Cape Town, South Africa
Part 113

Tuesday, and all is going OK. Hot as hell here. Mark phoned me from his boss’ place after I got home from work. He was busy putting some posters and stuff on his wall.

“Cody, this is coming together now. I just need to get a cell phone.”

“Can I come over?”

“All the way here?”

“Hehehe. Only kidding. Wish I could, though.”

“I wish you could, too. It’s a bit lonely but it’ll be cool once I’m sorted.”

“Got a TV?”

“Yeah. Boss’ wife gave me a small color one.”

“Seen Carol yet?”

“Nope. I’m hoping she’s gonna come through tomorrow.”

“Been jacking?”

“Fuck. You’re impossible. No – I haven’t.”

“You’re gonna now, though, cos I’ve talked about it.”

“I’ll get hair on my palms.”

“Bummer you can’t smoke there, though – hehehehe.”

“Fuck. My boss and his wife smoke, and they’re into a lot more.”

“Do they know you smoke?”

“Yep, but I don’t do it all the time, anyway, … only when you’re around – hehehe.”

“You’re sounding happy.”

“I am – pretty much.”

“I miss you.”

“Me, too.”

“Can’t speak?”

“Not really.”

“But you mentioned them being cokeheads just now.”

“I didn’t, and they’ve just come in from somewhere.”

“Oh. They don’t mind you using the phone?”

“I’ve gotta pay for it. They get a detailed bill.”

“Can I phone you there?”

“Rather not. Won’t go down [with them] that well. Wait ‘til I get a cell.”


“I’ve gotta go. Cya, buddy.”

“Yeah, cya – and hey…”


“Loveya stax, buddy.”

“Same. Cheers.”


After the call, I was pretty on the up. Went to my room and got down to my boxers, and did pushups and situps. I can do 200 situps and I’ve still got no fucking sixpack. Got totally sweaty, then dove into the pool, and Wingnut rocked up.

“Heard the splash so I knew you were home.”

“How did you get in? The door’s locked.”

“Jumped the gate.”

“Could’ve gotten a spike up your ass.”

“I’m too good.”

He dressed down to MY briefs and then dove in. I can’t resist putting my arms around Wingnut. He’s like a 13-year-old in a 15-year-old body.

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“Probably go to [see] Steph.”

“Can I come watch?”

“Watch what?”

“Watch you fuck her tight little pussy.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Yep. Want to come and watch me and Candy?”

“Nope. I’m off Disney. Hehehehe.”

“Hehehehe. Yeah, it’s like the Jungle Book – wild animal sex.”

“Dream on.”

“One day I’m still gonna get a boner and you’re gonna be on Viagra.”

“One day I’m gonna shove my dick up your ass and come outta your mouth.”

“Hehehehe, hahahaha, with that little thingy?”

That started a wrestling match with the two of us. I love it cos it gives me an excuse to hold him and feel his bod. Not that I really need one but I want everything to be natural without it necessarily leading to sex. What the hell, I can always jack just thinking about it. The one mistake I make is underestimating how fast and strong he is, and he got his legs entwined around me and squeezed the crap outta me before I gave him such a thump on his thigh that I think he’s gonna have a bruise for a month.

Steph’s folks were home so I asked her to come around to my place. My folks were home but they’re pretty cool about me and Steph. With Steph’s folks home I can imagine her dad listening to us through the keyhole with his gun in one hand.

She arrived wearing a pair of tight denim shorts and an open midriff top. She is totally damn sexy, and her flat stomach emphasises her figure. We kissed at the door.

“Hey, babes.”

“Hi, Cody.”

We sat in my room for a while, and then the two of us jumped in the pool. It was a magic night.

“What is it with folks who just ‘happen’ to be around when you’re desperate?”

*She laughed*. “You’re always desperate.”

We kissed and fondled each other in the water, and then she pulled my Speedos off. “You want to play, huh?”

“You can’t undress me with your parents here.”

“And me?”

“You can hide it under the water.”

“You’re not getting away with it that easily.”

She tried to swim away but I just grabbed her bikini bottom and it slipped off her legs. I left her top on. My folks wouldn’t come out[side], though. First off, I think they know that we might get naked, and my dad wouldn’t want to embarrass Steph. YEAH, RIGHT! Her? Embarrassed?

She was a bit nervous but then I got her to wrap her legs around me, and I used my one hand to guide my boner as she slid down onto it. Her pussy was gyrating around it, and I was enjoying the warmth of her package. And then…

“Hey, dudes. Wassup?”

Wingnut and Candy were standing on the side of the pool. I’m not sure if they could see what we were doing. Yeah – whatever.

*Steph almost burst out laughing cos of the situation*. “Hi, Candy.”

“Hi, Steph.”

Wingnut was craning his neck to see what was happening in the water. I slowly lifted Steph off [me], and then dove down to get my Speedos and her bikini bottom. We put them on.

“So, c’mon in. Water’s great.” I told them.

Wingnut got a little bothered cos he knew he’d interrupted something. “Hey, if you guys are busy then we can cruise.”

“No, it’s cool. Got your [swimming] costumes?”

“No, cos I thought you were gonna be at Steph’s house and I was gonna ask your folks if we could swim.”

“Without costumes?”

“Yeah – well, kinda.”

Now he made me feel like I was the one spoiling things. I got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around me. My Speedos did nothing to hide my boner. I went into the den. “Mom, is it cool if we all skinny dip?”

*Dad gave me the hairy eyeball*. “What about Candy?”

“Well, if she’s cool with it then she can, else we’ll stay dressed. But they haven’t got bathers here.”

“I’m not sure, Cody. She might not be happy about that. I’ll leave it up to you guys. I don’t want her being embarrassed.”


When I went out[side], they were already in the water, and Candy was as naked as the day she was born. Embarrassed? Oh, yeah? Good grief! Wingnut kept getting out of the water and diving in. He had a helluva boner. Wonder why.

Steph and I were holding each other and swimming around, and then Wingnut and Candy were as well. I actually wonder why Wingnut says that Candy is shy. There is no fucking way. Now I wonder whether he’s not the one who’s a bit nervous about going too far [with her]. I don’t have a prob with that.

Steph had been stroking me and I whispered to her: “I’m gonna cum and these kids are gonna freak when they see my love juice floating on the water. Your love juice.”

Then she grabbed my boner and gently let it inside of her. Wingnut and Candy were too damn busy to see me almost scratching Steph’s back to pieces as my cock offloaded inside her. I felt her tighten around me, and could feel her cumming as well.

“Don’t get too excited. Stay in there. I haven’t [cum] yet.” She gently rocked up and down, and then I felt her orgasm. One thing about Steph, she’s already told me once that she faked it but it didn’t matter. So now I try and keep it going so that she can enjoy it as much as I do.

Wingnut and Candy were tight up against each other, so it was obvious that his boner was right up against her, and she didn’t seem to mind. I actually felt proud [of him] – if that’s the polite way of putting it – he looked so mature. Their mouths were locked, and his lats were strung out along his body as his arm draped over her shoulder, pulling her head closer. Maybe he’s a 40-year-old midget or something.

We floated around, enjoying the water. Wingnut and Candy were always close to each other. Eventually, Steph got out of the pool first, and Wingnut’s eyes were on springs as he checked her butt out. She wrapped a towel around her. Then I got out with my back to them cos I wasn’t ready to wave my dick around. Well, it wasn’t quite in a wavy mood seeing that it was semi-horizontal.

“Hey, Cody! Wait up!” Wingnut darted out of the pool, and then made me turn around. “Hey, Candy! Be honest now. Who’s got the best looking one?” Candy giggled. Wingnut’s dick was pointing to the stars. “C’mon, Candy. Who?” *He nudged me*. “She’s giggling at your one.”

Then Steph put her arm around him and grabbed his dick in her fist, and Wingnut’s knees almost buckled. “Don’t feel bad, Candy. Your guy’s getting there. Cute, though.” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and let his dick go. Now it was bouncing around.

Wingnut looked down at his dick. “Getting there?”

Steph had brought the sarong out of my room and tied it around my waist so that it rode on my hips. It did look kinda wicked and it felt totally cool cos the material is really thin and soft, and just sorta flows across all the right places. Steph nudged me to follow her inside. She reckons Candy was too shy to get outta the water with me standing there. She was dressed by the time we came out [again] with a coupla cold [soda] drinks for them and a beer for me and Steph.


“Yes. Coke.”

“C’mon, Cody.”

“Hey, we’re not alone here.”

We listened to some music, and then we walked the girls home. I was glad to have the op[portunity] to speak to Wingnut. I told him that I couldn’t believe that Candy had gotten naked with him in the pool, and what was the bullshit about her not wanting to get close to him.

She did it cos Steph did it. It’s the first time that I’ve seen her naked, Cody. Serious. I still can’t get my damn boner down. She is so fucking hot! Big time fucking hot! Now it’s not just her looks. I mean, she is so fucking brrrrrrr hot. I can see her [in my mind] like she’s right here. Is she hot or what? I am gonna jack off thinking of feeling her hairs up against my boner. I must’ve been leaking buckets against her. Maybe I can come home with you and you can blow me, and I can think it’s Candy I’m screwing. Got some hair you can paste on your face?”

“She’s nice. I think I’m gonna take her out.” *He ignored me*.

“Cody, can I ask you a question? It’s gonna sound totally lame.”

“Cool. Then I can diss you.”

“Candy asked me if my dick was gonna get as big as yours. What kinda question is that, huh?”

“Yours is almost there, bro. I’m surprised at the question.”

“It is, though, huh? It’s not like it stops growing when you get pubes or anything.”

“Don’t measure your dick when you’re hanging like a deflated balloon. Anyway, I think she likes you [for] more than just your dick. But she must be pretty relaxed around you to be able to talk like that.”


“Like the two of you in the pool; chatting and holding each other like you’re in your own world. That’s a plus when you can talk to each other like that.”

“Yeah, but you and Steph do that.”

“I’m just saying that there’s a lotta guys your age who really just want to get their dicks into their girlfriends. Most of the time it doesn’t happen. Then they have no backup. They can’t talk to their girls about anything. You can. I don’t think you should hurry her. She’s really nice.”

“Yeah, she is, huh. Now that I’ve seen her naked she’s even better. And I saw you.”


“You had your dick inside Steph in the pool.”

“Did Candy see?”

“She wasn’t looking. But I almost jizzed your pool when I saw that. I know I’m a boy but it made me totally stoked to see your hard dick inside her.”

“Hey, I’m a boy.” *I looked inside my cargos*. “Yeah, I’m a boy. I get pretty excited when the two of us [you and me] jack around together, cos you’ve got a pretty hard bod for your age.”


“I know.”

“I don’t do stuff, though.”

“Like what?”

“Like you do situps and pushups and sometimes go to the gym. I don’t do any of that.”

“I think you’re like Mark. He’s got a naturally good bod.”

“Serious? Like Conan? Well, if you promise not to get a big head, I can tellya what Candy said.”


“She told me that you’re pretty hunky, and…”

“And what?”

“Cute. CUTE! Hahahahahahaha.”


“Ouch! Fuckit! What was that for?”

“From one cute hunk to another.”

So I felt pretty cool when I got home. Cute? Hehehehe. I wonder where her eyes were focused.

Thursday: Yesterday morning [in the coffee shop] I told Mark about what we had been up to, and he was in hysterics and wouldn’t believe that Steph and I had gotten into it with the grommet and his gf in the pool. He called Sam [the waitress] and was gonna start telling her the story but I think he’s got a shin bruise that he’s gonna remember for a long time.

It’s been hot here, but with some wind. Last night, Steph and I went up to Wipe Out to play some pool. I had about two beers and that was it. Pretty cool, huh? It was a pretty laid back evening. And I got to bed early for a change. Well, it wasn’t that early. I watched the end of the cricket, and watched us lose to Sri Lanka. A bit of a bummer cos we were trying to win 11 one-day matches in a row. But the [SA] guys couldn’t get it together.

This morning, Mark wasn’t at coffee and that has kinda stuffed up my day. It’s bad enough that I can’t just jet around to his place [since he moved]. I phoned him at work and he was busy and couldn’t get to the phone. He phoned me about an hour later and said he was sorry, but Carol was staying with him for a coupla days and he didn’t hear the alarm when it went off [this morning]. He said that he would definitely make it for coffee in the morning [tomorrow].

I just get paranoid cos I still think of him almost every minute of every damn day and I hate not seeing him.

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 Codeman Part 114