Cape Town, South Africa
Part 94

I eventually left Steph’s place at about 1 in the morning, and got woken up by Wingnut banging on my [bedroom] window.

“Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Surf’s up! I need my board.”

Oh, fuck. I’d forgotten about his stick. Haveya ever seen a lighty sulk? His fucking [bottom] lip was hanging on the floor.

“I’m sorry, Wingnut, but it hadta drain through the night, and it’s gonna take a few hours to dry once I’m done.”

I hadta use some fibreglass to cover the damn hole.

“Where were you last night? I brought Sean and Brian around [here].”

“I was with Steph.”

“Fucking again, huh?”

“It’s called making love.”

“Yeah – like two dogs on heat.”

“I’ll tell Steph you called her a bitch.”

“Fuck you. I didn’t.”

“You just did.”

“I swear, Cody, I’ll hurtya if you say that [to her].”

“Hehehehahahaha. YOU HURT ME?”

Then he hit me a helluva shot on the arm, and did it fucking hurt! So I picked the heavy, overweight shit up and threw him over my shoulder and carried him through the house. He was fisting me on my back, and I was getting ready to ram his head against the wall [cos] it was so sore.

Got to the pool and threw him in. He shot outta there like a cat that [had] sat on coals.

“Fuck you, Cody! That water is like ice.”

“Thought you’d like it. That’ll teach you.” *I swear my back is black and blue*. The sun was warm so he just undressed and stood there ‘til I brought him a towel. “You’re getting quite a jungle down there.”

“Yeah. Neat, huh?”

“’Til the next swim meet.”

“Fuck that. I’ve been initiated already. My turn to have some fun [with the new kids next meet]. How long’s the board gonna take?”

“A coupla hours for the resin to harden.”

“Can I [use your phone to] call Sean?”


He phoned Sean and told him that he would only be at the beach later. He was shivering in the house cos it was cold inside.

“Want some hot chocolate or something?”


I made us both some, and a coupla sarmies.

“Fuck, Cody, [I’m freezing]. Have you got a t to lend me?”

I lent him one of my surf sweat tops, so he lost the towel and it looked like [he was wearing] a mini dress.

When his board was dry, he took it around to his place. He and Sean have hit the beach. I’m going down to surf for a while this arvie.

Yesterday arvie I went for a wave and it was pretty shitty, so I hung on the beach mostly. Met some other friends down there. And ALAN. Didn’t think he went to the damn beach. I avoided him as much as I could but he was sitting with the group, and eventually hadta say his bit.

“So how come you’re not in the water?”

“Surf’s pretty lamo.”

“Paddling through the water too hard for you?”

“Hey, Alan, if you’re gonna start talking crap then rather shut up. OK?”

“If you want, you can shut me up.”

Ever seen those western movies where the crowd in the town gives way when two guys face up to each other? Well, this is what was happening. Slowly, the guys were drifting away from Alan and leaving the two of us there.

“I don’t want a fight.”

“Don’t want to get your ass kicked in public?”

(Wingnut) “Hey, Cody.”

“Hey, bro.”

(Alan) “Saved by the cavalry.”

(Wingnut) “Where?”

(Alan) “Little Cody is lucky you’ve come along to stop his ass being kicked.”

(Wingnut) “Huh?”

I was just giving Alan the hairy eyeball, and I really didn’t wanta get involved in an argie-bargie. Already, I could see the guys in groups checking what was going on, and Alan did have some friends down there that were laughing.

(Me) “What’s the surf like?”

(Wingnut) “Lame, but OK.”

(Alan) “Too much white water – paddling’s too hard.”

(Me) “Never asked you, did I?”

(Alan) “My advice comes free of charge.”

(Wingnut) “What’s going on?”

(Alan) “Cody’s too weak to paddle through the surf.”

(Wingnut) “Crap. He’ll paddle through anything.”

(Alan) “Thereya go, Cody. Show your little buddy that you can do it.”

(Me) “Hey, lardass. How about I lend you my stick and you paddle out and show me how?”

Then he stood up and faced me. “Lardass? You calling me lardass, you fuck?”

“I don’t wanta end up in a fight, Alan.”

*Mimicking me*. “I don’t wanta end up in a fight, Alan. Chickenshit.”

Then Sean came out of the water and stood next to Wingnut. “What’s up?”

“Dunno. Lardbelly’s picking a fight with Cody.”

(Alan) “What’s that?”

(Wingnut) “Nothing.”

Alan flathanded Wingnut and then looked at me. “So what are you gonna do about that. Chickenshit?”

“Fuck you, Alan. You’re a fucking bully lardarss.”

Then he tried to clout me but I saw it coming and hit the fuck with my stick. It musta caught him in the mouth cos his lip split and his mouth and chin were covered in blood. Then he took up a fucking karate stance and I thought I was dead meat. His friends came over and told him not to waste his time and [to] drop it. He was wiping the blood from his mouth.

“You better watch your fucking back, Taronto.”

“I always do with you around.”

Wingnut’s cheek was a nice bright pink. “Thanks, Cody.”

“He’s a prick.”


Wingnut and Sean came around to my house after that, and I poured some juice.

“Hey, Sean, show Cody your dick.”


“Show him. I was telling him how big it is.”

“Fuck off, Wingnut.”

“Come on! He’ll never believe me.”

“That’s cool. I’m not whipping my dick out.”

“I do.”

“I don’t care. Jeez.”

(Me) “Hey, Wingnut, drop it. How can you ask someone to do that?”

“Easy. It’s just that it’s so damn big.”

(Me) “Sean, it’s OK. Ignore him. He’s a pervert.”

(Wingnut) “If I had a dick that big I’d want everyone to see it. Come on, Sean. Don’t be a chicken. Just quickly.”

“No way.” Sean was blushing like mad.

“OK, then, I’ll do it.” Wingnut grabbed Sean and tried to pull his shorts down, but Sean went wild and Wingnut ended up on his back. The two of them were giggling like crazy.

(Sean) “Fuck off, Wingnut. Stop that before I beat your lights out.”

(Me) “Drop it, Wingnut.”

So then Wingnut drops his shorts. “OK, there.” He had a fucking boner, and I wonder what Sean was thinking cos Wingnut’s boner is not exactly tiny.

(Sean) “You’ve got a fucking bone. Put it away.”

Wingnut wasn’t gonna get his own way. In any case, I could see that Sean was fucking loaded by the bulge in his shorts. And you could see the shape of the thing.

Then the two of them listened to music. Sean was going on about Alan and how mad he was [at me].

“Aren’t you scared?”

“I’ve been hit around by him a few times.”

(Wingnut) “Yeah, but Cody clobbered him good in school.”

(Me) “It might just’ve been a lucky shot.”

(Wingnut) “Crap. You’re stronger than he is.”

(Sean) “Stronger? Don’t think so. Probably more clever – to duck – hehehe.”

(Wingnut) “Cody hit his lights out at school.”

They went on and on about the pros and cons of mine and Alan’s weaknesses.

More [fruit] juice and then they were leaving. As they were walking to the door, Wingnut came behind Sean and pulled his shorts down, and his briefs along with them. Sean blushed like hell.

“I’m gonna fuck you up, Wingnut.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, Cody, didya see it?”

“Yep. Impressive.”

Sean was giving him all sorts of shit as they left.

Spent the evening at home. Called Steph and she came around [here] for about an hour. Then I went on to the net for a short while.

THEN I JACKED – thinking about Sean’s dick. Damn!!


This morning I took an early walk to the beach and just relaxed. Then I went to Mark’s house. He was fast asleep and still in his boxers when he came to the door. AAAAGGGGHHHHH! He had a piss boner.

“Morning, Code.”

“Hi. Did I wake you?”

“No. I always walk around like this.” He went to his room and pulled on some shorts and a t. “Breakfast? I’m gonna make some bacon, eggs and toast.”


We had a total relax – breakfast in his garden. He looked totally tired, and he was quiet.

"Went out to a pub with some of the guys from the restaurant until 3 this morning.”

“Shit. Sorry I wokeya then.”

“It’s cool. I’ve got stuff to do, anyway.”

I watched him clean his room and make the bed. His clothes cupboard is like totally neat. He folds everything before packing it away; his ts on one shelf, shorts on another, button-up shirts all hanging, sports gear all at the top, school stuff all on one place, a drawer for his briefs, and a drawer for his socks, boxers packed with his shorts – next to them. :)

On his bedside was an open book – A Town Like Alice, by Neville Shute.

“You desperate?”

“It’s a cool book. I’ve read it before. Nothing else to read, and it’s worth reading again.”

“Wish we could’ve been away on holiday again.”

“Tell me about it. Then I wouldn’t have to work [at the restaurant].”

“Howzit going?”

“Good. I made almost 200 bucks [rand] last night. They pay you three percent commission on your table sales, plus tips. Tiring, though.”

“How’s Fingers?”


“The guy who’s on your ass.”

“I don’t know. How are you?”

“Fuck off. You know who I mean.”

“Hehehe. He scares the shit outta me so I give him a wide berth. I think he knows he’s treading on thin ice, though.”

Then Mark went for a shower and I’ve come home. I’m gonna go down to the beach for a wave.

Last night, Steph and I went to the pizza place. Mark looked wicked with his jeans and the green top that the guys haveta wear, and his name-tag ‘Mark’. We managed to get him to serve our table. :)


“You’re not supposed to say “hey”. You’re supposed to say, “Hi, I’m Mark and I’ll be your waiter. Can I get you anything to drink?””

“Shuddup, Cody. What do you want?”

“You’re not gonna get a tip.” *Mindya, it depended on what tip he wanted. :)*

He couldn’t really chat to us cos the place was hectic busy. I could see why the girls wanted his phone number. The way his jeans hugged his butt and his thighs filled the legs. Also his t-shirt tucked in showed off his pecs and flat gut. AAAAGGGGHHHH!

[Next morning]

After my mom had left [for work], I stripped the bed and put the bedding in the washer.

“Had a wet dream, huh?” This was Wingnut who’d just walked in. “Or you puked all over yourself.”

“Bedding needs to be washed, that’s all.”

“Oh, yeah? So let your mom do it. Bet you had a wet dream. Was it good? See! You should have called me to jack [you]. You were too drunk [to do it yourself].”

“Fuck off. I was in early.”

“You came in just after 1 this morning. You fell in the garden and woke me up. I woulda come to help you but you picked yourself up OK.”

“How could I wake you up?”

“Actually, I was jacking.”

“Knew it.”

“Want some coffee?”

“You gonna make it?”

“Yep. I make coffee and tea for my folks at home all the damn time. I think that’s why they had me.”

Actually, he doesn’t made a bad cup of coffee. He [also] drained the Coke bottle that was in the fridge.

“Where were you last night? I saw Sean at the pizza den.”

“I was with Candy – getting sore knees.”


“I was begging her to suck me off.”

“Hehehe. I can picture you whipping out your dick and saying, 'Here – suck this.'”

“It wasn’t like that. I was kissing her and rubbing her tits the way she likes it, and I even managed to get my hands into her panties, and she had her damn hands inside my cargos – feeling skin – HARD SKIN!”


“It was going well until I asked her if she ever thought of blowing me.”

“And? Come on, dammit!”

“Well, she took her fucking hand away so the damn firehose almost went out of control, and then she covers up her tits. How can she say no? She’s never even seen my dick. I’d show her but she’d freak.”

“Actually, she’ll probably say, 'Oh! How cute! Is that a weenie?'”

So the wrestling started but I pummeled him good and solid. OK, so he got a few kicks in, and he tried to wrap his legs around my waist, which would’ve finished me off, but I pinned him [down] and then drilled him with my knuckles.

I logged on to the net and checked the mail. I got a stack from all over the place [about my birthday tomorrow]. It’s still early in the morning in the UK cos I wanted to read what cocky comment Paul was gonna make about me getting old.


I musta been almost in a deep sleep when there was a loud knock on my bedroom window. It was Wingnut.

“Do you know what fucking time it is?”

“It’s midnight!”


“So … here. Happy birthday, Code.”

It was a handwritten card: ‘To my big brother, Cody. Stay around forever. Love, your little bro, Wingnut’.

“And here.” He passed me a small packet, and it was a pair of Billabong socks and a new surfboard leash.

“That is awesome, buddy.”

He was beaming from ear to ear. “Like it?”

“Love it. Can I giveya a hug?” I half leaned out [the window] and hugged him. “Do your folks know you’re out?”

“Nope. I just snuck out quickly. I’m going to bed now.”

“That is so damn awesome.”


“That you woke me up to wish me. You’re the first one on my birthday. Thanks.”

“It’s a pleasure. Anyway, if you were my bro I wouldn’t really have to sneak out in the cold. I would just walk down the passage to your room.”

“Night, buddy.”

“You gonna jack now?”

“I’m bushed.”

“I’m gonna jack now. I’m gonna pretend it’s you jacking me on your birthday.”

“Hehehehe. ‘Night, Wingnut.”

“Cya, Cody.”

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 Codeman Part 95