Cape Town, South Africa
Part 65

Well, the good news is that Alan’s nose isn’t broken but his eyes are pretty shiny. :) The bad news is that it’s taking like 24 hours for your mail to get to me.

We’ve spent the whole damn morning in the pool – the whole school – so it’s been pretty mad. Guys have been pulling each other’s Speedos off and then throwing them up onto the wall. Normal guy stuff. It happened to me about five times. The last time I got outta the pool naked to fetch them. Our bio teacher, who’s a lady – OK, she’s pretty young, I guess – was standing there to monitor everybody and she just gawked. Mark and Ross cracked cos they couldn’t believe that I’d do that. What the hell. Besides her, it was just guys anyway. You shoulda seen her face. She didn’t know where the hell to turn – hehehe.

Anyway, a whole stack of us are going down to the beach to get a cold drink and just hang out for a while.

Break-up tomorrow. Woooooohoooooooo!

Spent yesterday catching up on all my chores before we go hiking. Wingnut was around doing his pick-up. It’s actually crazy. My folks usedta beg me to pick up the dog crap, and here’s Wingnut doing it without even being asked. I cut the lawn, then brushed the pool and got all the grass outta it. Got Wingnut down into the corners with a brush. Guess he’s a bit like me there; loves being in the water. Guess he’s like a plant – dirt and water, and he grows.

Mark told me he was going around to Carol’s so I never saw him. Steve hadta go to some company dinner with his folks; dressed in a penguin suit and bowtie. He said it’s a pain in the ass cos there’s one of the big-shot’s wives who’s after him.

So tell me, this garden dinner [you had with your neighbor]. Was that practice? Hehehe – only kidding. But I think the friendship that you and Nancy have is totally outasight and cool. I can picture the two of you sitting there and just laughing and chatting. Some of my best times are just laughing with friends.

We break up for hols today. I know you hate that but I’ll try and write as much [and as often] as I can. When we come back from the hike I’m probably gonna come up to the school and do some swimming cos there’s not a lotta surf at the local this time of year, and I needta get into the water and think. I get into a slow stroke – get into auto mode – and then my mind takes over. Anyway, when I come [here] swimming I’ll check with the caretaker if he can let me into the [comp] lab. He has before. And anyway he’s cute. A young guy about 26 and not bad looking. I think he spends his after-hours in the school gym and pool. The worst part is that he’s helluva bright but can’t get work [elsewhere]. Says he’s doing it [caretaking] just to save enough money to head outta here.

Anyway, G, I’m gonna do some laps before school starts. I’ll writeya later.


Well, school’s out for the summer. A lotta the seniors are going around saying goodbye to people. They came in for the final assembly. Some of the teachers were close to tears as well, especially the ladies. There’s a helluva good vibe at school between the teachers and us, and I guess they see us as friends. At assembly the principal said that he hoped not too many of the boys are gonna be parading around the local beaches without their clothes on cos it gives his teachers heart palpitations. Hehehe. I would loveta have been in the staff room when they were talking about that.

All the team captains were announced for next year, and Ross is now officially captain of the swim team. I think that’s cool cos he’s worked hard at organizing the team this last year.

NOW listen to this: they announced the prefects for next year and amongst the names are Ross AND MARK!!!!!!

Well, chuck me farlie, you shoulda seen Mark’s face. He couldn’t fucking believe it. Mindya, neither could I. Mark’s just never been the sorta dude to make himself noticed by anyone. But I guess with his boxing and swimming and his good results at school it all added up.

And I can hearya asking, so what about Cody being a prefect? Nope. I was asked if I wanted to and said no. I guess it’s just not me – bossing little guys around and telling them to tuck in their shirts and collars, and button this and button that and suck on this – oops! Butya know what I mean. Anyway, I think I’m gonna be helping with swim training next year and that’s gonna keep me outta crap.

As for me, well, I guess it’s gonna be some more hills and valleys and a lotta good times with friends and family. What are our plans for the millenium? Well, my dad says that he and mom are gonna be doing down to the beach and watch the sun rise with a bottle of champers. He’d like it a stack if I were with them. So I guess that’s where I’ll be, with my best friends, my folks.

We’re back from our hike and it was totally damn awesome. Wingnut and Mark had the time of their lives. Well, Mark probably more than Wingnut. :) Yeah, well just keep guessing for the moment.

The weather was damn hot and we’re all looking like damn Africans.

The surf is totally awesome here so I’m waiting for Steve so we can go catch a wave. Wingnut is still sleeping. He was totally damn whacked when he got back. NO, NOT THAT WHACKED. Well, hmmm, I don’t think it’s from that. :)

The weather in Cape Town is cooking, but the surf has gone crappo. Still cool just hanging out at the beach, though. Everyone is down there and a lotta people down on holiday as well.

Wingnut slept for almost two days solid when we got back [from the hike]. Meant I hadta pick up the damn dog crap. :)

Christmas [1999] was pretty neat and the weather has been totally damn hot the whole holidays. A coupla days of wind but not that bad and even then the temperature has been in the 30s [C] the whole time.

There are thousands of tourists around and I have made quite a few friends. There’s a group of Swedish guys staying at a bed and breakfast just down the road. They’re around 17 and 19 and all of them are pretty AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! They spent a day at the beach with us and we were trying to teach them how to surf. Of course, all the girls were there like flies to shit. The one dude got pretty sunburnt but he’s OK now. They’re all going into the waterfront for the Y2K parties being held there.

Mark has been a total blast during the hols and we’ve spent a lotta time together. And he’s even tried his hand at surfing. A coupla days ago he actually stood [on a board] for his first time, and although he only stood for about 5 seconds he went totally ballistic.

Mark and Carol are also being seen more down at the beach [together] and they’re really good for each other. Carol is a pretty cool bird. But she would haveta be to handle Mark and his moods. Yeah, he still gets them. I know that since the hike his mom’s bf has beaten him again cos of the bruises on his back. He doesn’t speak about it, though. Just his mood goes down.

Wingnut has spent his whole summer on the beach and he’s now got a whole damn horde of girls that go out with him. Since the camp he has slept over a few times and I reckon he now jacks about three times during the night as well. It always starts with a jacking session with the two of us. His cock has grown a lot since the first time I jacked him, and his juice is a lot thicker as well. I just get so fucking horny when he’s just about to offload, and he arches his back, and every muscle in his body tightens and it looks like he’s going into a fit as he shoots.

Steve and I have also had a few good nights together.

Oh, the one night Wingnut wanted me to put a condom on him cos he wanted to feel what it was like.

“Why? You planning on fucking someone?”

“Only Steph!” He ducked when I tried to clobber him.

Anyway, he filled the damn condom with his juice. “Hey, Code, do you wanta give this to Steph, or can I give it to Candy?”

“No – you eat it.”

He really makes my day cos nothing seems to hassle him at all. I asked him if his girlfriend got pissed about all the girls that keep hanging around him, and he said no, she kinda liked it cos he was going with her.

“Has she jacked you yet?”

“Nope. She got scared the one time when I put her hand on my crotch. Maybe she’s scared cos of the size.”

“Hehehe – doubt it. It’s such a little thingy.”

More wrestling.

Been having a total rave; staying over at Mark’s tonight. His mom and her bf are going away for a night. We’re going to a party first at a friend’s house.

Wingnut got some cool stuff for Christmas. His folks bought him some new trucks [wheel assemblies] for his skateboard and a Walkman. So now he’s on to me all the time to record stuff for him. He wants everything on tape. I got him a Quicksilver tank top, and he looks totally wicked in the thing. He bought me a Beachboys collection CD, which I hadta tape for him. :) It’s awesome, though, cos it’s got all their best numbers on there, including Good Vibrations. Anyway, he was totally stoked with the top and I was bowled over with the CD.
I, I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

My folks got me some clothes and a paira Vans skater shoes. I bought my dad a birdbath – stop laughing. My dad’s got this thing with the birds in our garden. He’s got like three bird feeders stuck around [the place]. My mom says he spends more [money] feeding the birds than we do on the dog. He was pretty stoked with it. My mom got him a coupla shirts and some Biltong – dried meat – and a bottle of men’s eudetoilette [sic] – whatever. And she got a ring. He took all her old rings and had them made into a single ring with a blue stone, and the little diamonds spread around it. It was just what she wanted.

I gave Mark a thick book on jokes to make him smile more often. And an Islandstyle watch strap, which he was totally chuffed with.

“Fuck, Cody, I never got you a damn thing.”

“Hey, I wasn’t expecting anything. Your watch strap was fucked so I got you [a new] one.”

Anyway, the day after the Christmas weekend he gave me a huge surf poster that he went out to buy.

“Fuck, Mark, you didn’t need to do that.”

“Hey, I should’ve gotten it before Christmas. I was thinking about it but wasn’t sure what you’d say if I bought you something [at Christmas].”

“It’s totally fucking neat. Now I owe you a blow job.”

He cracked totally.

I bought Steve a Quicksilver wallet and put an edible condom in it. :) Chocolate flavor. It’s gone already. :)

OK, Monday night I slept over at Mark’s house. We all went out for pizzas – Mark, Steve, Wingnut, me, and the girls. Wingnut had his girlfriend there and she is totally in love with him. We walked with Wingnut to take her home, and then he hadta go [home] as well. Then we went to Wipeout for a coupla beers, and it ended up being more than a couple, and [we] got ourselves a little out of it. Steve and Mark disappeared to smoke a joint so they were both totally trashed by the end of the evening, which pissed the girls off, and all the girls went to Carol’s place, even Steph was pissed [at me] and I didn’t think I was that out of it. Mark and Steve just laughed about it.

Anyway, we walked home past Steve’s place and then went to Mark’s. He totally collapsed on his bed.

“Cool – now you’re fucked [so] I can giveya that blowjob that I promised you.”

“Fuck off, Cody. I’m too fucked for your crap right now.”

So I jumped on him and pulled off his shirt, and then got to undoing his jeans.

“Touch me, Cody, and I’ll fuck you up.”

“Hehehe – you’re too fucked, remember?”

Anyway, he was down to his boxers and almost dozing, and I got undressed down to my boxers as well.

Then he got up and sorta waddled to the toilet, and he puked for ages. Even in his totally smashed state he still brushed his teeth afterwards.

“You OK?”

“As OK as a dying dog. Fuck.”

He was sobered up a bit. Then he laid on his back on the bed and I sat down next to him. I put my hand on his chest and rubbed his chest and stomach. I was waiting for him to tell me to fuck off, but he didn’t. I had a roarer by then.

“You feeling OK?”

“Only just.”

So I got adventurous and rubbed my hand up the inside of his legs, just brushing his nads. I could see his cock going solid inside his boxers.

“Uh – Cody, I don’t know what you’re doing but it may not be such a good idea.”

“Hey, just chill. I’m enjoying this – unless you want me to stop.”

“Truth? You can go ahead. I’m just not sure we want to go in that direction.”

“I guess I’ve always wondered how Carol felt when she was close to you. Can I take your boxers off?” I could tell that he was horny as a rattlesnake by now. But he was nervous as hell.


He lifted his ass so I could get his boxers down. The elastic pulled his cock back, and it slapped against his gut, making the precum splash up against him.

“Hey, Mark. I don’t wantya to start thinking I’m weird. But can I jackya?”

He didn’t answer for ages. And then: “Want me to jack you, too?”

“Not if you’re not into it.”

“Cody, doesn’t this feel fucking weird to you?”

“It probably should, but it doesn’t. We’re friends.”

“Have I told you I’ve done this before?”

“Sorta. When?”

“When I was a lighty. Also with a friend. But this is different.”

By now my fingers were gliding up and down his nads and cock, and slowly he did the same to me. I wanted desperately to wrap my lips around his cock and taste him, but I didn’t wanta spoil what was happening.

“Hey, Code, would you really have blown me?”

“Wanna see?”

“Nope. That would be going just a bit too far.”

I laid down next to him and we stroked each other for ages. And when I wrapped my fist around his lubed boner, he did the same [to me]. We shot our loads almost at the same time, both groaning and going on like two people having a fit. Then we just laid there for ages, not saying anything. Mark got up and went to the bathroom to clean himself, and I went afterwards.

He was still pretty quiet when I got back. I grabbed my boxers and put them on.

“Hey, don’t hassle about those. It’s just us here, anyway.”

Then I cllimbed into the bed the same as last time [I slept over] – sleeping head to toe.

“Fuck, Cody, just lie here normally [head to head]. It’s just us here.”

So I got in next to him. He was the first to put his hand on my leg.

“Hey, I don’t know what you’re feeling right now. Maybe what we did was weird or whatever, but I thought it was pretty special. It probably won’t ever happen again, so I’ll remember it forever.”

“How you feeling?”

“Kinda strange. Different. You?”

“Fucking special.”

Then he moved right up against me – with another boner. He put his arm over me and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and he was already up and showering. We haven’t spoken about it again. Maybe it was just a one-off, but it will feed my fantasies for fucking years. I can still feel his hard silky smooth skin next to me, and his boner in my hand.

Anyway, G, this is taking forever [to write] and I’ve gotta jet. Meeting the guys at the beach. I’m feeling on top of the world right now.

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