Cape Town, South Africa
Part 87

My dad said that it would be the last night this weekend that I could sleep away from home – like two in a row. I said nothing [to him] about Wingnut staying over with me at Steph’s.

Wingnut met me, and then we walked over to Steph’s place. He had a big tog bag over his shoulder.

“What’s in there?”


“You don’t need any.”

“Just in case … and my toothbrush.”

Steph made him relax as soon as we got there. She behaved the way she always does with him, and gave him a big hug.

We watched a vid which was a total-lotta-shit war movie but Wingnut enjoyed it. Then we stayed in the den and listened to music when Steph said: “I think we should all get naked.”

Wingnut looked at me, and I started undressing. Steph started undressing, and then he just followed [suit]. He was fumbling with his shirt buttons, and we were already undressed when he was still fumbling with his shorts buttons.

“Want some help?”

Steph ignored his protest and started to undo his shorts buttons, and then pulled them down. He was wearing soft cotton boxers, and she slid those down [as well]. He had a semi arcing away from his nads, and that started making me hard cos he’s got such a good looking dick.

Then Steph went [into the kitchen] to get us some beer.

“You OK?” [I asked].

“Yeah – it’s cool. Steph’s cool.”

She even brought him a beer, and he thought that was pretty cool [being treated as an equal].

Then we sat and talked about the holiday, and listened to music. Wingnut got totally into it. His semi turned into a boner for most of the evening, but then his eyes were riveted to Steph’s tits and her pussy. Steph has the sorta bod that looks totally awesome when she’s undressed. Some girls look overpowering but I think it’s her personality as well [that makes her look the way she does].

She moved over to me and took my dick in her hand, and it instantly hardened. Wingnut was staring [at us], and then she told him to sit closer, which he did.

So, there we were sitting almost next to each other, and Steph had a dick in each hand that she was stroking. Wingnut’s legs were stiff as hell, and his thigh muscles were like popping outta his skin.

Then Steph went down on me, and I knew what she was doing – she was trying to show Wingnut that what was happening is normal and cool. She didn’t suck me for too long cos she had other plans for that juice.

Then she asked Wingnut if he wanted to lay down on his back, which he did. “Want a cushion?”

“No. I wanta see you [doing it to me].”

Steph handled him like a baby – so gently. She sucked him in and kept it there [in her mouth], and then let him go and asked him if he was OK.

The little fucker could hardly talk [cos] he was feeling so stoked.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his dick going in and out of her mouth. Every muscle in his body was tense – his pecs, his abs, his legs. And he had nothing to be worried about – his dick filled Steph’s beak. In fact, she couldn’t take him all the way [in].

I watched her hands as they massaged his perfectly egg-shaped nads, one at a time. Eventually, he gasped and it was like a cry, and he bent his knees and lifted his ass as he started to offload. Now that’s one thing that Steph could do, and she swallowed it all.

She kept him there [in her mouth] for a while afterwards, sucking the last drops. Then she let him out and leaned over him with her tits [pressing] against his chest.

“You OK?”


“[Did you] like that?”

“That was so damn awesome, Steph. Thanks.”

“Great.” Then she kissed him on the lips.

He got up on his elbows and smiled at me. “Can I watch you guys now?”

Steph and I shrugged at each other, and then she went down on me. What the hell, we thought. I could manufacture some more juice pretty quickly.

It didn’t take me long to offload. After seeing Steph eat Wingnut I was ready to explode at the drop of a hat. Steph swallowed the whole damn lot again.

“You’re gonna have protein overload.”


Then she got up and went to the kitchen to get some more beers.

“Hey, Cody. Code, that was the most awesome fucking thing – not like [it was on] the hols. This was totally fucking awesome!”

Wingnut didn’t finish his beer before he fell asleep on the carpet. We didn’t bother to wake him, and Steph covered him with a duvet and put a pillow under his head.

The two of us went through to her room and made love for most of the night.

Wingnut woke us up by jumping into the bed between us – still naked, and with a huge piss boner.

“Hey, big boy,” Steph smiled at him.

“Bigger than Cody, huh?”

“Hey, shithead, now all of a sudden you’ve got a big beak.”

“Sorry, Cody. Steph hadta find out sooner or later who was bigger.”

Having his wriggling ass up against my stomach just brought my boner to full attention.

Steph made some toasted sarmies for breakfast, and then we left her to come home. I’ve had a few chores to do, and since then I’ve been typing this [email] up on Notepad, and now I’m gonna send it.

Hiya Gary,

Not much happening here. Ended up with a geography project yesterday and that took me all of yesterday arvie and last night to sort out.

Wingnut popped in for a few. He was chuffed cos I was wearing those comic boxers he gave me.

“You doing stuff about all the ladies around the world?”

“No. It’s to do with the ocean floor.”

“Oh – ocean floors giving you a boner? – hehehe.”

Little fuck. Maybe I shoulda just told him that I started getting a boner when he walked into the room wearing his tight rugger shorts, showing off his damn bulge and great legs.

He didn’t hang about cos he could see I was busy [with the school project]. Steve phoned to ask if I could go around to his place but as much as I would’ve liked to, I just hadta get done with the damn assignment. I was stuck in my room the whole time. I eventually finished the damn thing just before 11 last night.

My dad bought me the new Zig Zag [surfing] mag so I was pretty chuffed about that.

Caught up with Mark in the gym this morning. He’s back to boxing training and he’s looking pretty damn buff. Oh, fuck! He always does. He just looks better when he’s all sweaty and boxing.

He’s got a few fights coming up during this school term so he’s gotta get heavy into training. I changed [clothes] and held the [boxing] bag for him, and then when he was skipping and doing situps I took a turn on the bag as well.

The sun is shining here but it is fucked up cold.

I’ve been trying to work on that last story about me and TJ as well. I’ve brought Chance and Lukas Ridgestone of the Belami Boys into the story, and I think it’s gonna be pretty cool. Normal gory sex thriller type stuff. :) Just having a hassle getting the time to put into it. I didn’t even put up a [Cody] news page for April [2000] and that sucks. But with all the hols and everything, and being away, it’s been hectic.

Mark had an argument with one of the school teachers cos there were two lighties fighting and Mark didn’t take their names. He chased them to get cleaned up. The teacher gave him a shit time for not booking them. Mark told the teacher that he could take his [prefect] badge if he could do the job better. So the teacher told him that if he doesn’t get an apology he would be reported to the head[master]. Mark was called into the head’s office after school so I waited [for him]. What the hell – I was curious, and I also wanted to let him know [that] there’s someone who cares [about him].

Mark ended up in an argument with the teacher in front of the head cos he said the teacher made him feel like an idiot in front of everyone instead of just letting him get on with his job. So Mark’s in charge of the work detail tomorrow after school. He is totally pissed off.

“So why didn’t you just hand in your [prefect] badge?” [I asked as we walked home together].


“You’ve been threatening to do it for ages.”

“Well, all my life I’ve been a kind of fuckup. Sometimes, I think my folks broke up cos of me. My mom was so fucking chuffed when I got this badge, and it’ll really disappoint her if I gave it up.”

“She’ll support you, though.”

“Yep. But she’ll still be disappointed. Want to come in for a sec?”

I went in [to his house] and had a good gawk as he got changed. Had some [fruit] juice with him, and then walked home with an erection. Hehehehe. We just spoke about school and some of the teachers. That was it. And no, he didn’t get an erection as he changed, even though my eyes were massaging his nads.

No surf, which was just as well cos I had quite a bit of homework to do. Wingnut popped in and wanted to know what happened to Conan cos all the kids [at school] were talking about it and how kiff it was to see him stand up to the teacher.

“Maybe you guys should get together and give him a blowjob to show your appreciation.”

“Hehehe – he’ll choke us all. Haveya seen the size of his dick?”

“Nope. Haven’t noticed.” :-/

“It’s huge – almost like yours.” And then he stood behind me and rubbed his hand over my chest and abs.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a hug.”

“What for?”

“So I can feel your muscles. Especially this one.” He put his hand into the elastic of my boxers and felt my boner. “Hey, Code, do you wanta jack? We haven’t done it for ages.”

“OK, but I’m doing you first.” He took off his rugger top, and then his shorts. “You’re wearing a jockstrap?”

“I always wear one for rugger.”

“Hehehe. It looks fucking cool, bro. You should wear this to the beach so the chicks can see your cute butt cheeks.”

“Hehehe. Yeah.”

“Put your hands on your head and close your eyes.”

Then he jumped back. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Lubing up your dick.”

“With your mouth?”

“Yeah. You don’t like it?”

“No … it’s cool.”

“So shutup and close your eyes.”

Then I put my lips over his cockhead and let my tongue run up and down his boner. He was shaking like a damn leaf. I didn’t blow him, though, but fucking hell it was the most awesome tasting dick I’ve ever had in my mouth. It tasted salty from him sweating, and musty from his pee. Then I took my mouth away and took his dick in my hand and jacked him. I was watching his face, and he looked like he was in pain. His mouth was like open in a scream with no sound coming out of it.

“Stop, Code! Stop, please! It’s hurting.”

I let his boner go, and then he let out this tight-lipped whine as his juice flew out of his cockhead. Each time his cock bounced, another jet of juice shot out.

His juice landed on my chest and shoulder. He was shaking like he was having a fit, and his thigh muscles were bulging [cos of] the way he was bending his legs.

“You want to lay down [on the bed]?”

“Uh… no. I want you to stand, too. Put your hands on your head and close your eyes.”

I felt his fist pull my boner down, and then I felt his tongue. I hadta look down. He was concentrating on my dick so he wasn’t watching me. He was opening his mouth and gently putting his lips on my cockhead, and tasting it with his tongue. He was sussing out what a cock tastes like. Then, when he got used to it, he let his tongue wrap around my cockhead. He pulled his mouth away and started to jack me. I’d already been on the verge [of offloading] when his damn tongue had been touching me, so it didn’t take long to offload. His prob was [that] he didn’t pull his face away like I did, and he got it all over his face and hair.

“Oh, fuck!”

I couldn’t respond cos I was in heaven, and it was only after the last bounce of my dick that I saw what had happened.

“Come [with me]. I’ll cleanya up.”

I helped him clean the cum from his face, but then I told him to have a shower cos there was still stuff in his hair, and his chest was like sticky-shiny.

“So what did it taste like?”


“My dick – dork.”

“Kinda weird, huh. But I can see why girls like giving blowjobs.”


“Cos the feeling of a hard dick between your lips is pretty awesome. And how did mine taste?”

“Like a grommet’s. I was thinking about blowing you but didn’t want you to freak.”

“You wouldn’t blow me? Would you? Huh?”

“If you beg.”

“Seriously, Code. Wouldya?”


“Fucking cool!”

He hung around like a fly to shit for the rest of the arvie, and then went home for supper.

I had the jack of my life before going to sleep last night just remembering what Wingnut’s dick tasted like.

This morning he was waiting for me and we walked to school together.

“Hey, Code. Were you serious?”

“About what?”

“About giving me a blowjob?”

“It’s no biggie. Why?”

“Brian was telling me that he and Alan blow each other. He says that one time he swallowed Alan’s cum and it didn’t taste like anything.”


“I was thinking it would be pretty cool to have an older bro that you could do things with.”

“We do things, anyway.”

“Don’t make it hard [for me to tell you this]. You know what I mean. But it’s cool cos this is sounding really weird.”

“Can I tellya a secret?”


“But you can’t tell anyone or I’ll fucking killya.”

“OK already.”

“Steve and I blow each other.”

“Steve and you? You’re fucking kidding, right? Steve? Fucking hell!”

“So it’s no biggie.”

“Steve and you together? Damn! Awesome.”

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