Cape Town, South Africa
Part 103

Tuesday morning – school – sunny and warm, which is great after the rain we had this weekend. *déjà vu – hehehehe*

Wingnut asked me to go skateboarding yesterday with him and some of his friends. Sean was there with Brian and some other tiny dude who was older than all of them, but I swear he’s a midget. An ace on the board, though. He was wearing cargo shorts, which looked like longs on him. Anyway, he had the respect of everyone. It was a good afternoon with a bunch of lighties. Wingnut and I had a few words on the way home – normal subject.

“Checked your friend and he was redeye again.”

“Sean’s always redeye, so drop it. OK?”

“I’m just saying.”

“I know what you’re fucking saying, Cody. That my friend’s a big druggie.”

“Fuck you. I just said that I noticed he was out of it – AGAIN.”

“Yeah. So what’s the big deal? You’re always on my case about it. Go tell him.”

“OK. If you don’t want me to speak about it again, I won’t. Fuck!”

“Ew – touchy.”

“Yeah, well, handle it. You’re trying to be a 16-year-old in a 13-year-old’s body, so handle it.”

“Hehehe. You’re pissed [at me].”

“Fuck, Wingnut, you’re gonna get clobbered.”

“By which army?”

“Ooh – you’re definitely looking for shit.”

*We didn’t say much [more] while we were skating the rest of the way home*.

“Hey, Code, can I come in for a bit?”

“If you want.” When we got inside, I went to the kitchen to pour some juice, then I noticed he had one helluva boner. “What the hell’s exciting you so much?”

“Hey, Code, could I jackya? You fight with me so much now that I’m not sure I can still ask.”

“Is that why you’re hard?”

“Hehehe, yeah. I was thinking of you naked.”

“Fuck, bro. That’s different.”

“I often think of you naked when I’m jacking – like bros think of each other, I guess.” I put my hand on his cargos and he was rock hard. “Oh, jeez, Cody.” Then we went to my room and I put on some music.

“So can I, huh?”

“Go for it.”

“Don’t you wanna get naked first?”

We both undressed, and I got instantly hard at seeing my younger bro’s bod. I reckon he coulda entered a body-beautiful contest and walked away with every prize. Every fucking muscle was clearly defined.

“So lay on your back, Cody, and put your hands up [behind your head] like you always do.”

I laid back and closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of feeling my bud’s hands exploring my crotch. I heard him spit, and then his fist closed around my dick and slowly slid up and down. I looked down [at him] and he was jacking himself at the same time. “Hey, don’t do that. I’ll do you afterwards.”

I did my best to let it last as long as possible – enjoying every stroke. I lifted my crotch up and I felt his fist go faster and faster until my juice erupted into the air and fell on my stomach and chest.

“Way cool! Flying mayo, man!”

“Aaaagggghhhh! Oh, fuck, Wingnut! Don’t stop! Not yet!”

He stroked it slowly and I felt another rush as the last of my juice left the top of my dick, and slid down like ice cream topping over his fist. :) Then I sat up and he laid down. “No, stand up and look in the mirror.”

He stood in front of the mirror, admiring his own bod. He knew what he had. I [got behind him and] put my arm around the front, and slowly took his precum and massaged it into the length of his dick, which was bouncing all over the place. My other hand was between his legs, massaging his nads. My hand went like a piston on his dick, and his knees buckled as a huge rush of juice left [his cockhead] in one long thick trail towards the mirror. He was almost crying cos his dick was so sensitive by the time I’d stopped. I pulled him down on his ass, and he sat on the floor in front of me, with my arms around him and my hands exploring his chest and abs. “You’re too damn little to have a bod like a Marvel Comic hero."

“Yeah, and you’re too old to be so cool yourself.” He leaned back and I grabbed his schlong again, and it didn’t take too much [effort] to get it back to standing upright. I stroked it slowly this time, enjoying the feeling of my little bud’s warm bod up against mine. He was relaxing up against me, and I could feel the warmth of his body, and the strength oozing out of it. “That is so cool, Code. When can I sleep over again?”

“I dunno. Whenever you want, I guess.”

“Cool. So we’re still bros, right?”

“Always were, always will be.”

His leg muscles went taut and his gut went hard as some more juice erupted from his cockhead, and his dick bounced against it. I watched as his two acorns tightened right up into his crotch, and his abs pulled tight. I hadta smile at him – so fucking innocent and vulnerable, and yet …

“Your bod feels cool, Code. Just hold me for a little while, huh?”

So we sat there; him leaning up against me, both of us enjoying the warmth radiating from each other.

Wednesday, second recess – sunny and warm.

WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOWHOOOOOOWHOOOOOO! The guys here are going ballistic. Both Mark and Wingnut musta been racing to tell me that Terrence Parkin – the deaf [Safrican] swimmer – won a silver [medal] in the 200m breast stroke [at the Sydney Olympics]. He was a hero before he left [SA] cos of what he had accomplished, and what an inspiration he was to all of us, but now he’s more than that cos he’s showing that it can be done. You would swear that he had just won 7 golds in a row [cos of] the way the guys are going on [at school].

Wingnut was going totally crazy with his swim buds. Mark spoke about it later – just saying how much admiration he has for Terrence for what he’s done, and the standards he has set for younger dudes who look up to him. We’ve seen him at a few swim meets and he is awesome to watch, and so laid back.

Thursday – sunny and warm.

Last night, we all went for pizza. It was like a party cos we pushed three tables together. Mark wasn’t working. He had pasta cos he said he’s sick and tired of pizza. It was just a totally cool evening. Steve and Tammy were there as well – like lovebirds. Ross was there by himself cos he had a helluva fight with his girlfriend. He told Mark all about it, so I still need to quiz Mark – hehehehe. Jumbo was there with his girlfriend, who’s a total doll, and Kev was there on his own, looking totally cool. Wingnut brought Sean and his girlfriend along, as well as Candy. I just got a bit uptight when Sean and Wingnut disappeared for about 15 minutes, and came back glassy-eyed, but I didn’t say anything.

I put my foot on Steve’s crotch [under the table], and one time I thought he was gonna have a total nappy [diaper]. That was stupid [of me], though, cos Tammy’s hands were all over him and she coulda felt my foot. The guys all got a beer, except for Wingnut and Sean hehehehehe. Sean threw a bit of a wobbly, saying that his folks allow him to drink [beer] at home. He’s a bit of a spoilt rich brat. Anyway, Ross proposed a toast to Terrence Parkin, which I thought was toppers.

It was just Wingnut and me left when we walked home after stopping off with everyone else [at their houses]. Carol went to Mark’s place so I used my imagination about where his dick was gonna be resting for a while.

“Hey, Cody, don’t sweat it. OK?”

“Sweat what?”

"I saw the look you gave me when I came back with Sean [after disappearing for 15 minutes]. I was OK. I know you worry all the damn time, and Sean’s a pretty nice guy. You always always seem to be giving him a hard time whenever he says something.”

“Not really. Yeah, I do worry.”

“Hey, Code, I thought yesterday was pretty special. I’d liketa do that again – just you and me together like that. You make me feel really special.”

“You are special, buddy. You just don’t see it. You don’t haveta try and escape from yourself [by using drugs]. Try and be your own guy.”

We were standing by the gate talking, and I put my hand up against his crotch. I enjoy the feeling of Wingnut’s dick, even through his chinos. Maybe cos it reacts so damn quickly. He was already horny after he and Candy tongue-lashed each other earlier.

This morning, Mark and I were boxing against each other, and he hit me flat in the middle of my face, and my damn nose just burst out in a spray of blood. I thought he’d broken the damn thing, but it was a blood vessel that had burst inside. Actually, it looked pretty cool with my face full of blood and bits of it all over the front of my bod – like someone out of Rambo – one from the losing side. :) Mark panicked a bit cos he thought he had broken my nose. “Fuck, Cody! You’re supposed to block those [punches].” Yeah, right – when they’re coming at me like a steam train. He had been pummeling me in the gut and ribs, and that is what I was protecting before he let me have it [in the face]. All the fucking lighties came to check me out, and Wingnut was sympathetic until he found out I was OK, and then the little fuck sided with Mark. Told Wingnut I was gonna get him in the ring and beat the shit out of him. I enjoyed all the attention, though.

Second recess.

Mark got so stressed with Alan in class. I thought he was gonna plant him.

“Hey, Mark. Thanx bud. I’ve been wanting to do that myself.” *He was talking about Mark bloodying my nose*.

*Mark*. “Well, come over here and I’ll show you how it’s done, you prick.”

*Alan*. “Yeah – you and the swim team. Challenge me on your own, dickhead.”

I thought that that was an interesting challenge from Alan cos I’ve always thought that Mark could put his lights out. When I chatted to Jumbo, though, he felt differently about it. He said that Alan’s a lot stronger and faster than people give him credit for.

Mark was fucking furious. “You can second me, Code. I’m gonna take that fat fuck out once and for all.”

“Forget him, man. He’s a prat.”

“Fuck that. He made me look like a right fucking jerk.”

“Forget it, Mark.”

“Would you?”


“Then shut the fuck up. You going to second me or not?”

“Stuff him, man. It’s end of term, anyway, so when are you going to do it?”

“After school – while it’s still fresh in his fat head.”

Thursday night. It’s amazing that when the sun disappears the evenings are still like mid winter [and this is spring].

So I guess you’re wanting to know the story [about the fight]. What surprised me is that Jumbo seconded for Alan. Anyway, whatever’s been going on in the past, Alan has been buffing up. He’s got a gut but it’s shrunk a bit to reveal the hard muscle lines of his sixpack, and his arms have a lot more definition. Well, he still looked like a slobolofsky compared to Mark. The coach was pissed off at Mark cos he had to stay after school to make sure that no one got hurt.

Mark was super confident when he came out [of his corner], and Alan wound it up and sent Mark str8 to the canvas. He definitely wasn’t expecting it. He told me that he was expecting Alan to back off from the start and try to get in a lucky punch. Mark’s mouth was cut, and the coach asked him if it was over. Mark said no way. They went at each other again; mostly body shots, which were hurting both of them. And then Alan gave him a winder again – again on his mouth.

Then they stopped for a one-minute break. “Stop the fucking bleeding, Cody – else they’re gonna stop this fight.”

“Maybe they should.”

“Hey. Do the job or fuck off and let me do it myself.”

Jumbo was plugging some blood from Alan’s nose on the other side [of the ring]. Anyway, the cut on the outside of Mark’s mouth wasn’t too bad, and I got it stopped. But he had a lot of blood from the cut inside his mouth. Apparently, Alan hit him so hard the first time that it dislodged his gumguard, and his teeth bit into the inside of his lip.

Then they started again, and both guys were a lot more cautious. Even Mark was being careful. Then, just before the end of the second round, Mark just walked right into a left hook that sent him piling into the ropes before he fell [to the canvas]. Then the bell rang.

This time, his mouth was filled with blood cos Alan just opened Mark’s lip up wide inside, and it was swelling.

“Mark, can I stop the fight?”

“I’m fine, Cody. Stop stressing.”

“I’m gonna throw in the towel.”

“Hey, fuckwit. If you do that I’ll never ever fucking speak to you again. You’ll be history.”

So I shut up and patched him up as best I could. And then they started at each other again. Mark wound himself up and connected Alan in the soft spot, and he went down like a sack of potatoes. His legs seemed to turn to jelly, and then he went down on his knees and his face. It was like all in slow motion.

Mark just washed his face afterwards and said he’d shower at home. He checked to make sure that Alan was OK, and Alan was actually quite civil to him. Fucking hell, Alan smiled and said to him something about, “OK, so you don’t need the whole swim team.”

[As we reached Mark’s house] “I knew you could do it.”

“Hehehe, piss off [Code]. If it was up to you you would’ve ended the fight.”

“Yeah, but you would’ve been less bruised.”

“He’s good – almost back to what he used to be like – a demon in the ring. And he’s not carrying a lot of blubber anymore, either.”

“Hey, want me to come in and wash your back?”



Mark made us some coffee, and then stripped in front of me while I sat on his bed.

“Hey, you gonna sit there or you gonna get ready to wash my back? You owe me for almost ducking out on me in that fight.”

Mark didn’t have a boner but I did, and I desperately wished it away but it wanted none of that. Mark got into the shower first and set the water temperature, and then I got in and started to soap up his back with a sponge. When I moved around the front [of him] and soaped him up he cringed a bit cos his ribs were painful, but he never stopped me. I slowly moved towards his crotch, waiting for my hand to be pushed away but it never happened. Then I put the sponge down and soaped up his crotch with my hand, giving his now hardening dick long slow strokes. I wanted to [blow/jack him?] but didn’t think it was a great idea.

Mark [then] took the sponge and soaped me up, and then did my dick with the sponge. Chickenshit!

We dried ourselves, and Mark walked around starkers, and so did I. We sat in the kitchen for about a half hour and then I hadta buzz [off]. Well, one thing is clear – if Mark had any probs about being naked with me or even with me touching him they’re gone, and that makes me feel fucking good inside. By the time I left his house, our dicks were like lazy snakes just hanging over our nads. Mine needed a rest so it was cool. :)

Nick phoned earlier to check whether I was still coming up [to visit him].

Time to turn in. Cya, G.

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