Cape Town, South Africa
Part 107

It’s been going really well at the surf shop. Mark came by after work one afternoon last week, and I was showing him around the board section where I spend most of my time, and he was pretty impressed. Those sticks have got heavy price-tags, though. Anyway, my manager asked me if I wanted to work or entertain my friends, and Mark almost cracked.

“I’ll touch your cock if you laugh – right here in front of everyone.”

“You wouldn’t fucking dare.”

He jumped outta the way as my hand moved towards his crotch. Then it was my turn to crack as he turned scarlet.

Mark is looking really good. His bod is getting pretty buffed from all the damn manual work that he does on the boats. He’s also got a wicked tan. He went out on a yacht one afternoon. The fucker got the afternoon off work cos his boss was taking a yacht on a test run or some fucking thing. He is totally hooked on yachting. He did mention that there was a blonde yachtie trying desperately to get into his pants, though. But she was careful cos she was the yacht owner’s wife.

He and Carol went away weekend before last to some camping bungalow – just the two of them for a weekend of raunch sex. The one thing that’s different about Mark compared to all the other guys is that he has never ever spoken about the sex that he and Carol have. I wish he would cos that would be a total turn-on. But I know that he has had a smile on his dial ever since [that weekend]. :)

Wingnut has been spending a lotta time surfing, mostly at Long Beach, if he can get a ride there, else he’s been skateboarding. He goes to the Half Pipe, which is on the Long Beach Kommetjie road. He comes around every night as soon as I get back from work. We’re working until 9pm during this week cos it’s the week before Christmas.

I haveta work the whole day on Saturdays but I get the Sundays off. Sunday before last I went with Wingnut across to Long Beach cos he has been telling me how it’s been breaking, but [this time] the wind was blowing so damn hard that it was really shitty. We still managed to get a few rides, though. I love watching Wingnut riding cos he has a wide stance, and his leg muscles are really looking good. It’s almost like the board is an extension of his bod. Anyway, we were both pretty tired after the day – one of those cool tired feelings where you feel like you’ve done a day’s work.

Wingnut says he hardly sees Sean, except in the surf. They’re down to just being friends now, and Sean’s got a new best buddy who is always trashed outta his bracket.

“Cody, you’ve gotta help me get my dick into Candy.”

“You need to go to the chemist and buy tweezers and a magnifying glass.”


“So Candy can find it.”

“Har-de-fucking-har. Well, that sorts out your Christmas present.”

“What did you buy me?”

“Nothing now.”

“Aaaggghhh! Jeez, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. You’ve got a giant dick.”

“Liar. Anyway, it’s almost as big as yours.” He pushed his cargos up so [that] his dick and balls were shoved into a round ball up in the air.

“So what do you want me to do? Tie Candy down [for you] or something?”

“I don’t know. I can’t believe she doesn’t want it. I want her so damn bad.”

“You need her to blow you and swallow first.”

“Oh, yeah … Come here, Candy – swallow my load of lovejuice.” *Mimicking a girl’s voice* “OK, sweetie. Wow! It’s so big! And beautiful! And look at those beautiful curls! Your balls are huge! Should I suck those, too?” I was in hysterics cos he was mincing about my room, trying to act like Candy. “No, babe – just this long thing here. It’s called a cock.” *Girl’s voice* “OK, and then maybe I can sit on it and you can fuck my lights out.” *Normal voice* “But, babes, if you sit on it the juice will shoot out of your mouth.” *Then he cracked up laughing at his own joke*.

“You wish.”

“How did you get into Steph, Cody? There must be some sorta mission.”

“No mission. Just kinda happens.”

“Maybe we need to go out and get plastered or something.”

“Yeah, I’m sure her folks will be impressed with you.”

“Her folks love me. Maybe I should fuck her mom and then she’ll see [that] it’s OK. Hmmm – actually – her mom’s cute.”


“She’s cute, Code.”


It was a coupla days later that he actually got Candy to jack him. They were at her house and alone, and they started kissing, and he started to finger her, and she got her hand into his shorts and started to jack him. She let go as soon as he started cumming, and he shot a load in his shorts.

He was beaming from ear to ear while he was telling me the story. “I think she liked it a stack. And her pussy is tight, tight, tight.”

“How do you know what a tight pussy is?”

“All guys know a tight pussy. I’ve heard the guys [at school] tell what a tight pussy is like. Like when you put your dick in there and her pussy strangles it to death, and makes you harder than ever. The guys say that sometimes they can’t even move in and out cos it’s so damn tight, and sometimes it’s painful.”

“Sounds like you’re making progress.”

“Hey – when you’re hot you’re hot.”

“Guess you need to cool off, then.” I jumped on top of him and undressed him naked.

“Fuck off, Cody. Not the pool!”

He kicked and fisted me but still ended up in the water. Only prob was when he pulled me in with him, and I still had my clothes on.

Were getting on like old times again ‘cept I don’t see him nearly as much cos he’s always at the beach or skating around with friends up the road or at the Half Pipe. He’s got a boardies tan so the tops of his legs and ass are white. You can see just how low his boardies hang by his tan [line].

The SCUBA diving [lesson] in the pool was pretty wicked. Yeah, it got a bit boring cos all you want to do is get into the sea at some diving spots. I never realized how heavy the [air] tanks were, although they become more bouyant in the water. And that rush of noise of the air from the breathalyser is a total blast. I was paid a comp[liment] by the instructor. He said that I was pretty fit and should be able to handle the dives pretty easily. Mark enjoyed it as well but got bored pretty quickly. Next weekend, we’re going on a wreck dive, which is gonna be a totally outasight experience.

Mark came home with me after the pool diving, and we went for a swim in the pool at home – well, not quite a swim – more like a splash. The pool is only ten meters long. We were both wearing Speedos cos my folks were home.

“So did you enjoy today, Code?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Pretty much. Bit boring in the damn pool, though.”

“More for safety, I guess – so you don’t sink to the bottom of the damn ocean if you get into trouble without knowing what to do.”

“Fuck, Code, the sharks would probably help you out. It’s like you belong in the damn sea.”

I lifted my leg up and let the top of my foot brush over his crotch. “Jesus, Cody! Your fucking folks are home!”

“Chill. I’m not gonna do anything. You getting a boner?”

“Yeah, right. From your foot?”

“I wish my folks weren’t here. We could’ve gotten naked or something.”

“Shit, when has that ever stopped you?”

“Hey, you’re right.” I slipped my Speedos off and threw them on the side of the pool.

“Now, what if your mom comes out here?” And just then she did. I walked up the steps of the pool. Mark couldn’t believe it.

*Mom* “Cody – put your bathers on before the neighbors start taking out their binoculars.”

*I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek*. “They don’t need binos, mom. Do you think?” I stared at my lazy dick. My mom just laughed and went inside – probably to tell my dad. Then I dove back into the water.

“I can’t fucking believe you just did that. My mom would’ve freaked out totally.”

“Don’t believe that. Moms are cool. Hey, if you get naked it wouldn’t faze my mom at all.”

“Not fucking likely. What if I got an erection?”

“She’d feel pretty special.”

“Fuck off, Cody. That’s your mom you’re talking about.”

“Hey, she’s got good taste.”

“Shuddup, Cody.”

“Hey, fuck – you’re hot. Accept the compliment. I’m not the only guy that double-takes when they see you.”

I watched as he walked up the steps of the pool, and thought what a bitch it was that he and I couldn’t be lovers – like forever. And it’s not just his bod, which has muscles popping with every breath he takes, and smooth athletic muscle from just plain old hard work and exercise. There isn’t a weight-pumped muscle in his body. It’s his whole personality and everything about him. I can sit and look at him for hours without getting bored. I think I’ve seriously lost it. I go to sleep at night thinking about us making love to each other. And it’s not [just] sex. It’s being together, and him responding.

We had a night together on Friday. Well, kinda. We were at his house but I hadta leave around 5 in the morning to get home, shower, change, and catch a train to town.

We first took the girls out. We went for some pizza and then [hitch] hiked through to town to go to Corners. It was pretty raving [there]. We had a really good night. Steph was in top form, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Hehehe. We were doing some dirty dancing on the floor and she got me so up that I thought about fucking her right there in front of everyone. She knew it as well. Both girls were being pretty raunchy. Carol’s hands were inside Mark’s chinos, and she was massaging the hell outta his dick. He was in a trance – just holding her and moving around the floor while she got him up. We weren’t the only ones [doing that] either. Lotsa couples were so fucking close you couldn’t put a sheet of paper between them.

We left [the club] early. Well, about midnight. And then hiked back and stopped at Wipe Out for a coupla drinks. Carol met a friend of hers there and then she disappeared with Mark. I found out later that they’d gone into the friend’s [VW] Kombi and laid into each other cos Mark couldn’t hold out anymore. It was the only time of the evening that Steph got a little pissed off with me cos she wanted to go use the Kombi too.

“Can’t we wait ‘til we get to your place, Steph? I don’t even know the bird (whose Kombi it is).”

“Neither does Mark. Come on, Cody. Please?”

Mark and Carol moved off to the bar, and I knew that they were like staring and giggling at us. That kinda pissed me off cos Steph was really persistent. “Stop it, Steph. I’m not gonna fuck you in the back of a stranger’s Kombi. OK?”

“I’m not asking you to fuck me, Cody. I want you to make love to me. And my parents are home tonight, so you can’t come over to my place.”

“So let’s go to Carol’s.”

“That’s a good idea. Why don’t we just do it in front of Carol and Mark.”

“Cool. We can have a fourway.”

She giggled when I said that, and she seemed to be OK the rest of the night. When we went to take the girls home, Steph and I went to the side of her house and graunched. Steph got my boner outta my pants and we did it right there up against the house – standing up.

“I haven’t got a condom, Steph.”

“So don’t cum in me.”

It was the first time having sex like that for me cos she wrapped her legs around me and then slid herself down onto me. And it felt wicked without a condom – totally fucking wicked. I’m convinced it was more fun for her cos my arms were breaking off by the time I felt myself reaching a climax, and I hadta pull out quickly. That was a fuckup cos the cum shot up and onto my boxers and cargos, making a real mess of them. And Mark was the first one to see it [as we walked home]. And I still had a boner, which didn’t wanta go away. Carol couldn’t but help noticing as well. She didn’t say a thing, though. Not to me, anyway.

When we were at Mark’s place, he said that his mom and bf had gone out so we had the place to ourselves.

“How’d you get so messed, Code? The rubber slip off your little dick?”

“I didn’t have one.”

“Are you fucking crazy or something?”

“Hey – did you see the mood Steph was in?”

“Doesn’t matter. If Carol’s in a mood like that we go to the fucking [condom] dispenser, dude. No fucking rubber? You’re a mental case. What if she get’s pregnant?”

“What if she’s got AIDS?”

“Yeah, what if.”

“What if what? What if we just drop it [this line of convo].”

“Cool with me.” He shook his head as he grabbed us a coupla beers [from the fridge].

“Hey, like you never did that before?”

“Come on, Cody. The last time I did that I was younger than Wingnut – and brainless. I’m sorry. Let’s drop it. I know what Steph can be like, and I was watching her rattle your cage tonight.”

“Hey, can I stay over?”

“Aren’t you working in the morning?”

“Yeah. But I’ll get up early. Or maybe I won’t sleep.” We finished the beer and had another. We were both pretty trashed by then. Not like fucked-up fall-over trashed, but fucked-in-the-head trashed. “Mark, take your shirt off so I can stare at you and get hard.”

“Stuff you.”

“Come on.” *I grabbed his shirt and pulled it off without any resistance from him*. “Cool. Now I can sit here and get hard.”

“Fuck off, Cody.”

“I love you.”

“Yeah, I love you, too.”

“No. I mean … I love you.”

“Like how?”

“Like I’m IN love with you.”

“You’re pissed, Code.”

“Does it make you mad?”

“Makes me scared when you talk like that.”

“Can’t help it. I sometimes dream about the two of us.”

“They’re just dreams, Cody." *Mark was sobering up fast*.

“When you said you loved me [on the mountain], what didya mean?”

“I love you like a brother, Cody. OK, maybe more than a brother, but it’s not like you’re thinking.”

“Want a back rub?”

“Yeah – go for it.”

I got behind him and started to massage his shoulders. “You tense or something?”

“It’s from work. Not tense. It’s like a knot.”

“I’ll get it out for you.”

“Ouch! Oh, fuck, that’s just where it is.”

He was telling me about work as I worked the knots out of his shoulders. And then I managed to get my hands on his pecs, and felt the nipples go hard under my fingers. Finger feathers caressed his chest and his abs.

“You know how to make someone feel good, Cody.”

“You do the same to me.”

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