Cape Town, South Africa
Part 99

Last night I studied and listened to some old music. My dad’s got some Led Zeppelin albums – actually, he’s got three. So I sat in the den with them blaring while I studied. My dad laughs at some of the stuff I listen to cos he says it’s weird that some of the music we think is so in fashion actually came out like 30 or 40 years ago.

This morning, Mark asked if I was into some serious sparring. Well, I was but I wasn’t ready for being hit all over the damn ring. He sent me down three times. I swear that dude’s gonna give me brain damage. SHUDDUP, G! And I try and think about why I do it. I keep coming up with [this]: cos I love to see every muscle in his body do its own thing as he’s moving around, and I love the feeling of the glove when it connects with his abs.

[Second recess]

Had some drama in class two periods ago. A teacher had an argument with one of the colored guys about his shirt being out, and how untidy he looked. (Sound familiar?) Anyway, some of his friends tried to turn it into a race [racial] thing, and it became a shouting match. The teacher stomped outta the class and left us all there. So my trusted friend Mark decides to chirp this dude.

“Hey, fuckhead! We’ve got exams in a little while. Think you better go and call her [the teacher] back.”

“Hey, whitey, who do you think you’re speaking to?” (In a delightful accent).

Mark walked right up to the dude and then some of his [the black dude’s] friends came and stood with him. Mark glared at him. “Why don’t you just tuck your fucking shirt in, shut up, and sit down so [that] we can all learn something here.”

One of the dude’s friends then said: “Klap hom, man.” (Hit him, man).

“Nei, hys n prefek. Hy sal by die baas gaan huil.” (No, he’s a prefect. He’ll go crying to the boss).

Then to everyone’s surprise, Alan came and stood next to Mark. “Hey, you’re right. He’s a prefect and he told you to tidy up and sit down … unless you want to come outside.”

They sat down and everything calmed down but you could cut the atmosphere with a fucking knife. I asked Mark [at recess] if he was hassled about them approaching him after school and he said he didn’t think that would happen cos too many people saw what happened in class.

“I was surprised at Alan.”

“Hehehe. You’re not the only one. Maybe he’s seen the light.”

“No – he saw the lights go out - when you hit him.”

“It was cool of him to back me up, though.”

TUESDAY NIGHT: Bit of drizzle outside and it’s still cold.

After I got home this arvie, I got a call from Mark to come over [to his place]. *HUGE FUCKING GRIN*

“Hey, whatsup?” *I gave him this good backhander into his gut [when I arrived at his door] cos, like I said, I like the feeling, and I got a fisty on the shoulder in return*.

“Not with me – with you. What’s up?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“See? You can’t even see it yourself. You’re like a million planets away, Cody.”

*I seriously didn’t have a clue what he was on about*. “You’ve just smoked a reefer, right?”

“Wrong. But I’m gonna. Let’s go sit out back. Want something?”


“Coffee? OK.” He brought the coffee out back and sat down opposite me.

“Hehehe. Fuck, Mark, don’t keep me in suspense. You’re dad phone or something? You gonna tell me that you’re leaving for Joburg?”

“Hey, Code. We’ve been friends for how long? A million years. Well, that’s what it feels like. Something fucking huge is weighing you down and I want to know about it.”

“Well, I’m gonna tellya seriously, I don’t have a fucking clue – not a fucking clue what you’re on about.”

“Hey, what’s happened to that fucked up grin you always carry? And the lip you’re giving everybody? And what’s with this sitting under the trees [at school] reading through recess? *Pregnant pause*. Hey, you [really] don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“No. And you’re driving me fucking crazy.”

“You’re lower than shark shit and you don’t know why?”

“No … uh…”


“Hang on – there is something. I’ve been worried about Wingnut. But I’ve been OK about it, though.”

“What’s up with Wingnut?”

“You’ll be the last to understand.”

“Oh, fuck … you haven’t…?”

*I immediately flashed what Mark was thinking and put a stop to it*. “Drugs. Wingnut’s getting into some serious shit.”

Mark leaned back and almost fell off the bench. “Phew! Thank fuck for that!”

“Thank fuck for him taking shit?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Anyway, that’s the only thing I can think of that’s been worrying me a bit.”

“Yeah, well, that’s a Codyism. You worry about him cos he’s a friend. You worry about me cos I’m your friend. You worry about the nerd at school who’s got no friends. You just worry. But it must be bad cos you’re carrying a fucking lotta baggage.”

*I suddenly realized how fucking upset I was and my eyes were welling with tears*. “It’s ever since he started hanging with his buddy Sean. They’re getting into coke and fuck knows what [else].”

“Hey, Code. Settle, OK? You sure it’s not that he’s got this new bud Sean more than the other stuff?”

“Nope. I think it’s cool that he’s got someone like Sean that he hangs with and who surfs, but…”

“Want some more coffee? Or maybe something stronger?”

“His whole attitude seems different – like he doesn’t give a fuck.”

Mark got up [from the bench], stood behind me, and started massaging my shoulders. I giggled in between my fucking tears. “That’s a new one – you massaging me.”

“He’s a lighty, Code. He’ll learn. Paul told me some stories about you [while he was visiting Cape Town for your birthday], and the shit you were into when he first got to know you.”

“So that’s where it [the story] came out?”


“Wingnut told me that he heard I was a cokehead.”

“Paul didn’t say that.”

“He [Wingnut] interpreted it like that.”

“Cos it suits him right now to say that.”

“Anyway, I’ve gotta beetle before my folks get home. I’m supposed to be studying.”

“I’ll walk with you. I want to stop off at Carol’s.”

“Oil change?”

“Hehehe, no. Fuck, you’ve got a one-track mind. She’s got one of my CDs.”

Steph phoned at dinner time.

“Hey, lover.”

“Now there’s a cute voice.”

“Howzit going?”


“What’s this I hear from Carol? That you’re all depressed and shit?”

“Mark’s got a big mouth. I’m not depressed. I’m just worried about Wingnut.”

“That’s what she said.”

“What else did she say?”

“That she wants your bod when I’m finished with it.”

“Hehehe. Yeah, and my teeth on the ground when Mark’s finished with them.”

“Hey, lover boy, if you need a shoulder you know I’m here, and don’t worry about the grommet. He’s tough.”

“Yeah, I guess. Loveya, babe.”

“I love you, too, Cody. Cya.”


I’ve got some really good friends and, yeah, I do worry when things don’t go quite right. And it’s not like Wingnut’s not talking to me. I’ve just gotta be around and pick him up and dust him off when he falls.

WEDNESDAY ARVIE – raining all day.

I was totally damn l8 for school this morning. This is one of the first times that I just overslept, and I arrived ten minutes after the damn bell. The prefect on late-gate duty is a bud so I got off the hook.

I had a quiet cackle to myself this morning. At first recess I was with Mark when Wingnut came to sit with us.

“Hey, Cody.”

“Hey, miniature dude. Howzit going?”

“Not so cool. Mark, you gotta help me out and give me some tips.”

*I didn’t know what he was talking about*.

(Mark) “That’s why you need to get in [the boxing ring] and train every day.”

“I just wantya to train me enough to beat the crap outta that dickless dude.”

(Mark) “He’s been training since April [and it’s now September].”

“Give me a speed lesson. I want him to pick up his teeth, then I can also beat up on Cody.” *Smile*

(Mark) “OK, you’re on. I can go with that – beating up on Cody, I mean.”

Then he was called away by one of his buds to play soccer.

“What was that all about?”

“Oh, I didn’t tellya. I invited Wingnut to come and box, so this morning he came down [to the gym] and I put him up against one of the best juniors we’ve got. [He] sent Wingnut on his back with the first punch. Had to get the smelling salts out. He’s strong, though. Fucking hell, he just gets up and takes it again.”

“I can relate to that. What with the boxing?”

“Just a thought. Keep him busy and he’ll keep outta crap. Also gave me a chance to speak to him when we were in the change room.”

“About what?”

“Just told him that you’re worried about him and that you’re his friend.”

“You didn’t need to do that. He’s gonna fall and have to pick himself up.”

“You don’t really want that though, do you?”

“Nope. Thanks, anyway.”

THURSDAY ARVIE – Sun’s out. :)

Saw Wingnut at boxing training this morning. Mark and I were sparring and Wingnut and some of the juniors were being coached. One thing I’ll say for my little bud – he’s a fucking hard worker. He trains and puts everything into what he does. When he got down to sparring he showed that he learns quickly and, yeah, he got his ass kicked good and solid but he’s a tough shit.

This arvie, Mark and I are going to collect our tuxes for Saturday [night’s Prom]. Steph went out and bought a special fucking evening dress that cost her folks a bomb. Anyway, Carol’s folks are gonna fork out for a limo, which is gonna cost them like 300 bucks just for the night. They wanta make sure we all get home in one piece.


Folks are out and I’m taking a break [from homework]. Just finished reading the Wingnut [chapter] that I downloaded last night. You’ve captured him down to a t.

He came around [here] this arvie and collapsed on his back on my bed.

“You like those briefs, huh?” *I could see up the legs of his rugger shorts*. :)

“Yeah, they’re neat, and Candy loves ‘em.”

“She’s getting brave.”

“Code, you won’t believe it but she’s made friends with Sean’s girlfriend and I think it’s making her chill big time. She still won’t like speak to me about that kinda stuff but Sean told me that his chick told Candy about blowing him and all… and Sean was saying that he eats her out and it’s not that bad. OK, OK, I’ll drop it.”


“Every time I talk about Sean you look like someone’s standing on your [bottom] lip.”

“Crap. It’s just that I know guys who shout their mouth off [about sex] and the fact is you’ve probably seen more pussy than Sean has.”

“Think so? I don’t think so cos his girlfriend was telling Candy how they fuck each other.”

*My mind was thinking about Candy who is so fucking cool and just right for Wingnut*. “Aren’t you scared you’re gonna frighten Candy away?”

“Nah. She digs me too much and, hey, if she can’t handle it then there are a stack of chicks out there.”

“Can you hear yourself?”

“What doya mean?”

“Listen to yourself, Wingnut. You’re sounding like Steve.”

“What’s wrong with that? Check all the chicks he’s got?”

“I’m just trying to help. Candy is really great.”

“I like her, too. I’m not gonna dump her.”

“All I’m saying is don’t make it your life mission to fuck her, OK? I don’t think she’s gonna let you.”

“Yeah, she will. Sean’s girlfriend chats to her all the time now.”

“You’ve got a boner.”

“Hehehe, yeah. I’m thinking about Candy’s pussy.”

“Or thinking about Sean.”

“Fuck you, Cody.”

“Chill. I’m joking.”

“Yeah, right.”


“Hey, how’s things for the matric dance on Saturday. You got a tux?”

“Getting it this arvie. Gotta meet Mark.”

“I wanta see you – you’re gonna look like James Bond.”

“Hehehe. Thanks.”

“Haveya seen Steph’s dress yet?”

“She’s wearing a see-through dress and clear underwear.”

“WHAT? You’re kidding, right?”


“Jeez, Cody, don’t do that. I’m already horny.”

“So sort yourself out.”

“I would but I know that you wanna [do it for me].”


“And I wanta do you. Hey, we haven’t in a while. Must be a week now.” *Big cheesy grin*.

“OK, then, get those passion killers off then.”

“Hey, don’t bitch. They’re your old smelly ones.”

“Smell worse now, though.”

“Hehehe. Yeah, they do.”

“Me first.” I laid back on the bed and spread my legs, and I felt him move in between them and move his fingers on to my dickhead. He rubbed the precum gently along my shaft and then fisted me.

It felt good having the grommet almost back to normal, and there was a huge surge in my groin as my jizz flew up towards my chest and onto my stomach.

"Steph must wet her fucking panties when she sees that. You’re a fucking hunk, Cody. Haven’t toldya that, have I.”

“No, you haven’t. Thanx, but I’m not.”

“Yeah, you are.” *He settled on to his back and his dick was really stretching skin*. “Go slow. I want it to last forever.”

I thought about blowing him but at the moment things are just a little unsettled with him, and I don’t want to fuck things up totally.

Afterwards, he taped some music while I studied. Then Mark phoned and I went around to his place. We went to collect our tuxes. Tried them on first to make sure they’d done the temp alterations for us. Mark looked like one of those hunk film stars with his dimple grin and his model-looks gelled hair.


Now this is more like spring. It’s one of those cold sunny mornings with no wind. Had such a workout in the gym this morning. I was hitting the bag while Mark was skipping. Then I held the bag for Mark. Wingnut and the other juniors were being harassed by the coach. I’m not sure [if] Wingnut’s gonna hang in there. He gave the coach some lip and I swear if they still had corporal punishment he would’ve ended up getting 6 of the best [canings].

When Mark and I had a chance to get into the ring, we went all out. I’ve never been able to stop Mark from getting at me, though. His hands are just too fucking fast for me. He’d jab, jab, jab and then whammo in my gut, or against the side of the headgear and send me flying. When I do manage to get through his defense, I make damn sure it counts, though. I’ve gotta go for his head cos his stomach is like [hitting] steel plate.

He’s working [at the pizza restaurant] tonight, and I’m going around to Steph’s. Steph phoned last night and she said to me that her mom said to her that she hopes I was using a condom. She said she almost freaked [at what her mom had said].

Mark has been trying to find out what the theme is for the [Prom] dance. He cornered one of the grade 11s in the changeroom and threatened to beat him to a pulp if he didn’t speak. Hehehehe. He couldn’t tell [Mark], though, or his whole class would’ve killed him. The grade 11s are the ones who organize the whole thing – the theme and the decorating. And then on the night they all act as waiters.

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