Cape Town, South Africa
Part 84

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day. Not a lot happening ‘cept for homework. Wingnut came around in the arvie – hehehe – cos he had a chore to do. [A reader wrote me this morning and remarked on how Sox never seems to be involved in any of Cody’s activities. Sox arrived at the T household when Cody was three, so she was pretty ancient by this stage. After she died, Cody told me that she was in a pretty bad way with arthritis and just plain old age. As a younger dog, she and Cody would go for walks up the mountain. She was full of life back then. MrB]

Brian told Wingnut that it’s best he stays away from his house for a while cos Alan said he will give him a hiding if he shows up there – “just for fun, and his old bro Cody can do nothing about it.” Brian was going on about how Alan beat me up at school, and how he’s not scared of me, and really just talking crap.

"Anyway, I told him that you can take his brother out any day of the week.”

“You haven’t arranged that day haveya?”

“Not yet. Want me to?”

“No. It’s cool, thanks. My lip’s still healing.”

“Lucky shot.”


“You scared of Alan?”

“Nope. That lard belly? No way.”

“That’s what I told Brian.”

“Just don’t go out [there] making crap for me, OK? I haveta go to school there as well, and Alan controls almost a third of the damn seniors. How’s the nuts?”

“Still tender when I touch them. I haveta be careful when I jack off that my fist doesn’t bang down against them, so I just fist the head. This is a good time for me to phone Steph [and ask her] to blow me, huh?”

“Thought you’d phoned her already.”

“Nope. But I think about her blowing me a lot.”

“Tellya what. You blow me and I’ll blow you.”

“Stick your pisshole in my mouth? Yeah, right. You serious?”

“Want a sarmie?”

“Hey! Answer me!”

“Peanut butter or jam?”

“Peanut butter and jam. Cody, would you stick a pisshole in your mouth. Really?”

“Depends on the pisshole maybe.”

“Mine’s clean ‘cept for the piss hole that I can’t get my hand into, hehehehe. Anyway, I wouldn’t stick yours in my mouth. That is so damn gross. Girls just do it cos they like to hold the muscle. And they pretend not to gag.”

“How do you know that?”

“It’s obvious that they don’t really wanta put that in their mouth.”

“Then why do they do it?”

“To make their boyfriends horny so they can get fucked.”

“Hehehehe. Candy made you horny yet?”

“I’m getting there. Her hand brushed my cargos the other day.”

Anyway, I made us some sarmies and then he borrowed some more [music] tapes.

“Where’s the tapes you borrowed the other day?”

“I’ll get them now. Chill out. I’m not going to sell them.”


Sorry for sending this so l8 this morning but I first downloaded the last two Wingnuts [chapters] after my folks left [the house for work]. :) No swim prac today cos there’s a public holiday tomorrow and a lotta guys are away from school. So it’s pretty much gonna be a relax. We’re all wearing casuals today. Hadta pay 5 bucks, though. They gave the money to the local charities for kids so it’s for a good cause.

The wind is blowing like crazy here and has been the whole weekend. Yesterday we went out to Long Beach for a surf and it was pretty damn cool. Steve, Wingnut, Steph and me. Steph is pretty damn stylish on the stick, and a lotta the guys reckon she’s one of the better girls on sticks they’ve seen. Bet they’d like to see her sitting on theirs. I was distracted by one dude who musta been about 15 or something, and he had this short spiky blonde hair, and a bod to kill for. Managed to chat to him for a short while but it was hard to concentrate cos my damn eyes kept going over his pecs and abs. He lives near here so I’m hoping to see him again. He seemed pretty friendly, too, which was neat.

Friday night I ended up going with Mark and Carol and Steph to Corners, and then the Purple Turtle. Steve was with us but he didn’t bring a girl along. Strange for a change. He wasn’t short of company, though, cos a lotta the girls there know him and they got chatting. One girl that he was rocking with was totally into his cargos and there was no way he could hide his damn boner. Mindya, his hands were all the way under her blouse. I sometimes wonder if my folks did that when they went out dancing. Steph was a lot more subtle about the whole damn thing. Well, not that subtle. She’d dance up close and made damn sure she could feel my boner against her, getting harder and harder with each damn rub. She smelt cool, though.

Mark and Carol had a bit of an argument cos she was getting pissed off cos he was drinking so much. Steph asked me to try and stay sober, and I was getting totally horny and hoping for a quick one, but that wasn’t gonna happen so I stayed kinda sober for nothing. Mark and Steve ended the evening totally damn trashed. Steph was happy and Carol was pissed off. The thing with Mark is, though, don’t tell him not to do something cos then he does it just to piss you off, anyway. He was supposed to sleep over at Carol’s but they had a fight and she told him to go home and sleep it off. He asked if he could sleep over at my house so I had him and Steve sleeping over. They were both so out of it, though, that they just passed out on the spare mattresses that I put down [on the floor]. Mindya, I was pretty blown out cos it was like 3 in the morning so I just jacked [myself] and went to sleep.

Saturday I spent the day helping my dad and doing a few things around the ‘hood to make some cash. Saturday night Steph and I went to a movie with Mark and Carol and Wingnut and Candy.

“Try the popcorn trick."

“She’ll freak.”

“Only cos it’s tiny.”

“Fuck off.”

Anyway, I think Candy is dying to touch Wingnut’s dick cos she sat with her hand on his crotch through the whole movie and he couldn’t hide the boner when the movie ended.

Then we went for pizza, and home.

Wingnut never slept over. His folks said he needs to spend some weekends sleeping at home so I guess he milked his lizard b4 he went to sleep, especially after the way Candy had gotten him all horny.

The wind has died here and the surf is up. And guess where we’re going this morning. :)

Wingnut has just left [here] to get changed and get his stick. I hope he brings his wettie cos the water is damn cold. I’ve just phoned Steve and a girl answered his bedroom phone. He’s gonna come down [to the beach] a bit l8er. I got a boner talking to him cos I could imagine him speaking with the covers down to his legs and her arm over his stomach playing with his boner. I could hear by his damn voice that something exciting was happening.

Last night Wingnut was supposed to sleep at home. He took Candy to a friend’s house-party, and he and some of his friends got totally trashed on a bottle of vodka. I was with Mark, Carol and Steph, and we’d just dropped the girls off at home before we went home. MARK SLEPT OVER!!

We saw Wingnut on his way home and he was falling more than walking, and puking every second step. There was no way he could go home like that. His dad would’ve killed him. His clothes were covered in puke and he stank to hell.

“Shit! He can’t go home like this. His folks will kill him.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Take him to my place.”

“He’ll never get there.”

“You can carry him.”

“Crap. He’s covered in puke. You carry him.”


Well, I wasn’t gonna get myself full of puke so I took off his shirt, t and cargoes, and threw him over my shoulder with his boxers on. The little sod had a semi so I guess Candy had been a real turn-on.

“Hi, Code.”

“You’re pissed [drunk].”

“Hehehe. Yep.”

“You stink, bro. I have to get these clothes off.”

“It’s cold.”

“Bad luck.”

I gave the clothes to Mark to carry and he held them between [the tips of] his fingers – hehehe. The worst was that the pressure on Wingnut’s stomach didn’t help and he puked down my back, and my t and jeans got fucking full of it. If Mark had laughed I would’ve planted him for sure.

We got Wingnut home [to my house] and then I phoned his folks to say that he’d fallen asleep, and maybe it’s best for him to sleep over. They said it was OK. His mom just wanted to know how he ended up with me when he’d gone to a house party. I told them that we were walking past [the house] and the friend’s mom asked if we could walk home with him cos he was asleep.

This morning he’s wearing a tracksuit of mine cos his clothes are soaking wet. I washed them last night. After we got the [spare] mattress out for him [last night] and put him under the covers I hadta take a shower cos I stank of puke.

“Wanta take a shower with me?”

“Nah, it’s cool. You’re the one covered in puke, buddy.”

“Should’ve been you.”

“Anyway, I’m going to hit the sack. I’m fucked.”

“You’re not even gonna wait ‘til I get into bed?”

“Just hurry up, then. OK?”

When I came outta the shower, Mark was sitting on the other [spare] mattress reading a surfing mag of mine. He had his boxers on and they were filled. I sat on the mattress opposite him.

“Are you going to bed now?” [He asked].

“Maybe. I want to see you naked first.”

“Not with the grommet here, Code.”

“He’s passed out.”

“What if he wakes up?”

“He won’t. But, hey, if you’re not into it, that’s cool. I’m just gonna jack off before I sleep, anyway. Steph was playing with me so much tonight that I thought I could get my end away, but…”

By now Mark had a roaring boner just from the convo, and I could see that he was into it [being jacked] but worried about Wingnut catching us. I moved closer to him and put my hand on the elastic of his boxers. He didn’t stop me so I pulled it away and he lifted his ass for me to take them off. The front of them was soaked in his precum already, and his cock was shiny from it.

I put my fist around his boner and rubbed the precum into it. He put his legs over mine so he could get to my cock as well.

“I want to do you first, so lean back on your elbows. OK?”

He leaned back, and his boner was lifted off his stomach, and his abs were contracted, which made me even more damn horny. He closed his eyes and put his head back, and I started to fist him.

I felt the muscles of his legs tighten just as he started to shoot his load. The first one [wad] almost landed on his face [cos] it came out so fast. I thought there was only supposed to be a teaspoonful of juice in us guys. That’s a total lie. Mark was trying hard not to make a noise, and it sounded like he was in pain. I hadta control myself not to go down on him with my mouth cos his damn cockhead looked so damn edible – like it had salad dressing on it.

I passed him some tissue out of my drawer and he cleaned himself. I helped him. :)

He was shaking when he took me in his fist.

“You don’t needta [jack me].”

“It’s cool. I want to, so lean back.”

I did what he said and leaned back on my elbows. Then I felt his fingers go down to my stomach.

“Hey, you’ve got a sixpack when you lay like that.”

I didn’t say a word, and I felt his fist close around my slippery boner, and he started to jack me. I held it as long as I could, but eventually I couldn’t control myself. I must’ve sounded like a wimpering dog when I shot off, and I also got the damn shakes from it.

I cleaned myself, and then I got into bed. Mark didn’t bother to put his boxers back on. Wingnut was fast asleep.

“Thanks, bro.”

“It’s cool, Code. You, too, buddy.”

Mark had a shower and left early cos he had a lotta stuff to do around the house today. Wingnut was feeling like shit when he woke up so I made him some breakfast, and he had that while he was still on the mattress. I told him to take a shower cos he still smelt like puke.

My dad wasn’t that impressed about him getting that trashed when I told him. Should’ve just shut up about it. I hadta explain that he wasn’t with us when it happened, and I wouldn’t have let it happen if I could help it.

Anyway, so we’re gonna go surfing for the whole day today. Cool.

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