Cape Town, South Africa
Part 109


MARK AND I PASSED [our finals]. We were so chuffed. We both got matric[ulation] exemptions, which means we can walk into university. Pretty hot, huh? Hehehehe. Well, we’re going out to get totally shitfaced tonight to celebrate.

It’s been almost a week since I touched this note [that I’m writing offline]. Work has been going pretty quiet. One little dude brought a wettie back cos the stitching was coming adrift on his knee pads, and we gave him a new one.

Mark’s mom and boyfriend have been away since Christmas night and are coming back day after tomorrow. It’s been totally fucking neat cos it means I could see more of Mark, and I actually slept over at his place one night. And, no, nothing really happened. We went out with the girls and Mark ended up in a helluva fight with Carol. OK, so we both had a bit to drink and I think that was what it was about, although Steph seemed OK with it. When we got to Mark’s place he didn’t say a word. Went to his room, scrummaged [around] in his underwear drawer and pulled out a joint, and went into the back yard and lit up. I was feeling like a fucking spare wheel so I sat behind him and put my arms around him.

“Don’t start, Cody. Not now. OK?”

“Sorry. What’s up?”

“Let’s not go there. OK?”

“Hey, fuck, I’m just trying to make conversation.”


“Have I pissed you off or something?”

“Not yet.”

“C’mon, Mark. Fuck. At least talk to me or something.”

“Hey, can you shut the fuck up for a few minutes.”

“Cool. I’m gonna go shower.”

When I came outta the shower he was still outside, laying on the bench on his back – I guess so I couldn’t come up behind him – and he was smoking another joint, and had a glass of something.

“What are you drinking?”

“Vodka and orange.”

“Thought you’d had enough.”

“Yes, Carol.”

“I’m gonna jump on you if you don’t stop your shit.”

“Don’t even think about it. And go put on some clothes. You’re gonna freeze out here.”

I had a towel wrapped around my waist. I went up to the bench and threw my leg over, and straddled him.

“Get off, Cody.”


“Get the fuck off me.”


Then he pushed me flying off of him and onto my ass on the grass. “I told you to get the fuck off. You never fucking listen.”

“Hey, I’m sorry. I’m going to turn in. You got a [spare] mattress out?”

“Climb into the bed. Since when do you need a mattress?”



I was fucking shaking when I climbed into his bed, and I could smell all his smells on the bedding, and I burst into tears. I was feeling so shitty that I thought about just going home but that might’ve just made things worse. I was still awake when Mark came in and climbed into bed next to me. I had my boxers on so there was nothing for him to worry about. He must’ve thought I was sleeping cos he felt around to see if I had something on and put his hand on my lazy dick.

“Hey, Cody.”

I pretended to sleep.

“Sorry, buddy.”

He rolled over and went to sleep. I’m not sure when, but at some stage I must’ve rolled over and put my one arm over him and pulled [myself] into his back. I never touched his dick the whole night – not that I can remember. I just smelt him. :) I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs that Mark had cooked. After breakfast, I went home cos I promised Wingnut I would go surfing wth him. The local was cooking with an off-shore wind and nice glassy swells. Nice size and totally raving. Wingnut had a ball of a day – so did I.


OK, so I’ve really been stuffing about trying to get this [mail] to you, and I’d better send it now. The week at work has been pretty busy. More down to normal now with the regular surfers coming in to buy stuff. We’ve got a sale on. Typical.

Going diving tomorrow. Well, hopefully. That’s the arrangement, anyway. Mark came in to [my] work this morning. They’re busy sanding down and cleaning a yacht, which is taking forever but he’s enjoying it. I’ve also been doing pretty good at work. My sales are up and the boss is chuffed about that.

Saw Wingnut for a short while on Thursday night. He popped in quickly to say hi, and to find out how things were going [with me].


We all [hitch] hiked through to Ratanga for the 5FM concert last night. Well, all of us was just Mark, Carol, Steph and me. Had quite a bit to drink but it was a total blast, and we behaved. A few guys tried to pull into Carol and Steph but it didn’t go anywhere cos the girls just told them to fuck off, and Mark’s glare sorted a lotta guys out. We celebrated the new year as well as passing our finals. Eventually got home about 5 this morning, and went straight to the beach to watch the sun come up, and swim. Mark was wearing white briefs and didn’t seem to give a shit about all his furniture showing through [the wet cotton]. The girls didn’t come and swim with us cos they were both wearing white underwear. WUSSIES! Mindya, my boxers didn’t hide anything.

The wind had come up during the night and it was shitty cold. We all went to Mark’s place and slept. I’m gonna haveta clean Mark’s sheets sometime. What the hell. Hope he enjoys the smell of my dry juice. He can pretend his sheets have been starched or something. Anyway, he and Carol were making so much fucking noise [that] maybe washing the sheets will calm him down a bit.

Mark made us all breakfast – in his cummy clad boxers? Nope. Like I said, Mark is a pretty clean dude so he was in the shower and into clean boxers before coming into the kitchen. The girls were dressed, and then Steph and I had words cos I was kidding her about [her] checking out Mark’s bod. Mark got a bit mad with me cos he said I was starting something. Carol didn’t say too much. I think Mark had exhausted her through the night. Then Steph sat on my lap and was graunching my crotch with hers, so of course I’m gonna get a fucking hardon.

[About a week later]. Seems like a bit is happening in Mark’s life at the moment, and he’s torn between choices and loyalties and friendships and family, as well as looking out for his future. This mail is long cos I’ve needed to write this stuff down. Been an up and down week so far. Weather’s gone from stinking hot to overcast and cooler, which is pretty neat. It’s Wednesday arvie. Hoping that this weather will bring some surf to the local.


Cape Town is hot as hell today. The wind is blowing down at Cape Point, though. Blasting is probably a better way to describe it. One of those heat thingies that when you walk outside it’s like the sun is pushing you down into the road.

Yesterday, we went out diving. Outside of Simons Town there are a lotta rocky reefs, and we went out at a place called Millers Point. You won’t believe how nervous Mark and I were. Mark was having serious doubts about even going [on the dive] and I told him that if he bails out I’ll make sure to drown him. We didn’t have dive suits but the guys that were there lent us each the dive pants and top – the ones that buckle under your crotch – and then we hadta test the SCUBA gear and check the [air] pressure and all sorts [of stuff].

E v e n t u a l l y we went off the rocks and into the water after having been told the different signals that we must watch out for [from the instructor]. Well, I can’t describe it. It wasn’t like a tropical coral reef or anything, but it was totally awesome. We didn’t go that deep – can’t anyway cos we were diving on a shelf – but it was deep enough to get the full sensation.

Mark looked awesome in his diving gear underwater. That’s cos I checked. :) And he had a totally awesome time as well. The two little guys that were with us were styling in the water. They’ve obviously been doing this for a while. One is only ten and he’s like a pro. It felt like ages that we were down but when we came up we had only been down for twenty minutes, and that was the end of it. To be honest, it was cool – that was just the right [length of] time for me and Mark, I think. We saw quite a few penguins that were swimming around, and they are like little rockets in the damn water. We kept an eye out for sharks and saw a few small pyjama sharks close to the sand. They’re harmless, we were told, but try and get your brain to wrap around that when you see them on their own turf.

Mark and I hitched back home cos the family were going to an expensive restaurant for lunch, and we reckoned that with all we’ve had already we couldn’t ask them to still pay for lunch. Then the one dude wanted to run us home and we told him it was OK – we’d get a lift [hitching]. Didn’t wait too long, and we were picked up by a Johannesburg family down [here] on holiday, and they gave us a lift all the way [home]. They asked us what we’d been doing and that got me off on chatting about diving like I was an expert already. If only they knew.

When we got home, Mark hadta jet cos he wanted to connect with Carol. I phoned Steph and she was out with some friends. Well, she wasn’t expecting us back so soon, anyway.

My folks were out so it was [just] me – home alone. There were some things to do around the yard, so I just got stuck in [to that]. Later in afternoon, the doorbell rings and rings and rings, and knock, knock, knock.

“Hey, Code. I knew you were home.”

“Didn’t you get any fucking toys for Christmas?”

“Sooooooory. But I guessed you were maybe naked in the pool at the back, so I hadta make a noise.”

“What you been up to?”

“Skating. Surf’s crap. Onshore slop.”

“Oooooh! Getting fussy now, huh? And now?”

“I’m hot, so I wanta swim. Thought we could swim together.” He dropped all his gear, and I watched his muscled legs propel his naked ass – WHITE naked ass – into the pool. “C’mon, wussy boy. Water’s cool.”

“You dropped something.”


I picked up the joint that had fallen out of his pocket, and held it up [for him to see]. He was fucking shattered and couldn’t say anything for a while. Even his dick had gone totally slack in the water.

“One of the guys asked me to keep it for them.”


“You don’t know him. He’s a skater.”

“Don’t fucking lie. If it’s yours just tell me to put it back in your pocket. Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m sorry, Cody. I haven’t smoked it up. I’m straight, I promise.”

“And that thing?”

“I don’t know why I took it.”

“Yeah, well, it’s back in your pocket.”

“You can trash it if you want.”

“Nope. You can trash it – if you want.”

“Now you’re mad, huh?”

“Want to know why?”

“Cos of the joint.”

“Nope. Cos you lied first. Friends don’t do that. So what if you’ve got a j? I know you’re trying to kick it. I’m not a fuckwit. I’ve been on that road. And I’ll tellya something – it’s not that hard if you want to [quit].”

“I’m sorry for lying. I don’t know why I got it. Maybe just in case.”

“OK, tellya what. Let’s rather not talk about it, cos I trust you. OK?”

“So how was the diving trip?” I told him all about it while we floated in the pool. “I need to speak to you, Code, about something serious.”

“Drugs again?”

“No. It’s more serious.”


“I think Candy is gonna let me screw her.”

“How do you know that?”

“Cos last night we both got really horny and we were like fucking with our clothes on, and I came in my pants while her crotch was rubbing me. Then she stuck her hand in my pants and played with sticky dicky.” *Laughs like hell at his own joke*.

“So what’s the prob?”

“I’ve never screwed a girl before.”

“So you want me to explain it to you?”

“No … bigger than that. I want Steph to help me out.”



“Doing what?”

“I want her to show me what to do so I’ll know what it feels like. One of the guys that I skate with says that his first time he was in pain when he fucked his girlfriend. I guess it’s like when you suck me.”

“You feel pain?”

“It’s not pain. It’s like my dick gets so tender that it hurts. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like a good hurt – like I wanta pull my dick out but [at the same time] also keep it there.”

“What? You want to screw Steph?”

“Don’t make this so damn hard, Code.”

“Oh, yeah. So I must go out and ask Steph to let you screw her?”

“It’s not like that. I want her to show me stuff, cos she knows it all. And Candy and I have never done it, and I don’t wanta hurt her. She [Steph] is gonna be like a teacher. I want her to show me her tender spots.”

“Her G spot?” [Shuddup, G]

“Yeah – that. And all sorts of stuff.”

“She’s not gonna do it.”

“She might – if you say it’s OK. I asked her already.”


“It wasn’t like that.”

“Like what? Hey, Steph, can I fuck you?”

“No. Now you’re getting mad.”

“Fuck, yeah.” And I was very pissed. Not about him and Steph, but that he’d gone ahead and asked her without even speaking to me first.

“Hey, Cody, don’t be mad – please.”

“What did she say?”

“She said ‘no way’. That I hadta speak to you first. So I figure if you say it’s OK, then…”

“Then she’ll think I’m treating her like a slut.”

“If you were my real brother you would’ve helped me. So I guess we’re just friends, then.”

“Don’t start getting heavy with me. I’m thinking.”

He was drying himself by the side of the pool, and then started to get dressed. “Guess I’d better go.”

“Wait the fuck there. You know how hard this is? Would you arrange for me to fuck Candy?”

“You? Yeah, I would. Nobody else, though.”

“She wouldn’t do it, though – even if she was older.”

“I’m sorry I asked Steph, Code. I shoulda not said anything about it.”

“Hey, get your ass down here.” *He sat next to me with his shorts on*. “You know, the fun part about having a girlfriend is finding out about each other for the first time. Not something you learn in school or in sex ed[ucation] classes. Stuff like just exploring each other gently, and then slowly your dick will slip in there when you’re both ready, and it’s gonna be pretty special. So what if it doesn’t happen right now? That first time is pretty damn special, and if you really love each other you’ll be gentle. Arranging something with another girl to teach you is not gonna cut it. It’s not the same thing. Candy hasn’t even blown you yet. And she’s gonna want you to explore her before you even go that far. I think you guys have made a start – like now you know how you feel about each other.”


“Hey. You listening?”

“Yeah. I know what you’re saying.”

“But you’re impatient cos all your mates have screwed their girls already. Right?”


“They’re all liars. All guys do that, and I guess you do as well.”

“Yeah. They think I have [screwed Candy].”

“See? I can just see all your buddies now trying to figure out how to play catchup with you.”


“Hehehe. Just picture it in your head. They probably all jack off just thinking about you and Candy.”

“Hehehehe. So do I.”

I cracked up totally when he said that, and then threw him in the water, and dove in and pulled his shorts off while he was struggling for air. I could actually picture him having his 13-year-old boner inside Candy, and it made me horny. Anyway, that was yesterday.

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