“So how is it?”

“You get outta control sometimes.”

“From grass? Crap.”

“Grass and shooters (mixed cocktail alcohol drinks). Makes you crazy.”

“And you can’t handle that, right?”

“I’ll handle what-fucking-ever.”

“Hey, who carries who home most of the time?”

“Hey, so next time leave me. I’ll live.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Cody. I think you’re deliberately starting a fucking argument here.”

“I dunno. I thought it was a normal convo. So what do you and Steve do all the time?”

“We get fucking slaughtered together. And I think I know what your hassle is. You’re fucking jealous.”

“Of what?”

“Steve’s like your best friend and he’s been hanging with me.”

“Well, you’re my best friend, too, and you’re hanging with him. So thereya go. My two best friends hanging together. Totally fucking kewl. What is there to be jealous of?”

“Why do our convos always get out of fucking hand when there’s a prob, huh?”

“Cos everyone talks and nobody listens? Anyway, you’re right. Let’s quit this convo while we’re ahead. I’ve gotta jet.”

“Will I see you tonight?”

“I’ll check [with my folks].”

“Hey, Code, if you can make it, call me.”

Anyway, that’s about how it ended. I’m off home now, and will probably study most of the weekend. I’ll check and see what’s happening this evening. A night out at Corners sounds like it could be a rave. Fact is, I miss those dudes and it’ll be cool to see one of them tonight.

Well, it’s really been an up and down weekend here. First off, we had a huge bomb blast here at a local pizza place. No, it’s not the one we normally go to in the Mall but it’s from the same chain of pizza places. There were 48 people injured, some of them losing limbs. It’s fucking shit, and with all the blasts we’ve had the police still haven’t caught anyone, not since the Planet Hollywood blast. Wonder how much they’re being paid.

Anyway, I couldn’t go to Corners on Friday, and ended up in an argument with my dad cos he said that I had one more paper to write and he didn’t need me getting slaughtered and nursing a hangover the whole weekend. So I asked if I could go over to Steph’s but by then I’d already lost it, and he told me that I was not going anywhere on Friday night cos of the way I was speaking to him. So no prob. Steph said she would go with Mark and Carol. She was mad as hell about it and wanted me to get out after my folks had gone to sleep. Yeah, right – and get grounded for the rest of my life.

Sunday I spent the day doing chores and stuff, and Mark came around on Sunday arvie for a short while. I was so fucking stoked to see him at the door, I felt like hugging him. Didn’t, though, or he woulda beaten me up.

But with him and Steve it’s like being no big deal. I know I get paranoid and jealous. I just can’t help it, and it’s been worse since Paul left. I guess the thought of losing another friend scares me shitless.

On Saturday I went surfing with Steve and Wingnut and we had total rave surf. It was really hot stuff. Wingnut got himself trashed so many times cos he just goes for anything, and some of those damn swells were over his head. Steve got a fantastic green room trip and was totally stoked. Steph came down later with her stick and joined us. Wingnut went ballistic when she paddles up to me and then puts her hand down my boardies and asks if I was lonely on Friday night. You shoulda seen Wingnut’s fucking face. He couldn’t believe her doing that out in the surf. I noticed he pulled his boardies further down, though. They’re starting to fit too tight around his waist, though. :)

Anyway, I’m writing science this morning. THE LAST PAPER. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO.


Guess Eudora is screwing around again cos I got no mail this morning.

Exams are over for the year and I guess for the most part so is school. Tomorrow they’re talking about us going up the mountain for a few hours cos there’s still a class writing [a paper]. So we’ve gotta come [to school] in civvies. That’s gonna be cool. Now it’s just the wait for our results to see how we did. Mark’s been chatty this morning. I know why – cos he spent Saturday night at Carol’s and the two of them got all sweaty. He’s gonna meet me in a few and then we’re going to his house and then mine to get changed. There’s no surf cos the wind’s turned all crap and taken the surf with it.

So the two of us are gonna go up to the local pub. It’s a surfer hangout, and we’re gonna get a few beers.

Anyway, G, I’ll writeya in the morning. I’ve gotta get Cody News sorted before we leave on the hike.

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