Cape Town, South Africa
Part 88

Mark’s got a swollen cheek this morning, and when I asked him what happened he wouldn’t tell me, and changed the subject. I wish he would fucking speak to me about it.

“I slipped on the shower and hit my cheek on the fucking door.”

“What are you so damn aggro about?”

“This damn [school] work party that I’ve gotta look after this arvie. It sucks ass.”

“Want me to hang around?”

“No, fuck you don’t need to do that.”

Hiya Gary,

Well, I hope that you get all your stuff sorted out with the comp. I know when my dad has any comp probs at home he goes berserk, so I don’t really do anything fancy on the damn thing in case I screw it up.

Yesterday arvie, I decided to hang around and wait for Mark to finish with the work party thing. He was bored shitless cos it’s just a case of seeing that all the guys on detention have turned up, and don’t leave until their time is up. He says it makes him feel like a jailer.

“So what the fuck are you still doing here?”

“What the hell. Wingnut’s still playing rugger and I’ve only got a bit of homework, so I thought I’d come home with you and watch you change clothes.”

“Hehehe. Fuck off, Code. Can you imagine someone overhearing this convo?”

“Well, if I thought anybody was listening I’d speak up about giving you a blowjob as well, and let them spread that around.”

“Fuck, Cody. Shut up, bro.”

“Of course, I’ll haveta give you that blowjob first.”

“I’m going to fucking clout you. Shut up.”

“And then you can give me a blowjob.”

He flathanded me across the face. Fuck! Even when he tries not to hurt he forgets how strong he is. Then he quickstepped to walk in front of me. “I don’t fucking know you.”

I changed the convo to school stuff, and how his boxing training is going. He said that the damn coach caught him a bad one this morning – right in the breadbox, and he folded like a sack of potatoes.

“Damn! I coulda given you mouth to mouth resuscitation or something.”

“Shut the fuck up, Cody. Jesus, you always come back to the same convo.”

So it was back to talking about school until we got to his place. Normal story in his room. I sat on his bed and watched him change. I was in one of those ‘what the fuck’ moods, so when he only had his boxers on – he was wearing white Jockey boxer briefs that hugged his ass and legs, with the pouch in front – I got up and put my arms around him, and put my hands on his chest.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He didn’t shout. It was one of those ‘I give up’ type of things.

“I just want to touch you. Is it OK?”

He didn’t say a word, but I could feel him shaking under my hands. I moved my hands down to his butt, and then moved my flat hand down each leg in turn. “Doya know that you’ve got fucking sexy legs?” His thigh muscles are tight and developed, and just feel so fucking awesome. He didn’t say anything. Then I moved my hands around the front of him and held them under the pouch, with his nads resting in them. I moved them [my hands] up, and he was rock hard.

Then I made the mistake of trying to slide my hands into his boxers, and he turned around [to face me].

“Hey, stop there. I don’t know what it is, Code, but I love it when you do that – touch me. Maybe it’s the way that you touch me. But I can’t let you go down there when I’m str8. I just need to be stoned or something.”

“Hey, that’s cool. So, you got a joint?”

“Hehehe. Oh, fuck. Where did I find a friend like you?”

“So, do you want to touch me now?” I laughed cos I knew what was coming.

“You know I won’t – for the same reason. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s fucking weird – what we did outside on the bench. It should feel so fucking wrong, but it didn’t. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s just you that makes things like that feel normal. I don’t know.”

“OK, so can I give you a hug?”

He put his strong arms around me, and I did the same. I wished I’d had my shirt off. I pressed myself up close to him cos I wanted him to know that I had a boner as well. I let my flat hands slide down his back, and it was pure muscle.

“Hey, Cody, I love you, bro.”

“Yeah. Maybe one day we can get married or something.”

We had some [fruit] juice, and then I went home. Almost ran all the way cos I needed to jack so badly. I got naked [in my room] and stood in front of the mirror, and tried to imagine Mark standing in front of me with his boner, and me taking it in my fist. I didn’t needta spit on my hand cos the precum was dripping like a leaking tap.

It’s weird that thing you mentioned in your last note about Steph and Carol. Quite a while back – before the summer hols – Mark mentioned that he is hundreds that Steph and Carol are lovers. I remember when I asked him what he thought about it, he said it was fucking horny, and he sometimes jacked thinking about the two of them getting into each other. And there’s been times when I’ve suspected it with Steph as well. I’ve also caught Steph giving Candy the eye, but haven’t thought too much about it ‘til now. I don’t think that they’re really into other girls as much [as they’re into each other], but who knows?

Wingnut only got back from rugger after dark, so I never saw him until this morning. They lost the game so I told him I’d guessed that [was the case], else he woulda come bounding in last night to tell me they’d won.

This morning I jacked in the shower. The cool thing about jacking in the shower is watching your juice sliding down the tiles, and the different jets of cum racing each other [down the wall]. :)

Weather’s looking good for the weekend. Sun’s shining. No wind. But it’s icy cold. THERE’S SURF!!!

Hopeya have a good one, G.

The wind is back up to damn gale force this morning. Not as cold as I thought it would be, though, ‘cept for Wingnut’s bitching all the way to school about how the surf has crapped out in 24 hours after being really cool for a few days.

Mark’s got bruised ribs and a fat lip cos he got into a fight on Friday night with a dude. We were at Corners and had a few drinks. There were a few of us there – Mark, Carol, Steph, Steve and another girl. Steve got the mickey from a coupla guys from his school. He had two sips of the thing and then passed out cold. First time I’d seen something like that. Mark reckoned it was the drug guys use for date rape cos Steve was out like a fucking light. Mark collared the guy who gave Steve the drink when he went to the bathroom. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on until one of his buddies came to me and said that I better go and fetch my friend. When Mark followed the guy his friends musta worked out that something was going down, so they followed Mark. When Mark started to smack the guy around, his friends all grabbed him and worked Mark over.

When I got there, it looked like he’d been involved with a fucking axe murderer cos his face and clothes were covered in blood. He was OK, though, and the blood was mainly from his mouth.

Mark said that all he remembered was asking this guy what he’d done to Steve’s drink cos Steve had collapsed. Then the dude laughed at him and told him to fuck off, so Mark hit him. Then he remembered someone hitting him from behind, and then he tried to cover his face cos the guys were putting their boots in.

Anyway, he cleaned himself up. He threw his shirt away cos it was fulla blood. The other guys had left by the time we came out [of the bathroom] so we stayed for a while. Carol was going berserk, which pissed Mark off. Eventually, she calmed down. I tried to carry Steve cos he was totally wasted, but he’s definitely gotten too damn heavy for me. So Mark and I carried him between us. We found a dude at the club who gave us a lift to Carol’s, and we put Steve to bed there. Mark stayed over at her place, and I walked Steph home. Steph was almost in fucking tears cos of what happened. Her folks were home so I never stayed over.

I didn’t even jack on Friday night. Different, huh? I just replayed the whole damn evening in my head to try and figure what went wrong. I’ve met up with the guys from Steve’s school before and they’re a buncha fucking spoilt larnies who don’t ever work for anything, and just get money for whatever they want.

Saturday, I hadta help my dad around the yard and the house. I hadta get up the ladder and clear all the gutters of leaves and sand before the rain starts. Otherwise the [rain]water stays in there and the gutters get heavy and threaten to tear themselves off of the roof.

Wingnut popped in after his rugger game. I phoned Mark and he said he was cool. He said that Steve woke up puking during the night, but then he was OK ‘cept for a huge headache on Saturday morning. Wingnut and Candy came with Steph and me for pizza, and we met up with Mark and Carol. Everything was pretty much back to normal ‘cept for Mark’s lip, which looked like it had been inflated with a bicycle pump.

Wingnut saw a buddy from school with his girlfriend, so he and Candy went and sat with them for a while [in the pizza restaurant]. It was a laidback evening cos after that we all went for a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful evening. We all walked Candy home, and then let him have his tonsil-hockey game. He’s definitely getting into her tits, though – hehehehe. BUT – she had her hand into his cargos. It took for-fucking-ever before they dislodged, so I figure he’s getting there at last.

Wingnut came home with me cos he was sleeping over. We planned for an early get-up to go surfing, and Steve was gonna meet us down there [at the beach].



“I see she had her hand down your cargos.”

“Do you guys always watch me and Candy when I say goodnight?”

“You make enough damn noise. Sounded like you were sucking prawns, dude.”

“She touched my boner and kept her hand there.” (He was beaming from ear to ear).


“Yeah, I think she was impressed cos her fingers ran right down to the bottom [of my shaft] and I was rock hard.”


“And she didn’t want to let go. Fuck, Cody, it felt wicked cos she was like nervous and her fingers were shaking. It’s like when my gran used to take me for a pee when I was little. Her hand always used to shake – hehehe.”

I cracked when he said that.

Got the spare mattress out but he got naked and jumped right in next to me [on my bed] and his hand landed right on my cock, which got instantly hard. I put my hand on his and we lay on our backs next to each other, and just stroked. We were talking about him and Candy, and then surfing, and then I hadta tell him about Friday night cos I couldn’t tell him when Mark was around.

Anyway, he might’ve been listening to me but his brain was definitely on something else cos he shot a loada juice into my hand.

“Aaagghhh! Fuck, that was too damn quick!”

“That’s cos you’ve got no control.”

Then he rolled on to his side and fisted me like a damn car piston until I was buckling double with excitement.

“Now, if you were really my older bro, I would come into your bed every night.”


“And then I’d lay on top of you like this.” He laid on top of me with his boner resting on my stomach, and put his head on my shoulder.

I ran my hands down his back and everytime he moved I’d feel the muscles contract. His buns were like steel drums. So ------

He fell asleep like that, and I hadta wake him to move off of me.

Sunday, the surf was cooking, and we had a total rave down there. Steve was looking totally back to normal, and he and Wingnut seemed to get on great [together]. Late in the arvie, the wind picked up and the swell seemed to get bigger. We were totally stuffed by the end of the day, and my arms felt like they were made of lead.

Yesterday, the surf was still up so we went down for a short while. I couldn’t stay too long cos I had a stack of homework to sort out.

Anyway, G, now you’re up to date. Mark’s lip is down a bit more [this morning] and he reckons by the end of the week it’ll be back to normal. He gets beaten up like that when he boxes, anyway, so he’s not too fazed. Just the muscles around his ribs are still quite bruised.

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