Cape Town, South Africa
Part 95

Hiya Gary,

I don’t need to tellya that we’re having a totally wicked time with Paul around. He’s in the shower and we’re getting an early start today cos we want to check out the surf and see if it’s worthwhile to have a dawn patrol. If it’s crappy we’re gonna go up the mountain. I’ll writeya all the good bits but I can tellya that Mark and Paul have hit it off [as friends] right away.

[In answer to your question about the mask party] a troll mask is like an evil goblin type thingy. Mark was wearing like a mask of an old man with wrinkly skin and sagging eyes, and really heavy bags under his eyes. Totally kewl. Oh, and the new stick [that Paul gave me] is totally fantastic. Having a total rave.

Anyway, sorry to hear about the sagging tits [on the nude model] on the art course [you’re doing]. Sagging nads woulda been better. :) Anyway, I’m gonna go see if there’s a back that needs some washing.

I’ve just seen your mail to Paul so I’ve saved it on disk and I’m gonna let him read it when he’s outta the shower.

Hi Gary,

Long time. Thanks for the email that I got via Cody. The holiday has been absolutely fantastic. The weather has been kind and it’s a bit like midsummer here. I think we’ve tried to put as much into the time [we have together] as possible. We’ve gone to all the old haunts, beach, mountains, surf, pizza joint, old school. Managed to do quite a bit of surfing as well and met up with a bunch of old friends in and out of the surf.

Cody seems to have a good lot of friends at the moment. I like Mark. He’s probably the most mature out of the bunch. His girlfriend Carol complements him a lot. Little Wingnut reminds me a helluva lot of what Cody used to be like, always putting his foot into it. He’s a head turner and you can actually have quite a bit of fun just watching the young groupies’ reactions when he’s on the beach. Cody’s girlfriend Steph is very neat, and I think the two of them are going to build quite a good relationship. The plus for her is that she allows Cody a lot of [personal] space, which is more than I can say for most of the girlfriends I’ve had. Steve is pretty cool except that he’s got an ego. He’s totally good looking, with a body to match. The only problem is that he knows it. We get along OK, though.

Cody? He hasn’t changed. I love him to bits. He still tastes the same, too. :>

As for the two of us, I think what I see in the future is probably the two of us being married. But we will find the opportunities to get together and love each other much the same as we do now. I think it’s important for people to express their love physically. I don’t see him and myself as two guys, more like two people in love with our friendship. It’s going to be very hard to leave [Cape Town] but we’re both realistic about it, and I think this holiday has made us both realize that it’s not forever.

I’m going to go and haul him out of the shower. He doesn’t know that I’m sending this. After all, I have this anti-net image to maintain. :)

Thanks for everything you’ve done for him. I really appreciate it.

All the best,

Well, you’ve obviously guessed that school is back into the swing of things, and it’s getting as hectic as hell AGAIN! They’re trying to cram as much into us as possible as well as revise all the shit we’ve done over the last two years. It hasn’t been a quiet week, though. Mark climbed into Alan in the change rooms and I really thought he was gonna get busted [by the school principal]. Alan was a mess. I’m damn sure that this time his nose is broken.

I think Alan’s timing is really way off. Mark’s taking a fucking lotta strain at the moment cos the prefects are having more meetings and meetings and meetings and there’s evaluations for the Awards Evening coming up in September, and every damn kid has to be looked at [by the evaluation committee].

Alan’s got a coupla younger guys hanging with him. They think he’s some kinda protector or something. Anyway, he told them that Wingnut was a troublemaker, and the one kid [who was asked to clobber Wingnut] was a friend of Wingnut and told Alan that he couldn’t beat up on his friends, so the poor sod got his ass kicked by his own so-called fucking friends.

Anyway, they cornered Wingnut and Alan’s brother Brian in the changerooms and smacked him around a bit. Brian got his ass kicked by his older bro when he tried to help Wingnut. Mark got to hear of it by one of the hangers-on. Mark thinks he [the kid who ratted] got the guilts because they beat Wingnut so badly. Anyway, he beat the shit out of Alan, and a lotta guys reckon if they weren’t interrupted, Mark woulda almost killed him [cos] he was so damn mad.

So, since then Alan’s disappeared into the woodwork. He’s around but being quiet. We all know it’s not for long, though. The guy that told Mark [about the Wingnut bashing] is now trying to make friends with Wingnut but my little bro doesn’t want any part of him.

So that’s the excitement for the week. For the rest of it I’ve hadta admire Wingnut’s bruises on his arms and chest.

When I tried to quiz Mark about the fight he almost climbed into me, so I took a step back. He is totally stretched out like a fucking guitar string.

And me? We’ve had the coldest winter in years, and I’ve even slept with a tracksuit on the last coupla nights. Temp has gone down to three degrees [C] at night and up to a max 12 to 14 in the day. Surf is totally crapped out – stormy and choppy, and the wind is just blowing too damn much to make anything out of it. Watched the Mr Price Surf Comp on telly. Danny Mills from Aussie came third in the finals. He’s a totally hot surfer, jeez. The winner was Taylor Knox [pictured] from the States.

I’ve been hanging with Steph for a coupla arvies. We’re really getting it [the relationship] together now and it’s going well. She was quizzing me about Paul. I think she fell in love with his king-size cock.

Saw Steve on Tuesday arvie. He actually popped around [here]. I couldn’t believe it. He’s gone surfing at Long Beach today cos the damn wind has turned. Steve’s getting totally serious about Tammy. Canya believe that? One girl!

All in all it’s been a pretty weird but quiet week ‘cept for the Alan ep[isode]. Hope things are going OK with you. No doubt there’s gonna be an email or two [from you] when I log on. It’ll be the first time in a week. Managed to get on and download the [MrB] stories, though. They rocked big time. I actually got tears in my eyes when I read the ep about Paul arriving here [for my birthday]. You did a great job on that one.

Paul [wrote and] said that when he got back to [Manchester, his younger brother] Mark almost hugged him to death. It was the first time they’d been away from each other since Mark was born. Well, [apart] for that long, anyway.

Sorry there isn’t more news. I think it’s just this icy chill that’s keeping everything quiet.

Anyway, G, I’m gonna jet. I’ll writeya as soon as I can.

I’m actually going through on of those phases now where everything is such a damn huge effort. I’m also worried that my folks are battling with finances and might not be able to put me into post matric[ulation at school] next year. When I told Mark he threw a fucking wobbly cos I let him think that it was all organized.

Everything is just a little weird right now. I’m still feeling down about Paul leaving. Thought I’d be over it [by now] but I’m not. It’ll come right – just another of those hills and valleys stories.

I needta chat to Mark, though. I think maybe he found my friendship with Paul too intense, and doesn’t feel he can fill those shoes – or something.

Wingnut’s feeling the vibe as well, and although he bounces in every day he doesn’t hang around too long. His friendship with Sean is really rocking.

I’m feeling totally fucking amped today. Had an awesome afternoon yesterday. Maybe writing you [and your reply] had something to do with that.

After school, I went around to Mark’s place. He asked me to come around, which was cool cos he’s been like totally in a shell since school started [after the break]. Then he went into his room and got out of his [school] uniform and STAYED IN HIS BOXERS.

“Hey, if you stop fucking staring at me you can get down to your boxers as well.”

“I’m wearing briefs.”


So I got down to my briefs. I had my dick tucked down, which formed a nice bulge. Actually, even if I do say so myself they looked fucking good cos they’re the ones with a pouch and narrow sides, and white. The only prob with white briefs is that the wet spot then makes it see-through. That’s why I tuck under, into the pouch.

So there we were, just the two of us walking around like in our under rods. Mark is such a fucking turn-on, and I could feel my dick pushing up against the briefs, and there’s no way that he couldn’t notice. His boxers were the soft cotton ones that showed off the whole shape of his dick.

“You should swim in those, [Cody]. I’ll get Carol to come and watch you, and then she’ll get so damn horny [that] I’ll be making love to her all night.”

“She digs me, huh?”

“Fuck you! She digs white briefs.”

“But you never wear any briefs.”

“Sometimes I do. I’ve got briefs – for your info.”

“So wear them.”

“I do.”


“And what? Turn you on?”

“Yeah. Then we can go fuck Steph and Carol.”

“Or give each other a hand job?”


He made us some lunch, and then we hung out in his room listening to [music from] ‘Live’.

“Hey, Mark. Can I massage you?”

“Go for it.”

He was sitting at his desk, so I started to massage his shoulders. Every now and then, my one hand would go down to his pecs, and I’d feel the muscle jump.

“Don’t suppose you want to lay on your bed with your boxers off, huh?”


His boxers were showing a wet patch, and he had a raging fucking boner, and that’s why he didn’t want to stand up and move. I guess he was hoping I wouldn’t see it. I tried to move my hand down the front to his boxers but he grabbed my hand and put it back on his shoulders without saying a word. Anyway, I didn’t mind cos I still had that hard solid muscle under my hands.

“Stretch. I wanta see something.”

“What do you want to see?”

“Just fucking stretch.”

He put his arms above his head and held the one hand with the other and stretched far back. “Fuck! Every fucking pec and ab muscle is screaming down there!” I quickly ran my hands down his stomach, which was stretched flat.

“Fuck off, Cody. I should’ve known better.”

“If I was Carol you would’ve let me play a little.”

He was laughing so it was cool. “Here. You sit down and stretch.”

So I did, just like he had done. Then his hands cruised over my chest and abs, and he got the fucking shakes and backed off. By now my cock was screaming for air.

Then the phone rang and it was Carol, and he hadta go and see her. I could just guess what she was in for now. :)

Wingnut jumped the wall as soon as I got home.

“Thought you’d be with Sean, skating or something.”

“I’m going [skating] in a while. Had some homework to do.”

His face still looks shitty [from the bashing]. His folks wanted to go to the school and kick up a stink but Wingnut stopped them, and threatened not to go to school if they did. Then they said he could change schools but he said he didn’t want to.

He’s right, though. All the schools have their probs and he’d be going from one prob to another.

He sat on my bed while I got undressed.

“You piss in your briefs or something? They’re soaked.”

“It’s jizz. I’m horny. Wanta blow me?”

“Oh, yeah – right!”

“You can give me the one you owe Paul.”

Almost immediately his shorts started stirring.

Mark’s just come in [to my place] quickly after having been down at the pizza den all day. He’s pretty bushed and pissed off. He had to pay for a pizza that the kitchen staff fucked up, and he ended up in an argument with one of the guys in the kitchen. I guess he needed to offload to someone [and I was it].


Wingnut is desperate to fuck his girlfriend cos Sean has apparently fucked his girlfriend already. So I made him show me how he puts his condom on.


“So you don’t fuck it up. Anyway, you’re too damn young to be making a girl pregnant.”

I was horny as a fucking rattlesnake watching him, all thumbs with the damn thing, and I jacked him off. I told him I’m saving the condom for dessert once he’s gone.

“You’re gonna swallow that?”

“Maybe – or sell it to Steph.”


Alan’s got one beautiful blue eye from where Mark hit him. It’s taking ages to get back to normal. What a prick.

Wingnut’s birthday is 15th August. I dunno why but [like you] I also had the 12th down in my diary. I think maybe his birthday party was [held] on the 12th last year or something. He actually hasn’t said a helluva lot about it to me. Last year he was going on and on about it. Maybe he’s throwing himself a surprise party – hehehehehe. Yep, he’s gonna be 13 and he’s got a beautiful black bush of pubes to go with it. Hmmm, maybe we should shave him before his b’day. I’m thinking of giving him a special surprise for his birthday – just thinking about it at the moment.

Mark’s birthday is 17 October [2000]. He’ll be 18. Mark is a helluva lot more relaxed around me lately. OK, so he still plays his games of not allowing me free rein over his bod but maybe that’s what I like about him. I think my prob is that I’m really falling in love with him. Steve is good looking but Mark is totally handsome. Does that make sense? I fantasize about having Mark in bed, and the two of us making love to each other.

We will punch the [boxing] bag every morning at school, and he still lashes out at me when he feels up to shit – like Friday morning last week when he was really down in the dumps, and he climbed into me like he really wanted to hurt me – and did. OK, so my questions get to him but I think he had another setup with his mom’s bf and it got physical again. I just worry that when he gets older that maybe he’ll think it’s normal to climb into your kids and beat the crap outta them.

Yesterday, had some cool surfing with Wingnut, and I got Steve [to come] down as well. It was pretty cool – almost like old times.

On Tuesday arvie after school I went home with Mark and [while we were in his room] we decided to take the girls to Corners. Actually, it was a wicked arvie cos Mark started getting really on about [how] we should eat them out.

“Take them out? But that’s what we’re doing.”


“Oh, fuck. You mean the oysters.”


“You’ll be the first to lose your guts [puking].”

“Crappo, man. We get zonked [on booze] first and then who gives a fuck, anyway. Carol’s been at me to give her tongue for ages. And Steph won’t say no.”

“Hey, it was you that said you hate seafood.”

“You’re chicken.”

“You said that.”

“Chicken. Cody’s a chickenshit.”

“Fuck you. You told me you’d never put your tongue up there.”

“So I’ve changed my mind. I want to drive Carol crazy tonight.”

“Fuck, man. Then Steph will fucking go on and on at me, too.”

“Hey, who put my dick in their mouth? Can it be worse?”

“Hehehe. Dick’s are cool. All girls dig ‘em. And yours is cool.”



“You don’t wanna go there, Code.”


“My dick and your mouth.”

“OK, I won’t. It was fucking awesome, though.”

Then he jumped on me, and I swear [that] he likes to hurt me. Fucking hell. It’s not like he holds his punches back – in my stomach and my legs. BUT he made the mistake of letting me get my legs around him. I squeezed for all I was worth and he kept punching my thighs, and at last told me to let go.

“Oh? So you give up?”

“Give up nothing. I couldn’t breathe.”

“So you gave up.”

“I’ll watch you give up tonight.” He poked his tongue out and waved it around at me.

“You’re being serious.”


Tuesday night we went to Corners and all thoughts of giving the girls a good time disappeared with each beer. We were both pretty wrecked by about 2 in the morning. Then we decided to go and play pool at Wipe Out [before hitching a ride home].

Mark went in with Carol [to her house] while Steph and I waited outside. We both got so fucking mad cos Mark was gone for a half hour. He came out with a boner and a smile.

When we got to Steph’s place she wanted to leave Mark standing [outside, waiting for me].

“I can’t leave him out there alone, Steph.”

So she gave me a peck [on the cheek] and then we [Mark and I] went [back] to Wipe Out.

“You shoulda gone in with her and fucked her.”

“That’s what you did [with Carol], huh?”

“Hehehe, yeah. Bet you noticed.”

“Eat her?”

“Nope. Not enough time, but I would’ve. Anyway, she’s happy.”

“Yeah. Not like Steph who’s now totally pissed off with me.”

“No she’s not. She’s pissed off with me.”

“Doubt it.”

“She’s so fucking jealous. She wishes it was her rather than Carol.”

“Thanks a fucking lot, bro – for that vote of confidence [in me].”

“Sorry. Just wanted to see your reaction. It’s classic.”

I can’t remember what time or how we got back to Mark’s place. I woke up sleeping on his floor. He woke me up when he had to go to work.

Wingnut was just getting back from a surf when I got home, and said it was wicked. Sean and Brian were with him. He told them to hang [where they were], and he came running into my room.

“You’re dripping [water] all over the damn place.”

“Uh… sorry.”

“Go take your damn [wet]suit off in the shower or something.”

He did, and came back with the dripping suit over his arm, and his black Speedos on. He looked totally fucking edible – flat gut and nice bulge. */

“Hey, Code. Can I sleep over this weekend?”

“Why? Your buddies going out somewhere? (I shouldn’t have said that but I was missing the little dude, and I guess I was kinda jealous of his buds. Luckily, he didn’t hear).

“Nope. We just haven’t been together for ages and I thought…”

“That’ll be cool. When?”

“Friday or Saturday. Let me know.”

Then he was gone in a flash. Actually, I think it’s cool that he’s got his own group of buds [his own age]. I’d love to know what they get up to [sexually]. The odd one out is Brian, who has to put up with his molesting fucking brother [Alan].

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