Cape Town, South Africa
Part 105

Mark’s and my folks caught up with each other. Mark’s mom and bf were chatting to my folks, and I thought, ‘if only my dad knew what that fucker was capable of’. Mark asked me if Wingnut was OK.

“Nope, but it’s one of those things he’s gotta handle. It’s not like we can just carry on with school – well, not now. He’s come to like you a stack.”

“I’ve always liked him. He’s a kick-ass little shit with a big mouth and a good heart.”

“The most likable person in school? You?”

“Hehe. Shut up, Cody, before I smack you.”

“Hey, I’ve always thought that. It’s you who’s always put yourself down. I believed in you all the time, even when you were beating me up. I ‘believed’ I was gonna get hurt – hehehe.”

“There’s one amazing thing that’s come out of my years at school.”

“What’s that?”

“You. They were right – you are the most caring person here. You were the first person to show me that it’s OK to care about someone – like when you came to visit me in hospital. Actually, I think you came to see if they had bed covers over me.”

“You would’ve done the same.”

“Nope. Don’t believe that. I was an angry and pissed-off-with-the-world person. The only reason I would’ve come to see you in hospital was to make sure you were hurting more than me. I’ve learnt a lot from you.”

“Ooh! Want me down on my knees now? Is that a button-up fly or a zip?”

“Jesus, Cody! Get off your fucking knees before I fist you. Hehehe – you’re fucking crazy. What if someone sees you do that? Don’t answer that. You don’t give a shit – I know. Listen, we better meet up with our folks.”

The whole grade 12 class met at school at 4pm, and we got into a bus that we had chipped in for, and went on a tour around the peninsula. The bus had more booze on it than a pub. It was a party. We stopped at Houtbay and had fish ‘n’ chips on the rocks, and then back on the bus for more partying. We were dropped off back at the school at 10pm, smashed out of our brackets, and all trying to act very sober. Everyone knew we would get wrecked – like an unwind before the finals. I remember after Mark walked into his gate – he was in no condition to walk to my place – I walked home on my own and stopped for a piss at the tree. I felt so fucking alone all of a sudden, with a million memories flooding [my brain] all at once. My folks were still up when I walked in – or is that staggered? My mom asked me if I wanted supper, but just the thought [of food] was too much [for me].

I slept until noon the next day – ON A SCHOOL DAY – woohoo! Then I started to revise my notes and write new ones. Steph phoned and wanted to know how it was going. Carol was with her. They tried to phone Mark but there was no reply. Lazy bugger was probably still asleep. Wingnut popped in after school to make sure that I was studying.

“Missed you today.”

“Yeah. I felt weird being at home, too.”

“How’s it going with the books?”


*He put his elbows on my shoulders [as I sat at my desk], and his chin on my head. His eyes were glassy [teary]*.

“Hey, little bro. You know things always work out. One day you’re gonna have a [younger] friend at school when you leave, while he’s still got four years to go.”

“Nah. He’ll be a lighty. I don’t think I’ll be like you and hang with lighties.”

“Think you’re a lighty?”


“Only in your body.”

“Not my dick, though. Right?”

*I put my hand behind me and onto his dick* “Not that heavy thing – no.” He slid his hands down into my boxers and pulled my dick str8 cos it was laying sideways. “Hey, if you keep that up I’m gonna have to tie you down and make you suck it.”

“You’re gonna have to catch me first. You old guys are slow.” I grabbed his nads and held tight. “Don’t squeeze, Cody! Please don’t squeeze.”

*I let his nads go and I could hear him sigh. His hands carried on stroking me and it felt fucking awesome. I leant back against him to make it easier [for him]*

“So who am I gonna stroke and hang with when you’re not here [in your room] after school?”

“How are things with you and Sean?”

“We’ve jacked each other twice but he gets para[noid] about it so I don’t even try to ask him or anything. I think he’s shy about his elephant dick, and totally freaked about someone finding out [about he and I jacking together] – like I’m gonna say something.”

“OK, so before I shoot my load into my boxers lay down on the bed.”

He laid down and stretched out on my bed, and my cock just got harder. He was totally relaxed as I slid his shorts and briefs off. His skin splitter had a nice wad of precum hanging from it. I was more into just touching his bod, though, and exploring the contours. I’d get to his dick for sure. He just carried on talking like it was nothing special [happening].

“See? I’d like to do this with Candy. I’d love for her to just lay back and relax while I explore her bod. I told her: ‘How am I supposed to get to know you if I can’t explore your bod?’”

“How are things with you guys?” *As my hands drifted up the inside of his thighs, the reaction of his bouncing cock and his rippling gut told me how good I was*.

“She’s totally cool. I’m allowed into her panties now but she gets tender there and pulls my hand away. The best is sucking her nipples, though. She stroked me, and I know she brags [boasts] about her boyfriend’s dick to her friends at school.”

“How do you know that?”

*He [raised his upper half], rested on his elbows, and looked down [the length of his torso]*. “C’mon, Cody. Now which girl wouldn’t brag about touching that thing?”

“Shut up and lay back.”

“Anyway, I know she brags about it, and maybe even tells her friends what it feels like inside her.”

“You ever brag about fucking her?”

“Nah. My buds just accept that I’ve obviously fucked her [even though I haven’t] so it saves me the trouble of lying. --- Whoa! Load coming! Aaaaggghhh!” *His juice jetted across his stomach and onto his chest, and there was a huge oozy blob that ran from his cockhead down his dick. I lifted it with my fingers and put it in my mouth*. “Tastes like juice, huh?”

“Yeah – dead rat juice.”

He carried on laying there and talking, and we got on to [the subject of] exams and studying, and I’ve told him that I would help him with his studies for an hour after school each day if he wanted. So thereya have it [G].

At the moment – besides the studying – everything still seems to be normal. Steve’s been helluva scarce but it goes like that. He goes through stages of being heavy [heavily involved] with his school friends, but most of them are larny jerk-off artists so I rather stay away. We’re still very good friends and still into sexing each other up on the phone. I think the pressure of end-of-year is getting to him as well. It’s either that or the pressure of waiting for Mark to climb into him. Mark is totally fucked off with Steve cos he was at Carol’s [place] one night. I think Steve’s lucky that Carol actually mentioned it to Mark and he didn’t find out through the grapevine. Mark gets totally fucked up if guys try and get off with Carol, and with Steve’s reputation Mark reckons he wasn’t at Carol’s to have a cup of tea.

So, thereya go. Up to date, and me back to the books. I try and write down a coupla things every now and again just so I can remember to writeya about it. So keep cool, G.

[Leading up to Mark’s 18th birthday]. “Hey, Cody, what can I get Mark for his birthday?” [Wingnut asked].

“He digs Harleys, so get him something with Harley Davidson on it.”

“He digs Carol, too. Maybe I can borrow her for a night and teach her how to make him happy.”

“Yeah – just dig your hole first, though. Anyway, Carol would wear you out, boyo.”

“Not the Winger! No way! I’ve got energy to spare.”

“That’s cos you get none [no sex].”

“Says who?”

“I know.”

“You know jack shit.”

Mark’s birthday was really a laid-back thing. I think the highlight for him was his dad phoning him to wish him – for the first time. Mark said they rapped for what seemed like hours. Carol gave him a beautiful silver chain with a silver heart and the date on it, and ‘Love, Carol’ at the back. I bought him a Harley 2001 calendar, and I’ve written little notes on every page – just things like, ‘this is the day last year when we went on hols [up the coast]’, ‘this is when you decked me’, ‘this is when we pissed against the old tree’ – little things. [I wonder if Mark still has that calendar. It would be totally priceless now. Steve, next time you talk to Mark, ask him. MrB] Steph got him a CD. Wingnut made a card and gave him a Harley keyring.

Mark got a loada stuff from his mom and her bf (yep, but he’s still a prick).

We celebrated at Wipe out, and Mark stayed kinda sober for most of the night until we got to the downers, but by then everyone was just about ready to move [on home]. I think the third downer just got to him, and it was over. He had a really good time though. It was nice to see him laughing and enjoying himself. [Not sure what ‘downers’ are, but I think they’re nips of spirits such as vodka, which Mark kinda fancied occasionally. MrB]


On Friday night, I got this call from Mark to say that he and Carol saw Wingnut being carried along by some of his friends, and that they’re outside Wipe Out, and Wingnut’s in a bad way. So I thought, ‘the little fuck is drunk, I’ll get him and bring him home’.

When I got up there, Carol was trying to get him to come right with some black coffee she’d gotten from Wipe Out. He was dribbling out of his mouth, and he stank of puke, and he looked fucking disgusting and wrecked. Sean and some of his buds were there taking the piss out of him, and saying what a wuss he was. When I checked his eyes, they were totally fucked, and I knew that he’d taken something more than just a joint. I asked Sean what Wingnut had taken and it was plain that Sean was also on some shit.

“Hey, we snorted a bit [of coke] and smoked a coupla joints. It’s cool. [Real name] has handled it before.”

“What else?”


I grabbed Sean by the collar and almost choked the little fuck. “What else?”

“Fuck off, man. What? You his fucking mother or something?”

“I’ll kill you right here if you don’t tell me what else.”

“So we gave him some e as well – in his drink. But he was cool. OK? Put me the fuck down.”

I backhanded Sean so hard that he slid along the sidewalk. Mark grabbed me. “Cody, cool it for fuck sake.”

“Don’t give him coffee – give him some water.”

Sean was swearing at me but I didn’t even hear what he was saying. I think he and his buddies split when it looked like Mark was going towards them.

[I feel compelled to say something here. Parents are oblivious to what their kids are doing, and the kids are oblivious to the dangers of drugs. So the real blame lies at the foot of the manufacturers and dealers of illicit drugs – the guys at the top. They are the lowest of low-life, ruining the lives of young, impressionable and vulnerable people, including the likes of Sean. Extermination is a word that comes to my mind in relation to how society should deal with drug barons and marketers. They profit from misery. Worse still, they target the innocent. They are callous and unfeeling, and have no respect for life. We should have no respect for theirs. Exterminate the bastards. MrB]

We took Wingnut to the beach and sat with him. He slept and got sick – drank water – slept some more and got sick again – then cried and slept and got sick. I’d never seen the little dude so bad, and I was trying fucking hard not to cry myself cos I felt so fucking useless. Carol was fantastic with him, which is cool cos I might’ve smacked him. We kept giving him some water to drink whenever he woke up. He was kinda awake when the sun started coming up, but [he was] in another world. I decided to go for a swim cos I was so stressed. I stripped to my boxers and the water felt so fucking cool, and I felt like I could just swim forever. I stood, watching the sun lift above the mountains, and there was a tap on my back. It was Wingnut. He looked like someone who was a hundred years old. His eyes were filled with tears.

“I’m sorry, Cody. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

What could I do? I put my arms around him and we both cried. His body was heaving [cos of] the way he was sobbing, and again I felt so fucking helpless. Mark and Carol just sat on the beach trying not to watch us. We walked into the water to about waist deep and Wingnut went under the water and came up coughing. He looked so fucking strong with his clothes sticking to his defined bod, and yet I knew how fucking vulnerable he was.

He was still very wobbly as we walked up to where Mark and Carol were [sitting]. Mark was getting edgy cos he had to get to work. Carol allowed me to take Wingnut to her house to sleep cos he looked totally wrecked, and I didn’t want my folks or his to see him [that way].

Carol said that he just slept the whole day. Carol had washed his clothes – luckily.

When I took him home he was still not looking his normal self, but at least he was able to talk properly and stand straight. I thought his dad was gonna give him a belting [cos] he was that mad. And Wingnut’s been grounded ‘til end of school. He comes in to see me when his mom is out, but then only stays a little while.

On Monday he was in a fight with one of his friends [at school] who said something about him needing a mother to look after him. But by all accounts, that dude won’t chirp Wingnut again unless he wants to eat his food through a [drinking] straw.

“So how was school?”

“School sucks.”

“[It’s] almost over, anyway. Another month.”

“My friends are calling you a bully.”


“Especially Sean. He says he’s gonna pay for a hit on you – to get you beaten up.”

“Yeah, well – hey, he’s your friend.”

“He’ll get over it. Brian says you sent Sean on his ass.”

“I should’ve sent you [on yours].”

“I didn’t go out to get trashed.”

“So why did you?”

“I dunno. The stuff’s there and everyone’s doing it. It’s hard, Cody, and I try. I try hard.”

“Hey, I know it’s not easy. Maybe you should tell Sean that you enjoy surfing with him but not the other stuff.”

“He’d dump me.”

“Is that bad?”

“He’s a cool guy, Code. You just need to get to know him better.”

“You’re a cool dude and Sean should feel amped that you go surfing with him.”

“It’s not just the surfing. It’s the whole scene with him. He’s fun.”

“He buys his fun.”

Then he made an excuse to leave before the convo got too heavy for him. I know where he’s coming from, and I feel for him. I just can’t keep on picking him up [everytime he falls]. Yeah, I know I said I would but the last time was just totally too stressed for me on top of everything else. Ah, fuck, what am I saying? I’ll always be there for him cos there was someone [there] for me when I needed it. A certain MrB. [I’ve taken the liberty of adding those last three words to Cody’s paragraph, but I know that’s what he meant. MrB]

Friday now, and I can look forward to another weekend of hitting the books. Weather’s overcast but looks like it’s gonna be hot again.

I dunno, G. I’ve hardly slept this week. I toss and turn, worrying about Wingnut. I still battle with the [mental] picture of him in the state I found him in. I feel shit about clouting Sean. What do Mark and Carol and maybe even Steph think about my obsession with saving Wingnut’s hide each time he’s in shit? I worry and lay awake at night crying sometimes, thinking about Wingnut dying cos of an OD. I know he’s trying [to quit drugs] and he hates to disappoint me. I really do believe he’s trying very hard.

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