Cape Town, South Africa
Part 89

Hiya Gary,

It’s Friday and the week’s gone. But so’s the wind, so hopefully the surf will come back for the weekend. And the temperature is up in the high 20s again – like summer.

I’m stressing quite a bit about those mails [you’re missing] cos Eudora totally revamped their whole site and I think they lost a shitload of stuff in the process.

I’ve got a big blank here. The last email I’ve still got in my sent folder is 11 Feb 2000, and then the next one is 22 April 2000. The stuff in the middle has gone to hell. I really hope you can find that stuff. [Fortunately, I’d copied and pasted much of that mail [as it related to Mark and Wingnut] to my story notes. MrB].

I logged on [to MrB] and checked out Kot’s interview. It’s totally damn brilliant, and Kot still has that magic that’s made him so popular.

I’ve had a stack of mail from guys who are worried cos they’ve not seen any [Cody] news updates. I really needta get my damn ass into gear there.

Week’s been pretty quiet. Mark is back into his boxing training, and I’ve been doing some sparring with him. Wingnut’s been popping in after school for a short while but I’ve just been up to my damn eyeballs in [school] work. I’ve got a damn huge assignment to finish before Tuesday and I’m only half way through my research. My dad’s letting me do a lotta it on the net. I’m enjoying it, though, cos it’s to do with ocean mapping and undersea landmarks and features.

It’s warm enough here to go swimming, so I’m gonna brave the ice-cold pool this morning.

I’ll try and writeya sometime today again or during the weekend. I hope that you can find the mail. It’s hopeless trying to even write to Eudora cos these fucking suppliers never write back, or they’ve got some shit form thing that they never even look at or reply to.

I’ll writeya a bit l8er. I’m stuck at home with the damn flu and I’m feeling like shit. Thought I’d get on [line] quickly just to check mail. Haven’t checked it in days.

First time I’ve had flu ever, and it’s like made my body feel like it’s been hit with a sledgehammer.

I’ll try and get on [the comp] and write l8er – offline cos it’s shit expensive during normal day time – unless I’m at school. :)

Hiya Gary,

My folks have gone around to some friend’s place for a while, so let me catch up with what’s been happening.

Well, being sick is the total fucking pits. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this. It started on Monday at school. I started sneezing and coughing, and when I got home my head felt like it was gonna fall off my damn shoulders.  My dad said that’ll teach me a lesson for swimming in the pool with the water being so cold. But I don’t think it was the cold water at all. There’s a few guys at school who’ve been away with the flu and I’m sure I’ve gotten it from them.

The weekend was pretty awesome with the hot weather we had. The surf was going, and we spent almost the whole weekend in the surf. Friday night we went to play pool at Stones. It was just Mark, Steph, Carol and me. We pretty much behaved [ourselves]. Mark’s face still looks a bit like a train wreck but it’s getting better. Saturday morning, Wingnut was around [here] early to hit the surf. We started in boardies but the water was so damn cold that we put our wetties on after one session. Saturday night, my folks had friends around for a barbecue so I asked if Mark could come around and they said it was cool. So Mark, Steph, Carol and Steve were there. Wingnut took Candy to a movie. We pretty much behaved AGAIN – SHUDDUP!

Sunday was a rocker day in the surf, and Sunday night I hadta do some backpedaling to get my homework finished. I didn’t dare tell my folks that I still had a few hours of work to do.

On the way home from school on Monday I was sneezing so much that Mark told me to shut the fuck up cos it was driving him crazy – like I was allergic to something.

“Yeah, I’m allergic to your deo[dorant]. That Brut stuff gets right up my nose.”

I think he woulda hit me if I didn’t look so shitty. Then, when I got home and started doing homework, my damn nose was running like a tap, and still is. And it feels tender as anything from all the blowing. I use toilet paper cos I just blow damn holes through the soft tissues, and I can’t handle carrying a snot-filled cotton hanky in my pocket. You always end up putting your hand on the slimy bits when you take it out. [Thanks again for the charming visual, Code. MrB].

Wingnut popped in for a while so I could help him study some geometry theorems. Then he split cos of all the homework he had.

Tuesday, I could hardly move. My whole bod felt like it had been hit with a sledgehammer. So my mom said I could stay in bed, and I slept for most of the day – until Wingnut kept his finger on the doorbell until he almost drove me nutty. It was cool seeing him, though. He was coming back from rugger practice, and his rugger jersey was hanging down almost to his knees.

“Sniff, wheeze. Fuck, bro. Looks like you’re naked.”

“Almost.” He smiled and lifted his jersey, and he only had his jockstrap on underneath.

“Fucking hell! You walk home like that?”

“Yeah. Lost a bet with Brian. I was supposed to walk home with nothing underneath but I told him that I haven’t got a weenie like his.”

“What was the bet?”

“I told him I would score three tries at practice, and I only scored one.”

“Well, you still look pretty buff – even like that.” He did cos his damn legs are so solid, and they looked cool sticking outta the [bottom of] the jersey.

“Your timing’s bad, Cody. You should’ve gotten sick near Christmas, then you coulda taken Rudolph’s place in the reindeer pack.”


“Yeah, well, you look shitty. I suppose a surf’s out [of the question], huh?”

“I couldn’t even walk to the beach now, nevermind paddle a board.”

“Surf’s up.”

“Don’t remind me.”

“It’s big.”


“I’m going now.”

“Surf really big?”

“Nah. It’s neat, though. Small but with shape.”

“If you see Steve, tell him I’ve got flu, huh?”


So Steve phoned last night to find out how I was.

“Need a BJ, like real bad.”

“So come over.”

“Hehehe. Don’t tempt me. You want to come over [here]?”

“Can’t right now. I’ll come over tomorrow, though.”

“Cool. Then you can suck this shit [flu] outta me.”

Steph phoned cos Wingnut phoned her as well. It was cool to hear how she was. Shame, shame, shame. Damn, Cody. Shame, shame, shame. Hehehehe.

This arvie, Steve came around. He was going surfing, though. BUT -----

“Hey, Code, you need to get under the covers, bro. You look like shit.”

Then when I was laying on the bed he went down on me, and it was fucking fantastic.

“Should I go down [to the beach looking] like this?” Hehehe. He had my juice dripping outta the corners of his mouth.

“Dare you.”

“Not a fuck[ing chance], bro. You’re gonna clean it.” Then he kissed me, and it was totally fucking cool.

Wingnut popped in after rugger practice to say hi, and then disappeared to go surfing as well. It didn’t hassle me too much, though, cos I’m really feeling like just sleeping all the time.

Mark’s coming over in a few. He’s gonna bring my homework around so I don’t lose too much work.

It looks like I’m gonna be off school for the rest of the week. It’s difficult to log on [to the net] from home but I’ll try and sendya something.

I’m still coughing like crazy, and I’ve now got bronchitis, which I’m taking some crap-tasting stuff for.

Mark came around on Wednesday night with the school work I’d missed, and he spent two hours here going over a lotta the stuff [with me]. We just chatted about school and the [home] work. It was cool cos he was in a wicked mood. Anyway, I was sitting as close to him as possible so his leg was right up against mine. :) OK, so he had jeans on, but still…

So that [homework] kept me busy for most of yesterday, which was neat cos I was getting bored with just reading. I’ve finished reading Clive Cussler’s ‘The Serpent’, and now I’m reading ‘The Testament’ by John Grisham. Read ‘The Brethren’ by him just before ‘The Serpent’, and it’s about these three old dudes (ex judges) in prison, who send fake notes from a [fictitious] gay teen to rich dudes around the [United] States and extort money when they threaten to expose these guys. Quite a twist in the story cos the guy who’s a candidate for the Presidential election is one of the guys that they’re writing to. Then the CIA gets involved and starts to wipe out people who are getting in the way, and they go after these three [ex judges].

Wingnut came around yesterday arvie to record something on tape.

“I need you to breathe on me.”

“Why? So you can stay at home sick?”


“It’s fucking boring, dude.”

“I can do other stuff.”

“Like jack off all day?”

“Besides that.”

“Do you know how to do other stuff as well?”

“I can beat you up.”

“Oh, yeah?”

He grabbed me and tried to pull me on to the bed. I didn’t have the fucking energy to wrestle so I hadta at least stop him from getting me down. I think if he sat on my chest I woulda stopped breathing or something.

Mark was back [here] last night. That guy can wear a fucking sack and still look hot. He had his jeans on again. His jeans are moulded by his dick, and it forms a horny pouch in front. At the back, it moulds to his [ass] cheeks and his crack when he walks. Aaaaaggggghhhhh! He was wearing a loose-fitting sweat top that just hung down from his chest.

Anyway, he brought around another assignment that we’ve gotta have ready by Monday. At least my notes and shit will be up to date. There’s nothing worse than being off [school] and trying to catch up to the rest of the class work.

“I guess you’re out [of action] for tomorrow night.”

“There’s no way my folks will let me go out after being off school.”

“I guessed that.”

“So what are you guys gonna do?”

“I’m not sure. I think maybe take Carol to a movie or something.”

“Ah, fuck, man! What movie?”

“There’s a cool Gladiator movie starting tomorrow.”

“I saw that [advertised]. Fuck, I want to see that.”

“So maybe we go see something else, and on Saturday we can go see Gladiator.”

“Check with Carol first cos I’m still feeling like shit, and I know my folks – they won’t let me go [out] if I’m not hundreds.”

Then he laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“You and the relationship you have with your folks, man.”


“Well, I know a lotta guys who’d cock their folks and fuck off to wherever without their folks’ OK.”

“Yeah, well maybe I’m just a wuss.”

“That’s not what I mean, Cody. I think you have a good thing going with your folks. It’s just that so many guys show their folks no respect at all, and don’t give a shit if they upset them or not. I think it’s pretty cool that you still give them an ear."

“You and your mom are cool, though.”

“Yeah, but she wouldn’t give a shit if I went out every single night, even if I was sick [and] off school.”

“Maybe it’s just cos she doesn’t like upsetting you. You and your short fuse.”

“Maybe. You seen Steph?”

“Nope. She’s been calling, though. Think she’s horny. Maybe I should send Wingnut over there.”

He laughed. “Fuck, Cody. You treat it like a joke now, but that little lighty is gonna turn 15 or 16 one of these days and he’s gonna steal any girl you’re with.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Of course! He’s good looking and you’re ugly, dude.”

“That’s why I hang with you. Two ugly guys together.”

“That’s spelt H – U – N – K – Y. Right? Me, that is. You should get a job as a circus clown. They can save [money] on the red nose.”

“Don’t joke. My nose is fucking tender.”

He and my dad got into a convo about fishing. My dad was telling Mark about the fish that the guys have been catching off the [local] rocks. Mark said that he’s never done surf fishing before, so my dad says he’ll give him a shout when he goes down [there], and if Mark’s up to it he can go too. It’ll probably be a Friday or Saturday night. Yeah, right. I can see Mark giving up a poke with Carol to go fishing.

Anyway, G. I’m gonna hit the books and get some of this [school] stuff done. I’ll try and writeya over the weekend.

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