Cape Town, South Africa
Part 116

Mark collapsed laughing, which was cool. His whole sixpack went into a spasm, and there’s these muscles on the side of his stomach that like run up alongside the pecs that were like blossoming.

“You can laugh, but I could do with some [protein] right now.”

“Actually, Cody, it’s fucking late. We should turn in.”

“Cool. I want you naked, though. I want to remember everything about you.”

Mark had gotten a helluva boner during the convo, and I had gotten a boner just being there with him.

We climbed into bed and I right away grabbed him and kissed him. My one arm went down [to his crotch] and I started to stroke his boner, which was like a fucking steel pipe with skin [covering it]. I didn’t grab it hard. My fingers just kept running up and down the muscle, and down to his nads and back [again].

Mark was copying everything I was doing. Then I pushed him down onto his back and started to kiss his nipples.

“Hey! That’s so fucking unfair.”


“You always get to go first.”

I felt his strong arms as he pushed me over onto my back. I was running my fingers through his thick black hair as he put his lips on my nipples. His tongue tickled them, and then he sucked them. I felt his precum against my leg. His tongue and lips explored my whole bod, and then I felt his tongue touch the tip of my boner, and I arched my back suddenly cos it was like a fucking electric shock. I had my hands on his shoulders and felt the muscles relax and contract as he worked me over. I spoke to him cos I wanted him to really relax. I could feel he was nervous the whole time.

“Oh, fuck, Mark! That feels fantastic. You’re fantastic.”

His hand went under my nads and I felt his lips on the side of my boner – KISSING IT. :)

When I eventually felt his lips close around my cockhead, I could feel that he was getting into it.

“Hope it tastes OK. Fuck, I love this.”

His tongue moved down my shaft and my cock bounced in his mouth. He didn’t take the whole thing in, and his hand gripped the bottom of it as his mouth started to move up and down. My cockhead felt totally fucking sensitive and it was even a bit painful each time his lips moved back over the ridge of my head. I played with his hair – no pressure. I felt the surge [of cum] down in my nads and wished it away. I wanted this to last forever. I did that a few times but eventually I couldn’t control it anymore.

“I’m gonna cum, Mark! Aaaagggghhhhh!”

Mark moved his face away and piston-whipped my cock as I offloaded. I watched as the first jet tossed high into the air and landed on my stomach. Mark’s face was hypnotized as my juice left my cock. After I had stopped convulsing – cos my whole damn body went into a muscle spasm – Mark moved his face down towards my dick. I tapped him on the head and he looked at me.

“You don’t need to do that.”

“Shut the fuck up. OK? Who’s in charge here?”

I laughed as he went down and started to clean my dick in his mouth. Then he surprised the hell outta me by cleaning a huge pool of jizz that was at my belly button. When he finished – and he swallowed it – he looked up [at me].

“I can’t believe that you decorated fucking pizza with that. Cum and pepperoni. Yuck!”

“Hehehe – it’s good, I’m tellin’ ya.”


I got up, and then stacked his pillows, and asked him to sort of lay [down] and lean back against the pillows cos I wanted him to watch [what was about to happen].

“You’ve got such a beautiful cock and I wantya to see.”

“You’re being serious, right?”

“Yeah, well, you know – small things amuse small minds and all that.”

“Fuck you! Small things? That’s not what Carol says.”

Mark’s cock is big and thick when it’s soft. It gets thicker and longer, and the head swells a lot. I put my fist around the base and admired it. “It’s a beaut. But then you’re whole damn body is. Check this out. These lines [obliques] that start here at your hips and go down to here.” *I put my finger on his dick*. “That’s your arrows saying, ‘here, Cody, here’s your lunch’.”

“Hehehe. You are so full of shit.”

“You’re beautiful.”

I moved and straddled him. I hadta lift his dick so [that] it rested up against my butt. I think for a moment he musta thought I was gonna slip it into my crack. I let my hands rest on his pecs. My dick was still leaking juice and it ran onto his stomach. I slid down, and then kissed and sucked his nipples, and mirrored everything that he had done.

I let my hands slide up and down at the back of his legs. I kissed and licked his nads, and then let my mouth slide down his length. I couldn’t get it all in but I got a lot of it by letting my throat relax. He was arching and writhing a bit, and catching his breath. I went slowly, stopping every now and again to kiss his belly button or his pecs. There wasn’t an inch of his body that my hands missed. I moved my hand around to his butt and gently put my one finger into his rosebud and I heard him gasp, and his whole body tensed.

“Just relax, buddy. I’m gonna take you somewhere really special.” He relaxed his butt and allowed my finger in, and I felt his prostate. “Oh, my fuck! Jesus H. Christ!”

He gasped and breathed heavily as my finger carried on playing, while I sucked that beautiful hard cock of his. He held his breath and offloaded. It was like one massive thick juice-wad, and I swallowed hard. He was almost crying. Well, it sounded like it, although he wasn’t. I carried on sucking for about a minute after the last jet of Markjuice [had erupted]. Then I put my head on his stomach, and we laid like that for a long time. I heard his breathing relax, and he had dozed off. He woke up when I lifted my head.

Then we laid next to each other and kissed and just hugged each other. Mark fell asleep with me wrapped around him. I don’t think I slept the whole night. Mark’s sleeping position is on his back, so I could explore and play, and once he woke up while I had his dick in my mouth and then dozed again. Even now [as I write this] I can still smell him and feel him.

During the night, I caressed his dick and giggled to myself as it came to life while Mark was breathing heavily. I explored his muscular legs, feeling the tiny invisible hairs. I’d let my fingers caress his cheek and his lips. I’d taste his cockhead and play with his nads. A coupla times he’d wake up and maybe give me a kiss or something.

“Hey, buddy.”


“Not sleeping?”

“No. I want to remember everything about you.”

“Cool. Zzzzzzzzz.”

Hehehe. Yeah, I had my fun that night, playing and touching everything, like a little Cody about to get his hand smacked.

I must’ve dozed off cos I woke up with the [sound of a] splash. Mark had dove into the pool and was swimming. He was wearing his Speedos, though. I pulled on the shorts and dove in as well. We both showered, and then went to the coffee shop.

Mark’s bus was leaving at 7 in the evening. He had a load of shit to do. I arranged that my folks collect me from the bus station at 7:30. I didn’t want to be alone too long. I battled through the day [at the shop] and Mark collected me after work, and we went to his place to collect his things.

“I’m not going to kiss you in public, Cody. Can I now?”

We kissed for a long time, and then split to the bus station. All of a sudden, Mark looked like a little kid with all the bags slung over his shoulder, and his bedding wrapped and strapped up. We hardly spoke until they announced that the bus was boarding.

It was instantaneous as both of us had tears flowing. Mark gave me a huge hug and I didn’t want to let him go.

“If you don’t get a cell phone and phone me, I’m gonna come up there and hunt you down like a dog.”

“Love you, Code. Thanks for everything. Keep smiling, huh.”

“Yeah, right.” We were both totally choked up. “Here.” *I gave him the tape I’d made*. “I want you to listen to this right away when the bus leaves.”

“Thanks, buddy.”

We waited until the last minute before Mark got into the bus. I felt like I was having a heart attack [cos] my chest was heaving so much. He got a window seat and looked at me, and waved his hand. I waved as well, and then the fucking bus pulled away, and I was in a world gone mad.

When my dad arrived, I was sitting on the bench still trying to control myself. My dad didn’t need to say anything. He knew how I felt. Paul – all over again.

Thursday: No word [from Mark], and I hated the whole fucking day. Thursday night, the [phone] call came through. Mark was met by this other dude [in Joburg] and he was quite chuffed with the setup there. Very strange, and he felt a bit lost.

“Hey, Cody. It’s not Shallow Waters. I’m not leaving anything of you behind. Loveya, buddy. And, yes, it is a kind of run-away but not from you. You know that.”

We didn’t speak a helluva lot. I felt better cos he’d contacted me. Now, once he gets his phone, I can get hold of him anytime.

Friday, and it’s raining today. First time in ages. Weird, huh.

Steph and I are going out tonight, and she’s gonna spend the night at my house. How cool is that? My folks have given permission and it’s even OK with her folks. Steph has been spending quite a bit of time at Carol’s this week. She reckons Carol’s not handling the breakup very well. Hey, I can relate to that. But Mark called her as well. He still loves her, and I know he’s not handling this all too well, either. He’s gonna take some time to adjust to being up there [in Joburg]. Hope he doesn’t get to like it too much.

Wingnut? He’s been breezing in and out [of my room]. I haven’t spent a lotta time with him to catch up with what’s been happening in his life. Poor dude must think I’m ignoring him or something with the mood I’ve been in. I’ll have to make it up to him somehow.

What a fucking week. I hope that everything is going OK with you, G. How’s the arm? Did I tellya about the guy who wants to translate the Cody stories into Portuguese? [G’day, João. MrB] He’s already started. I can’t understand a word of what is on the site, but I think it’s pretty cool that he’s doing that.

Cya, G. Thanks for everything.
Your friend,

Monday, and it’s hot. Skipped coffee cos we had a staff meeting [at the shop] this morning, mainly just to show us some new clothing stuff, and also cos one of the guys had fucked up a brand new board that came in, and dropped it. Nobody wanted to admit to it, so we’re all getting a dock in pay to pay for it. That is such a load of shit cos I knew who it was but I’m not gonna tell the boss cos I’ve gotta work with the dude [who did it]. But I know now what a shit he is. Problem is we get on quite well together as well.

Anyway, had an OK weekend. Friday night, Steph stayed over at my place, and it was pretty cool. We first went up to Wipe Out and had a few drinks, and played pool, and met up with Ross. Remember he was a school with me? He starts university this month. We were talking about the upcoming old boys vs the school swimming comp, and he’s totally amped about it. He asked about Mark being available for the team and was shocked that Mark had gone to that Joburg shit hole. One thing about Steph sleeping over is that I didn’t need to put out the spare mattress for her. It was pretty cool, ‘cept that we couldn’t make as much noise as we normally do else we’d make my folks all horny. :)

Saturday I worked an extra shift so only got home late. It keeps me busy. Went to the movies Saturday night and ran into Wingnut and his gang. That little dude could be a TV star with his spiky hair and good looks. That wasn’t the end of him for the weekend. He woke me up at 5 on Sunday morning.

“Hey, Cody. Get up! We’re going cycling.”

“Do you know what time it is?”

“Yeah. It’s late. Get up!”

I felt like shit and had to have a shower to wake up, which sorta pissed him off. He sat on the bed while I got ready. His folks have bought him a paira cycling shorts, which totally make him look cool. We got going about 5:30 and cycled up the back roads though the forest area, and then up a fucking steep mountain pass called ‘Ou Kaapse Weg’, which is on the cycling tour route. My legs were burning by the time we got to the top but then it was a descent downhill and around the suburbs and back along the coastal road. We were pumping. I was surprised that I was still faster than the grommet. But I guess that’s not gonna be for long.

When we got home, my folks were up and my mom made some breakfast. Wingnut had gone home cos he was connecting with some friends, and they were going surfing for the day at Long Beach. I had promised a neighbor to do their garden for them, and when that was eventually finished my dad and I went for a surf at Long Beach as well.

Surf was funky. Wingnut was there and so was Steve and his buds. That was when the weekend went for a kind of shit cos I got into a fisty with one of them. It was a typical surfer aggro trip. He dropped in on the inside of my wave and I couldn’t kick out or I would’ve got totally trashed. Ended up hitting the tail of his stick with mine and took the [fibre] glass off.

When we got to the beach, this dude pushed me on my ass and I just thought ‘fuck that’. I was pissed enough as it was cos the nose of my board got trashed, and I let him have it. Mark’s boxing training into action. One of his buds wanted to join the action, and then Steve got involved and stopped them. I ended up with a bloody nose as well, so we were pretty even. Wingnut acted the main dude in front of his friends and came up [to me] and said [that] he saw what that guy did, and I should’ve just carried on and flattened him. He’s got a lot to learn about getting a fist when you’re 18. It’s a little different to when you’re 13.

It was the first time I’ve ever seen my dad give Wingnut a glare cos Wingnut was saying how cool it was that I sorted that guy out, and on the way home my dad asked me if I felt good about it. He eventually saw my point of view. He missed [seeing] me being shoved on my ass. That was the prob. I realized that it was the first time my dad actually saw me swing a fist in anger, and it probably gave him one helluva fright that I could do that. Yeah, he knows I got into fights at school but maybe he thinks it was different [back then].

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