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Part 101


As usual, your gift for understatement shines through.

That new graphic from Steve is AWESOME... and I ought to know, I'm in the business!

[Another] Steve (USA)

Monday morning: Wingnut wasn’t in the gym, and the first time I saw him was during recess. He was playing soccer on the field with his friends, and looked like I always remember him – with his shirt hanging out and half unbuttoned, and running like hell from one end [of the field] to the next. Mark and I had a good workout, though. He hadta go to prefect’s meetings during the break. They’re busy looking at who next year’s prefects are gonna be.

Tuesday arvie: Starting to get a bit overcast and there’s a cold wind blowing.

Wingnut was waiting for me this morning and we walked to school together.

“Surf was shitty yesterday.”

“I saw. Didya go down?”

“Nah. I’ve been gated.”

“How come? Cos you were trashed [the other night]?”

“Nope. Just cos of all the surfing and never being at home. Folks reckon I’ve gotta study or Santa won’t be seeing me this year – hehehe. I think they still think I believe in Santa.”

“Yeah, folks never want us to grow up.”

“My dad said he cried for days when he found out Santa wasn’t real.”

“Hehehe. I can believe it.”

“Mark crapped all over me yesterday for missing boxing [training]. I don’t know if I want to do it, though.”

“Then tell him. I think he saw it more as a training thing for you cos he thinks you’re so tough.”


“You know what I mean.”

“Anyway, I don’t really need that much training. How’s your jaw?”

“My jaw’s fine. How’s your leg?”

“Bruised but cool. I’m sorry for hitting you like that.”

“Hey, you just lost control. We all do sometimes.”

“Do you know that a lotta the guys playing rugger take ephedrine?”

“Isn’t that like a major caffeine boost or something?”

“It’s like a natural thing, though – not chemical – and it gives you a boost – like more energy and stuff.”

“You take it, too?”

“Yeah, but it’s not like a real drug.”

“You’re thirteen. You shouldn’t need that shit. You’ve got enough energy as it is.”

“Yeah, but … ah, forget it.”

“Don’t fucking start [keeping secrets]. I’m listening. I’m just telling you what I think. Jesus, Wingnut, don’t keep making me [out as] the heavy.”

“Yeah, well, it’s like a natural herbal thing. It’s not like a drug. You said I could talk to you about stuff.”

“Weed [marijuana] is a natural herbal thing, too. I guess I should start smoking it now that I know that it’s not a drug, huh?”

“Yeah, well, there’s a lotta doctors and stuff who say that they should just unban it cos people who have asthma use it to help them.”

“That’s in their medicine.”

“Mixed with chemicals and stuff.”

“I’m not gonna argue with you. And stop trying to make taking all kinds of shit [sound] right. You’re so damn fit you don’t need it.”

“It’s since I started smoking weed that I lost all my fat.”

“That was puppy fat and you’d lose it anyway. And how much are you smoking?”

“Sean and I have about three reefers during the week, and then over weekends maybe. And you’re wrong about him, Code. He doesn’t force me to do stuff.”

“How come he’s not losing his puppy fat?”

“I dunno.”

“I’m not trying to be heavy, Wingnut. I’m just trying to look out for you. I toldya that.”

“Yeah, I know. And I hate it whenya worry cos it gives me the creeping guilts.”

“Hehehe – creeping guilts?”

“Yeah – makes me feel like a creep cos I’m letting you down.”

“Yeah, well, that’s what separates you from the other dudes who just don’t give a shit about anything or anybody.”

By the time we got to school, Wingnut was on a high and he was like a demon in the [boxing] ring. Still got his ass kicked, though. AND – I knocked Mark down! Actually, I hit him just below his belly button, and his legs buckled under him.

“Fuck, Cody! Keep it up a bit, huh?”

“I’ll try.” *And no, I wasn’t aiming for his dick*.

Now it’s recess and we’ve just written a fucking evil science paper. Mark was complaining that the teacher who set the mock paper must’ve been on something. All of the guys are bitching about it. The teacher reckons that it’s been made as hard as possible so [that] we know what to expect in the final. Fuck me – if that’s what we’re gonna get in the final then we’re dead in the water.

The week has been pretty quiet. Been spending my time hitting the books. Normal activity at school with gym in the morning. Only one incident [took place] when Wingnut totally lost his temper with the guy that he spars against, and started going so wild that the coach had to pull him off of the guy. One good thing is that it looks like he’s been staying away from the shit [drugs] this week. I asked him what the fight was about and he said that the jerk kept hitting him in the ribs, and he asked him to cool it. And when he didn’t, Wingnut decided to climb into him. Sounds like another friend of mine.

The real reason I’m writing (besides that you’re cute – hehehehe hahahaha hohohohoho) is that I phoned Nick last night. With Mark and Steve going away [for the school hols] – and Steph’s gonna be away with her folks – I decided to try and organize something for myself. I asked Nick if it was OK for me to come up to his place for a few days, and he went ballistic. I spoke to my folks about it, and my dad’s not happy about me [hitch] hiking all the way up there on my own. They seem to be OK with me spending some time with Nick, so that’s cool. He’s still staying [in a place] on his own. When I asked him about his girlfriend he said that they had broken it [the relationship] off. :) Anyway, my dad is gonna take [drive] me about two hours up the highway, and then Nick is gonna meet me there and we’re gonna go back [to his place] on his bike. I’ve just gotta sort out an exact day cos he’s got to arrange some time off from work in the morning. He’s also gonna see if he can get a day or two off from work so we can go hiking and surfing and make wild love with each other. I asked him about his plans to travel [overseas to places such as Australia] and he says they’re still gonna happen but he’s enjoying himself now, meeting lots of people at the coffee shop and living on “his farm”.

So that’s pretty neat. One more week of school and then I’m up the coast. I‘ve been doing nothing but jacking off thinking about Nick’s legs wrapped around me, with my dick buried deep inside of him. I’m fucking over the moon.

Mark is pretty nervous about [going to] Johannesburg now. He said that it’s helluva different speaking to his dad occasionally [on the phone], but he hasn’t given a lotta thought to actually living with him and his [new] wife and their kids for any length of time. His dad is phoning him every second day now cos he’s excited about Mark coming up [to see] him. On Tuesday arvie I was around at his house and I think Mark’s started to enjoy me touching him. He was in his boxers, and he stretched [his body] with his arms over his head, and I said:

“Hold it.”

“What the fuck now?”

“Just hold that stretch.”

*I quickly zipped around behind him and put my hands around him, and let them glide up his stretched abs and onto his chest*.

He giggled: “Fuck, Cody, I knew there had to be a reason.”

“Well, you’re enjoying it anyway. I can check by [the bulge in] your boxers.”

“Hehehe. Piss off, Cody. And YES, it feels good.”

I stood right up behind him ‘til my chest touched his back, and held him tight. “Carol is so fucking lucky.”

“So am I.”

*I let my hands slide down past his belly button and into the waistband of his boxers. His dickhead was right there – and moist. He put his arms down, and put his hands on my forearms, and forced my hands right down. THIS WAS MARK??*

“One day I wanta blow your socks off.”

“In a daydream.”

“Yeah, well, friends can dream – can’t they?”

“If you keep that up I’m gonna offload into my shorts.”

*Then I pulled away and he went to his bed, and grabbed his jeans. My hand was stroking him and, although he was enjoying it, I think he was scared that he might just juice himself, and [that] I’d wanta go just a bit further than he was prepared to*.

Had such a nice weekend. On Friday afternoon Wingnut popped in and we had such a cool rap [out by the pool]. He said that Sean, Brian and he were gonna go to the movies on Friday night with other friends and their girlfriends, and then for pizza.

“Grief. You mean you guys are gonna stay str8 tonight?”

“Yes, dad. Sorry, Code. I know you’re trying to be cool and all but it’s not like we get stoned every chance we get. Anyway, I told Sean that we should go to the movies instead of trying to find a rave party – just for a change.”

“That’s cool, buddy. It’s just that I wantya to understand. Yes, I know I [once] did all that [drug] shit but it doesn’t make it right.”

“Hey, I know that. And I know my dad smoked dope when he was young, but he would freak if he found out about me. And I know that you still smoke a joint now and again, Cody. Sean asked Steve, and Steve said you still smoked now and then. Hey, it’s no biggie.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not gonna do any good to say [that] Steve’s lying.”

*He started to get uptight*. “OK, so you’re saying you NEVER ever take a hit?”

“Once in a while I may take one hit off a joint but it depends on the situation, and what’s happening. I don’t go out looking for the stuff, OK?”

“OK, OK … fuck … sorry.”

“Aaaaaggggghhhhh! I wish I could just get it through your head.”

“Hehehehe. I’ve gotten to you again, huh?”

I jumped on him and tried to pin him to the ground but the little fuck is not only developing a good shape but there’s strength in those thirteen-year-old muscles. Eventually, I managed to wrap my arms around him and pick him up.

“I think you need to cool off.” *I carried him to the pool*.

“Hehehe. Fuck, Cody, I am gonna hurt you so bad if you do what I think you’re gonna do.”


He undressed in the pool and threw his clothes on the side. “Hey, wanna come swim?”

I stripped and dove in, and we played around in the water for about a half hour. It was good to be messing about with Wingnut in the water – kinda took us to the same level.

After we got out: “I’ve gotta jet, Code. What are you doing tonight?”

“Going to [see] Steph.”

“Hmmm. Oil change, huh?”

“Hehehe – maybe. Hey, I bet you won’t go home like that.”

“Like what?”


“How much [do you wanna bet]?”

“Ten bucks.”

“You’re on.”

We both checked to make sure there was nobody coming down the street, and Wingnut had his wet clothes under his arm, and darted through the garden. I laughed my tits off watching his white buns fly across the wall. Then he dove through his bedroom window so [that] his mom wouldn’t see him. Hehehehe. I had such a painful gut [from laughing] watching him.

[Later – I apologize for the missing text. MrB]

Then Steph and I had a coupla Bacardi Breezers and carried on until about 1 in the morning when the doorbell rang. She slipped on a [dressing] gown and went to the door. It was Mark [standing there]. I was still laying naked on my back when he walked into the room. I pulled the covers over my dick. He just giggled at me.

“Cody shy? Never. Hi.”

“Hey, howzit?”

“Cool, man. Just wanted to find out if you and Steph were into going [into town] for a beer. Carol’s out with her folks.”

Steph told me it was OK to go with him. She wanted an early night. Actually, I think she was just being diplomatic cos she would’ve felt a bit like a spare tire once Mark and I got talking and jacking around [at the club].

Mark waited in the den for me.

“Hey, Steph, thanks, babe. It’s been a really special evening.”

“Love you, Cody. Look after Mark. He’s looking lost.”

Actually, Mark wasn’t looking that lost. But I was pretty chuffed that he was there. Yeah, so he’d brought to a stop what was heading for an outstanding time with Steph [and me] but it was [already outstanding] anyway, and I was pretty proud of Steph for not throwing a wobbly [about Mark stealing me from her for the remainder of the night].

“Sorry, Cody. Didn’t mean to walk in on you [when you were] naked. But that’s difficult with you cos you’re always damn naked, anyway. I decided if I wasn’t getting any [sex] tonight then neither are you – hehehe.”

“Too late – hehehe.”

“Yeah – [so] I gathered. I’m sorry if I stuffed it up a bit [with you and Steph].”

“Nah. Steph’s cool, and I think it’s pretty damn special that you came hunting me down.”

“Yeah, well, I was desperate. I must’ve been to hunt you down. Want to come over to my place? Hey, can you sleep over?”

“Shit! I wish you’d asked me at school. I’ll need to go to my place first and see if my folks are still awake.”

We jogged to my house and the lights were still on. My folks were laughing and joking with each other, which was a good sign, and they said it was OK [if I slept over at Mark’s].

On the way [there], we stopped at a tree to catch a piss. When I watched the piss coming from Mark’s dick I immediately thought of you [G] – hehehehe. [Cheeky bugger. MrB].

We had the run of the house cos his mom and bf had gone off camping for the weekend. It was cold but Mark still took off his jersey and t.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“No, fuck – not after running all the way to your house and then all the way here.”

*His skin had a sweaty shine to it, which just highlighted every little fucking ripple – DAMN!*

“Beer or coffee, Code?”

“Beer will be cool.”

“Catch. And get rid of your t so we can both get cold.”

“I took off my shirt and t and he pressed his cold beer can into my gut.

“Fuck off, you cunt.”

“Hehehe. Cold, huh?”

He put on the Bon Jovi Blush CD and cranked it up. Mark was wearing blue Levis, which were snug around his waist and his buns and his thighs. His dick made a neat bulge in the front cos he had it [tucked] down. He had a wide leather belt on, with a Harley buckle. Mark is nuts about bikes, and he goes ballistic whenever he sees a Harley. I looked at his bod and the way his back flared out from his waist to his wide shoulders and his muscular arms. I’ll never get tired of admiring his body – and his skin is totally smooth and soft like silk. That’s not surprising, though, cos he’s also a cleanliness fanatic, and takes ages about showering and washing himself.

*Smile*. “What the fuck are you staring at?”

“Your bod, and just thinking about how lucky Carol is.”

“Yeah, well, Steph’s just as lucky. Don’t do yourself in, Cody. I’ve seen the girls doing neckbreaks when you’re around.”

“Yeah – that’s cos you’re with me.” *He was really hyper and fidgety. He took a joint and lit it*. “You gonna smoke inside?”

“Yeah. They’re away for the weekend.” *He held the j to me and I took it and had a hit. I thought of Wingnut immediately and felt guilty*.

We had another beer, and Mark sat down next to me. His leg was bouncing up and down. I put my hand on his leg and pressed it down. “You stressed or something?”


“Fuck, you look it.”

“Fuck, Cody … I enjoyed the other day, and…”

“Hey, I’ve got a cool idea. Let’s get naked in your room.”

“Shit – I didn’t mean to sound like I’m desperate.”

“Chill out, bro. Think I don’t enjoy being naked with you? Fucking hell…”

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