Cape Town, South Africa
Part 98

It’s supposed to be spring – according to the TV and newspapers. I’ve always said that spring starts around 21 September with the equinox but I guess people need to have a spring day and 1 September is OK. Everyone here was handing out flowers at the Mall and at the traffic lights.

Friday evening, Wingnut and Candy went with me to Carol’s to fetch her and Steph and go to Steve’s [17th birthday] party. Wingnut had his hair gelled in all directions, and he looked like a little model with his baggy cargos and his floral Billabong shirt over his white tank top. Even though his cargos are baggy, his thighs fill the top of them pretty well. Candy looked pretty smashing as well, wearing a long skirt and tight top, which just nicely showed off her little puppy dogs. She hadta be home by 12. Both Steph and Carol looked smashing. Steph had an open midriff, which made the blood run to my dick. It’s just something about skin, I guess. And her stomach is pretty flat and hard.

By the time we got to Steve’s, the place was rocking. It looked like a recipe for disaster cos two of the dudes that kicked Mark around [at the club] were there. Anyway, everybody was behaving themselves and just jiving. Wingnut got some punch for himself and Candy, and the two of them took to the [dance] floor. Wingnut’s hips are like on swivels when he’s dancing, and quite a few people stood and watched him and Candy. He and Candy gave Steve an armband, which Wingnut wrapped [as a gift], but he bought a packet of edible rubbers, which he put in the [gift] packet as well, and Candy almost freaked when she saw it. I think it was more when Steve asked Wingnut if he didn’t want them eaten off of him.

It’s not that there was a shortage – Steve and some of his friends had decorated the place with blown-up rubbers hanging all over the place. Tammy was there and she looked like a fucking goddess. She was wearing tight black slacks and like a bikini top, and Steve kept sliding his hand down into her slack when they were together. Mindya, Tammy’s hands were more inside his Levis than they were out.

I didn’t do too much dancing at first cos we didn’t wanta leave Carol at the hands of the vultures. So we cruised around and drank. Steve had a bong going out in the pool area, which was filled with vodka. One hit from the thing was sending guys right out of it. One of Steve’s friends jumped into the pool with his girlfriend, and then they threw their clothes onto the wall. It wasn’t long before the clothes disappeared, and they had to get outta the pool naked. Didn’t faze them at all.

Steph and I gave Steve a CD, and Mark and Carol bought him a History of Surfing book. He got loads of stuff from his friends – lots of CDs and mags. One of Steve’s “friends” gave him a parcel of weed.

Actually, it was a totally cool party. All of us ended up in the pool at least once - after we’d had enough to drink. Wingnut and Candy “fell” into the pool. Actually, he arranged for the one of Steve’s friends to push them in. His shirt was off, and his wet tank top clung to him like a superhero costume, and he looked totally cool. When they climbed out of the pool, laughing their heads off, he started to undress and got down to his boxers, which hid nothing.

Mark must’ve smoked a j between work and the party cos he was totally relaxed when he arrived there, and in a good mood. He saw the guys who’d beaten him up, but he ignored them, and they ignored him. I don’t think anyone wanted to spoil the party.

At 12, one of Steve’s friends drove Wingnut and Candy to her place, which I thought was pretty cool cos Wingnut wasn’t in any condition to walk. On the way back [to the party] he told Wingnut that girls like Candy have to be home by midnight in case their pussies turn into pumpkins.

“That’s cool cos then I can eat her out, man.”

He hadta admit to the dude that he’d never eaten pussy before and probably wouldn’t. Steve’s bedroom and all the other bedrooms in the house – including his folks’ – were used for fuck sessions at least once during the evening. Steve and Tammy disappeared for a while at about 2am, and came back after a half hour later looking pretty happy. Steve’s shirt was gone and he was covered in sweat, and Tammy’s hair looked like it had been through a food-mixer.

Mark and Carol were totally enjoying themselves, and all of us were getting pretty trashed. Mark and Steve hit the bong at the pool a few times, and he was totally spaced. Wingnut hit the bong but got totally paranoid when he caught me watching him. I don’t want him thinking that I’m a fucking policeman cos that’s not gonna stop him. That’s something he’s gonna have to learn for himself. Just hope that he doesn’t haveta find out the hard way like I did.

[Cody only mentioned his former drug experimentation to me a few times, and only after he had decided that he could trust me not to be critical of him if he told me the truth. Cody not only rejected drugs after some bad experiences, but became quite anti them. ‘Swap drugs for sport’ was the message on his web page. But it’s pretty scary to think that so many young people consider drugs to be cool; kids who are the sons and daughters of parents who don’t seem to be aware of the problem. MrB]

At about 4 in the morning, there were only a few of us left – Mark, Carol Steph, me, Wingnut, Steve and a coupla his friends and their girlfriends. The whole lot of us got naked in the pool cos we were all pretty much too pissed [drunk] to know better - even Mark [was naked], which surprised Carol. The guys gave Carol a wide berth, especially being naked. Mark would’ve just drowned them. I’m sure that one of Steve’s friends had his dick inside his girlfriend cos the two of them were really stuck to each other [in the pool]. Wingnut sat on the edge of the pool with his dick saying hi to the stars, and Steph gave him the usual treatment and swam right up to him and put her hands on his legs.

“I don’t care, Steph. You can blow me right here, and if Cody givesya any lip I’ll drown him.”

She didn’t, and I didn’t.

When we left, it was almost 6 in the morning, and Wingnut suddenly realized that no one had sang ‘Happy Birthday’, so he started singing at the top of his voice, and was still screaming it [the song as we walked] down the road until Mark and Carol grabbed him and tried to stop him. But he still carried on, even [while he was being carried] over Mark’s shoulder.

“Hey, Mark! He’s gonna decorate your back again.”

“That’s OK. I’ll puke in his ear if he does that.”

At Carol’s place we had coffee. Wingnut passed out on the floor and slept. We chatted for a helluva long time about the party, and Mark spoke about work.

So you see, G, a whole night without sex. YEAH! I CAN DO IT!!

Hello, my name is Cody and I’m a sex fiend.

Hello, Cody.

I went home and slept until about 1, and then Wingnut and Sean rocked in and we went for a surf. The surf rocked big time. Wingnut was still suffering from the night before and it was the first time I’ve seen him battle to get out through the surf, and he wasn’t that energetic at the backline, either. Actually, he was totally pale around the gills. The whales were out, and it was awesome to see them. There was a small pod quite close to where we were surfing. One had it’s tail right out of the water and it looked like the sail of a ship.

Saturday night, Wingnut went out with Sean. Sean started saying something about a rave house party, and Wingnut hit him in the ribs. So it’s obviously not for “adult” ears. I can’t blame him. We [my friends and I] used to be like that around Darren as well. Darren never knew half the shit we used to get up to on our swim tours.

I went around to Steph’s, and the two of us went for a walk, and then went to Wipe Out for a beer, and then back to her place. It was a total relax. Her folks were home but we managed to get a good graunch session in her room. It musta been good cos she got me to juice my boxers.

Sunday morning, it was still raining and I got down to some school work. Wingnut came in about lunch time to go for a wave so I took a break for about two hours and went down [with him].

“Hey, what’s happening?”

“With what?”

“You keeping secrets from me.”

“What fucking secrets?”

“Hey, I saw you nudge Sean when he wanted to talk about [the rave party] last night. I thought you could speak to me about anything.”

“OK – Sean and I went to a friend’s party and we smoked some whites.” *Whites are Mandrax tablets, crushed into weed, and then it’s smoked*.

“Hey, if you want to end up killing yourself, that’s cool. But I’m beginning to think that Sean’s maybe not such a good friend for you.”

“You see? That’s why I didn’t wanta tellya – cos you start freaking.”

“Cos I fucking care for you, that’s why.”

“Yeah – then stop sounding like my fucking mother.”

“OK, kill yourself. Try some e [ecstasy].”

“I will. I have. The last time was at Steve’s party and I was OK. You want me to tell you everything then I will. Just stop freaking or I won’t.”

“I’d rather you tell me, so I can beat the shit outta you. And I will. You know that.”

Anyway, the surf sorted out both our moods, and we were back to normal at the end of the session. I wish I could get it into his head that I do care for him and [that] I worry about him. I was thinking about chatting to Sean but Wingnut would really lose it if I did that.

He was chatty all the way home; about the end of the year senior prom. We call it a Matric[ulation] Dance. It’s on this Saturday and it was really a toss-up whether I went or not, but Mark twisted my arm cos we were both thinking of ducking out but the GIRLS want to dress up. We – Mark and I – have hired tuxes and we’re going. It cost my folks a bomb and that gives me the shits cos they’ve been spending a lotta money on me – just on normal everyday shit that I need at school. Mark wants me to try and get a job at the pizza place. Some weekends he makes almost 300 bucks [rand] and that’s pretty good money.

Steve phoned last night and asked me if I wanted to come over cos he was stroking his dick up for some urgent attention.

“Yeah, right. My folks will freak.”

“What is it with you and your folks?” *He screams into the phone*. “I NEED YOUR FUCKING BODY HERE NOW.”

“Hehehe, shutup. Your folks will hear you.”

“Yeah, right. They’re still golfing or some fucking thing. Please, Cody?”

“I can’t. Call Tammy.”

“Well, here’s a new one. Her folks said she can’t [come over here].”

“Hehehe. Go screw a grapefruit or something.”

“Why don’t you come over here and suck me out of the fucking grapefruit? I can’t believe it. My best friend, and you don’t care.”

“I’m not gonna feel guilty.”

“You should. I’m gonna to use the Hoover and if I damage myself then it’s all your fault.”

“Remember to put it on ‘suck’. Hehehehe.”

“Cya, buddy.”

“Cya, Steve.”

Mark was on the up this morning. He didn’t even hit me that hard in the gym. Jab, jab, jab. DUCK! Or maybe it’s just me getting used to ducking at the right time. :)

OK, so I’m gonna send this thing now. At least then you’re up to date with what’s going on.

Tuesday morning: still a bit overcast and the temp is right down.

Wingnut got into crap with Mark yesterday arvie [while we were] walking home. We were a little way out of the school gates when he pulled his shirt out. Mark told him to tuck it back in.

“Why? School’s finished.”

“Hey, have some pride in your school, buddy.”

“Stuff it. This is more comfortable.”

“OK, so now I’m going to tell you as a prefect. Tuck your shirt in. When you’re out of uniform you can dress the way you like. What’s up with you, anyway? Is this like a new style with you or something?”

He just stopped, unzipped his pants, and tucked his shirt in. When we got home, I stopped at the gate.

“Hey, Wingnut, what’s up?”

“What doya mean?”

“You seem to have changed.”

“Is this gonna be a ‘since Sean’ convo?”

“Is it?”

“You tell me, Code. You’ve changed, too. Since you’re birthday, it’s like you’re on my case all the time.”

“I haven’t changed. I still think you’re the best. I worry about you like you’re my little brother.”

“I found out that you used to do drugs as well. Heard [that] you were a real coke head when you were a junior.”

“From who?”

“You gonna say it’s not true?”

“Nope. Some of it is true. I don’t think I was a coke head, though. Tried it once or twice.”

“And you smoked it up all the time.”


“So then what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that you lose control and you can get hurt.”

“Sean and Brian and all the other guys smoke or do other stuff.”

“So that makes it OK?”

“It’s just that the guys will think I’m a wuss if I don’t.”

“I’ve stopped [drugs], and my friends don’t have a prob with it. They don’t think I’m a wuss.”

“Not all of them.”


“Alan and some others.”

“I said friends. Do you smoke it up with Alan and his friends?”

“Brian and I have … sometimes.”

*I had this vision of Alan and his goons [sexually] climbing into Wingnut and Brian once they were too far gone – especially Alan. I’m convinced that he was totally molesting Brian, and there is fucking nothing that I can do about it*.

“Hey, do you want to come over [to my place] for a little while?”

“I’m supposed to do some homework before I come out.”

“That’s cool. Do it [at home], or ask your mom if you can bring it over here.”


I went inside and got into some track pants and a t. It was cold. Wingnut came in after a little while. I guess it took some convincing for his mom to let him come over. He had his math homework with him.

“You better help me with this math or I’m in deep shit with my mom.”

“No prob. But I’m not the math genius.”

“So what didya want to talk about?”

“About the drugs shit.”

“I’m listening.”

“The worst memories I have of getting stoned are the ones where we’re all hiding in someone’s dark garage or in their room with the curtains closed. Or hiding in some field behind trees so that people don’t see us. Then I get home and collapse, and sleep for hours or try and dodge the snakes crawling all over my room. Sneaking out at 2 in the morning because I need something to pick me up.”

“We’ve never done that.”

“It’ll happen if you keep it up. Anyway, I’m not gonna tellya to stop. I just want you to know that it’s a total shit trip. Smoking weed is one thing – getting into the chemicals is something else. Nothing else is more important than your next fix.”

“I’ve only tried it once or twice, Code, and I don’t think we’ll do it again. I don’t have the same bucks that the other guys have, anyway.”

“Other guys like Sean? They’ll buy it for you, just to get you stoned with them.”

“It’s not Sean, OK? You’re going on and on about Sean.”

“OK, so it’s not Sean. Ever had the greenies?”

“No. What’s that?”

“That’s when you get totally stoned on weed and then drink yourself into a hole afterwards. And you are so sick you want to die.”

“Hehehe. You had the greenies?”

“Yeah … and I really just wanted to lay down and die.”

“Cool. I wish I’d seen you.”

“You and Sean are good buds, huh?”

“The best. Well, after you. You’re still my best bud, but you know that.”

“I don’t wantya to think that now I’m 18 you can’t speak to me. OK? I want to know every little disgusting detail. Yeah, I’m gonna freak sometimes, but at least it’ll be me freaking and not your folks.”

I helped him with his homework and we had sarmies and [fruit] juice. I’m not sure that I even got through to him [about the drug business].

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