Cape Town, South Africa
Part 78

When everything started, Ross told the guys that the initiation was supposed to be fun for the [older] dudes who’ve been through it already but that the little guys hadta try and do it in the right spirit, and all that bullshit. Didn’t stop them from feeling like the world was caving in, though.

The first thing they hadta do was stand in a circle. One of them had a marshmallow shoved in his mouth. He hadta pass the marshmallow to the next guy, and from him to the next without using their hands. They started mumbling about how gross it was but Ross told them to shut up. The guys who had it first hadta take it from the last guy and then swallow it. That was a new one for me and it was fucking gross. We were all pissing ourselves [laughing], watching them trying to take the thing between their teeth and not let it get into their mouths.

After that, they each had their own things to do.

Carlos was told to strip, and I thought he was gonna fucking cry. He stood there with a semi and no pubes. It’s just as well that he had a semi cos he had a really tiny, uncut dick. A tog bag was put down the middle of the floor and he was told to make love to it. Even the juniors were laughing as he got going. And fuck, did he get going! Once he got into it [the rhythm], he got a roaring fucking boner, and he was fucking the tog bag and kissing it. A coupla the other guys hadta do the same.

Wingnut’s turn came and he was told to strip. That he didn’t mind cos out of the juniors he definitely had the biggest dick, and he HAD PUBES, even if there were only a few. He had a semi as well. Ross threw a girl’s mini dress to him and told him to put it on. He slipped it over his head. He looked fucking cute in it cos he’s got really great legs. The dress came down to just below his ass but his dick was pushing the front up a bit. Then Ross told him he hadta walk to McDonalds and go buy a burger and bring it back.

“Fuck, no! I’m not going into McDonalds wearing a fucking girl’s dress!”

His buds were all telling him to do it, and all the seniors were telling him to swing his ass outta there and get moving. Together with one of the other seniors, I was told to follow him and make sure he did it. His semi had deflated but you could still see the shape of his cock through the dress. When we got outside, he wanted to start sprinting down the road but the dress kept lifting up, so he hadta walk slowly – hehehe. I was pissing myself.

He stood on the other side of the road forever before going in. The HUGE PROB was that there were other swimmers in the place, and they all wolf-whistled him when he walked in. The other customers were all laughing as well. Then he musta thought ‘fuck it’. He waltzed up to the counter and ordered a plain Mac. When he collected it, one of the juniors from the other team walked up to him and asked if he wanted a date.

“Fuck you.”

“Fuck you! You want to step outside?”

“Piss off. I’m busy.”

“Dress suits you. You should’ve been a girl.”

“OK. You want to step outside? Fucking c’mon, then.”

That’s when we stepped in and stopped it before it got outta hand. Wingnut and the other dude were the same size and they would’ve done each other damage.

He got a huge round of applause when he got back [to the flat], and then took off the dress. By the time we got back, most of the other guys had been initiated already. Well, mostly. All the guys who’d been initiated were standing naked. When the last one was done, they were separated into those who had pubes and those who didn’t. Most of the guys had pubes, and one by one they hadta stand on a chair. Kev put on latex gloves, and then smeared their crotches with shaving cream. Then he shaved each and every one of them. Some of them, including Wingnut, got a total boner when Kev touched them. Wingnut was totally pissed off about being shaved.

“It’s gonna take forever to grow those back. Fucking hell!”

“It’ll help you go faster in the water.” That’s what Ross told them. Hehehe. Yeah, right!

After the initiation, some of us went down [the road] to buy a coupla buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and we had a celebration. The juniors were glad that it was all over and were feeling pretty up.

The next morning, we went down to the pool and we started heats. The heats took the whole damn day, but all of us made it through in the freestyle and breast stroke events. Wingnut made it through in 200 and 400 freestyle, breast and ‘fly, and the 100 ‘fly. He was swimming like a genius. The junior that gave him grief at McDonalds also made it through in almost the same events, but he was a wicked freestyle swimmer. Brandon creamed the heats that he was in, but we were almost all sure that he would, anyway.

That night, some of us went to play pool at the pool bar before having an early night. The juniors weren’t allowed in there cos they sold booze, so Wingnut and some of the juniors went to the movies instead. Mark shoots a mean game of pool, and hammered all of us. I think he was really enjoying the tour, and he was pretty chuffed with the way the swimming had gone.

The Friday’s swimming was something else. We hadta battle to get through to the finals, and I never made the cut in the 200 ‘fly. I came in 4th, and they only take the first three. Mark swam like a damn fish and made it in the 100 and 200 freestyle and breast. Ross got through all of his events. Wingnut won the semis of the 200 ‘fly.

We were noticing the juniors that had been shaved were scratching [their crotches] on the Friday. Wonder why? Hehehehe. Mark told me to watch Wingnut. “I think he’s got an itch.”

The Friday night we weren’t allowed to go out ‘cept to get something to eat. The coach would’ve eaten us up if we went out, so we lazed around watching telly but most of us had an early night.

The finals [were] on Saturday, and the big race was the 100 freestyle with Ross, Jumbo and Mark being in there. It was a total rave having three of our swimmers in the race. Brandon was there as well, acting like a fucking prima donna, and making sure everyone was watching him.

The race started and I swear Mark hit that water like a fucking shark with an eating frenzy. Right from the start he was neck and neck with Brandon, with Ross right there with them. Brandon was the first to turn, and then Mark musta grown fucking wings or something cos he hauled him in with each damn meter, and he musta touched the wall a good two seconds ahead of him. We all went fucking ballistic. Brandon got out of the pool and threw his swim cap across the ground. He was totally pissed off and we were totally happy about that. OK, so he went on to win all his other events but the 100 was always his biggie. Mark was the fucking hero of the day. Ross came second in most of his finals, and Wingnut won the 100 ‘fly as if he was the only swimmer in the water. He was also pretty much treated like a hero after that. A lotta guys did helluva well. I didn’t make the first three in the ‘fly but I swam pretty well and wasn’t too disappointed. I was up against some top guys and I was happy that my two buds had done so damn well. I guess those two medals are taking a special place on their walls. Ross creamed the 100 and 200 backstroke, and even he was surprised cos it’s not his major.

Saturday night, we were allowed to go out and do our own thing. There was a disco organized at the pool hall so we all went there first. We left when Brandon and some of his dudes started chirping. The coach would’ve gone fucking apeshit if we fought there. BUT Brandon made the mistake of following us to the Sports Bar. Mark had organized a few short shots and was totally amped by the time Brandon came up to him and shoved him. Brandon didn’t even see it fucking coming. Mark musta hit him three times in the stomach before he even realized he was hit, and then hit the deck. He was out cold and winded, and his buds hadta help him. We scooted outta there as fast as we could else there woulda been a damn rumble.

The juniors were all hanging outside hoping that someone would get them a beer, and some of them did manage to get one or two. Wingnut’s eyes were pretty done over by the time we came out, and he was battling to walk str8.

“How many fucking beers didya have?”


“And you’re drunk?”

“Nope. I’m fine.” *Trip*

“Yeah, right.”

So I slung him over my shoulder so we could get moving, and then he did the fucking unthinkable. He puked down my back. His stomach was resting on my shoulder, and I think that’s what did it.

We walked around the beachfront and got some more to eat. Well, Wingnut was kinda walking, and Mark was pretty well over it. Mindya, all of us had probably had one beer too many. If the coach saw us then he would’ve annihilated us.

Sunday, we were allowed to go down to the beach. There was some decent surf and I managed to borrow one of the local dudes’ boards. He was paranoid that I would ding the damn thing, but he let me use it anyway. It was totally cool to get onto a stick [again]. Wingnut wanted to borrow it as well but the dude was taking no chances. Most of the guys were body surfing. We left on Sunday afternoon, and I think most of us just slept the whole way back. We were all totally stuffed after all the swimming.

I guess Wingnut’s still sleeping or he would’ve been over here by now. Mark phoned this morning to say that he was gonna catch up on some school work, and will probably see me l8er. There was a message from Steph to call her when we got back, so I’ll do that when she gets outta school.

Anyway, G, it was good to be back in my own bed again. Slept like a damn log.

Wingnut came around a while after I sent that note off toya. He wanted to go for a surf cos it was cooking. I had such a stack to do but I took some time out and went down [to the beach with him] for about two hours. It was a total damn rave and it was hot – boardies time. The best was that the dudes were all still at school so we had most of the surf to ourselves. There were a coupla guys out but there was plenty of surf for everyone. It was just a total relax. I asked Wingnut if he’d seen Candy yet.

“Nope, but I spoke to her on the phone, and she heard that I look cute in a dress, and I should maybe come and try some of her outfits on. She won’t tell me who told her cos I’ll kill him.”

“Hey, face it. You looked pretty hot in a dress. Even your pecs looked like little tits.”

“I looked like a big tit. And I’m still itching like mad. And I think I’ve got a rash where my pubes used to be.”

“They’ll grow back.”

“I can’t wait 12 years to stop itching. I’ll be an old man by then. I thought you would stop them from doing that.”

“Didn’t wanta. Your cock looks sexy all bald. Anyway, you got all excited. I could tell by your boner.”

“So what if Candy wants to hold it and feels there’s no hair?”

“She won’t want to hold that ugly thing.”

“You are so damn jealous.”

“Of your bald weenie?”

Steph did come around, though, and that was pretty cool. Gave me a damn bear hug. And guess who hopped the fence?

“Hey, Steph! I got a medal. Nogo over here got his ass whipped.”

I guess he said that just to make me feel better, so I gave him a clip on the back of his head.

“See? See what a bully your boyfriend is. He bullied me the whole time we were away.”

“You are such a bullshitter.”

“He made me run around in a damn dress.”

(Steph) “Heard you looked pretty cute, too.”

“I’m going. Cya.” He made a duck outta there, and we [Steph and I] cackled.

Mark couldn’t make it around [here]. He called from Carol’s. Says he was making up for lost time cos his nads were so damn full.

“I coulda sorted that out forya on the trip.”

“Fuck off, Cody.”

“Glad to be back?”

“Wish I was still away. Had a total rave. No pressure.”

“Did well, too.”

“Thanks – AGAIN.”

“No, seriously. You knocked everyone’s socks off by beating Brandon, the prick.”

“Well, there’s no getting away from the fact that he’s a speed merchant in the water. He just had an off day.”

“That’s like saying he kicked out a stroke to letya win. You did it, bro. You kicked his ass.”

“Yeah. Anyway, I’ve got some things to do. Checkya in the morning.”

“So tell me, is it a blowjob [you’re getting from Carol] or are you dipping it in the seafood?”

“Gross. You are soooo fucking gross. Cheers, Code.”

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