Cape Town, South Africa
Part 111

Anyway, the total best is that Mark and I had a whole night to ourselves. He phoned me at work from the yacht club and asked if just the two of us could get together. He’d already phoned Carol, and when I phoned Steph she said it was cool cos Carol had phoned her and the two of them were gonna go to a chick flick. I met Mark at his place, and then we went to Wipe Out to play some pool.

We were playing, and then two other dudes organized a pair and we played against them. Never paid for our drinks the whole damn night. We totally demolished them, and they were just getting more and more pissed off with each game. I think the prob is that Mark is helluva competitive, and he likes to rile the competition, and then he makes a big deal out of every shot we make and rubs it in.

Got back to his place and he shoved some leftover lasagne in the microwave for us. We had quite a bit to drink but we were fine, and the vibe was totally awesome. Every now and again, Mark would poke his fingers into my gut and diss me about something or other.

“Hehehe. We make an awesome pair, bro. Fucked those guys over good.”

“They must think we’re hustlers or something.”

*Finger in the gut*. “You’re the hustler.”

“Hey, if you want to touch my stomach, just say so and I’ll take my shirt off.”

“When I see guys take their shirt off it’s normally to do battle.”

So I took my shirt off and glared at him. “So, c’mon then. C’mon wussy boy.”

“You’re gonna get hurt.”

“Wussy boy. Fuck, my friend’s a wuss!”

Then he dove at me, and the two of us went flying across the den, over the lounger. Hit my fucking back a helluva shot on the corner of a coffee table. Thought we were gonna wreck the damn place. Tried to get my legs around him but he was wise to me. Got me in a damn headlock and pulled my head back, and then the fuck got his legs around me and squeezed.

“Give up?”

“No way, wussy boy.” Oh, my fuck, I thought he was gonna break my ribs, and my eyes were watering. “Yes … OK.”

“Say ‘uncle’.”

“Fuck you.”


“UNCLE! … cunt.”


“Oh, fuck, Mark! Uncle, uncle, uncle!” He collapsed laughing, and then I turned and laid on him. His t had been pulled up, and I felt his skin against my stomach. “Why can’t it be like this forever, huh?”

“Cos we would kill each other.”

“Fuck, I love you.”

“I wish I’d met you years ago, Cody.”

By now my hand was right up under his t and playing with his nipples. “Yeah, me too.”

“Have you ever thought [about] what woulda happened if I didn’t end up in hospital?”

“You would’ve anyway – or me. We were on such an aggro trip, one of us woulda ended up there.”

His hands were cruising down my back, and even under the waistband of my jeans. I lay there and smelt his skin. “Hey…”


“You shave your stomach?” I lifted myself and looked at his belly button. The thin line of hair from his navel to his pubes was gone.

“Yeah, and my nipples cos I get fucking little bushes there.”

“Where?” I lifted his t off, then checked. I’d never noticed hair around his nipples before. I’ve got a few but you can hardly see them. His skin below his navel felt smooth. “Looks better without the hair. Fuck, you’ve got awesome skin.”

“And you. So what’s the big deal [about shaving]?”

“Just cos it’s you, probably.”

I slid my hand down his stomach. His stomach was flat so his jeans stood away, giving me plenty of room to slide my hand down. He was wearing black bikini briefs. His dick was nicely packaged into the pouch but obviously stuggling for air cos it felt hard as a rock, and really struggling for room to stand up. Mark never made any move to stop me, so my hand went into the briefs, and I pulled his cock out of the pouch, and it immediately stood up. I pulled it so it laid sideways.

“You mind?”

“Will it matter [if I do]?”

“Would you believe me if I said ‘yeah’? And I would stop.”

“No, don’t stop. You make me feel really special, Cody.”

“Maybe cos you are. Want to take your jeans off?”

“Would you be pissed off if I wanted to go out and have a smoke first?”


We went outside, and the air was cool. I watched Mark as he lit the joint. He blew out a huge billow of white smoke. “Can I ask you something?”

“Hehehe. You’re gonna ask, anyway.”

“Does smoking a reefer help you handle this situation? You know – us?”

“Yes, it does. I’m not going to lie to you.”

I was sitting on the bench, watching him. He was drifting into some deep thought, and I wished I could climb inside his mind. I threw my leg over the bench and sat facing him. He knew I was staring. I was watching his biceps curl into a ball as he lifted the joint to his mouth. I was doing an evaluation of my buddy to see if I could find anything wrong with him. His smooth skin was tanned by his work on the boats every day. I wished that I could’ve worked with him. His forearms had smooth sinewy muscles that contracted with every movement of his arms.

He giggled to himself.

“Hehehe. OK, what’s so funny?”

“You. I’m trying to fathom what the fuck is going through that brain of yours.”

“I’m doing the same.”

“Hey, feel like a beer?”

“Yeah, cool.” We went back into the kitchen and Mark hauled two Heinekens outta the fridge. “You don’t drink Heineken.”

“They’re Shitforbrains’.”

“He’ll clobber you.”

“I’ll handle it. Here.”

We went through to the den and put on some ‘Live’ [music]. I was hoping that we would go through to his bedroom. Mark sat on the floor staring at me.


“Hehehe. What doya mean ‘what’?”

“What the fuck are you looking at? *I hadta smile at the stupid grin on his face*.

“You – you dork.”


“When we were outside just now, I was wondering why you thought my bod was any more special than anyone else’s. Check yourself out, Cody.”

“You’re being freaky.”


“Cos it’s not normal for you to say stuff like that.”

“Just stand up. I want to show you something. C’mon, stand up.” I stood up, and Mark came and stood in front of me. “OK, dork. Now, check this out, and listen up. I’m gonna tell you what Steph sees. OK? *His flat hand touched my pecs*. “Smooth – good looking pecs – defined – nice nipples – getting hard.” *He giggled*. “Strong neck and muscular shoulders. Let’s check the biceps.” *Fist on the arm*. “C’mon, make a muscle for me.”

*I pulled my left arm up and my biceps went into a ball*. “Hard and perfect. OK – guts.” *His flat hand went down to my stomach. His eyes were examining me like a biology class project*. “Hard – flat. OK, the sixpack went for lunch.” *I giggled cos he was tickling me*. “Oops, no, there it is. Hmmmm, nice. Steph’s a lucky chick. Turn around.” *Backhander in the gut*. “Turn, dork.”

*I turned around, and his hands cruised over my back*. “Definitely your strong point. Wide shoulders, strong muscular blades, man. Narrow hips. Smooth.” *His two hands were running down my lats to my hips*. “OK, about turn.” *I turned to face him again*. “Stop fucking smiling, soldier. This is no laughing matter.”

“Fuck, Mark. You’re crazy.”

“Shuddup. No back-chatting. Let’s check the legs.” He untied my shoes and took them off, and then undid the top button of my jeans and slid them down. I lifted each foot as he pulled them off. Now I felt like a right fucking geek, standing there in my boxer briefs. He stood back and put his hand on his chin, and stared [at me]. Then he knelt down and rubbed his hands up each leg. “Hmmm, nice shape – strong – hairless – AND SHAVED.”

“Only the bottoms. The tops don’t have hair.”


“Hehehe. Only the fucking bottoms, Mark. Fuck off.” *OK, so you learnt another secret [G]. From my knees down, I get fucking poodle legs, and I shave them. I shoulda clean-shaved them before going to Mark’s so he could stop rolling on the fucking floor [laughing]*. “Shuddup.”

“Hehehe. OK, so what else do you shave?” *He pulled my boxer briefs down, sending my erection smacking against my gut*. “NOW I KNOW WHAT STEPH SEES. Fuck! A steel pin.”

“Mark, I’m feeling fucking stupid now. You finished?”

“Shuddup. Not by a long shot. Stand there.” He sat down on the chair and watched me while he gulped down his beer.

“Hey, can I have one?” *He handed me another beer, which never touched the sides. I was totally nervous about what was happening, and apprehensive*.

*After he downed his beer, he came and stood in front of me*. “See? There’s nothing wrong with your bod, but you go crazy about mine for some mad [crazy] reason.”

He stood right up against me, and then I moved my face closer to his and he did the same. My hands went down to his jeans and started to undo them, and then we kissed. His cock was almost instantly rock-hard inside his briefs. We laid down on the carpet and I slipped his jeans off while he kicked them off with his feet. Mark moved his mouth away [from mine] and then took my nipples in turn into his mouth - his tongue tracing around them. His one hand went down to my crotch and played with my nads, while his index finger played lightly between my [ass] crack and nads. I was going fucking crazy.

“Oh, fuck, Mark. What the fuck is happening here?”

“I don’t know.”

“Wait! Wait just a sec.”

He stopped, and I pushed him down on to his back. His precum had soaked through the black briefs, making a bright shiny spot. I went down on it and started to suck his cockhead through the cotton. A beautiful clean smell filled my nostrils. His precum made his cotton briefs slippery. I felt his fingers dig into the top of my head.

“Oh, fuck, Cody. Wait.” He lifted his butt off the floor and I pulled his briefs off. His cock was rock-hard and lifted off his stomach.

It was my turn to say ‘stop’. I lifted myself up and then sat on his hard abs. “Do me a favor.”


“Let’s the two of us try not to be so serious. This isn’t like a death sentence.”

“Stay like that.”


“Cos I want to look up at you [for] a bit and try to fathom what makes you fucking tick.”

“My pendulum.” *I pushed my dick down on to his gut and let it shoot back against mine*.

“Hehehe. I wish I was more like you.”

“What? You want to taste mine, too? Hey, you’re welcome – any time.”

“Yeah, and you’ll laugh your fucking tits off.”

“Promise I won’t.”

“Hmmm, not so sure I’m gonna like the taste.”

“Better than pussy. Promise.”

His heaving stomach was lifting me up and down. My hands rested on his pecs and played with his nipples, and I felt the head of his dick up against my crack.

“How long can we make this last?”

“I’m ready to shoot cos you make me so damn horny.”

“Move up closer so I can taste that ugly thing.”

I moved up onto his pecs, and his boner rested up against my butt as I leaned forward over him. I felt my boner being brought down, and then his tongue touched my cockhead. My whole body convulsed at the feeling. “It’s not crusty. Promise.” I felt his hair up against my stomach as he lifted his head, and then his lips closed over my cockhead. It wasn’t for too long.

“Your dick feels like a fucking vibrator in my mouth. Can’t you shut off the batteries or something?”

“Hehehehe.” I slid down and laid on my side next to him. I wasn’t in a hurry for this to end. I let my hand explore his chest and stomach, and every now and then give his boner a stroke. “You don’t have to do that.”


“Put my dick in your mouth.”

“I know that. But right now I’d do just about anything with you.”

“You gonna swallow?”

“You know I won’t.”

“Can I?”

“Why ask?”

“You want to 69? Me at the bottom?”

“I’ve gotta tell you, Cody, I’m shaking scared nervous.”

“I know. Cool, huh?”

Mark straddled me and his hangers were right above my face. I pulled his ass down and opened my mouth, and took his nads into my mouth one at a time. His body was shaking like it was getting an electric shock. A string of precum came down from his cockhead and landed just below my neck. I felt his mouth close around my cockhead again, and his tongue slid halfway down. Then I felt him sucking me. I pushed his hips away a bit so that I could pull his boner down. I let [my grip on] his hips relax so his boner could slide into my mouth. I hadta hold him up when he was half in [cos] his cock was hard and thick. I felt the release in the bottom on my stomach and in my nads, and squeezed my butt muscles to hold off [from cumming] as long as possible. I worked my tongue and mouth on his boner and both of us were in heaven. Well, I think he was. His mouth opened and he screamed as I felt his body convulse. He tried to pull his hips away to get his cock out of my mouth but I held him down, and almost gagged as more cock than necessary went in and hit the back of my throat. The first shot from his cockhead shot out the sides of my mouth cos it was just too strong, and too damn much for me to swallow. The second shot did the same. There was a series of convulsions and I managed to swallow [the rest]. He had forgotten that my dick needed attention but I wasn’t gonna push him. He sounded like he was in total pain as his body convulsed, and the last drops of jizz left his body.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, Cody! Oh, my fuck! Aaaagggghhhh!”

His cock convulsed again and even more of his juice shot into my throat with a vengeance. When he was down, I felt his body relax onto mine, and my cock was aching for attention. And then he wrapped his hand around it and slowly stroked it. He was laying on [top of] me. It didn’t take a lotta work before I lifted my hips.

“Your hair! Mind your head!”

Mark heard me too late and my cock shot a load of white juice onto his head and into his hair. “Fuck that, I’ll shower later. Oh, my fuck! That was so fucking intense. Painful fucking pleasure. Oh, jeez.”

While he’s raving, my cock is dancing cum all over the place, with more on his head than anywhere else. My hands cruised his abs, which were contracting all the time. His thick thighs were still next to my head, and I couldn’t resist caressing them. A lazy blob of creamy jizz came down from his cockhead onto my chin. Then he totally blew my brain by taking my semi into his mouth and cleaning it. I instantly started to go hard again so I took him back into my mouth as well.

After what seemed like ages, but was really only a few minutes, he rolled over and sat next to me. He gave me his hand to help me stand, and then stood. He went to the bathroom and cleaned his head, and then we walked outside into the yard totally starkers. He felt under a flowerbox and pulled out a joint. “Sfb’s private stash.” He lit the joint and immediately passed it to me. I wasn’t even thinking. I grabbed it and took a hit. He never said anything, and took the joint back. My head started buzzing almost right away.

In the moonlight, Mark looked just as awesome as if he had had a million spotlights highlighting every bump. I stood behind him with my semi up against his buns. My hands went across his pecs and stomach, up under his arms, down his lats, around his hips, to his furniture. I caressed his nads and his semi. *Semi didn’t last long*. I gently kissed his neck and whispered how awesome he was and how much I loved him.

“You know that this won’t last forever.”

“Shhhh. I know that but let’s not talk about it.”

“You’re fucking unbelievable. And I love you, Cody.”

“I know. And I know that it’s not gonna last forever, but I want you to remember times like this forever.”

“Times like what?”

Ooomph! I hit my fist into the top of his abs – into the breadbox. He laughed. He threw the j into a flowerbed and turned to look at me, and then the two of us kissed – with our hands going crazy. We kissed like we were the only two people in the whole world. I felt his hand grab my boner, and he pushed his hips forward so that our two cocks were being squashed between us. Then we’d stop and start again. It was like being on a never-ending bungee jump, and I hated the thought of the line becoming taut.

Just then, we heard the car door [being closed]. “Oh, fuck! My mom!”

We dove into the house and grabbed our clothes, and blasted into his room. Mark was in a panic as he pulled his briefs on and then his jeans. I was struggling to keep my balance getting my jeans on.

“Fuck, Cody, get under the bed.”

I crawled under the bed, and Mark kicked my clothes under as well. As the door opened, it was Shitforbrains. “Hi, Mark.”

“Hi. You guys have a good time?”

“So, so. What you up to? You’re sweating like a pig.”

“I was doing situps and stuff.”

“You’re unfit, boy. Totally out of breath. All the shit you smoke.”

“Take after you, then, don’t I?”

“Fuck you. Your mother wants some coffee.”

“I’ll be there in a sec.”

I laid under the bed not daring to breathe, and the little breaths I was taking sounded like they were being amplified. Sfb left, and then Mark’s mom knocked and came in [to the room].


“Hi, mom.”

“You OK? You’re totally out of breath.”

“I’m fine. I was exercising. I’ll come and make you some coffee in a sec.”

“Great. I want to jump into a bath.” They kissed, and then she left.

“Cody! Wait ‘til I’m out, and then get out the window. Dress first! Jesus!”

I heard Mark leave the room and put the light out. Fucking great. Now I had to check for my stuff in the dark. I got dressed and ducked out the window, and jumped the wall. What a fucking way to end such a perfect evening. I was still breathing heavily from the fright we got. I stopped to have a piss, and then I was tackled head over tit on the grass. I almost shat myself. It was Mark.

“Hey – couldn’t let you leave without saying goodbye.”

“Hey, it’s cool. I know the situation.”

“Just wanted to tell you that what happened tonight was totally fucking special, and that you’re special. I’ve gotta jet.”


“Me, too, Code. Me, too.”

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 Codeman Part 112