Cape Town, South Africa
Part 64

Hiya Gary,

It’s gonna be hot up on the mountain today but they say the wind will pick up l8er.

I’ve been in the [school] pool for about an hour already. Got up totally early and [felt] stoked, and just felt like swimming. Arms feel like lead.

Mark and I got pretty trashed yesterday arvie. Guess we just didn’t realize how much we were drinking. Had a totally rave convo, though, and laughing with each other. Fuck, that dude turns heads. He was wearing his white t hanging loose over his jeans, and even hanging loose you could check out his definition, especially his pecs. Anyway, we started to act really stupid and decided to leave [the pub]. He left me at home and then Wingnut was around in a flash. Oh, jeez – and I just wanted to sleep for a bit.

“Hey, you’re smashed.”

“Yep, and I need some shuteye.”

“No way. I picked up the dog crap while you’re out getting smashed so I want some time. Go jump in the pool or something.”

“I’ll drown. I’m sorry, Wingnut, I really need some shuteye.”

I thought I was gonna puke when he jumped on my gut.

“Hey, Cody, come swim with me. Please? I’ll letya jack me off and I’ll jack you.”

I tried to laugh with him sitting on me but it was hard. “Hey, buddy, why don’t you just give me a blowjob and let me rest, huh?”

“Yeah, right! Me put your pisshole in my mouth? Right!”

Anyway, G, I think that’s how the convo went. I don’t remember a lot of it and I think I fell asleep with the little dude still sitting on me, I was so out of it.

I’ll writeya when I get down from the trip [up the mountain] before I go home.

Caught up with all the [Daniel] stories last night. Totally got me damn wet. I’m gonna haveta start wearing briefs again cos my boxers got soaked, and toilet paper doesn’t hang in there.


Had a really cool ramble up the mountain this morning. We walked up to Cave Peak and went potholing. One of the places we went past is a small stream that forms a pool before continuing down the mountain. I was a tiny Cody when my dad first took me there. It was my first trip up the mountain. He was telling me that it was a pixie river and at night the pixies would come out and dance under the trees there. Jeez, but folks can lie – hehehe. It’s just something that I’ll always remember, though. It was my mom and dad who got me interested in my mountain.

A lotta the guys were up there for the first time and they couldn’t believe how fantastic the view was from there, and just the smell of everything – totally fresh and unpolluted.

I took Mark and a coupla guys into a cave called Boomslang (tree snake). There’s like this central cavern with a whole lotta circular tunnels that all start and end in the cavern. Asked Mark if he wanted to get naked and we could act like cavemen. What he said surprised me:

“Yeah, then we could go down one of the tunnels and you can blow me.”


“Stop getting a fucking boner. I was joking.”

“Not much. Check your tent.”

“It’s cos I needta piss, Cody. Stop getting fucking ideas.”

“Yeah, well, when you’re serious let me know, and you can do me, too.”

“Fuck you!” He laughed. A while back he woulda fucked me up totally.

“Hey, just imagine, though, that it was just you and me up here and there was nobody else on the planet.”

“I’d run and hide, Code. And so would all the damn dinosaurs and monkeys. Mindya, the damn monkeys would probably relate [to you].”

Anyway, it was hot as hell up there and you could see the surf, which was just total slop. Mark wanted to know about what the mountains were like where we’re going hiking, and I got into a total confab about the pools and some of the scenery.

Turns out that he passed out when he got home [yesterday] and only woke up this morning. That is hectic.

Anyway, this arvie I want to try and get hold of Steve. I want him to sleep over before the hike. Mark was saying that Steve has got himself involved with a real bitch who’s a nympho. He reckons that half the school has been into her. He was saying that she’s not happy unless she’s on her back and controlling the guys she’s with. Steve met her when they went out on Friday night and she got right into his pants. I don’t blame her. The only prob is I hope that Steve doesn’t get involved like he was with his ex cos she ran his fucking life for him. His prob is that as long as she’ll let him fuck her he’ll probably stay with her.

Anyway, I’m as hot as anything and I’m gonna go home now – get naked and float around in the pool. AND I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT WINGNUT SAYS. :) He’ll probably do the same – after picking up the dog crap.

As soon as I got home I got naked and then went into the kitchen to make myself some sarmies and get some juice. I was just about settled on the lounger [by the pool], giving my dick a tan, when I hear the voice.

“Hey, didya notice anything?” Guess who? And he didn’t even blink when he saw I was naked.


“No dog crap. Came home early and picked it up.”

“One day the alarm people are gonna shoot you in the ass.”

“Yeah, well, if it was you they wouldn’t miss – hehehe. Mindya, they’d probably get you in your hangers and shoot the things off.”

“You’re jealous.”

“Hey, they’re [mine are] starting to hang down. Check.” So he gets naked and stands in front of me to show me, and right away starts to get a boner, which sets me off.

The two of us had a bit of a wrestle in the water and then laid down on the grass. I had my sunglasses on and couldn’t help looking at him laying stretched out. His flat, defined abs and muscular legs. AND, YES! HIS BONER, TOO. Although it had gone down and just laid across his gut all lazy.

Then the [front door] bell rang and Wingnut grabbed his towel and went to answer it. I grabbed my towel as well and just wrapped it [around my waist]. It was Mark and he was just wearing shorts.

“Hey, it’s only Mark.” So Wingnut drops his towel and dives into the pool.

“You guys naked?”

“No, dork. I’m wearing my skin-colored Speedos.” So I dropped my towel and thought what the hell – it’s not like we’re [Wingnut and I] were getting into anything [sexual] anyway. “So ifya don’t mind us seeing your winky you can get naked as well.”

Hehehe – I knew how to get him. He dropped his shorts right away and dove into the pool. A while back he woulda clouted me and then gotten outta there. I think Wingnut was pretty impressed cos when Mark’s naked he looks like a fucking black-haired god with a dick to match.

It was a wicked arvie cos the three of us just lazed around, and at one time Wingnut was rubbing suntan lotion into our backs and I thought Mark was gonna [go to] sleep. I’m sure he knows his body drives me crazy, though, cos he’d lean back on his elbows and his abs would contract and look fucking wicked. We never actually got boners. Well, I did once but laid on top of it and squashed it to hell. Wingnut and Mark got one [each] but I think they also wished them away.

Mark went to Carol’s before my folks got home and then Wingnut stayed for supper. Before he left, he came into my room.

“Hey, Cody, I think I’ve burnt my dick.”

“So you want me to rub some lotion into it?”


“Hehehe – no. You can do it after you’ve showered tonight before you go to bed.”

Steph was going out with her folks, which was a bust cos I was in the mood for seeing her.


Then Steve arrived. [Dammit. That’s another case of the original email having gone missing and the rest of it not being copied and pasted to my Wingnut or Mark notes. But you can guess what those incorrigible scallywags got up to. MrB]


Well, the weather is totally beaver today and it’s fantastic.

Surprise was to see next year’s Grade 8s at school for the day – just to meet teachers and to have some fun. The swim team organized some fun at the pool for them, and they swam against us. A big plus was Wingnut who was totally stoked to be spending the day hanging around me like shit sticking to a blanket. He looked totally damn hot in his Speedos, too. He doesn’t tuck his dick in, so you can see the whole shape, and I reckon there are a few guys who wouldn’t shower with him. The best fun came after that when Alan with his goonies behind him started to chirp me.

“So, Cody, you really are into little boys.”

And Wingnut piped up: “Hey, Alan, you still pissed cos I won’t touch your dick?”

Then Alan did what I knew he would. He flathanded Wingnut and sent him sprawling. Before I could get to him, Mark was already there and he only needed two punches to split Alan’s lip. I’m not sure, but [he] probably broke his nose cos it was a helluva crack. His fucking goons just stood there. I think they knew if they got involved Mark and the whole damn team woulda kicked the crap outta them. One of them got Alan up [off the ground], holding his nose, and took him away. Wingnut was pretty cool. His face was blood-red from the smack, and it looked like he might cry, but he didn’t.

Mark and I were with him, and asked if he was OK.

“Yeah, of course.”

So Mark grabbed his legs and I grabbed his arms, and [we] whipped him into the pool.

After they [the Grade 8s] left, Mark and I swam for a while.

“So is that what happened when you wanted to fight Alan?”


“He was into Wingnut’s pants?”


“I knew he was a fucking jerk. I could’ve been just like that.”

“Doubt it. You’re too decent to be like that. A total wanker sometimes, but not like that.”

Then it was his turn to grab me in a bear hug and both of us went flying into the pool. I would seriously hate to be in an aggro fight with Mark cos he is damn strong.

Anyway, I’m going home now and it’s gonna be a good day. Surf’s probably not up but what the hell. It’s cool just to chill out by the pool or maybe even hang out at the beach for a while.

Eudora was down when I went to school so I went down to the pool and swam some laps. There was nobody around so I thought ‘what the fuck’ and I ditched my Speedos in the pool. It’s one of the best feelings to swim naked. One of the juniors came down to swim as well, so I just dove for my Speedos cos they had sunk to the bottom of the pool, and I just put them on. Don’t even think the dude saw anything. Then the two of us swam slow laps together. So it’s started to be a total relax day.

Oh, I quizzed Mark about how come he just got naked at the pool the other day at home cos he would never do anything like that, but he said that it just seemed so fucking normal and ordinary that he didn’t even think about it.

Last night I went around to Wingnut’s place to tell his folks about the stuff he needed for camp. He is so amped about it. His folks are nervous, though, and were quizzing me about the [mountain] trail. I managed to borrow a rucksack for him and a sleeping bag – Darren’s old bag. I can’t believe his folks are asking if he’s gonna be able to handle it. Don’t they even know how strong and fit that little dude is?

I went around to Steph’s after that and her folks were out at some company do [party], and she was wearing a paira tight denim shorts and a tank top, which left her stomach showing. I know you’re not gonna understand what that did to me but she looked totally outasight. I’m a pretty lucky dude to have a girl like her.

“I’m going to miss you [while you’re on the hike].”

“Me, too. But, hey, it’s not like I’m not coming back.”

“Cody, I know you’re uncomfortable about us having sex but I really do want us to make love together before you go. I’ve never met a boy like you before. Other guys I’ve gone out with have tried to get into my pants before even saying hello.”

“I’m not uncomfortable with it. I’m just nervous.”

“Well, don’t be. I’m not going to judge you or rate you out of ten. I just want the two of us to be together.”

We got into some serious graunching and she gave me a BJ. It’s weird that I felt totally relaxed with her. I just gave her a finger massage and it drove her wild. She wears this really soft smelling perfume which suits her.

I guess one of the really nice things about her is the way she laughs at everything, and she makes me laugh as well.

I left her place quite early before her folks came home. Her folks are pretty strict and I didn’t want her getting into crap.

Ross phoned while I was out but it was too late to call him back. So I’ll check him in a while.

Anyway, G, I’m gonna jet. I’ve had no mail fromya. The last one was the reply to the ‘it’s hot’ mail. So either Eudora has got probs or your server has got probs.

I’ll writeya l8er.

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