Cape Town, South Africa
Part 90

Well, the weekend has followed the same pattern as the week. I’ve still got a cough but I’m feeling a lot better. Still a gunk of snot hiding in my chest, though. Mark came around on Friday for a few before they [he and Carol] went out. He wants to go and see the new Gladiator movie next week when I’m better. It’s three and a half hours long.

Saturday, and today the surf is up. Wingnut says it’s totally perfect. So there’s not a lot happening. Steve came around last night before he also went out with some friends from school. He also told me how cool the surf was. He saw Wingnut down there but he was cruising with the other grommets.

Anyway, when my folks get back [home] I’ve gotta give my dad a hand with the pool.

I’m still coughing and it’s driving me crazy cos I can’t do anything. My dad’s thinking of taking me to the doctor but I told him it was cool. Our medical aid only gives my folks so much a year to use on normal doctor visits and it’s not worth wasting it on a cough.

Saw Wingnut l8 yesterday. He was at the beach most of the day with some friends of his. I was playing catchup with all the school work but I’m not at school again today so there’s gonna be even more [work] l8er.

Sorry about the lack of stuff to tellya. But my cock thinks it’s gonna fall off cos of lack of exercise. Well, not quite. I’m still jacking. :)

Hiya Gary,

We have got one helluva storm on the go at the moment with gale-force wind and rain. Hectic.

Sorry for taking so damn long to write to ya. I haven’t checked mail for a week, and I know that when I log on [to the net] to send this there’s gonna be a stack there and I’m not gonna know where to start.

It’s been a weird two weeks with being sick and missing so much school. I did end up at the doctor’s cos of the bronchitis, and he said that I was lucky that it didn’t turn to pneumonia cos it was pretty hectic.

I haven’t seen a helluva lot of the guys ‘cept at school. Things have turned around quite a bit. Mark was around almost every day, bringing me the work that I missed while I was away from school, and it was neat to catch up on what was happening with everyone. Wingnut popped in between surf sessions. He’s met this friend in the surf who’s about his age, I think, and they’ve become pretty close. I haven’t met this dude yet cos I haven’t been into the surf – and the surf has been pretty awesome, probably the best winter swell we’ve had in a few years. Steve was around [here] telling me how cool it was, and how well Wingnut was handling the big swell. That’s the cool thing about the local [beach]; you can still ride the big ones as long as they’ve got some shape – not like Long Beach where you have to know what the hell you’re about or get trashed.

We start exams on Thursday so I’ve buried myself into the books. While I was off [sick], I took a long think about what I was wanting to get done this year, and I’ve decided that I’ve gotta get my ass into my books and study like crazy. I’ve gotta get a good pass this year if I want to do a post-matric[ulation] next year. I know that Mark’s pretty much been hitting the books and working hard. Oh, he’s waiting to hear … he might have a waiter job at the pizza place He’s been chatting to the owner, and he’s gotta go for a coupla training sessions so the owner can see if he can handle it, and gets to know the menu and shit like that. How’s that? Mark the pizza boy. He almost clouted me when I told him that – hehehe.

I’ve been pretty much getting myself involved with the Cody site over the last year, and I’ve gotta give it a break for a while and do some serious school work. Oh, it’s not gonna be all work and no play – that doesn’t suit me either. But I need to put some balance in there somewhere. My dad was saying how my school work seems to be taking a back seat to everything else, and he was right.

I guess being off sick has given me a chance to look in a mirror and ask a few questions about what I’m about. I don’t think there are too many second chances here, and I wanta get it right the first time if I can.

At the moment our network is down cos of the storm, and I know that when I log on to send this there’s probably a pile of mail from you. I’ll get to answering them as soon as I can, G. In the meantime, I hope that things are going well. Sorry for not writing earlier.

Now that I’ve logged on, I see I haven’t had mail fromya for a while either. Hope everything is OK. Hope you managed to sort things out with Andrew. [Andrew? Who the bloody hell’s Andrew? Jeez, I must be losing the plot. Anyway, it was my usual policy not to bombard Cody with mail during his periods of absence. It would have only placed unnecessary pressure on him. Ditto Steve. MrB].

Had such a cool relax last night. Went with Mark, Carol, and Steph to Corners. It was cool cos Mark didn’t get slaughtered and neither did I.

Still not in the surf now mainly cos of exams. Started yesterday and wrote geography and English 1. Biology on Monday. We go on four weeks’ hols from last week in June, and I’m looking forward to that. It’s been a shit term for me, and the [exam] papers yesterday didn’t go as well as I’d have liked. Mark was chuffed. Seemed like he breezed through them.

Wingnut is really pissed off cos his folks have cut his surfing time during exams.

In a little while, we’re gonna go in [to class] and write math 1. Had Steve around last night going over a whole stacka stuff with me, and showing me some shit that I didn’t understand in class.

The week has been quite busy with studying and stuff. I haven’t been feeling all that great, and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s just what’s left over from the flu or whatever. Dunno. Maybe it’s not enough protein. But it should get better – got some from Steve yesterday. :)

Wingnut has been battling with the exams and he’s really shitting himself that he hasn’t done as well as he can. He’s been around [here] almost every afternoon for me to help him with [school] stuff and quiz him on his work. He seems to know the stuff, though, so I dunno what he’s panicking about. I think his folks have told him that he’ll be grounded from surfing during the hols if he gets a shit report from school.

Mark spent ages here on Monday night. We were just chatting, and when I tried to put my hand on his leg, and moved up to his crotch, he freaked. OK, my folks were home but it’s not like I was gonna jack him or anything. I did that to Wingnut when I was helping him [with his homework] and he shot a load in his trackpants, and had to go and clean himself. We were sitting at my desk going over some work, and he had his one hand on my leg, and I could see [that] he had a total damn boner, so I slid my hand into his pants and jacked him off. Hehehe. I dunno how the hell he concentrated [on his homework].

I know this mail is totally disjointed. Just bear with me. Mark and I did a round in the gym on Tuesday morning. I think he was taking it easy with me cos I’m still not feeling hundreds, and I hit him totally damn hard. It was a mistake cos he came back at me and almost flattened me.

“Yay! Fuck, Mark! Cool it!”

“Me cool it? Fuck, Cody, do you know how hard you just hit me?”

“Yeah, but you can handle it.”

“So can you.”

“I’m [still] sick.”

“Take your fucking excuses somewhere else. You gonna fight or what?”

So we really went hell bent into each other. I was totally damn exhausted afterwards but Mark was chuffed. He said that I was pretty damn good.

WHOOOO! There’s thunder and lightning outside [as I write this] and it’s wicked cos the air is warm and muggy. We have had some really hot summerlike days here [recently].

Anyway, I’ve gotta jet and do some studying before the [exam] paper. I’ve got some notes that I wrote down with Steve last night, and I’m gonna go over those. We write in a hall and we’re not allowed to take anything ‘cept a pen in with us.

The weekend is gonna pretty much be study, study, study.

Things seem to have changed quite a bit. I dunno. Just the vibe. Not bad or anything. Just different. I think it’s cos everyone is hung up on studying.

Still raining here. Had loads of thunder and lightning over the last few days. Yep, Sox was also a wuss [like you, G] when it came to thunder and lightning. I used to have to sit with her while she wussed out on my lap. [What a wonderful advantage she had! Bring on the storms! MrB].

Went [out] with Mark, Carol, and Steph on Friday, and Mark and I decided before we even got there that we were gonna get ourselves slaughtered. Well, it was Mark who started it.

“I am going to get totally slaughtered tonight.”

“What about Carol?”

“I need to just let my hair down after this week. I can’t believe we’ve got another week of exams. I’m totally strung out.”

“Yeah, well, Carol will string you out and hang you out to dry if you get outta hand.”

“No she won’t cos I promised her some serious loving tonight.”

“Oh, so when you’re so trashed that you can’t get it up she’s gonna be OK with that?”

“I can always get it up, bro. Just watch me.”


“Hehehe. I can see you now - tomorrow morning telling me how Carol was bitching [about your lack of performance].”

“Hey, it’s you who can’t get it up, bro. Me? Anytime.”

Anyway, we ended up walking arm-in-arm outta the place, and the girls were totally pissed off. Steph burnt my ear cos she says I encouraged him.

“Fucking hell, Steph. He needs no encouragement from me. Anyway, he and Carol have got a date [in bed] tonight. How about you?”

“I’m going home to sleep, Cody. I’m really upset that you and Mark can spoil our evening like this.”

“Come on for fuck sake, Steph.”

“Just take me home, Cody.”

Anyway, after we dropped Mark and Carol [at her place], I took Steph home, and we never even spoke to each other. I phoned her on Saturday morning and told her I was sorry for blowing my top at her. She seems to be OK.

Wingnut slept over on Saturday night. Well, he fucking begged me on Saturday morning. He told his folks that he was gonna get me to help him study. Study what?

We all went for pizza on Saturday night. Wingnut was with Candy and they were hanging out with his new surf buddy. Fuck! This little dude is hot, and he had a hot little chick with him as well.

When we got home, Wingnut got naked and hopped into my bed.

“Hey, what’s this? What about the [spare] mattress?”

“Ah, come on, Cody. You’re not serious.”

“I’m not gonna have your cold butt up against me all night.”

“It’s not cold. It’s a hot butt. Candy said so.”

“Yeah, well, she’s wrong. She’s got no taste in butts. She still putting her hand down your cargos?”

“Yeah – even more now.”

“She’s probably trying to find that thing, and wondering how come you haven’t got one.”



Anyway, it was so cool to feel him laying next to me.

“Hey, Code.”


“We gonna jack?”

“I’m tired.”

Then he put his hand on my boner. “Doesn’t feel like you’re tired.”

We laid for ages just stroking each other, and I thought about blowing him.

“You and Steve … you still doing stuff together?”

“Not for a while now. Why?”

“Just wondered.”

“Wondering what? What do you think about that, anyway?”

“About you guys doing that stuff? Well, you’re friends, right? And it should be cool.”


“And what?”

“You ever thought about doing it?”

“With a guy?”



“With who?”

“I dunno. It just kinda came into my head, and I wondered about it.” Then he rolled over on to his side and started to jack me seriously.

I’d almost forgotten how good it felt, and I shot a truckload. Then I did the same to him.

He’s at home [now], probably studying. And I’ve gotta do the same.

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