Cape Town, South Africa
Part 80

Mark phoned [last night] to check how it was going.

“Did you seriously jack in the crapper?”

“Yeah. I’ve done it before.”

“You must’ve been damn desperate. Hey, how about staying over on Friday night. We can go out with the girls and then you can sleep over. We can get shitfaced and you don’t have to take any flak from your folks.”

“I’ll check and letya know.”

Anyway, I checked with my folks and it’s cool with them. Mark’s mom’s gonna be out with her bf so it should be cool. I also phoned Steph and she’s keen to get out.


All the swimmers who won medals on tour were called up this morning at assembly, so both Mark and Wingnut hadta go up with the guys. They hadta stand there while everyone cheered. It was pretty damn cool. Wingnut was beaming from ear to ear, and Mark just looked pissed off as usual. He can do without the public shit. I caught up with him when we left the hall and his ears were glowing red.

“Hey, you looked pretty good up there.”

“Shut up. Fuck, I hate that.”

“You’re lucky this isn’t a girls school, especially with that erection you had.”

He totally got a fright when I said that. “Don’t talk crap … you’re not serious … Cody? … Cody! Come back here, you shit!”

I had taken off as soon as he started to ask the question, and he chased me across the damn grounds, and dive-tackled me on the field.

“One day … one day, Code, I am going to beat you so damn badly.”

He was sitting on my chest with my arms pinned back. A couple guys came running over and Wingnut was with them.

(Wingnut) “Crap! They’re only playing. I wanted to see them bleed again.”

Mark nodded to me, and we both got up and grabbed him. We pulled his shorts up so high that I’m sure he’s never gonna have babies. When we let him go, he hadta walk with his legs apart cos his nads were definitely punished.

“One day I’m gonna get both of you guys, and you’re gonna feel ever so fucking sorry!”

(Mark) “Was that swearing at a prefect I heard?”

“No. But I can understand that’s one of the first things that go with old age – your fucking hearing.”

I hadta kick him on his ankles cos Mark would definitely bust him if he kept on swearing at him. He was just lucky that none of the other guys heard him or he would’ve gotten busted for sure.

After we got to the quad, he disappeared to the boys room, and both Mark and I  collapsed. I was trying to talk in between all the laughing.

“Didya see his eyes when his shorts lifted? I thought they were gonna pop right out.”

“Hehehe. He’s not going to be able to jerk that turkey this weekend.”

We were still laughing when he came across to us but we tried our best to look serious. But every now and again I would haveta laugh else it would’ve bust me.

(Wingnut) “Watch your back, Cody. I’m not taking any prisoners. And tell Conan as well.”

That just did it. I hadta hold my stomach [cos] I was laughing so much. Mark and I were still at it when we got into class. We hadta do our best not to stare at each other or we would just start laughing [again], and I think we even forgot what we were laughing about. Oh, yeah … Wingnut’s marbles. Hehehehe hahahahaha hohohohoho.

Friday arvie Wingnut, Steve and I went down for a wave and it was really great. The size had dropped off a bit but we raved. Steph came down and looked hot as usual, and Wingnut got his knickers in a knot again. I mean, as soon as Steph says ‘hi, Wingnut’ he gets a damn boner. I think he thinks about shoving his dick in her mouth as she’s saying hi.

“Hey, Cody.” (She said as she paddled toward us).


“Great surf.”

“I was wondering if you were gonna make it out. Still OK for tonight?”

“Shit, yes! I’m in the mood to party.”

“Hmmm. How much?”

“Hehehe. Enough.”

(Wingnut) “What party?”

“Club – tonight – adults only.”

“You guys aren’t adults. Bet they’re gonna check your ID tonight.”

Wingnut couldn’t hide the damn boner in his boardies, so Steph leaned over and pulled his boardies away. I thought he was gonna fall off his stick.

“Hey, buddy, are you going to let me sort that out for you one day? I’ve got a way of getting rid of that swelling.”

He was totally damn red, and his boner just got worse. And where Steph had pulled his boardies away, they just stayed like that cos his damn boner was pushing them. He looked at me as if to say, ‘Hey, I can’t help it if she thinks I’m hot.’ She was giggling like crazy when she paddled over to me.

“I can’t believe that a little dude like [real name] has got such a big dick.”

“Mine’s bigger.”

She sat on her board and leaned over, and rubbed my crotch, then kissed me. “I know.”

(Wingnut) “Hey! You guys gonna surf or what?”

Steve shouted as the next set rolled in, and we all paddled across [to him] and out to the peaks.

Friday night we went to Corners and had a total rave. We drank a bit but didn’t get too shitfaced. The girls had a good time. We left there at about 2am and got a lift with some friends we met there. I took Steph home first and she climbed into my cargos while she was kissing me. I had a skin splitter. I waited outside while Mark took Carol inside her house. It took like forever.

“What? Didya fuck her while I was waiting?”

“Nope. Didn’t have a rubber or I would’ve.”

“Hey, you could’ve asked. I always carry one.”

So he puts his hands around my neck and shakes me. “Now you fucking tell me!”

On the way home he lit a joint and smoked it while we walked and spoke. He held it out for me but I just shook my head. He was telling me about this bungalow that his mom’s bf has got out in the country.

“It’s some property that he bought, and hes built this place [there]. My mom says it’s pretty fantastic, right on the river edge. They’ll spend just about every second weekend up there now, doing the finishing touches [to the bungalow] and stuff like that.”

“Sounds great. How come you haven’t gone with them yet?”

“Cos the fuck hates me and I hate him. So it suits me that he’s got this place.”

When we got to Mark’s house he poured a coupla vodkas. Fuck, I think he poured a couple [of nips] in each glass. He topped it with fresh orange [juice]. We got down to our boxers and then sat outside in his back yard. They’ve got this table with benches in a small barbecue area. He lit another joint.

I got up and stood behind him, and started to massage his shoulders and neck.

“That feels sooooooo good. Ever think of becoming the [swim] team masseur?”

“Nope. There’s just certain guys that I would massage, and you’re one of them.”


“It’s the feel of your skin – muscles – I dunno – I just enjoy it cos it’s you.” He rolled his neck [around] as I massaged him. The air was cool but both of us had layers of perspiration over us. It was also dark, with just a bit of light reflection in the yard. “Why don’t you straddle the bench, then I could sit behindya.”

He kicked his one leg over, and straddled the bench, and I sat behind him. I put my arms around him and rested my hands on his pecs, and just rubbed them lightly. His nipples hardened under my hands, and I could hear him catch his breath.

“Does that feel OK?”


I ran my hands down his hard gut to the waistband of his boxers. I let my hand move across his boner, just quickly. “Hey, want me to take these off?” I wasn’t surprised to hear Mark say that cos he was just being himself.

“Just stand up and I’ll take them off forya.”

He stood up and I put my hands around the front, and slowly pulled them down. I pulled the elastic [waistband] over his boner. He lifted each leg to throw them off. I put my hands on his buns and let them move slowly around until my two thumbs were resting over the base of his boner, and his nads were resting in my other fingers. He sat down slowly.

“Lean back so that your head rests on my legs.”

Then he laid back, and I had the most perfect fucking view of his shiny pecs sloping down to a rippling gut and his boner. I wanted it all to last forever so I left his boner and just gently let my hands slide over his pecs and down his stomach.



“Want another drink?”

***FUCK*** :(

“Yeah, sure.”

“Want to pour them?”


I went inside and poured us another two drinks. When I came out with them, he was laying on the bench with his boner in his one hand. He sat up and took the drink from me. He put the glass down.

“Why the fuck am I naked and you’ve got your damn boxers on?” He pulled my boxers down and threw them on top of his. “That’s fucking better.” Then he stood up. “I’ll be back in a sec.” He came back with another joint that he’d lit. “Want some?”


He threw his leg over the bench and sat down facing me. He giggled. “Fuck, if the girls could see us now.”

“They’d be instantly wet.”

He took a long puff of the j and then held the smoke in his lungs for a while before exhaling. There was a huge cloud of smoke as he exhaled. “Hungry?”

*If only he knew!*


“Fuck, I’ve got the most incredible munchies.”

“Yeah, well, if you’re gonna make something I’ll have it [too].”

“Feel like some bacon and egg zonks?”

“Sounds great.”

We went inside and he fried up some bacon and eggs, and made us sandwiches with bacon, eggs, tomato, lettuce, onion, and then he mixed up a sauce with mayo and a whole lotta stuff and poured it over them. We took them outside to the table and then ate them. They were the best damn sandwiches I’ve ever had.

“These are fucking good.”


Then we sat with our drinks and he turned around again, with his back to me, and leaned back against my chest with [his] one foot up on the bench. I put both arms around him and just left my hands [rest] on his stomach. He held my arm in his hand.

“This is fucking cool – and unreal.”

I didn’t needta answer him.

We finished our drinks and then sat for ages. He dozed off against me. I could feel his whole body get heavy. I moved my hand down to his boner and let my fingers explore it. I slid my fingers down between his nads and his legs, and carefully felt each perfect egg.

It started to get cold so I woke him up. “Hey, bud. Let’s get inside, huh?”

He slowly got up and groggily made his way through to his room, and then collapsed on his back and fell asleep [on the bed] right away.

His boner was beginning to soften but there was a mass of precum hanging from it. I took it in my hand and massaged it slowly, and it got back to a full boner in no time. Mark was in a deep sleep. Well, I took the chance cos I might never get another one.

I opened my mouth and closed it over his cockhead. There was like a rush of electricity through me. I guessed Mark would taste different to Steve but this was awesome. I let his precum collect on my tongue. My tongue circled his cockhead twice, and I felt his boner lift slightly, and then I guess I got scared. I didn’t want Mark waking up and finding that I was blowing him.

I moved him so that I could cover him, and then climbed under the covers next to him. I moved up close and put my arm across him with my hand on his pecs. My boner was digging into his side.

I musta slept like a log cos he woke me up by smacking my boner. “Hey, wake up you lazy fuck.” He had made us some coffee. He sat down on the edge of the bed. He was still naked but he musta sorted himself out or something cos his cock just rested gently across his nads.

“I really enjoyed last night.”

“Corners always raves on a Friday.”

“No, Code. I’m talking about afterwards. I enjoyed that.”

*What? Your cock in my mouth?*

“Me, too. It’s weird how sometimes you have a time that feels really special.”

“You going surfing today?”

“Home first – chores, and I’ve got a neighbor’s garden to do – and then surf.”

“I’ll check if Carol wants to come down and maybe I’ll body surf. Got to do some washing and ironing, though, and some school work.”

I showered and then dressed, and went home. When I left, Mark was filling the washing machine.

My head felt like lead working in the sun at home, and it [the hangover] seemed to go on forever. Wingnut had gone down to the beach with a friend of his and left a message to meet him down there if I can.

[There’s a bit missing here. Apparently, Steve had invited Cody to a party. MrB]

“Ask your folks, Code. It’s gonna be a helluva party.”

Well… my dad just said right out ‘no way’. “Spend one night at home during the weekend. OK? And you don’t even know whose house you’re supposed to be going to. Your mom and I are home tonight, and we thought that we could go out together [as a family].”

Wingnut was there [at the time]. He came to dump his wetsuit at my house. He asked me earlier if he could sleep over but after hearing my dad he skipped the idea.

“Dad, can you give me a lift to the Downhill tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Well, the Downhill Extreme is a major event down the back of Table Mountain from Kloof Nek down to Camps Bay, down a massively steep, winding road all the way down half the mountain. The guys come off their boards at helluva speeds. It was just so damn awesome to watch them all. Wingnut went through with me, and we caught up with Steve and Steph.  Mark and Carol were there as well. I didn’t even know they were going. After the event, there was an after-party at La Med but it was so damn packed that we gave it a miss and started off home. We split into three groups [to make it easier to hitch a ride]. Wingnut hiked with Steve, and it was Steph and me, and Mark and Carol. It didn’t take too long to get a lift home.

This morning, Wingnut was raving about the Downhill. So was everyone else at school.

[Thanks to Steve for the ‘Codeman close’ graphic. MrB]

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