Cape Town, South Africa
Part 68

Yep, it’s wall to wall fire and smoke everywhere you look over here. A lotta houses have been burnt to the ground and the fire’s now heading towards a place called Noordhoek, one of our surfing haunts on the same stretch of beach as Long Beach in Kommetjie.

Big shit is the murder of a mom and her 11 year old daughter. Everyone is talking about it. They were murdered up near the old Transkei area by three black dudes; 16, 19 and 20 something. Well, the conclusion here is that the 16 year old is gonna go scot free, and the other two might sit in jail for a few years. Life is so fucking cheap to these guys, and it’s all over Africa. The black guys have got fuckall respect for life. That family lives in Cape Town about a ten minute car ride from our house.

It’s still hot as hell so I’m going for a swim before class starts. We got into the pool yesterday afternoon but the whole damn school had the same idea and it turned into chaos. Mark couldn’t be with us cos he had a prefect’s meeting. He phoned last night to say how pissed off he was that he’s got to start going to these meetings and things now. He went down to the pool cos he thought I might hang around and wait. They should find out today when their leadership camp is [happening].

Wingnut walked home with me but I stopped off at Steph’s, and he went home [by himself].

“What are you gonna do now?”

“Say hi to Steph.”

“Hey, you gonna ask her?”

“Ask her what?”

“What we spoke about?”


“You dense or something? We spoke about it.”


“Yeah – and you’re playing with my mind. Are you or aren’t you?”

“Why don’t you ask her?”

“She’ll laugh at me.”

“She won’t. But – she might say no.”

“Why? Is it too big for her? Hehehe.”

I shoulda walloped him with my school bag. “No, she might lose it.”

“Very funny. So?”

“So what?”

“So are you gonna?”

“What’s it gonna be like? I’m her boyfriend, asking her to blow you.”

“OK, so you’re not gonna.”

It was the first time that he looked pissed off with me, and started walking home.



“Seeya later, buddy.”

“Yeah, OK.”


Going off for a surf. YES! SURF! Surf is up – not huge, but it’s there, and it’s stinking hot so it’s boardies.

Mark is busy with the juniors swim training. Hehehe – he’s got Wingnut and I heard him threatening to drown the little guy cos Wingnut gave him some lip about how many laps he’d done. I think he’s lucky Mark’s not the coach. So I’ll wait for them to finish.

Felt a bit shitty about Mark thinking I was waiting [for him] yesterday, and didn’t. Anyway, it gives me a chance to gawk at Wingnut in his slinky Speedos, and Mark’s furniture compartment. :)

It’s been too damn hot to concentrate on anything today.

Wingnut played cricket at recess again. Mark sat with me for a short while but he had to go to the quad to do some ground monitoring [as a prefect] or something like that. Make sure the guys don’t smoke or take drugs on school ground – that kinda shit.

When I got home, all the dog crap was picked up but Wingnut wasn’t around. I got started on sorting out the [school] books and then dove into the pool to cool off. Then he jumped the wall.

“Thanks for picking up the dog crap, bro.”

“It’s OK.”

“Sorry about this arvie. But I can’t ask her that. You can.”

“Fuck, Cody, it’s just that I thought you’d like do anything for me, and I guess I just went too far, huh.”

“It’s OK.”

“Will you get pissed if I ask her?”


“What doya think? I don’t wanta make a total prick of myself.”

“Well, Steph won’t diss you. If she won’t [blow you] then she’ll tellya in a cool way, I think. Why are you so hung up about it, anyway?”

“My mom said that I must get as much knowledge and education now while I’m young and can remember it all. OK, so she was talking about reading and stuff – but sex is also learning, isn’t it?”

I totally fucking collapsed. I couldn’t believe he said that. “Your mom said?”

“Stop laughing. You know what I mean. Books and stuff.”

“Hehehe, hahaha. So you’re gonna put a book under your ass while she blows you?”

“If you don’t stop laughing I’m going home. This is serious stuff, Code.”

I tried desperately to control myself but it was hard, and he was getting madder with every snigger [from me]. “You wanta come in and swim?”

So he stripped down and jumped in [the water] and we swam and wrestled around for a while. I think I laughed myself to sleep last night about it. His mom said? Jeez, if only his mom knew how his mind was working.

My mountain’s on fire. Everywhere you look there’s just smoke. Last night my dad went up with some volunteers to the back of the mountain to help the firefighters and emergency people with beating out the fire, and helping people get out of their houses. A whole lotta us wanted to go up after we finished our homework but by then they already had too many volunteers. By the looks of it this morning a lot of the fires have been put out. My dad said that some of the flames were 20 feet high, and they were lucky that none of the houses caught fire where he was. He said the worst was when they helped people out of their houses; people were in tears cos there was nothing they could’ve done if the houses went up [in flames]. Early this morning the helicopters started again, dropping water bombs on hot spots. Yesterday arvie the S.A. navy base was on fire as well, and the mountains above it. That seems to be under control now, and they’re allowing people back into Simonstown. When you look across the mountains and see all the smoke it looks like something out of a war movie.

The surf turned out crappo but we went out anyway, and just sat on our boards and watched the helicopters and listened to the sirens as emergency vehicles dashed around all over the place. The sun was like a red ball through the smoke, and ash was falling even where we were surfing. This morning our garden was covered in ash.

Read the Hayden story [in the MrB guest authors section] and it is so damn cool. I liked it a stack. Just seemed to go to an ending too quickly.

Oh – hehehe – yesterday out in the surf, Steph says to Wingnut: “Hey, [real name], how’s high school?”

“School sucks, but it’s OK. Made a few new friends.”

“That’s neat. So is there something you want to ask me?”

“Nope.” He went blood-red and then looked at me, and I’m sure I saw daggers in his eyes.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, well, I can’t speak to you here, OK. Maybe l8er.”

“You want to come along for a paddle?”

“Yeah, sure.”

So he and Steph paddled away from us to the back of the break. They sat there for ages. Steve couldn’t figure what was going on and I wasn’t gonna tell him. Anyway, he is still raving about having sex with an experienced woman. When they came back [to me], Wingnut was looking pretty happy. Steph just winked at me. Fuck, now I was curious!

“What didya tell him?”

“Ask him. It was private.” Then she laughed.

“Fuck, Steph, don’t play with me. Didya say you’re gonna blow him or something?”

“Well, not quite. I had to wait for him to ask me, or I would’ve looked like a damn slut.”

“Hehehe – but you are. You’re my slut.”

“Hmmm. Want to go and fuck?”

“Jeez, you are so fucking crude for a girl.”

“I learn from the best.”

When I asked Wingnut what they spoke about, he just smiled and told me that my relationship might be in serious trouble once Steph gets her hands on his bod.

“You are so fulla shit.”

“You are so worried.”

“About you? Yeah, right!”

“Admit it, Code. Once she sees me naked you’re history.”

“With that weenie? You never answered my question.”

“We spoke about boy/girl stuff. You probably won’t understand.”

“I’m gonna beat the crap outta you if you don’t tell me.”

“OK. She razzled outta me that I’m into being educated and said that if there’s anything she can help with, I must just talk to her and she’ll be happy to help. So she’s gonna blow me.”

“Didya ask her?”

“Not yet.”

I packed up laughing. “You had the perfect chance to ask her. What happened?”

“I didn’t wanta seem too over the top. I want her to get more desperate for my bod.” Then he laughed.

And that’s how it went. Steph wanted me to pop in [to her place] but I hadta get home and stuck into some homework. Steve and I had one of our ‘leave us alone’ arvies cos he was irritating me with his talk about this old lady, and how impressed she was with him and, and, and…

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta get down to the pool. The temp here is gonna be 40 degrees C today so they might even close school early.

Yesterday, Wingnut came around and did his homework in my room. I got a bit pissed with him cos he was going on and on and fucking on about what a BJ is like. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got all the time in the world for him but yesterday he really caught me in a bad vibe. I had a run-in with a teacher in class. We were talking history and got involved in a convo about why affirmative action is necessary, [I think that has something to do with giving indigenous Safricans opportunities that were denied them under the former apartheid regime. From what I gather, it makes it more difficult for white teens of modest means to be eligible for free tertiary education, which was why Cody had to work for a year to save the money he needed for university. MrB] and I convinced the whole class that it was bullshit, except him [the teacher], and he lost it, and I lost it, and then Mark got up to go to the boys’ room and when he passed me he told me to cool it, and that pissed me off as well cos I needed someone else in the class to tell this teacher to fuck off and get a life in the real world. So in a later class, with a different teacher, before he even starts the fucking English Lit class, he tells me that if there is going to be a difference of opinion on the value of the English language would I please keep it to myself. Mark says it’s obvious that my argument [with the previous teacher] came up during recess in the staff room.

So Wingnut got the brunt of that. I ended up telling him to get his own girlfriend to fucking blow him. I could see that he was totally not expecting my reaction, and he only stayed a little while after that.

Wingnut was quiet this morning and I tried to chat to him but I’ve really fucked that one up badly. I’ll try and talk to him l8er and just tell him I had a really shit day yesterday.

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta jet. It’s hot again and I need the pool. Most of the fires are out now. A few hot spots here and there, and the choppers are out with their water buckets.


Here is the interview [for MrB]. Sorry for the down mail this morning. Just had a real shitty day yesterday and I wasn’t myself. Mark picked it up right away this morning cos Wingnut is still not opening to me. He was quiet all the way to school and then disappeared to his buds as soon as we got here. Mark asked me why I looked like shit and if he needed to take me to the gym and beat the crap outta me – hehehe. I told him yeah, sure, that would bring a smile to my swollen face.

Anyway, I’ve skipped a class cos I just needed to be alone and decided to answer these questions [for the MrB interview].


First week of school is over. Can’t believe how quick this week went. Saw Wingnut at recess:

“Hey, where are you off to?”

“Cricket – on the field with my buds.”

“Cool. How’s your day been?”

“Pretty shit. I’ve got a load of homework.”


“Hey, I’m playing cricket tomorrow.”

“You in the team already?”

“Better believe it.”

“That’s pretty good. What are you doing this arvie?”

“Homework. I wanta get it over and done with so I can surf after cricket. I’m meeting some of the guys at the beach.”

“Oh – OK.”

“And you?”

“Homework. Probably watch the day/night cricket later [on TV]. Then I’m meeting Mark and Steve and we’re going out.”

“Cool. Enjoy. Seeya.”

“Yeah. Seeya.”

Anyway, at least Mark wasn’t on [prefect] duty so we could chat for a while:

“You want to go and hit the [punching] bag?”

“It’s too hot.”

“You’re too strung out.”

“I’m OK.”

“Yeah – my mom’s boyfriend is OK and he’s still a cunt.”

“I’m cool.”

“Cody, what’s up?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“You haven’t been jacking around like you normally do, and you haven’t mentioned dick once.”

“Who’s dick?”

That cracked him up, and I hadta laugh with him. “Seriously, you look lower than shark shit, buddy.”

“I’m fine – just feeling a bit down without reason. It happens.”

“It happens to me – not Cody.”

“That’s why you hit the bag, huh?”

“Yep … before I hit someone else just for the hell of it.”

“I blew up at Wingnut yesterday, and he’s taking it totally personally. I must’ve sounded like his dad.”

“You were blowing up at everyone yesterday. I can’t believe you had that showdown in class [with the teacher].”

“Yeah, well, I’m tired of teachers being dictators.”

“So why did you take it out on Wingnut?”

So I told Mark about the whole damn thing about Wingnut wanting Steph to blow him, and the convos, and how Wingnut’s been going on and on about it.

Well, Mark was laughing so much about the whole damn thing that he could hardly speak. His gut was sore from laughing (can I rub it forya?).

“Come on, Code, the little dude’s finally learning what his dick is for, and he needs you to help him out here. For a little dude he’s pretty well hung, and he needs to do something else with it besides stir his tea.”

“He spoke to Steph himself.”

“Bet she said yeah.”

“I think she did.”

“I knew it.”


“Steph is a total cool chick but she used to drive me fucking crazy jealous [because of] the way she used to eye all the hunky, good-looking guys. One time we were in bed together and she told me about this gorgeous dude she saw at the Mall. That basically ended our relationship. And you’ve got a tiny prob in that the little dude has got it all going for him. I’ve never seen a 12 year old with a bod like his, and he’s got the looks, and he’s got a cock that’s got his buddies wondering what they did wrong.”

“So what doya think?”

“Well, it’s a tough one. I’m not sure I would allow Carol to do that, but it’s not Carol. I would just love to be a fly on the wall and watch the little dude in pain when he juices her, and his cock is all tender, and he thinks that there’s something wrong with him. It’s your call. Honestly, I would let it happen … even [with] Carol now that I think about it. Well, I guess it’s more Steph’s decision.”

“She thinks I’m cool about it.”

“Are you?”

“I think so – just cos it’s him.”

“Then chill before I belt you or put you on the detention record.”

I felt a whole lot better after chatting to Mark, and the two of us are gonna have a swim now. He doesn’t seem to mind me ogling his filled Speedos so much anymore. He still gets a bit shy but there’s no way he’s gonna hide that thing. And tonight we’re going out [clubbing].

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