Cape Town, South Africa
Part 86

[The thumbnail is part of the full-size wallpaper graphic that Steve sent me this morning my time [May 9, 2003]. :) MrB]

Hiya Gary,

As I toldya, things with Mark and me were fine again yesterday arvie when we left school. Wingnut was at rugger practice so it was just the two of us walking home.

“Want to come in for a sec?”

“OK, just for a sec. I’m meeting Steve and Wingnut for a surf later.”

We went through to his room and he threw his bag on the bed, and then grabbed a paira boxers out of his drawer and started to get changed [out of his school uniform].

With his back to me he is fucking unbelievable. He’s got this tight muscled ass attached to these well-shaped legs, and then going up to his v-shaped back.

I got up and stood behind him after he pulled his boxers up, and put my arms around him, locking his arms and holding him in a bear hug.

“So dis me now.”

“Cody, you’re going to get hurt. Let me go.” He was struggling to get his arms free but I held onto him, and he threw himself onto the bed, pulling me along with him. Then I got my legs around him as well. “Fuck it, Cody. If I get loose here you’re dead. You better run.”

Then he musta used all his strength to force my arms away, and he twisted around and fisted me with short jabs in the stomach, so I hadta let my legs go.

He pinned me down on the bed and held my arms down so he could get his knees onto them. Fuck it! He got his knees on the sweet spot and it hurt like hell.

“So, what are you going to now, huh?” He gave me these little smacks on the face and then drilled my chest.

I think it was pure pain that gave me the strength to lift him off me, and then the two of us were wrestling. But it’s like wrestling a fucking machine [cos] he’s so strong.

Eventually, we both just lay there out of breath, and he started laughing. “Fuck it. You don’t know your own strength.”

We went through to the kitchen and he poured some Coke. He was still in his boxers and the perspiration was running off of him. Actually, my clothes were soaked through with sweat.

Then I just stood behind him and put my arms around him, with my hands on his abs. His skin has a soft feeling, but tight ifya know what I mean.

“You starting [to make trouble] again?”

“Nope. I just enjoy the feeling.”

Normally, he would move away but I think he was too buggered, and let me stand [behind him] like that. I could feel the heat from his back coming right through my shirt.

“Pull your stomach in. I wanta feel what it’s like.”

He breathed out, and then sucked his stomach totally flat and up to his chest. It felt like soft-covered rock. My finger played in his bellybutton.


“So what?”

“What does it feel like?”


I let my hands slide down to the elastic of his boxers, and just as I slid my fingers in, he pulled away. He turned and gave me my Coke.


He couldn’t hide his boner, and my mind raced to some time in the future when maybe – just maybe – he’ll let me blow him.

We finished our Cokes, and then I hadta leave.

Wingnut arrived [home] from rugger practice before Steve [had arrived at my house], and he looked like a pile of mud with some human underneath – if Wingnut can be classified as human.

“Hey, Code.”

“Get your damn boots off before you walk inside. How the fuck did you get so damn fulla mud?”

“The [playing] field was just mud cos it was raining.”

“What didya do? Swim in the stuff?”

“No – just got nailed by a senior who tackled me.”

“You training with seniors now?”

“Nope. They were training in the next field, and I shouted to Mark-John that he looked like he’d damaged the back of a bus. Hehehe. I couldn’t run fast enough, and he nailed me.”

“One day you are going to get beaten up by the whole senior team.”

“Nope. They think I’m cool.”

“Going for a wave?”

“Hey, Code, will you ask my mom? She’s got this thing about [my doing] homework first, and I can do it tonight.”

“What am I supposed to tell her?”

“Tell her that you need me to show you a few surfing tricks.”

“YOU? Yeah, right!”

“Think of something … like you don’t want to go out on your own or something.”

Wingnut’s mom told me that she got a note from one of his teachers that, although he does his work OK, he rushes through it and his presentation isn’t that great. So she wants him to take more time over his work.

“Mom, I will! You can check it.” [He pleaded].

“Don’t surf until dark. If your dad must come fetch you then you’re grounded for the long weekend.”

“I’ll be home by six.”

“And then homework.”

“Yes, mom.”

I phoned Steve to find out where the fuck he was, and he told me that he was coming now.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

He whispered into the phone that he’d just screwed this bird, and he needed to get rid of her so he could go surf.

“I’ll cya in the water, then.”


Wingnut and I went down and the surf was pretty decent – and packed with guys. Steph was there.

“How come you didn’t tell me you’re coming down?” [I asked her].

“I tried to phone [you] but there was no answer."

“I was probably still at Mark’s or maybe Wingut’s place.”

We all had wetties on. Wingnut’s wettie fits him like someone painted his bod with black paint. Awesome.

Steve eventually got down [there] and the afternoon was a rave.

Steph left earlier than the rest of us. We got out of the water just before six.

Had macaroni and cheese for supper, and then I had some homework to finish.

Wingnut’s light was still on when I turned in. Guess he was still tucking into his homework – or his dick

We’re off school from tomorrow until Monday. Back on Tuesday. Tomorrow is Freedom Day, and Monday is Worker’s Day, and Friday all the schools are just staying closed so families that wanta get away [for the long weekend] can.

I’ll try and write during the weekend, else I’ll write on Tuesday.

Cold but sunny, and no wind. They think the temp is gonna be up to 25 degrees C today so that’s gonna be pretty neat. Surf is small but it’s been nice in the water.

On Wednesday night I went out with Mark, Carol and Steph. We went to a pub in Cape Town called Stones. It’s a pool pub, and we played pool most of the night, and it was pretty cool. We didn’t get that trashed and we behaved. Took ages to get a lift back home, though. Mark and Carol shared a joint while we were waiting for passing cars to stop for us.

Steph and I shared a bed in a spare room at Carol’s place, and Mark and Carol slept in her room. It was freezing cold so Steph and I were like glued together to get warm. Her bod feels so damn awesome cos she’s got no fat on her, and she smells great cos of the perfume she wears – and it’s just like a faint smell.

I rolled on top of her and she used her hands to get me to aim [my boner] properly. Once I was in, we both laid there cos that’s what we wanted. We could hear Mark and Carol giggling in Carol’s room, and I’m damn sure Steph must’ve felt my cock get even harder. That was cos I could imagine Mark getting into Carol. We chatted for ages, and then Steph kicked the covers off cos she was getting too damn warm. Never mind that my ass was freezing.

Then Mark came into the room, and he musta got a good look at my white ass. Steph tried to grab for the covers but there was no point by then. I giggled and told her not to panic cos my nads were covering everything [in her nether regions] that my dick wasn’t.

“Code, sorry, bud, but [it’s an] emergency. Have you got a spare safety?”

I was trying not to giggle cos the look on Steph’s face was priceless – remembering that Mark had been in the same position as me with the same girlfriend before he met Carol.

“The side pocket of my cargos.”

Mark had a roaring boner, pushing his boxers out, so I guessed it was only at the last minute that he found out he didn’t have any rubbers packed in.

He took it [the condom] and then slapped me on the ass cheek. “Thanks, bud. Hey, Steph, you’re looking hot, babe.”

That was it. I cracked cos I couldn’t control myself anymore. Steph hadta start laughing as well as soon as she pictured the funny side of what just happened. Then she lifted her legs up and put her ankles behind my back, and we went about it slowly cos we were having such a good time. Even with the covers off, I was covered in sweat.

After offloading, I stayed inside her and then we rolled over and fell asleep like that. I woke up in the middle of the night with a condom hanging off my dick like elephant snot off a rainforest tree. [Thanks for the visual, Code. Ew! MrB] I needed a leak anyway, so I took it and flushed it [down the toilet]. I don’t know if you’ve ever left a condom on after using it. Whenya eventually take it off, your whole damn cock is like a mass of slime and it feels wicked.

Mark made us breakfast in the morning, and then Steph and I met up with Steve and Wingnut in the surf. Wingnut paddled over [to me] all bubbly.

“Hey, Cody! Neato! The surf is cool. So did you get into Steph last night?”

“I’m not telling.”

So he shouted across to Steph: “Hey, Steph! Cody says you were good last night!”

“Fuck off, you little prick,” I yelled. “You’re going to get me into all sorts of shit.”

Later, when Steph was sitting with us on the backline, she started chirping Wingnut. “So you want to find out just how good I am?”

“I was kidding.”

“I’m not.”

“Not what?”

“I’m not kidding.”

“About what?”

“Still want that blowjob you’re always asking for?”

Wingnut went the color of beet. “Cody will kill me.”

“No he won’t. I’ve got [his] permission. Anyway, I’m disappointed in you.”

“In me? Why?”

“I thought you were saving yourself up for me.”

“I am.”

“Liar. Cody told me about your holiday escapade [up the Garden Route].”

“He told you?”

“Yep. So I figure I’ll just have to be second best.”

“It’s not like that. I was conned by those girls.”

“That’s not the way Cody told me.”

“He’s a liar.”

“So … you want to come around to my place tonight?”

“Tonight? I’ll haveta check with Candy first.”

“What are you going to say to her? ‘Hey, Candy! Steph’s blowing me tonight so can we save our date for tomorrow?’”

“My wave,” he shouted as he paddled to the incoming swell.

I told Steph that she was being fucking wicked.

“I learn from you.”

“I just don’t want him thinking something, and then it doesn’t happen, and he thinks you’re nothing but a cock teaser.”

“Actually, I was being serious. If you sleep over at my place tonight, then maybe he can as well.”

“You sure you want to do this?”

“Wingnut has me curious. He’s like a hunk in a boy’s body. Is it going to be OK with you is the big question.”

“It’s cool with me if it’s Wingnut. Just don’t go offering all the little grommets on the beach, though, cos they all wet their damn boardies just looking at you. I wonder how many brains you go through at night when these little dudes are all jacking [in their beds].”

“There’s only one brain I want to go through. I enjoyed last night.”

Anyway, Steph left early cos she hadta see her folks off. They were going to some office function for her dad and staying over there. So Steph was gonna be alone in that house. :)

Steve was quiet most of the time, enjoying the surf. Not aggro or anything – just quieter than normal, and he wasn’t chirping Wingnut the way he normally does in the surf. He said everything was cool so I didn’t quiz him too much.

Steve left before Wingnut and I, and it was almost dark when we got outta the water.

“So, you gonna check with Candy if you can skip your date [tonight]?”

“I was lying to Steph. Candy’s gone for the weekend with her folks.”

“Cool. So you’re gonna ask your folks if you can sleep over?”

“If you want.”

“I want to see Steph blow your lights out.”

“I’m scared.”

“Still? Even after the holiday [and what happened there]?”

“Just cos it’s Steph, and maybe she’ll be disappointed or something.”

“Hey, chill. Any girl who’s disappointed in you needs her head read, bro.”

“You gonna be there?”

“Want me to?”

“Yeah. I don’t want this thing to be all quiet and serious. Anyway, I’ll feel better if you’re there.”

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