Cape Town, South Africa
Part 72

Swimming yesterday after school went a helluva lot better than before. I kicked some butt in the ‘fly, including buddy Mark. Coach kept pitching us against each other. In the freestyle, though, he seriously sorted me out totally.

Mark was the last guy into the showers as usual:

“Hey, why do you always come into the showers last?”

“I hate it when the guys stare.”

“I’m here.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Shit, you’re so well loaded the guys are probably trying to figure out how they can get theirs like that. Maybe you tied a brick to it when you were a lighty.”

“My name’s not Jumbo.”

His sloppy was becoming a semi as we spoke, and then he turned his back to me while he soaped himself. Hmmm – hehehe – cute buns, with neat dimples.

“I can’t figure why you’re still shy in front of me.”

“It’s just me, I guess. I get a compy [complex] with anyone staring at me.”

“Carol, too?”

“Fuck, Code, you know what I mean. Guys.”

“What happened Friday? Hear you were almost in a rumble.”

“You being quizzy again?”

“Forget it.”

“Chill, Code. Steve obviously told you, anyway.”

“I wanted to hear from you.”

“I just got pissed off with this smooth, rich dude who thought he could hit on Carol. Steve warned him off, though, and they fucked off soon after that.”

“Carol would’ve told him [to get lost], anyway.”


“I’ve gotta breeze and get stuck into this homework.”

“Fuck, that bio bitch [teacher] laid it on. A full project by end of week.”

“Late nights.”

“Maybe I’ll come over and do some [homework] at your place one night.”

“Anytime. How are things at home?”

(He changed the subject). “You seeing Steve l8er?”

“No. Why?”

“He’s got some stuff for me.”

“You buying now?”

“A few joints, Code. That’s it. You should come and share one with me. Who knows? I might let you give me a blowjob.”

“Hehehe. Before or after you break my nose?”

“Just testing you.”

I walked with him past his house, and then went home. All the dog crap was gone ‘cept for a new pile that Sox had obviously dropped in the last half hour.

I didn’t see Wingnut until just before supper. He’d gone surfing with some friends, and he met Steve down there.

“Shit, Cody, it was almost as good as yesterday. You shoulda come down.”

“Couldn’t. Swim squad and homework. Thanks for cleaning the yard.”

“It’s cool. I did my first real floater today.” Then he described his whole ride and the floater, and how he dropped back into the wave. “I wished you were there to see that. Steve was raving when he saw it.”

“I wish I coulda seen it. Sounds like you ripped it up.”

“I did – totally. And the girls were all staring.”

“Yeah, but that’s cos your boardies were probably at your ankles.”

“Nah, they woulda fainted then – hehehe.”

Then he grabbed one of my Alanis tapes and went home.

On the way to school [this morning], Wingnut was still going on about the surf yesterday. I’m pretty stoked for the little guy. I know what it’s like to do something special on your stick for the first time.


Weather is overcast here and cool, but it’s nice, though, cos there’s no wind. Swimming this morning was OK but I’m battling. I’m getting my ass kicked in the freestyle – big time. At least I could get into the freestyle event before, but with Mark and Ross swimming like they are [in these events] I’ve got no chance cos there are at least five other guys who are flying through the damn water. I guess the worst is that my ego’s taking a knock cos both Mark and Wingnut are watching me crap out.

Yesterday arvie, we swam laps. We’re supposed to pace ourselves to stay together, then we take turns in putting the pace up. Well, I gave the guys a chance to rest cos I just could not get any more speed up.

It’s not so much not doing well in freestyle – I’ve never been good at it. It’s just that now – cos there are so many good guys – that everyone’s noticing [my lack of performance]. I even bit Mark’s head off, for absolutely fuck all. All he did was comment that maybe I’m not using my legs properly.

Then, when we were finished, I didn’t even bother to shower. I just pulled on my tracksuit and picked up my bag. If anyone asked me anything right then I think I woulda fucking cried – just outta frustration at not knowing what’s wrong with me. Mark asked if I was gonna shower and maybe we could walk home together, but I just shook my head and split outta there. Wingnut didn’t say a fucking word cos I think he knew I would’ve just chewed his head off (THE OTHER FUCKING HEAD!!).

The phone was ringing as I got home, and it was Mark. He didn’t shower either, so he musta sprinted home.

“What’s up, Code?”


“You know what you’re always saying about your being there if I need to talk? Well, I’m here [for you]. I know you don’t want to [talk] now, but when you [do] want to, just shout. OK?”

“Cool. Thanks.”

I couldn’t even control my voice [cos] I was so fucking depressed. Out of the back window I saw Wingnut picking up the dog crap. I’m sure he’s got it down in his daily routine now. He didn’t bother to come inside. I think he’s learning when to let me have some space.

Wingnut came around early [next morning, after I’d been on a Dawn Patrol with my dad], and then we came here [to school]. He’s already swimming. He asked me how I was feeling this morning, so I guess I musta upset him yesterday as well. I haven’t seen Mark yet but I’ll see him now, when I go down to the pool.


They had the trials for the freestyle this morning, and I bombed outta it. They’ve chosen six guys in each age group. This arvie we’re doing training for backstroke and ‘fly, and I’m sure I’ll get into both of those. Mark was pretty disappointed that I never made it in the top six. He was awesome – he beat Ross by about half a sec, and I got an instant boner when I saw his shiny black Speedo-clad ass get outta the pool. Ross wasn’t fazed, though. He hardly ever goes all out at the trials cos he knows if he cruises he’ll make the top six, anyway.

Wingnut’s worried that I’m not gonna make the team for the tour:

“Maybe you can come as a coach or something.”

“Hey, I’ll be on the team.”

“Not swimming like you did [this morning].”

“Hey, that’s my worst stroke, buddy. Watch me when they have the next trials tomorrow morning.”

“Want me to help you train this arvie?”

“Hehehe – no, I’ll be fine.”

“I’m serious, Code. I can help.”

“Hey, stop stressing. I know you mean well, but I’ll be OK.”

I gave Mark a helluva smack on his back in the change room. Thought he might turn and fist me.

“Fuck, Cody, that is painful, bro.”

“So, want me to help you outta your wet Speedos?”

“Go fuck your hand.”

“Can I fuck yours?”

“Shutup, Code. For fuck sake, what if someone hears you?”

*Whisper* “So, can I?”


“OK, can I wash your back then?”

“Jesus Christ, Cody. Stop that.”

“Oh – just in case you haven’t noticed, you’ve got a boner.”

“Fuck.” Then he sat down and put the towel over his lap. “Go away, Cody. Please.” He was starting to get a little bit pissed with me so I took the best option.

“Cya l8er.”

“Yeah – l8er.”

So now we’ve got more swim training but at least it’s on my territory now.

Went to bed l8 last night cos we were watching cricket between Safrica and Zimbabwe. My mom had us going cos she was rooting for Zim [where she was born and raised], and she’s still giving us the dance around this morning – hehehe.

Had a good swim yesterday arvie. I came 3rd in the 100m ‘fly, 1st in the 200 and 400. Mark just smiled at me when he got outta the water and told me I’d gotten lucky. Then I got lucky again, in the backstroke 400 – came in 2nd. There’s this dude Kenny who won the backstroke 400, and who flew through the damn water like he was a fish. When I put my hand out to congratulate him he just shouldered past me. Fuck, I felt like giving him a backhand.

Hehe – Mark saw me and said: “Cease, desist! Do not think those thoughts, cos I’m a prefect and I’ll bust you if you lay a hand on him.”


“Yep, but [he’s] a big cunt even though he’s only 15.”

“15? What’s he doing in the senior squad?”

“Cos he’s faster than you in the backstroke and he’s right on your tail in the ‘fly.”

“He’s 15 and he just fucking pushed past me? I should smack him just for shoving a senior. Fuck, I woulda got smacked when I was 15 [for doing something like that].”

“That’s cos you’re so hittable. That was some awesome swimming, boyo.”


“Hey, you want to stop by at my place after school? I’ve just gotta get changed, and I’m meeting Carol.”


Wingnut left before the trials cos he was meeting some friends for a surf. I wished he was there to see me [win], though.

Anyway, we went around to Mark’s place and I sat on his bed while he got changed. He didn’t have anything [on] under his track pants, but I knew that [already] cos I could see the shape of his perfect furniture through the soft material. He pulled on a paira boxer briefs with a pouch that just nicely contained all of his goodies and made it stand out in a bulge. By now I was stone fucking hard, and I stood up behind him and put my hand around him, and on his jewels. He turned around quite quickly.

“Whoa, boy! Hey, Cody, that is not why I asked you to come [home] with me, bro.”

*I musta gone bright red.* “Fuck, sorry.”

*He grabbed me by the shoulders.* “Hey, Code, it’s cool, bro. It’s just that there’s a time and place for everything, and I don’t want you getting the wrong idea about us. OK? What happened [the other day] was pretty special for me and I want those times to stay special.”

“I’m sorry … I thought…”

“You thought I invited you here to jack me off.”


“Yeah, well, you’re my friend and I thought it would be cool to have you around while I’m getting changed, and then I can walk to your place before going to Carol’s.”

“I feel pretty fucking stupid.”

“Why? Cos you touched my dick? Here, man…” He stroked me once and then grabbed his jeans and pulled them on. He sat on the bed putting his runners on, and his lats were like steel rods running down the sides of his bod, and his biceps would form into tight balls when he pulled the laces.

We walked to my house talking about swimming and school, and then he headed to Carol’s.

Wingnut had already been there [at my house] cos there was no dog crap to pick up. Steph phoned and we chatted for a while. She should be one of those [sex] phone ladies that get people off – she is good. :)

Wingnut came around early cos the surf had sucked out. He went ballistic when I told him about the swimming, and was really pissed then that he hadn’t stayed to watch [me]. I told him about Kenny.

“So didya punch his lights out?”

“Nope. There was a prefect watching me.”

“Mark? He woulda helped.”

“No. He woulda busted me.”

“Some friend.”

“Hey, he’s got a job to do. Anyway, this Kenny’s still a lighty.”

“I can’t remember seeing him.”

“You will. He’s an awesome swimmer. HEY, you’re wearing Speedos under your boardies!”

“Yeah, my dick gets cold, so I just put them on.”

“You should just surf in your Speedos.”

“Oh, yeah? And look like a real fucking dork on the beach? I can just see all the guys taking the piss outta me.”

“Well, you can let the girls take the piss outta you – with their mouths.”

“OK, I’ll phone Steph.”

“Go for it.”

“No – serious. Here, I’ll phone her.” I picked up the phone and dialled Steph’s number, and when she answered I said, “Hey, babe, Wingnut wants you to suck the piss outta his dick.” She cracked up, cos I think she knew what was going on.

Wingnut just stared [at the phone] and said, “Hehehe, yeah, right, Code … like you’re [really] talking to Steph.”

“Here – ask her yourself.”

Hehehe. So he grabs the phone and says into the mouthpiece, “Hey, Steph, I like your tits and I wantya to give me a mindblowing blowjob.”

All I saw was his face going bright red, and he stared at the phone as if it was an alien, and then said, “Steph? Shit, I’m sorry. Damn, I thought Cody was playing around. Shit, I’m sorry. Yeah. Bye.”

When he put the phone down, I was rolling on the floor laughing. Then he gave me a lamo on my shoulder. Fucking hell, he packs a punch. But I got him down and lamo’d his thighs. I’m sure he’s gonna have bruises. Well, I hope he does cos I’ve got a damn bruise on my shoulder.

Anyway, he hung around for a while and listened to music while I sorted out my homework. He kept on asking what Steph will say [about the call].

She phoned l8er [after Wingnut had gone home] and the two of us cracked up over what had happened. She told me she thought she was in luck. I’m sure she really wants to blow that little sod.

Tried to phone Steve but he was out.

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