Cape Town, South Africa
Part 81

Wingnut came around and picked up the dog crap.

"I needta show you something.”


“Check this out.”

He drops his rods and puts his hands on his hips, and pushes his dick out. Now THERE is a dick that I would loveta get my lips around.


“Check my fucking pubes!”


“That’s what I mean. I toldya they wouldn’t grow back for a hundred years, and now it looks like I’ve got a disease. Check it out.”

“Check what for fuck sake?”

“Here.” He pointed to the base of his dick and I bent down with his cock – which was getting harder cos of the fresh air – right in my face.

“That’s dirt.”

“It’s leftover pubes.”

“That’s new fluff. It’s growing back already.”

“Yeah. Well, the one good thing is there will be fuck all for you guys [at initiations] to shave next year.”

“Hehehe.” I cracked cos he was being so damn serious about it.

“It’s not funny. What if Steph phones and asks me to come around cos she’s suddenly in the mood to blow me?”

“She won’t. She likes cocks, not winkies.” Oh, shit! He gave me a mousey right on the bicep of my right arm. It just went totally damn dead, and then pain.

“You’re dead.”

“Catch me.”

His rods were around his ankles and he dives into the pool. I just thought ‘what the fuck’. I had my tracksuit on and dove in after him. There was no way I was gonna let him get away after that mousey. I gave him one on his thigh and he was shitting all the way COS OF THE PAIN. He sat on the step in the water rubbing his leg. His shorts were laying at the bottom of the pool in the deep end. The pain sorted his boner out, though. His dick just hung slack over his nads. Me? I had a skin-stretcher. I always get one with him, especially when we fight. I guess it’s just that skin contact thing.

[One of the reasons Cody told me so much about the intimate moments with his buds was because in my replies I would pretend not to be reading his descriptions, and instead be busily knitting or running around with a butterfly net hehe. I also had convos with my imaginary doc or shrink. Cody loved teasing me, and probably imagined me getting all excited by his revelations. Actually, I think I was more in awe than excited. I’d love a dollar for every time I shook my head in almost disbelief while reading his words. MrB]

Steph phoned last night and we chatted for ages. She told me about how school had gone, and I told her [about what had been happening at my school]. She asked if was thinking about going to see Lenny Kravitz and the Goo Goo Dolls – they’re coming out [here] for a major concert.

Afterwards, I phoned Mark and he was pretty quiet on the phone.

“Your mom’s boyfriend there?”


“Is that why you don’t wanta talk?”


“Checkya in the morning.”

“Cool, bud.”

This morning, Wingnut showed me the bruise on his leg, and I showed him the fucking blue mark on my arm. There is no way I’ll tell anyone that the little shit gave it to me, though. The guys will laugh me outta class. Mark is in one of those quiet moods again this morning.

Just in case you didn’t know, a mousey is when you get punched on a muscle and it looks like there’s something running under your skin. It’s major pain. [Yes, I remember those, but we didn’t call them a mousey. I invited one kid I knew to punch me ten times on the upper arm if I could just punch him once. Hehehe. He declined the offer. He was about Wingnut’s age at the time, and I was mid twenties. MrB]

After swimming this morning, I waited until Mark came outta the showers. He was in a feal fucked up mood, so I didn’t follow him in there [to shower with him]. He also looked pissed to find out that I had waited. He couldn’t stuff about, though, or we would be late for class. He’s got a bright red welt going across the one ass cheek.

“Sit on a hot poker or something?”

“Don’t start, Cody. I was busted taking some of his [the bf’s] stash, OK. Happy now? Anyway, it’s not over yet. I fucked off outta there so quickly this morning.”

“What doya mean it’s not over yet?”

“I think he’s still going to mess with me a bit later. Never seen him that mad.”

“I thought you got stuff from Steve.”

“Steve wasn’t around, so I just got into his.”

“Ever thought of getting hold of the cops?”

“Here we go … Cody the not-so-brilliant friend. And then? Then what?”

“I dunno. Report him for abuse or something.”

“Yeah, my mom will love me for that.”

“What does she say about it?”

“She doesn’t know what he does to me.”


“He’ll never do it when she’s around, and he knows I won’t tell her.”

“Why? You scared of him?”

“It’s a long story, but basically … my mom’s happy with the dude. I’ve never seen her happier, and I think she’s crazy in love with the fuck. I don’t want to screw things up for her.”

“Does he hit her?”

“No. Fact is, he’s good for her. I’m sure he loves her, too, and he does stacks for her.”

“What’s his buzz with you, then?”

“Personality clash, I think. We’ve never really liked each other.”

“That is totally fucked up, man.”

“Anyway, it’s my prob. I’ll handle it.”

“Doesn’t look like you’re handling it very well.”


“Every other week you’ve got new bruises.”

“Hey, I enjoy being beaten up. I get off on it. Anyway, you wouldn’t handle it any differently.”

“Why don’tya come around to my place after school? Wait until your mom gets home before you go there.”

“Stop going into a fucking panic, dude.”



It was my turn to get mad. He was putting on his tie, and I pushed him off balance, and he stood up and faced me. His eyes were like fucking red coals. I really thought I was gonna get it.

“No what-fucking-ever. I’m your friend. Stop treating me like a piece of shit whenever I wanta help. OK? I get fucked up mad cos one day you’re not gonna be at school cos he’s beaten you into hospital or something.”

He grabbed my wrists in like a vice grip. “Hey, listen up. I’ve looked after myself for fucking ten years now, and I can handle it. OK? I’m not sure how to handle you.” His eyes were watering. “One of my biggest fucking hassles is you, Cody, cos one day you’re not going to be around. We’re going to go our separate ways. That’s something I’m not sure I can deal with right now. So stop putting me on the back foot cos I don’t want to fight with you.”

OK, so my eyes were watering, too. “OK. No more arguments – for now. Please let go my wrists. My hands are turning fucking blue.”

Then he let me go, and turned around and went through to where the urinals and wash basins were. I didn’t follow him there. I waited for him to come out and grab his bag, and we walked to class together.

At recess, he was almost back to normal, and we chatted about a dude we had seen at Corners. He’s an old dude who is always there. He always tries to chat up our girlfriends. The girls love him to pieces.

Anyway, G, I haven’t even tried to analyze what Mark said to me this morning. I don’t think I’m gonna [try] cos it was more the way he said it rather than what he said.


We did wrestling in the gym today, and Mark ended up against Jumbo. It was one of the first times I’ve ever seen Mark totally outpowered. We wrestle with just our gym shorts on and we wear jockstraps underneath. Thought you’d want to know that. :) Oh – rods are pants or shorts or briefs or boxers – whatever’s covering your dick – hehe.

Anyway, Jumbo got him down and got his arm around Mark’s neck, and pulled him backwards, and then threw his leg over Mark’s legs and held his arms back. Mark tried to twist out of it but Jumbo’s fucking arms and legs were bulging pure power and there was no way [Mark could succeed]. Mark hadta submit before the black giant broke his damn neck. I felt like shouting ‘HOLD HIM THERE’ – while I went and played – hey, just for a little bit. :)

OK, surprise, surprise. I went up against beefy-boy Alan. Maybe it’s the coach’s revenge or something. The mat was already slimy with sweat so I was already slipping all over the damn place. Anyway, Alan had his own fucking plans and got me in a scissor grip between his legs. He had managed to get me down on all fours and then sat on me – wrapped his tree-trunk legs around me and then turned me over. When I submitted, and the coach told him to stop, he just carried on squeezing tighter. I thought the fuck was gonna crush me and I was an inch away from crying in real fucking pain. Mark signalled for me to grab Alan’s nuts, so I did, and I didn’t even apply a little pressure. I grabbed and squeezed so fucking hard he hadta let go. I thought he was gonna belt me but the coach pushed him away.

Basically, it was like the rugger guys against the swimmers, and the rugger guys are all fucking huge.

It’s all supposed to be just fun but some guys get seriously hurt, even if it is just temporary.

It did help us to let off steam, though. Fact is, Alan was still steaming in the shower. He fucking glared at me. It was good to see him shower, though, cos when I was wrestling with him he stank like a horse’s crotch. Hey, I’m only guessing it stinks gross.

Swimming this arvie – looking forward to that. Wingnut’s got cricket practice. They’ve got a big game coming up. That’s cool, though, cos I want to walk home with Mark.

Yesterday arvie, I walked home with Mark. I first went to the [school cricket] pitch to let Wingnut know not to forget the dog crap when he gets home.

“I’m fucking bowling here, Cody. Oops! Sorry, coach.”

Hehehe. He almost ended up in crap up to his ears. Mark cracked when I told him about it. Anyway, we got to his house and he turned [toward me] to say ‘cheers’.

“Can I come in for a sec? I needta piss.”


Anyway, I went through to the bathroom and had a piss even though I didn’t need one. I heard voices outside the door and I flushed [the toilet] and went out. The bf was standing there holding a short length of hosepipe. Mark looked at me. He had already gotten out of his shirt and was standing there in just his khakis and shoes.

“You need to go, Code.”


“Just go.”

I stood there and felt so fucking helpless. This was what it was all about. I often wondered how Mark got so beaten up, and here it was – coming – and I could do absolutely fucking nothing about it.

(bf) “Your friend going to go or what?”

“Fuck off, Cody.”

“Will you call me later?”

“Maybe. Just get the fuck outta here now.”

“I can’t. What’s going on here?”

(bf) “Your friend is a thief and needs to be taught a lesson.”

“You going to hit him with a fucking length of hosepipe?”

He hit the hose on the wall with a bang. “Who the fuck do you think you’re speaking to?”

Mark pushed me down the hall to the door. “Fuck off, Cody, before you get it too.”

I was ready to get hysterical but I managed to stop myself from screaming at him. “What? You just going to stand there and get beaten? That’s not the fucking Mark I know. Fight the fucker back.”

“Fuck off and go home, Cody.”

He closed the door and I stood there. I could hear voices but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I heard lots of noise but the door was locked.

I walked home and tried to phone [Mark] as soon as I got there but there was no answer.

I thought about speaking to my dad when he got home but I didn’t. Mark woulda gotten totally pissed at me.

When Wingnut walked in I was busy doing pushups, so I thought I’d have him on.

“1004, 1005, 1006…”

“Thousand and six? Yeah, right!” He planted his butt on my shoulder blades with his legs hanging down next to my head.

“Get the fuck off, you fat slob.”

Then the fucker bounces on  me and I just collapsed. “So how many didya do?”

“Thousand and six.”

“Crap. Even I can only do about twenty.”

“Yeah, but you’re a weak shit.”

“What’s up? You look like someone died.”

“Everything is cool.”

“Yeah, I know – I’m too young [to know what you won’t tell me].”

“It’s not that.”

“You crying?”

“Nope – just mad at something.”

“Glad it’s not me.”

“Go pick up the dog crap and I’ll seeya later.”

Then Mark phoned.


“Hey. You OK?”


“What are you doing?”

“Making supper – macaroni and cheese. Want some?”


“Want to come over?”

“[Wait a] sec.”

My folks said it was OK after I told them I’m having supper with Mark. I got there and he was busy pulling the stuff outta the oven. It smelt fantastic. He looked OK.

“Shit over now?”

“Yep. Did you try and phone?”

“All afternoon.”

Hehehe. He pulled the phone cord out.

He dished us up some macaroni and cheese, and then we went outside and sat at the bench – THE BENCH.

He was pretty quiet most of the time.

“Is the food edible?” [I asked]

“Hehehe. I’m a fuckup most of the time, but I can cook.”

“It’s good. You’re gonna needta teach me to cook sometime.”

“Your hike food was pretty good.”

“Yeah, but I can’t eat hike food all my life.” [Yes, that’s Cody cooking breakfast during a hike up Table Mountain. He was 15 then. MrB]

After we finished eating, he made us some tea.

“I need you to do something for me.”


“I tried to phone Carol but she’s out with some school friends. I need you to sort this cut out for me. Don’t worry. I’ve already showered.”

He passed me a tube of some antiseptic, and then pulled his shorts down. He was wearing white boxer briefs. He pulled them down and he had a nice red strip across his butt. The skin had just been lifted. It wasn’t that big but it looked nasty. I cleaned it and then put some of the cream on it. I had a good look at his hangers hanging down between his spread legs – like two big pears next to each other. :)

“Carol normally do this forya?”

“She has a few times.”

“What doya tell her?”

“She knows better than to ask. She’s not like a [certain] friend of mine.”

“Ever ask your mom?”

“Don’t be stupid.”

“Where’s he [the bf] now?”

“They’ve gone out to some friends of his [house].”

“Didn’t think he had any.”

He pulled his briefs up. “It’ll be OK by tomorrow.”

“When I saw the hose I thought he was gonna whip your back.”

“Hell no. He knows I’m on the swim team so he won’t hit me there. Anyway, he normally hits me once. Sometimes he hits me with his fist – other times the hose.”

“What are you gonna do about him?”

“Nothing. Another year or so and I’ll go into digs [my own apartment] somewhere. Just need to find a job so [that] I can afford it.”

“What about school? I thought you might stay another year for post [matriculation].”

“I might still do that. Just needta work off school fees and shit like that.”

“What if I chatted to my folks about you staying with us?”

“Couldn’t do that, Cody. You don’t know me, and once you did [know me] you’d wish me the fuck outta there. And you would start working on my tits with all your fucking questions.”

I helped him clean the dishes after, and then I went home. He was going to see if Carol was home yet.

My mom was pretty impressed when I told her about the food [he’d cooked]. “Oh, my kind of man.”

My dad just winked at me and laughed.

Haven’t seen Mark this morning yet. They’ve got a prefect’s meeting going on. Wingnut looked like he was dragged through a hedge. He woke up late and probably just ran his fingers through his hair.

Getting ready to go down to the pool. Pretty ordinary day. Wind is still blowing, so no surf. Looking forward to getting wet today.


I asked Mark if he just stood there while the bf laid into him. He told me that the first time he hit Mark, Mark totally lost his rag and fisted him. Mark said that was the worst beating he ever got from anyone. Even his dad never beat him that bad, from what he can remember.

“Doya actually bend so he can beat you?”

“Not a fuck, but I don’t hit back anymore. If he wants to hit me I just stand there and glare at him and wish the pain away until he’s gone. Drives him crazy.”

“Ever hear from your dad?”

“He tried phoning me about two years ago. I told him not to contact me ever again. He blew his chances. So … I don’t have a dad.”

I stopped the [direction of the] convo there cos I could see Mark was getting tears in his eyes. “I don’t know whatya put in the macaroni cheese but I blasted myself outta bed this morning. I’m gonna haveta use air freshener to get back in there.”

He laughed at that. Fuck, I love to see him laugh.

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