Cape Town, South Africa
Part 69

Looks like it’s gonna be another hot day here in Cape Town. Gonna swim some laps this morning cos we start our swim training this arvie. The juniors are training this morning and Ross is taking them for laps before the coach gets hold of them.

When I got home from school on Friday the dog crap was gone so I figure Wingnut musta been there. Never saw him, though, cos he went out with some friends skateboarding.

Friday night was cool. Watched the cricket with my dad and then went to Mark’s place and met up with him, Carol, Steph, Steve and ANOTHER BIRD that Steve took out. We only got to Corners about midnight and the place was humming already. I got totally shitfaced cos I was in the mood, and Steph got pissed off until she heard that Steve spiked my drinks. I know I didn’t drink enough to get that out of it. Mark and Steve got into an argument cos Steve gave me a mickey. I remember him shouting to Steve above the music. “What the fuck did you put in Cody’s drink?” I think Mark was worried cos I was supposed to go home afterwards and there wasn’t much chance of me doing that on my own steam. So he and Carol and Steph took me to Carol’s house and fed me a ton of coffee. I felt like the fucking Michelin Man [cos] I was so damn bloated. Anyway, I musta passed out. Mark walked home with me around 6 in the morning. I think he wanted to make sure I caught no flak from my dad – he was gonna cover [for me].

Steph came around on Saturday arvie. My folks like her a stack. My dad said that if I don’t want her anymore, then he’ll take over – hehehe. And she gets on helluva well with my mom. We ended up in my room.

“I got a call from Wingnut.”


“Cody, he is so paranoid that he’s hurt you, and he’s scared to talk to you about it. He says it’s all about this blowjob thing, and you told him to fuck off or something.”

“I what? The little shit. I told him to stop going on and fucking on about it. Is that all he spoke about? I had a shitty day and he caught me on the back foot. Shit, Steph, you know that I wouldn’t hurt him.”

“Well, he thinks he’s hurt you and doesn’t know what to do about it.”

“He’s gonna have to work it out.”

“He doesn’t know how, and I can see that you’re damn miserable about it as well.”

“Shows, huh?”


“What else did he say?”

“He said he’s sorry that he came on to me because it’s upset you.”

“It’s not that. It’s just his obsession about it, and then he wanted me to arrange it. Grief!”

“Speak to him.”

“I’ll check what happens.”

Anyway, we took a walk to the Mall and met up with Mark and Carol.

I never saw Wingnut on Sunday either. I spent most of the day watching us getting thrashed in the cricket by England. We played a shitty game.

They play in Cape Town on Wednesday and I might go. My dad’s gonna see if he can get us some tickets [to the game].

Wingnut got to school before me this morning and was already swimming, so I haven’t chatted to him yet. I know things are kinda out of hand at the moment but I also hate feeling like the bad guy here.


Wingnut came to me during his swim prac after I’d finished laps in the one lane.

“Hey, Code, I need some help.”



“What with?”

“Ross says my stroke is up to shit but he’s not taking time out to show me.”

“Yeah, well, he’s trying to watch all you dudes at the same time. They’re gonna be picking a team for your age group soon.”

“So I need some help cos I want to be in the team.”

“OK, so get in the water and let me check it out.”

Anyway, I checked him out and he’s trying to rush his stroke and not following it through properly. It looks like a habit he’s gotten into. So I got in the water with him at the shallow end and grabbed his arm, and showed him [what he was doing wrong]. He got the hang of it pretty quickly.

“Thanks, Code.”

“Pleasure, bro. You’ve been scarce.”

“Been skateboarding most of the weekend, and went to a friend’s to watch the cricket.”

“Thanks for picking up the dog crap.”

“It’s my job.”

“Hehehe – you’re right.”

“I’m sorry about the other day. Been feeling really shitty about it and I didn’t know what to say. That’s why I wasn’t around.”

“You’re a real dick. You need to suss out my moods. I had a shitty day and you were the closest target.”

“Yeah, well, that’s cool cos we’re buds, right?”

“Always. My dad missedya when he was watching the cricket.”

“I’ve missed you. It’s been shitty just hanging with the juveniles. Anyway, I’ve taken your advice and I’m gonna handle it myself when I feel up to it [asking for a BJ].”

“You still gonna ask Steph?”

“She’s the only cool girl I know. I know she’s your girl and all but it’s not like I’m gonna steal her away.”

This all [was happening] while we were getting changed for class. So I guess I overreacted as usual.

Today’s been pretty quiet. Got swim training now, and then home. It’s the senior squad training but Wingnut’s hanging around cos he wants me to work a bit with him afterwards on his stroke.

Had a long swim in the pool yesterday arvie, and spent quite a bit of time with Wingnut trying to help him with his stroke. He’s gonna haveta work at it cos it’s something he’s been doing wrong for ages and now has to try and work it out. Mark, Wingnut and I walked home together, and then Mark said he wanted to come around in the evening and sit [with me in my room] with some homework. You should see how damn serious he gets when he climbs into his books, and his books are pretty neatly laid out, and I’ve learnt something from him as well – he uses a right-hand column to write little notes to himself to explain things that he had a prob with. I always do that with math but he does it with everything.

Wingnut came around and whipped around the yard. Sox had made a really runny one on the lawn and Wingnut bitched when he tried to pick it up with a plastic bag.

“Fuck, Cody, your dog is shitting custard now. Gross, man.”

“Yeah, well, you’ve been having it too easy. This is a challenge.”

“Six times. Six damn piles. I crap once and maybe twice a day. Your dog craps six times while we’re at school.”

“Yeah, well, if you could crap on the grass you might do it more often.”

“You’re sick.”


“You’re sick. What are you doing?”

“I’m going to nail you.” I grabbed him and got him on the ground, and gave him a mousey on his thigh muscle. I think his leg was lame for the rest of the day.

“You prick! That was so not cool!”

“I kinda liked it.” :)

“Yeah, well – here.” He tried to get me on the muscle at the top of my arm but I was waiting for it anyway, and he missed. “Watch your back, Code.”

Then he hadta go home and do some homework.

Steve rocked around and we got seriously naked. It’s weird: we don’t have a session for a week and it’s like I see my bud as someone new. I made him stand while I stood behind him and we faced the mirror [like in the Daniel story]. Then I let my hands explore every damn inch of his bod. Then the damn phone rang – Mark.

“Hey, Cody.”


“What’s the matter? You sound like you’ve been running.”

“I was out back when the phone rang. What’s up?” (I coulda bit my tongue cos I could hear that I was sounding [like I was] in a hurry).

“Just wanted to check if it was OK if I came around [to your house] earlier – about six.”

“That should be cool. You can have supper with us.”

“Nah – it’ll be OK.”

“Not with my mom. She’ll shovel food down your throat. Anyway, she thinks you’re sexy and it will give her time at the table to check you out.”

“She said that? Yeah, right!”

“Cya l8er.”

When I got back to my room Steve was on his back stroking [his dick], and I jumped him, and we did a 69. I was on top for a change. We tried to make it last as long as possible but I guess I was so damn horny that I couldn’t. Steve managed to hold it for ages after me.

Afterwards, we jumped in the pool and just chatted. He said he was sorry for spiking my drink. He got into a whole lotta crap with everyone there [at the club]. He thought Mark was gonna fuck him up solid [cos] he was so mad.

When Mark rocked over he had his school bag, and we got down to some [home]work. During supper, his eyes kept on going to my mom – he was so self-conscious about what I’d said [about her thinking he was sexy]. He and my dad spoke about boxing and when the season was starting again, and what training he was doing.


Wingnut was bitching about his leg this morning and how if he couldn’t swim he was gonna tell the coach [that] I’d beaten him up. He had a nice blue mark on this thigh –hehehehe.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get down there [to the pool] before the little sod tells everyone that I did beat him up.


I was helping Wingnut again at recess with his swimming. He’s in panic mode cos the swim team trials are on Friday for the summer tour and they only take four guys in each age group, and he’s coming in 6th. So he won’t even make the reserve place the way he’s going. He keeps slipping back to his old style.

“How didya win races at primary school?”

“I don’t know. I just did. Three of those guys [who are beating me] have been training at the gym during the [school] hols with a damn coach.”

“That’s not it. I think your stroke is screwed cos you’re swimming like you’re paddling a surfboard, and chopping the damn thing. I think I must get Darren to train you.”

“By Friday?”

“OK, but if I trainya then I want no lip or bitching – and kiss the surf goodbye [today].”

So I’ll be busy training with him the whole arvie. He’s desperate. Hey – anybody who wants me for a trainer must be damn desperate.

So what did Mark have to say about it [my coaching Wingnut]?

“You’re what?”

“Trying to help Wingnut get through the team selection.”

“That’s gonna take up every minute you’ve got.”

“He’s desperate.”

“Need a hand?”

“Sure. You wanna?”

“I told Carol I’d meet her later but I‘ll have some time [to spare]. Can I kick his ass?”

“He may need it if he gives me lip. But I don’t wanta give him too much of a hard time.”

“Like we have when Darren coaching us? You know what’s needed, Code. You can’t let him hide behind you.”

“I guess.”

“OK, I’ll give you a hand for a while.”

So that’s the plan for this arvie.

Yesterday arvie I thought Wingnut and Mark were gonna seriously climb into each other one time. We had him swimming lap after lap. Mark got fed up with being ignored, so he jumped into the water and swam with him – shouting at him to follow the stroke through, and when he still didn’t hear [the instruction], Mark grabbed the back of his Speedos to stop him.

“If you want Cody to help you then you’ve gotta make a plan and listen. OK?”

“I can’t while I’m swimming.”

“Then stop after each second lap and check [with us]. You want to get into the team, so listen up. I’m going to swim a few laps with you and stay behind, and if you don’t listen up I’m going to pull off your Speedos and burn them – cos you won’t need them.”

“Yeah, well, you’ll needta catch me first.”

Well, Wingnut opened the taps and all of a sudden his stroke came together. Of course, Mark caught him but he didn’t do anything cos he saw the same thing I did. Mark stayed with us for about an hour and a half, and then I kept Wingnut in the pool for another hour after that. I just needed him to get used to a natural full stroke.

“Why does Mark always get so mad?”

“He doesn’t, really – just frustrated when he knows that you can do it but it looks like you’re not trying.”

“I was trying.”

“Yeah, I know. Very trying – hehehe.”

“Would he have burnt my Speedos?”

“With Mark, who knows? If he didn’t, I woulda.”

“Yeah, but you wouldn’t be able to catch me.”

“Wanta race?”

Well, we raced four lengths freestyle and at the end he hadta catch up almost a full length behind me. He knew I’d beat him, though. He’d seen me swim before.

It was late arvie when we got home, and I hadta get seriously stuck into my homework. Only finished about ten [pm].

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