Cape Town, South Africa
Part 67

Back in school. A bit chaotic here with all the new guys. Wingnut has been sticking to me like glue and I’ve stuck him with Mark for a while – hehehehe. He looks pretty cute with his khaki shorts – at least he’s got a good paira muscular legs popping outta them – not like some other dudes. And his hair’s been cut in a spiky brush cut.

“Hey, you look pretty cute, buddy.”

“Piss off, Code. Cute’s for girls, OK. I look like a fucking dork. They should let us wear boardies and ts to school. This tie is choking me and I’m hot in this blazer.”

“You better button up. Prefect’s watching.”

“Who? Mark? He won’t beat on me.”

“Yeah, well, don’t let him haveta make the choice.”


“Why don’t you try and make some friends?”

“I’ve got friends here.”


“So? You trying to get rid of me?”

“Willya just hang with Mark for a few? I’ve got something to do.”

“Just hurry, OK.”

So here I am [in the comp lab]. Weather’s carrying on from yesterday – hot as anything. The hols have ended on a good note. Stayed over at Mark’s on Saturday, and Steve and Wingnut stayed over [at my house] on Sunday. Surfed all day yesterday at Long Beach but got into crap [with my folks] for getting home l8 cos it’s back to school, blah, blah, blah.

On Saturday it was just Mark and me that went out together. The girls had planned something with some other girls – some shitty pyjama party or something. Mark was totally but totally pissed off with Carol cos it’s the last Saturday of the [school] hols.

So that set the tone for him to get totally trashed, and me along with him. Every drink he bought I hadta get [one as well], and he watched me down mine first before he drank his. It actually was just a bit too much cos we were swaying and hanging on to each other and puking all the damn way to the beach. We stripped down to our boxers and stood under the cold shower for ages – still puking. It was not a pretty sight. Well, Mark was. :)

Then we both sat in our boxers on the rocks trying hard to get our heads together. We sat [there] for ages.

“Oooohhh, fuck, Cody, this is no good. I am going to have a huge fucking hangover tomorrow.”

“And me.”

“We overdid it a little.”

“A little?”

We both laughed. “You didn’t really drink [alcohol] before I met you, huh?”

“Well, Steve and I used to get out of it sometimes.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t even remember when I started getting pissed [drunk]. It was before I met Carol.”

“How come you still stay so fit?”

“Hehe – hundreds of pushups and situps and skipping every morning and every night.”

“For boxing?”

“Just for me.”

“So why doya get pissed so much?”

“Helps me handle things.”



“Your mom’s friend?”

“Yeppo – the dungeon master himself.”

After a while we were both shivering [so much] from the cold that we didn’t even notice [it].

“Hey, bro, let’s get dressed and head home, huh?”

“Fuck it. Let’s walk home like this.”

I couldn’t believe Mark was gonna do that. His boxers were still soaked and you could see his knob clear through. I cracked big time, and we did it.

Some cars passed us hooting [their horns] and [had] girls waving, and we just swayed and waved back.

In his room he lifted his arms.

“Cody, pull these things off. If I bend down I’m gonna puke.”

So I knelt down and pulled his boxers off. His cock wasn’t hard but it wasn’t soft either, and it was sorta just semi. Then he collapsed backwards on the bed and rolled over [onto his stomach].

“You want to give me a back rub?”

Hehehe – so I dropped my boxers and sat next to him on the bed and started to massage his shoulders and his back.

I thought he’d drop off to sleep but he had his eyes open and was chatty.

“Ever think of being one of those dudes that go around giving old ladies massages at home? Well, it’s more than just their backs, though – hehehe.”

I worked my way down to his hips, and my hands glided over his hard buns, and then I did the backs of his legs.

“You want to turn over?”

“I’ve got a cockstand.”

“So?” (As if he hadn’t seen mine).

And a cockstand it was. It was one of those cool skin-splitting ones, standing up away from his stomach and totally dripping [with precum].

“Put your hands over your head.”

I was ready to rape him cos when he did that his ab muscles stretched and his stomach went flat, flat, flat. I rubbed a flat hand over his pecs and felt his nipples go like pebbles under my hand. His eyes were closed and I wish I knew what the hell he was thinking. I rubbed my hand down his stomach to under his boner to his pubes, and then I moved to his legs. I guess I wasn’t sure if I should go that far. Massaging his legs is cool, though, cos they’re so damn solid. I let my hand go all the way to brush against his nads. I wanted to see his boner jump – and it did.

“Want me to massage you?”

Hehehe. He didn’t need to ask me twice. I laid on my stomach and squashed my boner while his strong hands started on my shoulders and arms. I felt like one of those Greek gods with a slave. After a while, he asked me to turn over and put my hands up [behind my head] like he’d done. Actually, my stomach wasn’t too bad cos it goes quite flat right up against my rib cage. I felt his fingers trace a line down the center of my stomach until it touched my boner.


He put his flat hand on my boner. He musta heard me catch my breath, then took his hand away.


“Don’t be. I like it whenya do that.”

Then his hand went back there, with his fingers pointing to the top of my dick. He just slid it gently up and down my length.

“If you were a girl I’d fuck you.”

“Well, fuck rhymes with suck doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, like I’ll ever put your cock in my beak.”

“Yeah, well, I can dream. You wanta turn so I can stroke you?”

I could sense that he was totally nervous about the whole damn thing but by now his cock was running like a tap with precum. I put my fist around it loosely and just slid it gently up and down.

He moved himself so that he ended up laying next to me without letting my dick go.

“Code, how does this feel? I mean, how does it feel for me to be doing this?”

“It feels fucking awesome.” I was having trouble talking cos my mind was doing somersaults.

“And you?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it. It just feels weird, though. You and me.”

“Scared you’re gonna ruin your image?”

“It’s not that.”

“Just relax. You want to lay on your back again and let me do you first?”

He didn’t argue, and laid on his back and closed his eyes. I let my hands ride up the inside of his thighs to his nads. He bent his knees slightly cos it musta been ticklish or something. Then I grabbed his boner and started to stroke it a bit faster.

He arched his back just as he started to offload in huge wads that shot outta his cock like [they were exploding] outta a cannon onto his chest and stomach. I squeezed the last drop outta his cockhead and then just held it in my hand. It didn’t go totally soft.

“Oh, fuck, that was so damn intense.”

I went to the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper, and then cleaned him up. He looked like he was ready to go to sleep so I just laid next to him. His skin was shiny from the cum, which just made his muscles more defined. His cock was still leaking some thick juice outta it so I took some [on my finger] and put it on my dick and started to stroke myself. Then his hand grabbed it and he started to caress it – not like a jacking move but more like he was exploring it. Slowly, his fist closed around it and he jacked me. It was different to the way Steve does it, maybe cos I could feel how strong he was, and watching his biceps expand with every movement.

After I shot my load, we went to sleep on our backs. I woke up during the night and could hear his heavy breathing, so I ran my hand over his bod and let it rest on his stomach while it lifted and fell. His cock was rockhard again but I didn’t touch it. I didn’t wanta do that in case he woke up. I fell asleep with my arm [draped] over him.

Next morning he came over to my place, and then went down to the beach with us. In the arvie he had to go to Carol’s.

Steve and Wingnut slept over on Sunday night. He and Steve had their normal wrestle and arguments. When I went to brush my teeth, Wingnut came into the bathroom.

“Don’t suppose we’re gonna be able to jack each other tonight, huh?”

“Not with Steve around, buddy.”


“Hey, you can jack yourself. We’re probably gonna [jack ourselves] anyway.”

“It’s not the same.”

“Yeah, well, there’ll be other times.”

When Steve thought Wingnut was sleeping he [got off his spare mattress and] climbed under my covers and we went into a 69, laying on our sides. I could hear that we were making too much damn noise, though.

“You guys OK?”

“Yeah, Wingnut. Why?”

“Sounds like you’re dying. What are you guys doing?”

“Nothing. Just talking.”

So, no prob. He gets on the bed.

Steve had a prob, though. He’d turned around and was laying normally next to me but he’d already gone too far and he was like in agony, and I felt his juice offload against my side.

“Steve? You OK?”

Hehehe – Steve couldn’t answer him, and I think the little shit knew why. He thought we’d been jacking each other. Could see it [written] on his face.

“We’re fine, Wingnut, but you need to get [back] on the [spare] mattress, little bro – so we can sleep. Steve, you needta move [off the bed], too.”

Steve glared at me cos he was a mess. He waited ‘til Wingnut got off [the bed] and then walked to the bathroom. He had cum hanging from his dick and I had it all over me.

After that, we all just went to sleep. Well, I think they did.

So now we’re back at school and ready for a new year, and [to] see what that brings.

I’ve gotta go and check up on Wingnut [in the school yard] before he gets into crap on his first day [at high school].

First day at school went off without a hitch. Wingnut has signed up for swimming and cricket, and he just has to do a balancing act with practice and training. Mark has already had a run-in with Alan. Alan is repeating a year cos he didn’t get good enough results to go to university. Mark says he’s lucky they’re not in the same class. Alan walked past him and called him a corporal when he saw the prefect badge.

Alan’s brother Brian is in Wingnut’s class so at least he’s got a friend there. Wingnut joined a whole lotta the guys in his class at recess and they played cricket on the field. I caught up with Mark at recess. He’s got a leadership camp that he’s gotta go on soon; either this weekend or the weekend after. All the prefects and student council members go.

We haven’t got homework cos we’ve got our books to sort out and cover and label. Mom’s job. :)

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